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Your Guide on How to Outsource Content Writing & Survive [Write Podcast Audio: An Outsourcing Story]

When it comes to outsourcing content writing, it seems like everyone has a horror story to tell.

On the client side:

“They took my money and didn’t complete the work.”

“The content read horribly.”


“They spelled my client’s business name wrong and linked to a competitor. I lost my client.”

On the flip side, content writers often have horror stories, too.

“He wants 600 articles and has a budget of $600.”

“A big, national brand just ripped me off on the last payment owed.”

These stories can chill you to the bone. They’re that bad.

All in all, on both sides of it (client and writer), there are negative experiences that have sent a giant black cloud hovering over the word “outsource.”

A stigma, of sorts.

Here’s the truth.

The reality of what happens when you outsource content writing to a perfect-fit creator is pure magic. 

You save time. You get high-quality, beautifully written copy that reflects your business.

The creator gets paid for doing what he or she loves. 

This is a magical thing!

I’m excited to say that today, content creation is now the top activity outsourced by B2B marketers this year. The impact of content marketing means that marketers must publish high-quality and long-form content consistently.

So, why the stigma?

There are still a few “buts” that stop many business owners from experiencing success with outsourcing content writing.

“But I can do it all myself.”

I was there once, too. At the beginning. You really can’t, if you want to scale.


“But content writing is cheaper at [insert platform name].”

Instead of focusing on numbers, ask yourself why services like Upwork, Fiverr and the rest are so much cheaper.

Anyone can call themselves an expert content writer, but that doesn’t make it true.

When outsourcing to an agency, the vetting process is taken care of. At Express Writers, it takes an average of 100 candidates for us to find one great writer. We’ve designed a hiring process that can take up to two weeks in order to properly evaluate, test, review and talk one-on-one with applicants.

“How can I successfully outsource content writing?”

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be a scary process. A clear strategy on what to look for and what to avoid will lead you to your perfect fit.

Today’s guide is here to bust through the stigma, and add clarity to the fuzzy areas of “outsourcing writing”.

First up: my husband and I narrate a short Outsourcing Tale on the Write Podcast. (This one’s fun!) Secondly: a guide on the pitfalls to avoid, and the steps to take when you choose to outsource content writing for the first time.

I’d love to hear your #outsourcingstory on Twitter – use the hashtag and share! Then, let me know in the comments what you thought of today’s blog/podcast story format!

outsourcing content writing

Treating the Symptoms: Knowing When It’s Time (or Past Time) to Outsource Content Writing

Tell us your symptoms.

  • Fear of miscommunication
  • Clenching tightly to your wallet
  • General distrust
  • Obsessive compulsive control over all of your content

You’re hitting all of the marks. But hey, it’s totally fine. We get patients like you all the time.

According to my findings, it seems you may be suffering from PTOD. It’s a condition we refer to as Post Traumatic Outsourcing Disorder.

outsourcing content writing treatment

It’s more common than you think.

Outsourcing content writing can keep your business on track with a profitable content strategy.

However, without a proper plan, you’re at risk for PTOD.

ptod outsourcing

Back to you.

Have you had any traumatic experiences outsourcing before?

You discussed your content strategy and sent payment… but never received any content back?

Okay, you also ran your content through Copyscape and it was 100% plagiarized? We’ve never seen that before. Even the name?

Right. You published a piece on your site that had an excess of, how many? Nine-hundred spelling and grammatical errors? You say this piece was only a 500-word blog post?


The good news is, you’re going to be okay. You will survive and heal. Post traumatic outsourcing disorder effects countless companies and business owners worldwide but it can be beat.

Let’s take a look at your treatment plan.

Preventative Care for Outsourcing Content Writing

The best approach to overcoming your fears about outsourcing content is to prevent any nightmare situations.

To ensure the best outsourcing experience, I advise that you steer clear of websites offering fast, cheap and high quality content.

Cheap and high quality are two terms that should never be in the same sentence.

Have you ever heard anyone boast about how cheap their Chanel purse is?

I don’t think so.

When it comes to content services, high quality should be at the top of your checklist.

Now, some freelance writers may try to trick you by offering inexpensive services and making claims like that they work with clients “across every major vertical services.”

Sure they can cover vertical services but what about the horizontal? These are the questions you should be asking yourself.

Also, count the grammar and spelling mistakes in their post. Professional content writers should also know how to edit.

When looking at their pricing model, consider why they omitted the first “a” in the word “standard.”

Is this a ruse to convince you of their inventiveness? Are they that good? Is standard even spelled with two a’s?


Try not to succumb to the tactics of such content writing freelancers.

Refer to the Oxford English Dictionary to double-check how words are spelled. Run potential applicants’ resumes and posts through spell check and even ask for help from that one friend that’s constantly correcting you to look for grammatical errors.

Think of posts and applicant responses as a preview of the content you’ll be provided with.

Have some standards.

3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Outsourcing Content Writing

If you wear shorts in a blizzard, you’re going to catch a cold. The same goes for outsourcing content writing. Being aware of these common outsourcing pitfalls will result in a more effective and enjoyable hiring process.

1. Going into the Process Without a Strategy

The content you receive will mirror the quality of your application process.

All of this can be prevented if you wade out into the content writer pool with a clear content strategy in mind. Try answering these questions:

  • What type of content do you need?
  • What is the voice of your brand?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • What are your goals with content marketing?
  • How do you like to communicate?

2. Hiring an Outsourced Content Writer Too Quickly

Your hiring process should reflect your goals. Outsourcing the right content writer is a process that should not be rushed.

Think of the ideal content writer for your business and then look for those qualities in potential candidates.

Try to be a little more specific than this:

The potential candidate responding to this ad will be about as smart as you imagine them to be.

3. Negotiating the Cheapest Option

When it comes to outsourcing a content writer, the best deal doesn’t always mean the best content.

There is a reason that prices vary for freelancers and writing agencies. When adding to your team, keep your budget in mind but don’t let it be your deciding factor. Quality comes first.

Here’s a former PTOD patient who put more effort into their hiring post. They outlined what they wanted with specifics, and spelled almost every word correctly.

The downfall came in requesting the content writer’s “wholesale price.”

This isn’t Costco.

Bargain shopping for written content will get you bargain-quality.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Bargain shopping for written #content will get you bargain-quality, says @JuliaEMcCoy” quote=”Bargain shopping for written #content will get you bargain-quality, says @JuliaEMcCoy”]

Top 2 Treatment Options to Successfully Outsource Content Writing

Overcoming a traumatic outsourcing experience will take time. Each case is different. Depending on your unique situation, you can decide what treatment options are best for you.

1. Seek out a (Great) Content Writer

If you’re thinking…

You’ve gone down this road before. You’re having flashbacks of unedited blogs and unanswered emails.

Hiring a freelance writer is risky mostly and only if you don’t specify what you need from them upfront. This is a working relationship, and for successful outsourcing, communication is key.

When outsourcing a content writer on your own you must communicate a clear content strategy, define your budget, set deadlines and vet the writers before hiring them.

Don’t make the mistake of our friend looking for a “smart person.”

Great content writers = experienced content writers.

Evaluate your writers based on prior writing samples and test their skills.

There are no specific qualifications for someone to work as a freelance writer other than their word. They can and should prove their skills with examples.

We advise you not to bend your standards for the inexperienced.

See our Sample Library in action!

2. Hire a Content Writing Agency

Agencies can provide a level of professionalism, experience and flexibility that freelancers cannot always adhere to.

At Express Writers, the vetting process is already taken care of for you. Our testing process rules out 99% of applicants whose writing cannot match the quality content we provide.

We also have three writing service options: General, Expert and Authority to help you determine your content needs. The transparent pricing breaks down why our services cost more than Fiverr. There are no wholesale prices here.

Our content is focused on quality. Every piece of content is evaluated and edited by our Quality Assistants before being sent back to you.

Of course, we’re NOT perfect (we’re humans), so we guarantee if there are errors that we’ll fix them for free, if you tell us.

The goal is to provide you with impactful, authoritative content that completely erases any past traumatic outsourcing experiences.

A Life Without Fear of Outsourcing Content

You too can live a life free from the shackles of post traumatic outsourcing disorder.

There are marketers that carry on every day, and enjoy their work lives with outsourced employees.

Whether you hire a freelance writer or use an agency, these outsourcing treatment options can provide consistent, relevant and engaging content when used properly.

Side Effects May Include:

  • An increase in free time
  • Money in the bank
  • Content exceeding your expectations
  • An encouraging pat on the back from your boss
  • A boost in organic traffic to your website
  • Consistent high quality and engaging content
  • Comments from readers that aren’t immediately filed as spam
  • Higher ranking in search engines
  • A non-sarcastic head nod of approval from your rival co-worker, Dan
  • Rapid growth of your business

Outsourcing written content should be closely monitored by a marketing specialist. Be sure to consult your marketing team before starting treatment.

Ending the Stigma: #OutsourcingStory

For those of you writers among the audience, take heart.

Now is the perfect time to become a content creator and find the gems among the weeds to work with. Content marketing is about to be worth $313 billion as an industry. And creators are getting a big piece of that pie.

The difficult clients, the stigma, still exists… but if we band together, serve awesome clients well, and never let our ethics drop once (for a low-paying gig or for low quality output), we can END that stigma.

Have an outsourcing story to share that defies the stigma? I’d love to retweet it! Share on Twitter using the hashtag #outsourcingstory.

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8 Top Cities Where Copywriting Jobs Are A Booming Career

Today, the online marketing industry is booming.

40% of the world’s population has an online presence. In total, over 3 billion people use the internet; a number that went up from 738 million to 3.2 billion in the last 15 years.

With a visitor presence as strong as that, today’s marketing is best done online.

Add onto that the fact that many states have increased their tech-sector hiring; startups are popping up all over the virtual landscape. As startup agencies launch, and the need to have a powerful presence online increases, so does something else:

Copywriting jobs and opportunities.

The meat of a great online presence is content marketing, and more of it: so, copywriters are in demand today. And that demand is only growing.

copywriting jobs

Copywriters, You’re Needed

As copywriters, we’ve gone from suffering jokes at the hands of our doctorate or lawyer friends (“what are you ever going to do with that English degree?”) to being an in-demand, highly employable class of professionals in a highly dynamic climate.

As the market continues to shift, grow and change, one thing is clear: copywriters will continue to play an important part in creating and distributing the content that makes people sit up and take notice of new technologies.

In addition to being knowledgeable about good marketing practices, copywriters can also help new and established companies beef up their SEO game, create intriguing content and help birth campaigns that go viral. Fortunately, there are dozens of cities right now that are a virtual gold mine for copywriters. These cities offer exciting, diverse jobs in the tech industry through hundreds of well-known companies, some of which (LinkedIn, for example) are current in the inbound marketing and content marketing worlds.

According to, the need for copywriters is projected to go up 6% between 2012-2022 and according to, the national average salary for copywriters is over $58k annually. Because of this and because of the increasing demand the field is experiencing, being a copywriter is a hot gig right now. 

The 8 Best Cities for Copywriting Opportunities & Jobs

We sat down to research the best cities for copywriters to find job opportunities in, and here’s what we found! (Updated December 2015.)

1. San Jose, California

It should come as no surprise that Silicon Valley is booming for talented writers. In San Jose, out of every 1,000 jobs, 126 are in the tech industry, which means plenty of jobs for copywriters and content marketers. Additionally, San Jose has one of the highest tech-related salaries in the country right now – an average of $130K each year. As home to big-name tech companies like Apple, Adobe and eBay, Silicon Valley is currently one of the best places in the country for copywriters who want to work in a fast-paced, tech-focused environment.

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you’re a talented writer looking for work in the tech, advertising or PR industries right now, there’s no place like Minneapolis. In fact, the city is so rich with high-paying, unique jobs that some major media outlets are referring to the phenomena as “The Miracle of Minneapolis.” This is due in large part to the fact that the city combines affordable housing, great jobs and high salaries to create a highly livable market for skilled writers, editors and marketers. Minneapolis is home to several dozen huge company headquarters, including Novu, Target, Best Buy and C.H. Robinson, which have increased hiring in the tech sectors by 8.36% in the last six months. Companies like this are growing quickly and all of them need copywriters.

3. Seattle, Washington

The Seattle metro area has always been a writer’s paradise and today is no different. Home to tech colossuses like Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing, the city also boasts outposts of companies like Expedia, Zillow, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Within the Seattle area, 77 out of 1,000 jobs are tech-focused and those involved in the area’s tech industry make about $108K annually. In addition to the ample jobs in the area, the city also has a high quality of life and provides access to some of the best art, cultural events and food in the country.

4. San Francisco, California

Don’t jump to rope it in with Silicone Valley too quickly – San Francisco is home to plenty tech companies of its own and boasts a totally different environment than its neighbor to the South. Copywriters here can choose to work for companies like Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Dropbox, Yahoo, Oracle, LinkedIn and Salesforce, among others. There are literally hundreds of copywriting jobs in this city and the lucky ones who get them will enjoy views of the bay and never-ending clam chowder with a side of job satisfaction.

5. Washington, DC

In the metro area that surrounds the country’s capital, copywriters can expect to find ample jobs. The area has a strong tech scene and over 79 out of every 1,000 jobs are tech-focused. The area also has over 1,000 startups, including companies like and Soundtracker, which makes it a vibrant and dynamic place for copywriters and marketers alike.

6. Austin, Texas

In addition to boasting one of the best music scenes in the country, Austin is a formidable player in the tech and startup circles. Home to companies like Dell, RetailMeNot, Main street Hub and Yodle, 58 out of every 1,000 jobs in Austin are in the tech industry and copywriters won’t have any trouble finding a job they love. Additionally, the city is home to the South by Southwest festival, which debuts new technologies and provides one of the best possible networking and educational opportunities for copywriters, SEOs and marketers.

FYI: Our own Express Writers is located here!

7. Boston, Massachusetts

Unlike many areas in the country, which are startup-dense and mainstay-sparse, Boston offers a healthy mix of both. Ideal for the copywriter who wants to work for companies like HubSpot, Wayfair, TripAdvisor, WordStream, Constant Contact or HourlyNerd, copywriters in Boston can expect to find that roughly 57 out of every 1,000 jobs are tech-focused. The area does have high rental prices but the quality of living is outstanding and copywriters who land jobs in the area will enjoy the ample opportunity the city offers.

8. New York, New York

The original home of the fedora-clad, pipe-smoking, typewriter tapping writers of old, New York is still a formidable player in the tech industry game. The city offers hundreds of copywriting jobs at major companies like Chloe + Isabel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Entrée Health, Deep Focus, Wunderman, Barneys New York and Bed Bath & Beyond. Copywriters who land jobs in New York will have no trouble expanding outward into work with tech companies, advertising firms, publications or retail establishments, thanks to the ample opportunity inherent within New York and the sheer concentration of businesses the city has to offer.

seo web content writing

Need a guidebook to help you boost your copywriting skills? Our CEO, Julia McCoy, wrote a bestseller on the topic!

The Vital Role of the Copywriter

Copywriters wear many hats – from writing web copy for companies to researching keywords, staying up-to-date on industry news, events and happenings and attending conferences to studying new platforms in the inbound and content marketing fields, copywriters are one of the major forces that allow web-based business to interact effectively and to expand their reach and message to new customers.

Although copywriters have always been an integral part of marketing and distribution, everything right now is online, which means that the need for copywriters has skyrocketed.

The Future of Copywriting Opportunities

Copywriting is a booming industry right now. As new companies are born and begin to flourish, copywriters become more and more in-demand. In order to stand out in today’s market environment, companies need highly skilled writers that are capable of developing and dispensing specific brand voices, conducting research on target audiences and creating web, print and visual content that catches customers’ eyes and helps the company differentiate itself from the crowd.

In many ways, it’s safe to say that it is virtually impossible for modern companies to attain success without the help of a dedicated team of marketing, SEO and copywriting professionals.

Today’s business environment runs on content and inbound marketing, and one of the only things that sets companies apart from one another in today’s overly crowded field is great content. Companies that can create great content that delivers true value and interest to readers are the ones that will snag sales, acquire new customers and achieve market dominance.

Looking forward, it seems like behind every great company will be a team of skilled copywriters who serve to make the magic happen. Because of this, it’s a great time to be a copywriter – and copywriter jobs are abundant. Even if you don’t make a pilgrimage to one of the 8 cities we mentioned above, it’s a safe bet that every company everywhere needs content.

From intriguing menus to highly technical eBooks and white pages, copywriters are the glue that holds modern companies together and the future, friends, looks bright.

Need to find a great copywriter of your own? Get a free content strategy call with us!

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Calling All Creatives: We’re Hiring Writers (And We Want You!)

Yes, you heard right: Express Writers is hiring writers as we speak.

Whether you adore the written word, are an aspiring scribe, or are knee-deep in the trenches of content creation, we think you should join us.

We’re hiring writers who are superb at sentences and on-point with punctuation, but, more importantly, we want you if you have a passion for writing.

There are plenty of reasons to submit your resume right now.

But first, a little about us!

hiring writers

All About the Express Writers Team (And Why We’re Hiring Writers Like You)

First things first.

Some of the most important things to know about us:

  • Our team is totally remote (we work anywhere and everywhere).
  • We adore good writing and quality content (naturally).
  • We don’t hire just anybody (because quality matters).

[clickToTweet tweet=”Want to join an amazing #copywriting team? Learn how you can work for @ExpWriters!” quote=”Want to join an amazing #copywriting team? Learn how you can work for @ExpWriters!”]

The Perks of a Remote Team: Pajamas at Work? Sure!

Let’s be honest: working in your pajamas is pretty awesome.

What’s even better about working remotely with our team, besides wearing your bunny slippers to the “office”?

We respect your schedule.

We’re hiring writers for both full- and part-time work. This means you can come aboard to make some extra change on the side, or settle in for a real, long-term writing gig that pays.

Quality Content Starts with Quality Staff

Here are some of the friendly faces you may get to work with if you join us. Say hi to our management team:


All of the content we produce begins and ends with them.

They get the deets from the clients, and that information is passed to the writer (this could be you!). When you submit your work, it’s reviewed and edited, and then sent back to the client. Plus, everything is facilitated through our totally online, custom Teamroom.

Together, we all work as a unit to produce the best possible end product for our customers. We pride ourselves on quality, and it’s evident in everything we do.

If that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, we don’t know what will.

The Ups, Downs, and In-Betweens: The Express Writers Story

If you want to work with us, you should know a little of our history.

Express Writers started with our CEO and founder, Julia McCoy.

She was a young copywriter who started getting more work than she could handle on her own. Out of this personal success, the idea for her company was born.

Imagine a team of writers who are passionate about their craft, who offer a one-stop-shop for all your writing and content creation needs.

That was the dream, and, six years later, that dream is still growing. Join our team, and you could be part of it.

Hear the tale, straight from Julia herself, in her entrepreneur story video:

Yes, We’re Hiring Writers – Here’s What to Do Next

At Express Writers, we are constantly hiring writers.

Out of any given month, we are interviewing at least half the time in order to find just the right candidates to add to our team.

Read more about us, including our company values. If you like what you see, submit your resume for one of our open roles!

Who We Hire

We interview lots of different candidates. Not everyone makes it through, but if you have the skills, the creativity, and the passion, you’ve got a shot!

Here’s who we’re looking for:

  • Copywriters (for general topics) – 5+ years of experience
  • Expert copywriters (for intensive, authority content) – 8-10+ years of experience, solid portfolio, specific field expertise – from legal to medical
  • Social Media Experts (social media copywriters)
  • Designers (for ebooks, social media images, and more)
  • Copy editors


If you want the inside scoop on what it’s like to dive into one of these roles and work for us, here’s what one of our full-time copywriters, Alyssa, has to say about it.

A Day in the Life at Express Writers: Full-Time Copywriter Alyssa

There is one thing I’ll say about working for Express Writers full-time: it’s never boring.

I roll out of bed around 8:00 a.m. each day. Depending on how well I slept, I either stumble or zombie-shuffle to the kitchen to make iced coffee or tea. Caffeine in hand, I grab the rest of my breakfast and head to my computer. Usually, I’m sitting down to work by 9 a.m., ready to roll up my sleeves and write.

(And, yes, I do get the luxury of working in my pajamas, thank-you-very-much.)

When I log-on to the Teamroom, a few assignments will be waiting, including an ongoing project. I hone my focus and bang out whatever is most pressing, then move on to other deadlines.

As the day progresses, I get more assignments from Katria, the team content manager. My work varies – sometimes I’m writing web copy for a fresh company, sometimes I’m penning fun product descriptions, and much of the time I’m writing SEO blogs on a rainbow of topics. I love the variety – it keeps me on my toes.

I continue plugging away steadily until lunchtime. I break for a bite to eat and a quick walk with my dog. When I return to my desk, I turn on some music because I can start to drag a little. My top choices are Dario Marianelli, Debussy, and Chopin (instrumental music gets my brain humming but doesn’t distract me).

Usually, 5:00 p.m. is quitting time, but sometimes I work later to get ahead. I want to produce work that clients will love – every single time.

Interested? Submit Your Resume Today and Join a Successful Writing Team

We’re always hiring writers. If you’re skilled, creative, and motivated, we want you on our team.

To write professionally and work in your pajamas (what? It’s really great!), then get on board and submit your resume and writing samples. The writers’ application is here. Editors, go here. Or, contact us directly at [email protected]

Express Writers is the place for creative, passionate writers and editors who keep improving their craft. Join us and get writing!

throwing money away

Not Investing In Copywriting Services Is Wasting Money

When companies establish their websites and work on promoting their brand, they spend money on everything except copywriting services. For some reason these services are at the bottom of the to-do list, yet they’re one of the most important branding tools a company could ever use.

Your Copywriting Haste Means Company Waste

Think of your favorite brands. What is it that makes you interested in them? Most likely it’s their awesome taglines, catchy content, and unique play on words. Obviously, these companies paid for professional copywriting services.

A lot of brands, however, don’t pay enough attention to the copywriting that markets their company, and this is unfortunate.
Today content marketing is crucial to attracting and sustaining customers; therefore, brands need to shift their attention from other marketing tactics and start spending it on content. If you’re not using copywriting services to market your company, you’re losing out on potential business.


#5. Copywriters Get It

Copywriters are real people. They have no affiliation with your product, no passion for your product and they weren’t there to build your product from the ground up. This is a good thing! They come from the outside perspective, and by taking on that perspective; they can communicate to a customer who is on the same side of the wall.

Copywriting services can tell a customer what you do, why you’re better at it, and why the customer should chose you over the other guys. They don’t use abstract reasoning – they use campaigns that deliver your message to the public.


Copywriters are skilled at delivering messages that are succinct and to the point, which produces results.


#4. Your Content Needs Help

Copywriters are writers. Writing is a skill and niche for them that comes naturally. They don’t have to force the words on paper (or screen) — it comes easily to them. By hiring a copywriting service, you’ll get a writer who can generate content that packs a powerful message and persuades readers to take action, but also you’ll get content that enhances your brand.

With Google having such a high emphasis on high-quality copy, it’s imperative your quality is better than the rest of the similar companies out there. High quality copy is what drives readers to convert into customers and a copywriting service has employees the writers who have that persuasive touch.

Copywriting, contrary to popular belief, isn’t just writing. Writers don’t just mash sentences together—they draft compelling content that gets the attention of readers, embeds product benefits into the readers’ minds and attracts your target audience.

Copywriting services stay up to date on the latest advertising and industry trends, customer behavior and what content marketing strategies actually work. They also understand how search engines rank websites and can tailor their content accordingly (for more information on how websites are ranked, visit this article by They deliver sales-driven copy that can attract your ideal customer. And, copywriters do this on a day-to-day basis — something you or your staff is unlikely to brag about. Therefore, they practice their skill and can hone in on techniques that you can only get from years of practice.


#3. You Need Consistency

Copywriters are consistent. They can generate content that appeals to your audience but also helps develop the appeal of your specific brand. After all, a brand is all about its personality, which means content needs to be written in a unified voice that promotes that brand. As long as customers read a consistent message and note a consistent personality, they’ll continue to follow a brand.

Copywriting services can revamp your entire website and all of your printed content so that it has a uniform personality and voice. This promotes your brand and helps customers connect with your company better.


#2. You Need to Enhance Your SEO

SEO is important, and often when a website generates its content, it either focuses on SEO or writes content — but rarely does a website have a healthy mix of both. Copywriting services not only provide your website with high-quality content, but they can integrate much-needed SEO so that your site is attractive to readers and search engines alike.

Copywriting services can integrate your targeted keywords into your content naturally, even difficult words, so that your content is reader-friendly.


#1. You’re Wasting Your Time and Money Writing Your Own Content

Sure, you might think you’re saving a bundle writing your own content, but when you stop and think about it, you’re not saving much. If you’re like some companies you’re actually spending more money writing your own content. How so?

A great copywriting service writes content that sells. Bottom line. If you cannot educate and sell a product to your customers with the content you’ve just written, then you just wasted time and money on a useless piece of content.

In addition, search engines require high-quality content. That means no grammar errors, spelling mistakes or improper use of keywords. If you’ve copied work from other sites, you will notice a significant drop in your search engine rankings. In addition, search engines look for value. Therefore, you have to be creative with your content and offer something readers can’t find sprinkled all over the Internet already.

With the release of Google Panda, a lot of websites (including sites like and were dinged for poor-quality content. See a full list here at Search Engine Watch. These sites had poor-quality content, repeated information and even some copied information. If your site has committed any of these errors, it can be difficult to recover and cost you much more than it would have to hire a copywriting service from the get-go.

Bottom line, professional copywriting services save your organization time and money. They promote your products to the people you want buying your products. If you’re not using a copywriting service on your website, you might just find you’re losing money compared to the competition using copywriters.


5 Keys To Choosing Your Content Writer Before You Start Interviewing

Over the past decade, the incontestable power of the Internet has brought millions of business owners from all parts of the globe together in investing their time and money in cutting-edge websites and suitable web content, elaborated according to their needs, specifications and expectations, with the pen of a content writer making their content happen. When it comes to articles that actually draw visitors and serve a higher purpose, most company owners spare no expenses and do everything in their power to identify the best content writer or team of writers available. Here are 5 important things that you should know about talented, active, sociable, Internet-savvy and creative freelancers who have what it takes to guide you towards business success.

Your Ideal Content Writer Candidate Should:

1) Write On a Daily Basis

We’ve all heard this lesson a thousand times: practice makes perfect. A content writer who spends more than a couple of hours a day writing informative, educational, entertaining materials for different clients with different needs and requests will always respond better to new challenges, unlike novices or other freelancers who only write every once in a while.

2) Be well-organized, do a lot of research and always Google before they tweet.

Extensive research is part of the job and professional content writer always take this important phase very seriously. The worst mistake one could ever make is writing and distributing inaccurate, outdated, ambiguous content. In such cases, readers flag low-quality web material and start looking for trustworthy sources of information, so make sure you count on content writers who check and double-check the information before making it public.

3) Have an amazing, writing style which is audience-friendly and engaging

Your content writers should make the most of their unique set of skills and their inexhaustible talent and creativity to promote your brand, services and products in an engaging manner, while embracing a truly accessible writing style.

4) Be great at social media.

Would you really trust a freelancer who refuses to profit from amazing opportunities available on social media platforms? Would you hire a writer who doesn’t spend at least an hour a day on major social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn, where all the important elements go viral and all the most relevant trends are anticipated and widely commented? Make sure you hire a social savvy writer.

5) Is proud of their masterpieces, charges the right price

Reputable content writers won’t hesitate to link their most relevant content pieces for you and promote their professional services in an effective manner. Perhaps in the near future business owners will be able to count on different ranking systems allowing them to determine the real value of a particular writer. Until then, Google Authorship will enable you to identify some of the most active, talented freelancers who might have what it takes to complete your writing assignments in a more than satisfactory manner.

Make sure you pay the right price for unique content writer to create your pieces; an insignificant fee could trick you into opting for low-quality writing services – a big mistake which could impact the profitability and popularity of your online business for a long period of time.

Neil Patel, a top Internet marketer, says that you should expect to spend $100-200 per post.


A content writer could be the biggest boon for your business this year and beyond. It’s the era of the Internet; and the Internet thrives on content. Don’t just throw this job on anyone. Make sure your writer meets the criteria above, and you’ll find yourself a good one.

Hire yours today!

hiring a content writer

The Most Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring a Content Writer

When it comes to your business marketing puzzle, writing is a huge piece of it.

You need writing for almost everything: landing pages for your website, social media posts, blogs, advertisements, and more.

The problem is, you probably don’t have the time or specialized skills needed to write effective content that gets you noticed in all the right ways.

Enter content writers.

According to the Hubstaff Blog, hiring great writers is how you provide valuable content to your visitors. In turn, they repay you with their patronage and their business, which equals a high ROI.

This graph shows how the Hubstaff Blog tripled their peak traffic over the course of only a few months simply by putting out valuable, well-written content on a consistent basis:


Bottom line: you need us writers, but you also need us to be good at what we do. You need content that fits your business and your message to a T.

You have lots of options when it comes to content writing – after all, we’re living in the era of the content writer.

So, how do you get what you need? What are the secrets to hiring a content writer?

How do you avoid the pitfalls of making a bad hire, which can result in poor writing, lackluster content, and zero returns on investment?

We’re here to tell you what you might be doing wrong when it comes to hiring – and how you can make a small change to hire writers who are exactly right for your business.

hiring a content writer

Don’t Commit These 4 Mistakes When Hiring a Content Writer

These mistakes are easy to make if you’re crunched for time and money.

1. Failing to Review Their Samples

You can’t understand a writer’s qualifications unless you ask for – and review – samples of their work.

This means looking at a few different examples of what they’ve done in the past, and evaluating the depth and breadth of their skills. They should show you variety, flexibility, research chops, and, most of all, competent, engaging writing.

If you don’t do this step, or if you ask for samples but don’t bother to review them, you really won’t know what you’ll be getting into.

Since the written content for your business is so important, gambling with your writing talent this way is not a good idea.

2. Hiring a Content Writer with the Lowest Rates

Writers who ask for low rates may not have the skills to earn higher pay for their work.

You know the saying: you get what you pay for. If it seems like a writer is offering their services too cheaply, nine times out of ten, you can be sure they’ll turn in sub-par work. This means writing that’s riddled with errors, that aims for nothing more than a word count.

In the end, you’ll have to edit everything they send you, which will eat up your time. Soon you’ll be thinking, “Wait a minute, didn’t I hire a writer so I wouldn’t have to do this myself?”


Good writers may cost more, but in return, you get somebody who knows their stuff. You’ll get SEO content that’s formatted well, thoroughly researched, error-free, and engaging to read.

You’ll get valuable content for your readers, and that’s worth every penny.

3. Not Asking for References

You may want to hire a writer quickly and call it done, but speeding your way through the process without vetting candidates is asking for trouble.

Unless they’re an ultra-talented newbie, professional writers will have references from past work experiences. If you don’t ask to see them, you won’t know which candidate has the clout you want.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Thinking about hiring a content #writer? Make sure you avoid these four common pitfalls via @ExpWriters!” quote=”Thinking about hiring a content #writer? Make sure you avoid these four common pitfalls via @ExpWriters!”]

4. Ignoring Grammar or Spelling Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when hiring a content writer is overlooking spelling and grammar errors in their work and communication with you.

In fact, these errors, along with strange-sounding wording and poor sentence structure, can be a red flag that you’re dealing with a foreign writer. This is someone whose first language isn’t English. Hire this person, and your content will just end up confusing people – unless you also hire a very good editor.

A good writer knows that every word they write is under evaluation. They will do their best to edit their work before you ever read it. This applies to seemingly mundane things, too, like emails.

If you gloss over bad punctuation, poor spelling, and awkward syntax, then you shouldn’t be surprised when your content is peppered with the same issues.

So, How Do You Go About Hiring a Good Content Writer?

If the whole writer-hiring process seems like a big headache to you, don’t worry – we get it.
At the end of the day, wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to vet your content writers yourself?

Guess what? You don’t.


In fact, if you work with our team at Express Writers, you’ll get quality writers at your fingertips who have already been tried, tested, and vetted.

How Express Writers Delivers the Content You Need

Our writers are real professionals who are just plain good with words. This content creation force is assembled by an expert management team who stay on top of your content every step of the way.

They’re a group of savvy ladies who know their stuff:


They personally guide your written content full-circle: from ideation to hand-picking the right writer for the job, to editing, to delivery.

It took months to put this winning team together, but, through trial-and-error, we figured out a formula that works.

This trial-by-fire is all part of the story of how Express Writers was born. View that very personal tale here:

Now that we’re on the other side, we’re moving full steam ahead. Our team can carry your writing needs from the hatching of an idea to fully-fledged content that soars.

But what about our writers themselves? How are they chosen?

How Express Writers Vets Expert Content Writers

Not just anybody works with us.

Instead, we’re dedicated to building a team of writers who can write.

We spend the necessary time to hire the right people. We work hard not to fall prey to those infamous hiring mistakes, and we pay special attention to samples, references, and great grammar and spelling.

On top of all that, we provide ongoing mentoring for our writers. We stay on the cutting-edge of trends and are constantly brushing up our skills as professionals in the content creation industry.

This means one big bonus for you and your business: when you work with us, you don’t have to worry about quality.

And, make no mistake: quality matters, especially when it comes to valuable content.

According to Yoast, quality content is accessible, easy for people to connect with, inspires trust in your brand, and keeps people on your site longer. All of these aspects help boost your ROI.

When you go with us, that’s exactly what you get.

What Types of Writers Will Be Working on Your Content?

At Express Writers, we hire writers at various levels to suit your budget and your needs. This handy table lays out the differences between what you get with general, expert, and authority content writers.


This flexibility is great for choosing the right type of writer for exactly what you need. However, no matter which level you choose, you can rest assured that the quality will be top-notch.

Dodge the Pitfalls of Hiring a Content Writer and Get the Expertise You Need

It’s crystal-clear: your written content is a major component of your business presence online.

It can say all the right things and lead customers straight to your door. It can make them want to invest in your brand.

Or, it can do the opposite: drive people away, scratching their heads. Five minutes later, they’ll forget you exist.

When you get great writers on your side, you can be on the winning end of this example.

How do you get great writers? You take the time to vet them. You pay attention to their written samples, their references, and their basic writing chops.

It’s true: hiring a content writer takes a lot of effort.

If you don’t have time to go through the headache of the hiring process, however, there’s an easier way. Count on us to do the vetting for you and provide awesome content to boot.

For a team of great writers at your fingertips, plus a management team that will nurture your content from hatchling to soaring eagle, work with us at Express Writers.

seo content writer

How to Hire Your Best SEO Content Writers: 4 Key Qualities to Look For

With the Internet becoming a bigger part of our lives every day, and a major focus of marketing, it’s not surprising that it’s also a wonderful place to find and search to hire your best SEO content writers. Or, you can pick from the major SEO writing companies to create your web-focused copy.

But here’s the million dollar question: how do you find the ones who do what they claim?

The savvy SEO content writers that really know how to create blogs, web content, and other Google-friendly copy that will rank highly online and win with your readers?

You should, of course, hire only ethical and effective writers – especially since Google now won’t allow any content less than quality standards to rank well. And, you want to get the most possible value for your money. You want content that is of high quality, rich in originality, and with the proper amount of SEO involved. You also need content that’s engaging and interesting. So, out of all the SEO content writing services out there, which ones do you hire?

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to SEO content writers. Let’s take a closer look at the main qualities to look for.

seo online content writers

4 Key Points To Help You Hire the Best SEO Content Writers

All businesses that turn to online marketing will at some point have to hire an SEO content writer. Even if you’re a great writer yourself, you’ll have no time for writing your content as a business owner.

(What better example than a CEO of a writing agency? Yes, I’ll make a confession: I get help writing my blogs with our own copywriting team. After I develop all the major concepts, titles, and outlines, my most creative writers help me fill it out.)

And since a major 57% of companies have said in 2013 that content marketing has been their top advertisement (this number projected to even more growth in upcoming years), many of these companies are struggling to find the best content creators (Kapost Statistics).

So, here are the key things to look for when you’re ready to pull the trigger and hire the best SEO content writers.

1. Look for a Killer SEO Content Portfolio

Right off the bat, you’ll want to investigate the portfolios of each of the SEO writers for hire you’re considering. Request that each prospective writer or team present examples of content that has been created for other projects similar to what you are hiring for. Assess each writer’s skills, communication style, and overall writing ability to find a match for your company’s unique voice. Keep an eye out for a special ability to create content that engages the audience in a way that will not only please the search engines, but interest your readers in your company as well.

If you’re looking for a company, what have they done in the past? They should have a sample library to present or something like that.

See it live: Here’s what our sample library looks like!

2. Ask for Proof of Ability to Get Online Results

Good SEO content writing services should be able to show you proof that they can get results. Most writers should be able to point to several examples of articles they’ve written that rank highly in search engine keyword searches. Ideally the articles you’re shown should appear within the first two pages of Google.

Case study in point: we’ve studied our own rankings and how content drives us as a brand.

3. Look for Solid SEO Writing Technique

You will definitely want to make sure that your potential SEO content writers are up to snuff when it comes to current online writing techniques. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions in regards to their SEO writing procedures. Do they show solid knowledge of the importance of keyword density and are they familiar with the most respected keyword research tools and strategies?

A few good questions to ask to assess for the key underlying skills that a solid SEO content writer will:

When SEO writers are worth their salt, smooth discussion of these details will be second nature to them.

4. Make Sure They Promise Consistent Content Quality

The most important aspect in SEO content writing is quality that is consistent across the board. The writing must be original content and should be written for people first, search engine crawl bots second. Consider enlisting the aid of professional SEO writers that have a proven track record when it comes to writing for the web and you and your company will surely reap the benefits.

They will know just how to create your content so that it resonates with search engines and your future customers, and do this consistently, time and time again. Ask if your SEO content writer uses a proofreader, which is a huge help to ensure ongoing quality.

5. They Must Write to Engage Real Readers

Today’s content is more about readability and real expertise (Google’s EAT and YMYL standards) than just the “SEO tactic” part. Remember that Google uses real humans to grade content nowadays – not robots.

So, my last tip is that you shouldn’t just look for a blanket knowledge of “SEO” itself, but rather a pure passion and talent in underlying great writing, and an expert knowledge.

That is what makes the real difference, and the line in the ground, between a good online SEO writer and a great one. Creativity and talent in writing will keep both your readers, and thus Google, on your page longer.

Consider investing in an expert copywriter who knows your industry for best results.

Let Us Be Your Go-To SEO Writing Resource

We would love to be your go-to SEO writing creation team! Why? We are more than just an SEO writing team, or a “group of writers.” Here’s why we’re different than the rest of content agencies, many of which have given the industry a bad name.

  • We have trained professionals in every area. Social media management: we recruit the best SMEs that know how to write and post to every platform.
  • We’re creative. We’re not only SEO minded. We can write a glorious About Us page that resonates with every one of your readers.
  • Some of our writers have 20+ years of online writing experience under their belts.
  • We have trained Content Strategists on staff, mentored by myself, that use SEMrush, BuzzSumo, KWFinder and other top tools to deliver strategy to our clients.
  • Our experts are some of the best. We continue to get rave reviews about their work.
  • As the CEO, I’ve been given the title of one of the 100 top content marketers, and I wrote a bestseller on how to write. I consistently head hunt and handpick every creator in our team, and mentor them. This makes us one of the best go-to writing teams!

No matter how crazy the writing industry gets as a whole, you can trust that Express Writers will forever remain dedicated to quality–for the long haul! Contact us today and get a free strategy call to discuss your content needs.

web copywriters

9 Characteristics of the Best Web Copywriters

According to Flannery O’Connor, a good man is hard to find.

Flannery O'Connor

(Image via Amazon)

But what about a good web copywriter?

Sure, plenty of people out there say they can write for the web.

But, as the common saying goes, talk is cheap.

How do know when you’ve stumbled on a professional word ninja, or when you’ve been hoodwinked by an upstart money-grubber masquerading as a copywriter?

Flannery O'Connor

Luckily, we have some ideas.

Look carefully at their qualifications, both the ones they say they have and the ones that shine through their writing samples.

The best web copywriters will be able to claim all of the skills we have compiled below.

If you’re a copywriter working your way up in the industry, study this list and take note. Having these skills could be the key to nailing your next big gig.

web copywriters

9 Skills, Traits, and Characteristics the Best Web Copywriters Have in Spades

The best web writers have honed their raw talent and turned it into an occupation where they earn money for every word they set down. Do you (or the web writers you’re hiring) have all the skills on this list?

1. Nimble Creativity

The best web writers need to be able to turn on a dime and write in a completely different style and voice for different clients.

That means their capacity for nimble creativity needs to be very high. 

Online writers also need to be able to produce copy and content when that creativity well is drying up. A nimble, can-do attitude is essential, here. Sometimes, you just have to buckle down and get some words out.

The best writers who live and breathe online content will be able to do it and do it well, no matter the circumstances.

2. Research Chops

Research is a huge part of online writing. To underline your authority, you have to prove yourself in your written content and copy.

That means relying on the knowledge and research of others, along with your own. It means citing sources and studies, and providing statistics and evidence that back up your claims.

The online writer who is well-versed in research best-practices, including how to properly cite sources and link to them in content, is indispensable.

3. Strong Understanding of the Basics of Constructing Great Sentences

Writers construct, tweak, and manipulate sentences to get their ideas across clearly. Without the basic ability to craft really good ones, can you call yourself a writer?

This ability includes understanding grammar do’s and don’ts like noun-verb agreement and comma usage, but it also includes knowing how to create a compelling call-to-action, how to write effective meta descriptions, and how to compose a zinger of a headline. 

dos and don'ts

As a copywriter, you need to know which of these are correct. (Image via Grammar Girl)

4. Sales and Online Marketing Knowledge

Does your web writer understand the various stages of the buying cycle/sales funnel? (Have they even heard of a sales funnel?) Do they get how to tailor their words to what the audience knows/doesn’t know at a particular stage?

consumer buying process

(Image via

What about landing page copy? Do they understand how best to craft a page that leads the audience to take action?

If they don’t, they should.

If you’re the writer, according to Content Marketing Institute, your knowledge should be T-shaped.

cross-discipline competence

You need a deep knowledge of content – best-practices that earn traffic, engagement, and conversions, and how to tie in SEO –- that’s a given.

You also need at least a passing understanding of online marketing concepts like technical SEO, UX, press & PR, and analytics. 

5. Generalist AND Specialist Expertise

A web copywriter needs to be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of one… Or two.

The former is important for that aforementioned nimbleness factor. You need to be able to pivot from topic to topic without much trouble, research topics if you’re shaky, and write about them like you know what you’re talking about.

That is the power of a skilled generalist writer.

On the other hand, you also need specialist knowledge in at least one topic. This means you have the background to write about that topic from the viewpoint of an expert.

This background can include education, experience, or a mix of the two. According to Snag a Job, a blend of both is a good place to start honing your expertise.

education requirements

Either way, the best writers can specialize and write with an incredibly authoritative tone for at least one industry.

6. The Power of Persuasion

Persuasive writing is a huge part of copywriting online. 

The attention-spans of your readers are shorter than ever (the average currently clocks in at 8 seconds – one second shorter than that of an average goldfish). They’re distracted by every shiny thing that’s blinking at them or screaming in all caps. 

human attention span

They’ll click away from your content faster than you can blink – unless you can persuade them to stay.

This means knowing and using proven writing styles and copywriting formulas that keep visitors glued to the page. It also means formatting your words for maximum ease-of-reading on tiny mobile device screens or headache-inducing computer monitors.

There’s a lot that goes into persuading audiences online, so the copywriter who can do it (and do it well) is worth their weight in gold.

Want to get better at persuasive writing? Check out the work of past and present copywriting giants. Look to David Ogilvy, Joanna Wiebe, Jon Morrow, and Robert Collier.

7. Empathy

A copywriter’s job is to speak to the reader on a deep level. You need to be able to address their hopes, fears, and desires like they’re your own.

The only way to truly get on their wavelength is to empathize with them.

If you have a fair amount of natural empathy, you have an advantage. If you don’t, you can practice it.

  • Step outside yourself. Put your thoughts and feelings aside.
  • Imagine trying on the perspective of the person in question, like a pair of glasses. What do you see differently? How do you feel?
  • Try to stay in that headspace while you write.
  • You can also try reading lots of books written in the first-person perspective (with lots of “I” language – “I did,” “I said,” “I wanted,” “I tried,” etc.) These narratives literally immerse you in someone else’s thoughts and may help you hone your ability to empathize.

8. Little-to-No Writer Ego

A copywriter’s job is not to get their own writing style airtime. If you’re in the hot seat, your job is not to write the way you want to write.

A copywriter’s job is to get other people’s words out there, and to do it in the best way possible. Copywriters have to write to make their clients sound knowledgeable and interesting, and their products enticing. 

They need to write for their clients’ audiences, not their own.

Naturally, many copywriters also have higher writing ambitions. They may have wanted to be a writer from a young age, or have dreams of completing a longer work of fiction or nonfiction under their own name.

this is good

For some writers, their motivations for their personal writing career may clash with what’s expected of them (and what’s needed of them) as a copywriter.

If your writer ego is a little too big for its britches (don’t get me wrong – this isn’t a failing; it’s actually what gets many writers published), you may want to rethink copywriting. 

Similarly, if you find it very hard to put that ego aside and write with equal verve for clients, you might want to rethink copywriting.

9. Self-Motivation and Determination

These days, most copywriters aren’t hunched over desks in a communal space, writing elbow-to-elbow with their colleagues in a Mad Men-esque office setting.

Mad Men

(Image via Slate)

Instead, most are working from their laptop in a coffee shop or toiling away behind the monitor in their home office. Some even are scraping a living from a seat on their couch in their tiny apartment.

(Take a look at how our remote team here at EW gets down to business. We each have our own personal spaces and methods.)

Needless to say, when you’re working alone with no boss over your shoulder, the chances that you’ll deviate from the task at hand are 10 times – nay, 100 times greater than if you are working in an office with supervision.

That means the best web copywriters are self-motivated, determined, and on-point when it comes to time and work management.

They don’t need constant supervision because they have the skills to stay focused and on-task.

This focus is 100% necessary, especially when an assignment looms that is hard to write. You have to wade through that beast no matter what, and the best copywriters can get through with aplomb.

Without that kind of self-sustaining motivation, you’re sunk as a remote copywriter.

Web Copywriters Who Reach Success Have These 7 Skills in Common

Great web copywriting is an art and a science. You need lots of technical knowledge, but you also need to know how to riff once in a while (and understand when you can riff on the rules).

Arguably, though, these eight base skills serve as the foundation for greatness. 

You don’t have to be born with them. You can cultivate them, grow them, and become a bonafide amazing online writer.

So, whether you’re getting your foot in the door or looking for fresh talent to do the writing for you, look for these characteristics. Make them your mantra.

Kermit typing

Great writing will surely follow.

hire website writers

4 Things to Consider When Hiring Web Writers

Considering Web Writers

Whether you run a professional blog, website, or ecommerce business, you will eventually need the help of qualified web writers to help you showcase your products in the best possible light. Many work on a freelance basis and most are unusually knowledgeable in regards to current practices and procedures of writing for the web. This includes thorough working knowledge of SEO practices as well as awareness of social media marketing trends, press release creation, guest blog post creation, and sales writing as well.

Although finding the right writers for your team can seem daunting at first because of the sheer number of options available, it’s far from an impossible feat. Consider the following tips in order to make the process as easy on yourself and your team as possible.

1. Standout Writing Samples
Before you hire your web writers, make sure you view a comprehensive selection of samples created for previous clients. Prioritize writers whose voices are compatible with the needs of your website or company and who can show you a comprehensive portfolio of relevant work. Sometimes it can help to have your writer produce a trial article or two before signing on for a long term working relationship in order to make sure the two of you are a good fit.  Most professionals and writing teams will be perfectly fine with proving their skill in this way.


2. Solid Research and Web Skills
The best web writers are more than simply good with words. They also understand how to mimic different voices and how to appeal to various target demographics. They comprehend the importance of key word density, original content, and other SEO practices that will bring you more traffic through search engines. They’ll be crack shots at research and fact checking to boot. Value is the key when it comes to your web content, so you’ll want to make sure all of these bases are covered.


3. Testimonials and References
The best web writers aren’t just experienced and skilled when it comes to what they do. They also have excellent work ethics, are good at meeting deadlines, and have excellent customer services skills. They can show you references and client testimonials that back up their claims and abilities as well. Whether you’re enlisting the aid of an entire writing team or going with a sole freelance provider, don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients. Make it a point to follow up on those references as well and ask them about their experiences working with the individuals in question.


4. Consider Writing Teams Over Individual Providers
Many people find they have better luck and more beneficial relationships when working with an entire team of professionals. Not only are teams of web writers going to be more varied, increasing your likelihood of finding a good professional that is really a perfect fit for your needs, but the individuals who will actually be producing your writing will probably be pre-screened by the head of the team to boot, so a lot of the hard work and weeding out will already be done for you. The same team will also probably be able to help you with SEO writing, resume creation, blogging services, or anything else you may decide you need in the future as well.

Ultimately when you are hiring web writers, the key to success lies in covering all of your bases and paying attention to detail. Explore the possibilities for yourself today!

We are currently accepting applications for writers.
If you feel that you’ve got what it takes to be an Express Writer, please tell us a bit about you, and send us your resume.

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