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4 Agencies Who Have Used Express Writers

4 Agencies Who Have Used Express Writers

Since Express Writers was founded in 2011, we have had the pleasure of working with tons of incredible clients from around the world. In fact, we’ve served over 5,000 clients since our virtual doors opened.

Many of those clients are agencies who decided to outsource their content creation to us. Our team has created a wide array of content for them, everything from long-form blogs to web page copy, video scripts, and more. They entrust us with such an important task because they’ve come to expect the highest quality from our writers and a team that cares about their content from our leadership.

Not only that, but they’ve seen firsthand the results that come from publishing valuable online content. And that’s what keeps them coming back to our team time and time again.

Sounds great, right? But what exactly has the experience been like for some of the agencies who have used Express Writers? Keep reading to learn about the results four different agencies received.

Marketing Labs Saw Their Monthly Website Traffic Double

Matt Janaway, CEO of Marketing Labs, made the decision to contact Express Writers upon realizing that the two copywriters on his team couldn’t possibly handle all the work that was pouring in from their expanding clientele. He couldn’t risk them rushing assignments or stretching themselves too thin, nor was he in a position to hire a third full-time copywriter. So, the only option was to outsource. Otherwise, Janaway knew the final product would suffer.

As a result, he turned to us, joining the list of agencies who have used Express Writers for their content creation. Janaway had three main requirements for the copywriters who tackled his projects: quality, speed, and knowledge of content and digital marketing. Describes our team perfectly, don’t you think?

Here’s what Janaway had to say about reaching out to us:

“Our only other real option was to use an alternate supplier for the content due to the scale. I know of some but was impressed with the quality and speed of Express Writers in previous projects. So it was a no-brainer for me.”

After contacting us, our team took the reins and got to work immediately. We successfully created and implemented a content plan for the Marketing Labs blog. We even took it a step further by cleaning up and optimizing product description copy for one of their clients. And the results were impressive!

Here’s what happened:

  • Website Traffic Doubled: Marketing Labs saw their monthly website traffic double from 25,000 page views to 50,000 page views. That’s one of the most common metrics we see increase with our clients because optimized content ranks higher in search results, ultimately attracting more readers.
  • A Blog Gained Over 2,000 Social Media Shares: As a creator, it’s always a good feeling when you see someone sharing your content on social media. So, you can only imagine how thrilled the Marketing Labs team must have been when they saw one of their blog posts reach over 2,000 social media shares. That’s a powerful way to boost website traffic and generate brand awareness.
  • Their Client’s Revenue Skyrocketed: Our writers thoughtfully crafted new product description and web copy for one of Marketing Labs’ clients as well. That client saw a 77% increase in revenue year-over-year after their content had been successfully optimized. Does it get any better than that?

It’s results like this that remind us why we love to create content and serve our clients. After all, it’s our mission to ensure they see a return on their investment every time they work with us. We couldn’t be more grateful for clients like Matt Janaway who entrust us with their content.

Ryan Stewart Received an In-Depth, Publish-Ready Ebook

When Ryan Stewart of The Blueprint Training turned to Express Writers, he shared that his agency no longer did content creation. Knowing what a huge undertaking it is to create great content, this wasn’t surprising. But when Stewart found himself with an ebook he wanted to publish, he knew he needed to get outside help since his agency’s team members couldn’t take on the job.

He came to Express Writers having written 30,000 words that needed editing. He also wanted to add between 20,000-30,000 more words to the ebook by way of ghostwriting.

And that’s where our team came in. One of our trained Authority-level writers took on this task. Within three and a half months, we were able to help Stewart complete his ebook and finally get it ready for publication. When you consider the research required and the amount of content that needed writing, that was an impressive turnaround time!

Here’s what Stewart had to say about his experience with us:

“I can vouch for the quality [of content]. I’m really impressed… You guys have done a tremendous job. Unless you have somebody in-house, it’s definitely worth it to go out and contract a company like Express Writers to get the right stuff done.”

Nfusion Solutions Saw Their Content Ranking on the First Page

Isn’t it every creator’s dream to see their content ranking on the first page of the Google search results? When that happens, it’s a clear sign that you’ve done your job well. Not only that, but it opens you up to a world of opportunities as more website traffic will surely begin flowing your way. For agencies that use Express Writers, you can expect to see your content begin to earn rankings.

Our team previously worked with Joe Bell, the CEO and co-founder of Nfusion Solutions. We helped him develop a content strategy and wrote copy for the company website’s product-specific pages. Although Bell felt his niche was a tough one, our writers tackled his projects with ease.

Afterward, he shared with us that, in just a few weeks, his new web pages were already ranking on the first page of the Google search results for their desired keywords. That’s just what optimized content can do for you! It’ll bring in tons of traffic, introducing even more people to your brand.

Army8 Needed Industry Specialization

When the team at Army8 was looking for a content solution to help their digital marketing agency, they found Express Writers. They’d struggled to find and vet skilled industry experts in the Life Sciences and Cybersecurity industries. Instead of dealing with the trial and error process of vetting writers, they needed a solution to produce quality content for audiences that expect experience from their digital content.

Our team of creative, experienced writers was able to fill in the gaps for Army8’s clients. After just the first order, they let us know that the e-commerce functionality and care from our client and content management team made their lives and jobs easier.

Since then, we’ve continued to grow our partnership with Army8. Working with clients who trust us to handle their content time after time is one of our favorite parts of running this agency.

Here’s what Carla Higham has said about how we’ve changed their approach to content:

“When working with vendors, consistency and reliability are key. Express Writers has never let us down with the creative execution, innovation, and high quality of their work, which helps us achieve our business goals.”

What We Can Do For Agencies

To get a complete overview of what Express Writers does for its agency clients, take a look at our Content Shop. This is where you’ll find all of our available services so you can purchase exactly what you need to take your brand to the next level. We offer blog writing (four different levels), blog plans, web page copy, press release writing, marketing copy, ebooks and guides, email copy, and more. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance our team can create it for you.

But what if you want something more? What if you want to be completely hands-off with your content creation, fully entrusting everything to our team? We can do that too!

Many agencies who have used Express Writers have opted for our Managed Services. With this option, you don’t have to hire any extra staff to manage your content. You don’t have to deal with a complicated workflow, nor will you need to micromanage edits and revisions. Our team will handle everything.

Here’s what you can expect from us as an agency:

  • Transparency: We’re always going to be up-front with you when hiring our team. You’re never locked into any kind of contract, meaning you can leave any time you’d like. Our pricing will always be 100% clear, so you’ll always know what you’re spending and where your money is going. There are never any hidden fees when purchasing any of our content services.
  • Accessibility: Should any questions or concerns arise, all you need to do is reach out to our team. We’ll never ghost you, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch. Our client and content management teams are there to assist with your orders.
  • Scaleability: As our partnership continues to expand, so will the team of writers creating content for you and your clients. You’re able to provide dedicated brand guidelines for each of your clients so our writers can effortlessly create content aligned with their voice, mission, and audience. Plus, when you order in bulk, we can offer savings depending on your monthly content needs and the deposit you provide our team.

Here at Express Writers, we’ve had the pleasure of working with agencies of all types. There have been marketing agencies, legal teams, those in the health and wellness space, and so many others. Thankfully, we have writers with a wide range of backgrounds, allowing them to effortlessly and confidently create content for all sorts of industries. If you’re looking for a team to handle content creation for your agency, your clients, or both, we’ve got you covered.

Become the Next Agency to Work With Express Writers

These agencies that have used Express Writers have had tremendous results. Now, it’s time for you to experience the same. When you outsource your content creation to our team, you’ll be well on your way to generating more traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together.

Team meeting around a computer. Text reads "Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together."

How Does Express Writers Work? Here’s a Look at Our Process

How Does Express Writers Work? Here’s a Look at Our Process

Who knew that when Express Writers was founded back in 2011 that we’d one day become a team of over 90 people, serving more than 5,000 clients worldwide? But you might wonder how Express Writers works if you’re just getting to know us.

Our passion for creating excellent content and commitment to quality every step of the way has largely contributed to our success. It’s why our clients turn to us for all of their content needs. And if you’ve been looking for an agency to outsource your content creation to, you can join our other loyal clients.

But if you’ve never worked with a content agency before, you might be unsure what the experience is like. Is it the right fit for you? How does one get started with outsourcing to an agency? We want to eliminate any of the barriers between you and high-quality content from our team.

So, how does Express Writers work? Let’s take a look at our process so you’ll know what to expect when placing your first order inside our Content Shop. This way, you can see how your order is handled from start to finish, ensuring quality service every step of the way.

The Platform: Introducing Our Content Shop

Before we start talking about how to place an order, we need to first introduce you to our Content Shop. This platform was painstakingly built to make it easier than ever for you to purchase content from our team. It lays out all of our available services so you can see the different types of content we can create for you, as well as our four content writing levels to choose from.

Our General content level is great for basic blogs, while our Expert, Specialty, and Authority content levels can be used for blogging or web page content. However, our writers do more than that. They can also craft ebooks, email copy, product descriptions, social media posts, press releases, and more.

Want to get started? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Register for an Account: Before placing an order, you’ll need to register for an account. All content deliveries are made to your account. This is also an opportunity for us to learn more about you. You’ll answer questions about who you’re ordering content for (yourself, your clients, or both), the type of content you’re interested in, whether you want to order content yourself (self-service), or if you’d prefer to make a deposit and have Express Writers fully manage your content.
  • Placing an Order: After you create your account, you’re free to browse the Content Shop and begin adding various types of content to your virtual shopping cart. Choose your preferred content type, word count (where applicable), as well as any other additional add-ons you require, such as meta description or SEO topic research. Once you’re all set, simply complete the checkout process.

As mentioned above, you don’t need to choose the “self-service” option where you select and order content on your own. If you need a more hands-off solution, you can get in touch about our “Managed Service” option. It’s a great option for agencies and companies that need to scale up their content output.

Our Process: Placing, Receiving, and Creating Orders

Now, how does the Express Writers process work? We’ve broken this down into an easy-to-understand four-step process that outlines every stage. It begins by placing your order and ends with you receiving a high-quality piece of content.

1. Choose and Purchase Your Content

You begin by browsing our Content Shop and purchasing the content that is best suited to your needs. From there, you’ll receive an input form, which you’ll need to complete before we can start writing. This form provides us with all the pertinent details regarding your order, including:

  • Your project title
  • Content format
  • The brand the content is for and the website URL
  • Your preferred writer industry
  • Keywords to use
  • An outline or any supporting documents, if applicable
  • Things to mention and things to avoid
  • Examples of content you love
  • And the preferred voice and tone for your content

This information allows our Content Manager to match the perfect writer to your order. Each of our writers has their own area of expertise which ensures you get someone who can confidently create the content you desire. Plus, a writer who enjoys the content they create is much happier with their job overall.

2. An Expert Writer Creates Your Content

Next, we’ll move into the content creation process. One of our expert writers will bring your content to life, always matching your brief and implementing SEO best practices. Should the writer have any questions during this phase, one of our team members will contact you for more details. Be sure to keep an eye out and respond promptly so your deadlines can still be met.

Once the writer completes the content, a draft is submitted for editorial review before you even see it.

3. An Editor Reviews the Content

While our writers do a great job creating content for our clients, sometimes mistakes happen. That’s why we have editors (or Quality Assistants) who will review your content before it’s delivered. This gives them the chance to correct any typos or other errors. Plus, they will upload the content into Grammarly to check for problems and Copyscape to make sure the content is 100% original.

If, for some reason, the content doesn’t meet expectations, we’ll send it back to the writer to make changes. But if an editor approves it, it’ll be delivered to you.

4. Your Content is Delivered

Once delivered, the content will appear in your client portal. You then review the content to ensure it meets all of your expectations. If it does, then you’re good to approve the project and publish the content. If you’d like to make changes, you can send it back to our team for revisions with your feedback. This will help the writer to fine-tune the content according to your requests.

With most content orders, you receive up to two free revision rounds, which our writer and our Quality Assistant team complete. Our mission is to ensure our clients are happy and you’re your content is right the first time. We want you to be satisfied with the content we’ve created for you. Don’t hesitate to ask for changes if necessary.

The Team Members Involved in Creating Your Content

How does Express Writers work when it comes to creating your content? You can rest easy knowing that whenever an order comes in through our Content Shop, it’s always handled with care.

There’s no automated process assigning your order to one of our writers. Nor is it a free-for-all where writers get to pick and choose the jobs they want to take. Instead, your content order goes through three important team members before the final product makes it to you.

Here’s a rundown of who will be overseeing your content:

  • Content Manager: Our Content Manager, Korilynn, plays a crucial role here at Express Writers. She matches your content order to its perfect writer. This is done by considering the writer’s areas of expertise, content writing level, as well as the format of the requested content. Getting the right match is essential for bringing an incredible piece of content to life.
  • Writer: Once assigned, your content is now in the hands of one of our expert writers. These writers are all based in the U.S. and native English speakers. They have a strong grasp of grammar, impeccable spelling, and understand SEO best practices. We also continually train them to keep them up-to-date with current SEO and copywriting standards. These skills are non-negotiable as they craft the content you ordered, whether it’s a blog, social media content, etc.
  • Editor: After the writer has completed and submitted a piece, an editor reviews it before you receive it. Our editors fine-tune your content and run it through both Copyscape and Grammarly. This ensures that once the content is delivered, it’s ready to be published with no further editing for you or your team.

Considering we’ve completed over 40,000 projects for our clients, it’s safe to say this process works for us. Our Content Manager does a fantastic job pairing writers with the right piece of content for them. Not only does this improve the final product, but it means our writers can let their skills shine. And thanks to our editors, every piece of content is polished to perfection.

Get Quality Content From Express Writers

Our Content Shop features all of our available services, with everything from blog writing to social media posts. We’re committed to providing you with quality content that will get you noticed online and make your audience (and Google) fall in love.

Have a custom project? Contact us today to discuss your content needs and learn how Express Writers can assist you.


Express Writers History: Where We Are Now and What’s Next

Express Writers History: Where We Are Now and What’s Next

Creating quality content for your website, social media, or other platforms is crucial if you want to stand out online these days. It’s your content that attracts people to your brand in the first place. And that very same content that will keep them coming back for more. Without it, you risk going unnoticed, missing out on potential opportunities for new connections and generating income.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in writers who are experienced and highly skilled, allowing them to effortlessly create content that will position your brand as an authority in its field.

But the question is, where do you find writers who genuinely know what they’re doing and have a passion for expertly crafting irresistible content? We know that it takes a lot of time to find, hire, and train writers – that’s where Express Writers fits in.

Read on to dive into the history of Express Writers. We’ll cover how long we’ve been in business and how many orders we’ve completed successfully, as well as how we help businesses of all sizes.

A Brief Express Writers History

At Express Writers, our team is committed to providing our clients with only the best content. It’s been our primary mission since our founding in 2011. In that time, we’ve served over 5,000 clients and completed more than 40,000 projects.

Our team is remotely located throughout the United States, and we’re always growing. That means we have all the necessary resources to tackle your projects and not only meet, but exceed, your needs for high-quality content. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that we hire writers based on their industry experience, allowing us to handpick the writer that’s best for your project.

If you’d like to learn about a few of the core members making up our team (and put faces to their names), visit our About Us page to check out their bios.

A Look at Our Best-Selling Services

Now that you know a bit about our impressive Express Writers history, let’s talk about some of our top services. This will give you an idea of the services we offer and can help you see how our writers can transform your content.

Four Content Levels, Based on Your Needs

Brands are looking for different things when they come to the Express Writers team. That’s why we created a model for customizable content to match our clients’ unique needs with their exact vision. As a result, we created four content levels so there’s something for every budget.

Here’s a quick overview of what Express Writers has to offer:

  • General, Expert, Specialist, and Authority Content: These are our four different content levels.
  • You can expect quality content at every level, but which you choose depends on your needs. For example, General Blogs do not receive editing, while higher levels do. And for technical industries, you’ll want to choose specialty content.
  • Contract-Free Model: You’re never locked into any kind of contract when working with our team. That means you can order content whenever you need without being tied into a specific number of pieces.
  • Managed Agency Service: We provide content at scale for agencies looking for a team to handle high-volume projects. You can be hands-off as our team tackles all the writing and editing.

Our team expertly crafts blog posts, web pages, press releases, ebooks, and more. Just check out what one of our past clients had to say about working with us:

“We use Express Writers as an agency for some of our client content projects, including emails, ebooks, white papers, and blog posts. They have it all. High quality, valuable prices, great service, and all the content offerings you could want in an agency!”

For Quality Content, Trust Express Writers

With over 11 years of solid experience, our team of writers knows how to help you best. We have expert writers with the knowledge and skills to develop content that will attract your target audience and keep them coming back for more. Instead of managing content creation by yourself, outsource it to our team for maximum ROI.

Curious how we can help you? Contact us today to discuss your new project.


Contact us on our website.

5 Ideal Examples of Social Media Optimization You Need to See

5 Ideal Examples of Social Media Optimization You Need to See

You’re awesome at social media marketing. You’ve focused on creating timely and engaging posts with great content, so you stand out whenever you post.

In this scenario, you’re doing everything right – except for one thing.

What did you forget?


Still scratching your head?

Set aside the content aspect for a second – yes, we know this is difficult, especially if you prioritize quality content like we do – and go back to basics.

….Are your social media profiles optimized?

If you don’t know what this means, you need to.

To put it bluntly, your content can’t be “king” if your profiles — your social home bases — are a hot mess. These two things – content and presentation – need to support each other.

Don’t worry, though – we’re going to dig deeper into why you need to get your profiles on social media optimized. Then we’ll look at five great examples of social media profiles from businesses who are doing it the right way.

examples of social media

Why Do You Need to Optimize Your Profiles on Social Media?

Profile optimization is how you make your social profiles appear to best advantage to curious and interested users, a.k.a. potential leads. Without optimization on all your accounts, your web presence will look disjointed and choppy, not to mention people won’t be able to find your profiles through search engines.

You already know how important it is to be discoverable online, especially if you’re a local business. Applying this to your social media accounts will ensure all of your channels are ripe for the picking for whoever needs to find them. PLUS, you’ll scoop up leads who may be digging deeper into your online presence to find out about your brand and what you stand for.

The cherry on top? 🍒 You’ll cultivate a unified look across your web presence that’s professional, recognizable, and consistent.

The Easy Guide to Overhauling your Social Media Profiles for Great Optimization

Now that you know how important optimization is, we can get down to business.

We’ll start at the shallow end of the pool with something very simple: your profile pictures.

Overhaul your social media profile in three easy steps? Yep, that's it. Learn how at @ExpWriters ✨ Click To Tweet

1. Unify All of Your Profile Pictures

Your profile picture is your online face. People will come to associate your presence with your picture, so make sure it’s relevant to your business as well as eye-catching.

A good rule of thumb is to use your brand logo, but you can always buck tradition for your social presence if you have an equally good photo that sums up your brand. (This could be a great headshot of you [or whoever stands in as your brand’s “face”] a variation of your logo, etc.)

Whatever you do, employ the same profile picture across all the major platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Remember this picture will appear beside all of your social activity, like comments. As such, don’t choose a picture that’s hard to see when it’s scaled down to a tiny icon (like a detailed landscape picture, for instance).

2. Create an Informative Profile Bio

According to Forbes, lots of companies make the mistake of not explaining what they do clearly in their bio.

When users visit your social media pages, they’re probably trying to figure out who you are and/or if they should follow you. They can’t make that decision if you don’t provide them with the necessary information.

The key is to be specific. If you make birthday cakes for dogs, don’t say your company “specializes in dog treats.” If you’re a tech company peddling coding software, don’t be vague and say you offer “solutions for web developers.” State what you do in terms your readers will glom onto. E.g., “Making Fido’s dreams come true on all of his special days with elaborate, canine-friendly cakes.”

Don’t forget to include your location and hours if you’re local. Plenty of people use their smartphones to find out this information about a business on the fly, and it’s frustrating when it’s M.I.A. You may even lose business if someone is checking you out and considering stopping by – but they can’t find your address or hours, so they choose to go elsewhere.

Sprout Social summarizes all of the above keys to visual optimization with this helpful infographic:


Don’t neglect the next point, however.

3. Sneak in Keywords

You can also use keywords in your profile name and description to show up in searches. Choose the most relevant ones and use them wisely to get discovered this way.

Other places to sneak in keywords: your headline, photo descriptions, hashtags, the “about” section, and even in your status updates. Try using a variety of keywords in these various areas and see what happens.

5 Examples of Social Media Pages with Optimal Optimization

With perfectly optimized pages that are consistent, audience-specific, informative, and engaging, these five different companies and organizations are examples of social media presences that hit the nail on the head.


NASA facebook profile

NASA does a lot of things right with their social media profiles. Their Facebook page, for instance, has an eye-catching profile picture and all of the right information to help visitors who want to learn more.

Take a look at their Intro section:

NASA facebook account

Not only have they provided a succinct bio that states their mission and purpose, they have also included useful information, keywords, and important contact details.

Plus, their Twitter page mirrors their Facebook:

NASA twitter account

They use a similar profile picture and the same header image. This equals perfect continuity and optimization across their brand outlets, creating a seamless experience.

how to write social media posts

2. Out of Print

out of print brand twitter

There’s no question about what Out of Print sells when you land on their Twitter page: “Shop bookish t-shirts, totes, socks, mugs, pins, and more!” This is a straightforward bio that gets the job done while inserting a few keywords and a great hashtag. It also nods to the charitable side of their brand without sounding braggy.

Plus, their header image features some of the products, and their stamp logo (mimicking the stamps you’d see in library books long ago) is perfect for the circular Twitter account photo.

Bonus points: using the stack of books emoji strategically!

Note how all of the above carries over seamlessly to their Instagram account:

out of print instagram account

3. Lifehacker

lifehacker twitter account

Lifehacker is a good example of a company that bucks logic in a way that works.

Instead of providing an informative bio, they have a witty one-liner: “Do everything better.” They can get away with this because they’re a well-known brand – they don’t have to explain themselves too deeply.

If you’re a small business just starting out, you can’t logically borrow this technique. However, if you have a wide local following, you could potentially score with this move.

4. Starbucks

starbucks twitter

Starbucks’ social media profiles take advantage of their world-renowned logo, but here you can see they’re doing something a little differently.

They’re using social media to market themselves as more of a neighborhood coffee shop than a global coffee chain. Just look at their tagline: “Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit – one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time.”

It’s obviously meant to sound warm, friendly, and inviting. They’re positioning themselves as involved with the neighborhoods they serve.

It doesn’t hurt that they re-post customer photos of favorite drinks, and their header image riffs off this concept.

5. Amy Porterfield

amy porterfield twitter

Our final example, marketing coach and educator Amy Porterfield, shows how going clear and simple can work incredibly well for optimizing your social media.

Note how, on her Twitter profile, Porterfield includes a short bio on her header image as well as one in the “official” bio field. She uses multiple keywords relevant to her industry and describes her brand in terms of what her followers/clients get out of following her. The emphasis is on THEM, not her. That’s key!

Also key: prominent links to her website. Don’t forget those CTAs to scoop up leads from social!

On Porterfield’s Facebook profile, we see the same optimization techniques, including the consistent branded imagery and similar-but-different profile photo:

amy porterfield facebook

Consistency, keywords, client/audience focus, CTAs. Those four things add up to optimized, successful social media profiles!

Check out these five brands that are killing it with their social media optimization, including @starbucks, @amyporterfield, and @lifehacker 🏆 Learn why they work on the Write Blog 🎯 Click To Tweet

Examples of Social Media Prowess Lead the Way: Follow Suit!

If you’re wanting to improve your marketing game and web presence, look at examples of social media to live up to. Names like Starbucks, NASA, and Lifehacker all have distinctive styles and on-point profiles that you can plumb for inspiration.

Optimizing your profiles is a fantastic way to help you get in front of potential customers online and make you stand out among the hordes.

Pay attention to consistent branding, specific and relevant information, and the power of keywords in all the right spots. Follow these tips, and your presence on social media will shine just like the above powerhouse brands.

If you’re struggling to create the perfect social media profiles, Express Writers can help. Check out our social media products and services and let us help you boost your social clout.

new year content marketing

10 Fundamental Strengths Every Good Blogger Should Have

Top 10 Fundamental Strengths Every Great Blogger Should Have

Out of more than 1.8 billion websites, there are over 500 million blogs. Every day, more than 2 million new blog posts are published.

However, quality is more important than quantity. How many of those blogs do you think are good blogs, ones that people enjoy reading?

Now that you mention it, how do you define a “good” blog? 🧐

Most people can generally agree that a good blog is one that provides regular, relevant content. It can be informative, newsworthy, and/or entertaining, as long as it somehow enriches readers’ lives. Facts are cited and linked back to credible sources, content is unique, and the writer’s perspective is knowledgeable and authoritative.

Great blogs inspire conversations. People love sharing content, and when they read a blog that really connects with them, they’re happy to tell their friends and share the content on social media.

Good blogs don’t go unnoticed. In fact, they’re often shared among other bloggers in the form of citations and backlinks.

But, behind every good blog is an equally good — or great — blogger.

Need some help with your blog? Our specialty content service partners you with an expert writer to create in-depth authority content, starting at $140/500w.

whats a good blog

Understanding Bloggers: The Real, Regular People Behind the Blogs

Who is responsible for creating these posts on the worldwide web?

Believe it or not, bloggers are regular people, just like you and me.

Sure, some of them may be successful CEOs and serial entrepreneurs, but there are equally skilled bloggers who are stay-at-home dads, mommy bloggers, taxi drivers, late-night bartenders, etc.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to be a great blogger.

What you do need, though, is a particular skill set, work ethic, and unique insights into a topic or industry.

The best bloggers have a talent for turning the mundane into the extraordinary through the magic of words. But blogging has evolved into something much more complex than the online diary entries you used to see in the early days.

Business blogging has proven to be a lucrative form of content marketing that earns high engagement and conversions while costing 62% less than traditional forms of marketing and generating 3x as many leads.

In fact, companies with an active blog have 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links on average.

However, the same best practices and rules apply. Being a business owner doesn’t automatically guarantee you can produce good content or mean your blog is any better than the hobbyist posting in his or her spare time.

If you want to have a good blog, you need to be engaging your readers in the right way.

If you’re struggling with your content strategy, we can help!

You don’t have to be rich and famous to be a great blogger. 🤩 What you do need, though, is a particular skill set, work ethic, and unique insights into a topic or industry. Learn the 10 top strengths every blogger needs: Click To Tweet

What’s a Good Blog? The 10 Most Important Strengths of the Best Bloggers

No matter who you are, no matter what you blog about, you should strive for these 10 fundamental strengths that the best bloggers share.

1. Consistency

The most popular blogs on the internet maintain their position by posting regularly.

What does this mean in terms of a personality trait for the blogger?

Although you might assume that a blogger doesn’t have to worry about deadlines, the fact of the matter is every single day is a blogger’s deadline.

Bloggers need to be self-motivated to get things done. A consistent blogger is one that draws the admiration of his or her followers. An inconsistent blogger frustrates readers, and failing to update content often is an invitation for your audience to leave.

2. Uniqueness

Serial entrepreneur, web designer, and podcast co-host Matt Wolfe said, “There’s a lot of information out there for free, so you’ve got to figure out what makes your information different.”

True uniqueness isn’t something you can simulate or copy. It’s something that resides in all of us and just needs the right opportunity to come out.

Ask yourself, “Why should people read my blog? What can I offer my readers that my competitors can’t?”

This is known as your content differentiation factor (CDF). The best bloggers are those who tap into their innate uniqueness and carry it over to their blog. People love a spectacle, and if you provide one to them, they’re happy to keep coming back for more.

3. Eloquence

Sadly, the art of eloquence seems to be lost on many modern bloggers.

The successful ones are the light that shines out of the fog. They illuminate how important it is to present your ideas clearly.

As writers, our very art – the thing we live for – boils down to how well we represent ideas through our medium of words, how well we connect with strangers, and how we share our insights and imaginations.

As a blogger, this is a rare and important trait to have. Those who communicate well reap the spoils.

4. Niche-Based Mindset

Niche bloggers develop content within a community that’s based around common interests.

Bloggers who tackle the pertinent issues and topics within their niche are usually respected by their peers for what they do.

Finding a niche gives you fuel to drive your blog because, in any niche, there are hundreds of thousands of possible topics. The great bloggers know how to use this to their advantage.

For example, our blog (the one you’re reading right now), is clear about its specific niche. We are your authority source for practical content marketing advice, and we’re not shy about stating that:

the write blog

(See? It’s right there under the page title.)

We know who our readers are. We know what we do best. And we know what kind of niche our expertise thrives in. You should, too.

5. Passion

“You should do what you love for a living.”

This advice is the truest piece of wisdom any kid can get in their formative years when they’re deciding on a future career.

Bloggers are usually the people who make a job out of something they feel strongly about. People who are passionate about a topic tend to be the ones most capable of presenting it in the best light. They’re knowledgeable and in-the-know, which puts them in a uniquely qualified position.

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6. Thought-Provoking Ideas

If someone finishes reading a blog post, sits still for a minute, and thinks long and hard about what they just read, that is what sets a good blogger apart from a run-of-the-mill one.

The upside is people who identify with a particular post are more likely to share it, so that usually equates to a wider reach for the blog as a whole.

Writers like Seth Godin are good at explaining ideas through illustration, and this technique helps to put ideas into perspective.

That’s how you stimulate people to think – you give them something they can relate to. It’s an art the best bloggers have mastered.

7. Detail-Oriented Content

While a lot of blogs out there tend to give you the same reports of news slightly changed from one post to another, the odd one out gives you the report and then adds unique commentary.

This is what we would consider good content because it provides new insights to the reader.

The devil may be in the details, but in the end, so is salvation. Getting detail-oriented blogging right can be painstaking, but in the end, the kind of attention you draw is more than worth the effort you put into it.

Detailed analysis requires an informed opinion. Bloggers that go this route usually research both sides of the story before forming an opinion of their own and then discussing their insights. It sets them apart from bloggers who are simply glorified muckrakers.

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8. Thick Skin for Criticism

If you’ve ever found yourself article-hopping through Huffington Post or any other online publishing medium, you will no doubt find yourself reading the comments. Some of those comments can be quite vitriolic.

Internet anonymity makes it easy for hateful individuals to hide behind the thin veneer of a hastily made-up screen name and be outright nasty without having to face consequences. It’s one of the downsides of our online society.

The most successful bloggers are able to spot trolls early on and head them off at the pass. They’re able to take criticism well, even if that criticism is simply an outpouring of hate.

Although some bloggers use their loyal followers to combat trolls, that can be as effective as throwing gasoline on an open fire. Quite often, the best way to deal with these kinds of individuals is to simply ignore them.

Don’t feed the trolls – they thrive on knowing that they successfully nettled their way under your skin. What they have to say is usually irrelevant to the discussion anyway.

The most successful bloggers are able to spot trolls early on and head them off at the pass. 👹 They’re able to take criticism well, even if that criticism is simply an outpouring of hate. Click To Tweet

9. Networking Skills

In the earlier, more innocent days of the internet, there used to be a thing called a blogring. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s where blogs of a particular type would come together to share links, resources, and sometimes an audience within the group.

Although communities like these no longer exist in the same fashion (thanks to the revamping of the code under Google’s hood) you’ll still find a lot of blogs mutually sharing links to each other within a niche.

Good bloggers use networking as a way to spread their presence and build their own personal brand. This is why we love bringing our audience and industry experts into our blogging sphere on a frequent basis. You never know who is going to spark an engaging discussion with valuable insights!

blogging community

Remember – you get what you give, so be generous.

One of the most successful content marketing techniques that exists today is guest blogging. By using your professional network to leverage likes, shares, and new visitors, you boost both the popularity of your blog and the attentive traffic that goes with it.

10. Helpfulness

The most important strength of a great blogger is their ability to be helpful.

At its most basic core, good content is all about helping your readers.

Bloggers, especially those in the field of self-improvement, are usually the kinds of people who spend their time helping others simply because it’s the right thing to do. Since niches are usually close knit, you tend to find users within a particular niche who are happy to assist in any way.

Blogging formed around the idea of community, and this idea still exists to this day.

Great Blogging Starts with the Basics and Your Attitude

With more than 2 million blog posts published every single day, there’s a lot of competition.

The most important part of blogging is to consider what your audience wants to read. You can be detail-oriented, passionate, and any number of the traits on this list, but if you aren’t writing with your readers in mind, you won’t go far.

The simple truth is, writers can’t be successful without readers.

Remember that networking goes both ways, so don’t forget to give back to the online community. If you want to be a good blogger, your primary goal should be to help and/or entertain people, not to get rich quick or trick your readers into opening clickbait.

Be genuine, and your readers will appreciate what you have to say.

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