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I’m Julia McCoy, founder of Express Writers. Just 6 years ago, we started with nothing but $75, a hope, and a dream.

Back in 2011, I quit a nursing degree to follow my passion for writing.

Self-taught, within three months I had enough clients to start a business. I started my content writing agency, Express Writers, out of nothing but $75, and spent 60-hour weeks to code and launch my first website.

My goal in the early stages of building a content creation team was to find and assemble the best content writers on the web. My vision slowly came true, and the setbacks and failures along the way turned out to be necessary steps in the path of our success.

Since I began my content creation agency, I’ve stayed consistent with producing comprehensive, long-form content pieces for our own content marketing, and today, our content has brought in 99% of our clientele. With no funding, no paid ads, in less than six years our content creation agency has grown to a staff of over 90 people, we’ve completed more than 20,000 content projects, and we’ve served over 5,000 clients worldwide. 

My team and I have written over 1,200 SEO blogs for our own Write Blog, strategically created around the right keywords. Today, our website attracts over 100,000 visitors per month, and remains our primary means of marketing.

In short, we are the proof of our own pudding — and we are what we sell.

Our story has been featured in Forbes. Read about it here!

We believe in greatness, and succeeding by setting the standard.

We believe in creating great content, without compromise. We’re a team of content creators that care. We serve clients that have high-volume, high-quality content needs, and are ready to go! We’ll take your input forms, topics, and work magic to create amazing content for you in the top online content formats.

With more than 90 expert content writers, we cater to multiple formats and expert industries (our specialist expert writers can write long-form SEO blogs, web pages, emails, landing pages, social media posts, video scripts and more); and, we focus on and commit to producing quality in everything we write.

We are actively seeking new content engagements. We look forward to hearing about your projects, and how we can help you soar online with great content. You can browse our NEW Content Shop here, or go here to talk to us about your project.

Our ideal clients today are seasoned marketers and agencies.

If that’s you… I welcome you on a journey. We’d love to create rockstar content for you!

-Julia McCoy, Founder

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90+Team Members
5k+Clients served
25k+ Projects

The talent we find, cultivate, and bring to your content creation is our competitive edge in a crowded space. Our management team and CEO personally headhunt for the most talented writers on planet Earth. Then, we continually train our team in up-to-date SEO and copywriting standards. We focus on matching the best writer to your projects and managing them at every step. Content creation? That’s our job. Business building? You can finally get back to that.

Meet Our Team

A sampling of the people in our team here at Express Writers. Read our blog about working remotely.


Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy


I’m a serial entrepreneur, content marketing strategist, and a passionate advocate of using content to build a business. I find it rewarding to do what I love everyday. One of my most rewarding tasks would have to be either mentoring and training talented content creators, or personally overseeing a massive success through content. I hate clickbait and icky content. I’m a 3x bestselling author (So You Think You Can Write?, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, and Woman Rising). Today, I lead operations at my agency Express Writers (I never stop hiring writers!), and mentor and educate marketers at The Content Hacker™. 
Josh McCoy

Josh McCoy


My background is in project development, Internet Marketing, and SEO. I met & married Julia (the CEO of Express Writers) in 2012 after hiring her to write my content. I have a passion for designing, branding, and building businesses. My current role includes overseeing our entire website development at Express Writers, including our custom-built teamroom and client site. I’m hard at work on leading a development team in building our new site, which will launch in 2019.
Korilynn V.

Korilynn V.

Content Manager

I have been writing professionally for over 12 years now, but my passion for the written (should I say typed?) word started back in my elementary school days. I have always advertised myself as an advocate for words with my slogan, “putting words to good use 365 days a year,” working as a driving force in my career. Currently, I reside in Utah with my three munchkins and husband. I am obsessed with adult coloring books and possess a palate that only recognizes coffee flavors. In my behind-the-scenes management role here at Express Writers, I look forward to matching up our clients with the perfect writers, overseeing our support team and deadlines, and celebrating as our clients enjoy the victory of brand recognition through great content.
Rachel M.

Rachel M.

Social Media Specialist

If you’ve ever joined our Twitter chat, #ContentWritingChat, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with me. As a Social Media Specialist for Express Writers, I’ve been managing the chat and their social media accounts since early 2016. When I’m not Twitter chatting, I’m also creating  social media and blog content for EW’s amazing clients. Outside of work, I can be found reading, journaling, and enjoying life in Maryland. Hope you can come hang out with me alongside the #ContentWritingChat community on the first Tuesday of every month at 10 AM Central Time!
Kira G.

Kira G.

Client Specialist & Strategist

My love of the written word started when I was young, and I knew that I had to learn to do this myself someday. Thanks to my high school and college years, this dream became a reality. I’m now doing what I love as a career, having written for various websites about many different topics. I’ve found a home with Express Writers and I’m enjoying every moment of my journey in my expanding role here. I match our clients up to great content as a Client Specialist, and work on strategy tasks as one of Julia’s trained Content Strategist. When I’m not writing or content sleuthing, I love to express my creativity with various fiber arts, like knitting and embroidery. I’m also an avid gamer, which I’ve written about as well.
Jillian P.

Jillian P.

Expert Writer

Jillian’s passion for writing started at a young age, writing short stories titled ‘Three Hairy Cupcakes’ and ‘Where Did My Blanket Go?” for her family to enjoy. Following her talent,
Jillian graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Anthropology, while writing and managing her college’s newspaper. After graduation, she perused a successful career in marketing for international manufacturers, with the goal to grow brands worldwide and drive business goals. By consistently writing blog articles, press releases, white papers and more, Jillian has been able to continue following her passion for creativity and writing. When she’s not writing and editing for our clients, you can usually find her enjoying a glass of red wine and hanging out with her dog, Monty.
Alexander C.

Alexander C.

Content Strategist

I’m a tech copywriter, Content Strategist, and sometimes web developer, with over five years of experience in different areas including SEO and online marketing. I write and develop content plans for our clients here at Express Writers. When I’m not writing (which is most of the time), I can usually be found trying new recipes, brewing coffee, practicing yoga, or kickboxing.
Dara D.

Dara D.

Senior QA

I am a grammarian (more of a hybrid fella – 65% prescriptive, 35% descriptive grammar), a content strategist, and a copy editor. I have an advanced degree in biochemistry and received my editing certificate from UCSD. I started out as an in-house editor at a print newspaper outfit, then resigned from the position not long after to work from home and become a freelance book editor.

As a QA at Express Writers, I review our content to ensure accuracy and that the writer saw to all the client’s requests – voice, talking points, style, audience, etc. Besides this, I provide support to both prospective students and in-training content strategists/marketers/writers enrolled in our courses, including The Content Strategy & Marketing CourseExpert SEO Content Writer, and Unlearn Essay Writing course.

Work aside, I enjoy traveling, exotic cuisines, animals (my partner and I have four adorable cats), reading, and journaling.

Danielle N.

Danielle N.

Content Specialist

I discovered that I can write during my college years writing reaction papers. And from that day, I haven’t stopped writing to the point it became what I do for a living! Now in Express Writers, I’m more in charge of editing and making sure all the content we deliver meets clients’ requirements. When I’m not working, I travel to new places or simply go for long walks to get away from my laptop. I’m studying French, too, where I often try my best not to overdo my writing homework – but, I just can’t help it.

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