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Why Content Strategy Is Important Guide 2022

Why Having a Content Strategy is Essential for Creating Successful Content

What is content strategy? Why should it matter for your business? We're sharing the top benefits to having a content strategy plan in place. This will lead to more successful, better targeted content for your audience.
Easy Abc Content Strategy Checklist (2)

10 Steps to Organizing a Content Strategy for Your Business

You probably know that content strategy is essential to successful content. Our checklist will take you through the 10 steps to set you up for sustainable content. From audience to understanding your purpose, everything you need is here.
Ew Customersuccessstorycasestudy

Client Success Story: How Express Writers Helped a Digital Marketing Agency In Need

Learn how Express Writers partnered up with digital agency Marketing Labs UK and boosted one of their agency client’s revenue by a 77% increase year-over-year after we wrote their product descriptions.
Nfusionsolutionscasestudy August

Client Story: How nFusion Solutions Hired Express Writers to Reclaim Keyword Ranking Positions Their Competitor Had Taken Over

Learn how our Content Strategist at Express Writers helped new client nFusion Solutions rank highly in Google for keywords that SEO software missed, by coming up with a content strategy plan for their unique situation, and writing SEO-friendly site copy.
20 Types Of Email Marketing Subject Lines To Copy

20 Types of Email Marketing Subject Lines to Copy

Your email subject lines need to standout to get noticed. These are the first things your subscribers will see, so you need to pack a punch into just a few words. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite types of email subject lines in this updated guide.
Successful Blogging In Just 5 Minutes A Day Ebook (1)

The Complete Guide to Improving Your Business’s Blog

Are you unsure if your blog is bringing in the traffic you want? Worry no more! Our guide to successful blogging is here to offer helpful hints to improving your business's blog content on a day-to-day basis.
Top 5 Recommended Social Media Management Tools

Top 5 Recommended Social Media Management Tools

Having a good social media management tool is an essential part of optimizing your social media strategy. That's why we've shared some top tips for managing your social media strategy and our five top tools for social media management.
Free Ebook Content Marketing Statistics List

Your Mega-Awesome Content Marketing Statistics List

Staying up-to-date with content marketing trends and stats is essential to getting ahead with your content strategy. Our list of top content marketing stats is here to help you get a handle on top statistics and understand what's going on in the industry.
The 5 Types Of Content You Should Be Publishing To Grow Your Brand Thumbnail

5 Types Of Content You Should Be Creating to Grow Your Brand

We cover the top content types you need for content marketing in an easy-to-digest guide. Learn more about how to write blogs, create email copy, and put together social media posts to engage your audience.
The Profitable Content Marketer Cheat Sheet (1)

The Profitable Content Marketer Skills Cheat Sheet 14 Key Skills to Know & Nail Your Place in the Industry

You'll find info on 14 top skills every successful content marketer needs to have in order to define their goals and connect with their readers. Carve out a place for yourself in the industry through content strategy and work hard to keep that on track.
120 Amazing Power Words 2

120 Amazing Power Words and 10 CTA’s for more results

Not sure how to write headlines that your audience will love? We've put together our list of top words that you can use to delight your audience. Plus, see a list of compelling CTAs from blogs, social media, and web pages.
Why You Should Use Images In Your Content 13 Free Stock Photo Sites

Why You Should Use Images in Your Content & 13 Free Stock Photo Sites

One of the best things you can do for your website is to include pictures in your content. Download our guide to learn more about this important practice and see our list of the top 13 free stock photo sites you can use to your advantage.
Content Strategy Course Freebie Basics Of Creating High Ranking Seo Content

The Basics of Creating High-Ranking SEO Content & 15 On-Site Ranking Factors

Creating quality content that your audience wants to consume is the best way to jumpstart your rankings. With our 15-step checklist, we'll help you understand how to harness SEO to improve rankings -- without sacrificing your human readership.
Stay Current As A Content Expert

Stay Current as A Content Expert With This List of Resources

We've compiled some of our top resources to keep up with content marketing. You'll find our top blogs, books, and tools collected into one easy-to-use list.
How To Rank In Google Free Ebook

How to Rank in the Top of Google & Win Traffic, Prospects & Buyers (Free Site Checklist)

If you're wondering what you need to do to get your content into the first page of Google's search results, this guide has got you covered. We'll teach you about how to write successful content and what you should do to make sure your site functions well.
The Marketing Lifecycle

The Marketing Lifecycle Explained

This ebook brings together tips to help you cultivate a more manageable and adaptable marketing funnel. Say goodbye to the ways of the past and learn how to focus your marketing strategy on genuine ways to connect with your customer base.
How To Write Social Media Posts (1)

Best Practices for Writing Social Media Posts

Our all-in-one guide shares some tips on best practices for posting to social media accounts. You'll also find a succinct breakdown of what works for each platform.
The Seo Content Writers Cheat Sheet (1)

The Ultimate Guide for Every SEO Content Writer

Writing content that's high-quality and uses SEO best practices expertly is not the easiest task, so we put together notes for writing quality content and are answering our readers' most pressing questions.

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