Why Your Content Marketing Must Have Focus: The Truth about Success

Why Your Content Marketing Must Have Focus

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Thought Leadership

In marketing, we’re told many times to “do it all” or to “jump around” in the hopes of mastering everything.

Here’s the brutally honest truth, though.

Trying to do it all is just a theory.


In reality, devoting your time to everything at once depletes your energy and lessens the value of your work.

To quote HBR, in a study called Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time, with Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy:

hbr study

I can give you solid proof that when it comes to creating effective content marketing, a lack of focus on a few cores directly translates to less quality, less readers and less revenue.

The road to successful content marketing is best traveled in only one lane, even if you do encounter a few bumps and blocks along the way.

So,  how  do you focus your content marketing efforts?

Let’s discuss.

content marketing focus

Content Marketing Focus: How Less is More

Have you worked your whole marketing life “trying to do it all?”

YouTube, blog, tweet, livestream, you-name-it?

Even if you think you can multi-task, you could be wrong. Check out some statistics on this from the same HBR study we quoted above:


Whoa. Shifting to different tasks could be adding 25% more time to our task completion time?

Here’s another way this “distraction phenomenon” has been shown.

The Productive vs. The Unproductive Day: The Graphic Reality

The One Thing Multitasking


(Want more depth on “focus training”?  Grab a copy of Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing.)

It might be hard hearing the entire thinking or mantra behind your working life be discredited in a few short sentences.

Some of you will be skeptical, understandably.

I’ll prove to you the benefits of narrowing your focus in terms of content marketing by dispelling the doubts you might have right now in your head.

Myth #1: Having Content about Multiple Topics will Attract More Followers

This is also known as the “casting a wide net” method of content marketing.

This idea stems from the belief that because you are catering to everyone, more people will find your content useful, which will drive more traffic to your site.


In other words, you’re throwing s*t at the fan and hoping something sticks.

crap hitting the fan

One of the main goals of content marketing is steering your targeted audience to your site. The key word here is targeted.

Content marketing focused on too many topics does not build long-term followers or speak to your target audience because it is all over the place.

As an example, let’s pretend you’ve started a business that sells running shoes. One of the top blogs on your site is called, “Types of Running Shoes to Fit Your Foot.” As a potential customer this is perfect, informative and relevant. So I click around.

Next I find two more blogs, “Gymnastic Shoes for Every Foot” and “The Best Swim Techniques for Beginners.” You added these to attract more active and athletic people. These are no longer relevant to me, a runner, so I leave the site.

You just lost a sale.

The best content marketing proves that you’re an expert in your field.

Focused content caters to your ideal customer and builds the association between your brand and their needs.

Myth #2: Focusing on Only One Topic will Become Boring

If you think you’ve squeezed everything you can out of your “running shoes” content, chances are you’re wrong.

A topic is only boring if you’re not passionate about it. If that’s the case, it is probably not the right way to brand your business.

You can include variation in the type of content while keeping your focus on one topic.

How about trying…

  • How-to guides
  • Listicles
  • Guest blog posts
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Infographics
  • Product reviews
  • Case studies

Wait, there’s more!

Types of content marketing

If this is all new to you, good! It will be new to your customers too. Neil Patel provides great insight on how to get started.

Myth #3: One Focus Will Not Increase Revenue

Actually, it’s just the opposite.

As an expert in the field, you build a relationship with customers while attracting new ones.

Investing in useful content creation along with effective content strategy, like SEO, drives more organic traffic to your site. SEO leads have an average close rate of 14.6% versus the average 1.7% for other marketing methods.

This is the direct result of content marketing. Once you narrow your focus, you will be able to develop engaging content that drives the right demographic your way.

Don’t believe me? I’ve designed a course specifically to show how to implement a profitable content strategy.

One of the most common mistakes people make is not having a clear focus before they begin marketing. A content strategy without any guidance only wastes time, money and resources.

Where Do You Begin?

Concentrating on one main focus does not mean eliminating everything else. It means drawing your attention away from distractions and onto one thing that will get you to where you want to be.

Gary Keller, co-author of The One Thing poses the following question:

He reminds everyone that “success is sequential, not simultaneous.”

It’s about one step at a time. It’s completing smaller goals to get you to your one main goal.

Keller says this is a way to “set up a domino run in your life.

When it comes to content marketing, our one thing at Express Writers is to create and produce content designed to build a connection between your brand, the products you’re selling, and your targeted audience.

The first domino in a successful content marketing strategy is all about finding your focus.

Ask yourself:

  • What topics are you passionate about?
  • What do your customers ask about?
  • What is important that you haven’t covered yet?
  • What makes you different?

Narrow down further and further until you can hone in on one focus, one audience and one method of creating and publishing content that will bring you success.

Put Your Horse Blinds On: Take Inspiration from This College Dropout

One of my favorite terms is to “put horse blinds on.”

Ever heard of that term?

You might enjoy the background story, from dallasequestriancenter.com:

horse blinds


Take chances you wouldn’t normally take.

Over 2017, I invested over 1,500 hours into a course and a book.

I focused on one core product and built it into something incredibly big. One course. One heavy topic. Two formats.

Did I know it would pay off?

Not 100%… it was definitely a risk.

The return?

We’ve doubled every cost put into it, and it’s just the beginning (a fledgling, 6-month-old business). All my students know, realize and value the amount of work I put into the course, and they are achieving their industry educational goals and seeing results by going through it.

Was it worth it?


Think of how I launched Express Writers.

$75. Me: college dropout. Coded my own website. Spent hundreds of hours getting my first clients and building my team.

Did I think it would pan out?

No, I really didn’t, if we’re being brutally honest.

But I focused on it. For years, I kept at it.

7 years later: we’re in our first 7-figure year. Serving over 5,000 clients to date worldwide. We’ve completed over 12,000 content projects.

Every time I stopped and focused, things got clearer. For example: I was writing sometimes 7 blogs/week with no direction in my early years. Now, I write much less, but those focused pieces of content take more time and pay off more. All in all, I’m actually saving time today versus the huge amounts of scattered, unfocused time I used to spend on my own marketing at the beginning.

Focusing paid off.

Big dividends.

Even if you don’t remember all of the benefits focusing will bring to your content marketing strategy, at least you know how important focus is.

Plus, you can learn about the rest from my masterclass.

What is your one thing? How will you achieve it?

Limit the distractions of more, more, more and focus on what will take you there. Then begin: one domino at a time, one road to travel down, with a laser-sharp focus to reach your ultimate goal.

You’ve got this.

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