FAQ | Express Writers


How do I sign up as a Client?

Simply click on the Register button on the Home page and follow the steps.

Do you have a Writing Policy?

We do. Our in-depth Policy page discusses our general writing policies, guarantees, and turnaround time. Our Policy can be found here.

Do I own all content © copyrights with my order?

Yes. Per our Writing Policy, the moment you buy our content, all content can be published under your name and owned by you. We forfeit all copyrights once your content is 100% paid for and delivered to you. If we’re posting to your blog, we also ensure your name is the author.

What is your revision policy?

We offer 2 revisions for most content orders. All revisions expire after 7 calendar days, or if you approve them in the app. View our Policy page for more details.

Do you do any content checks (Copyscape, etc)?

All content we write and deliver goes through our Editorial Staff. We process every word through our paid Copyscape premium account (which is included in the cost), and proofread for grammatical accuracy. The content then is sent to our Managers & Coordinators who deliver it to you.

Can I request the same writer?

You most certainly can! You may be charged additional premiums to utilize the copywriter exclusively – in which case we may exclude him or her to your projects only. We’ve worked several years with clients who have dedicated writers for their projects. Your ongoing writer can also work one-on-one with you, provided we are cc’ed in the communications.

What are your payment options?

All orders and deposits are processed through Stripe or PayPal.

Do you offer refunds on unused deposits?

Unused deposits expire after 60 days. We do not offer refunds on active or expired deposits.
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