3 Reasons to Invest in an Online Writing Course + The Launch of Our New Unlearn Essay Writing Course

You’ve probably heard a ton of reasons NOT to invest in an online writing course.


“You can learn all the writing skills you need through free online resources.”

“Online courses don’t give you the same credentials as a diploma.”

“You can’t trust the outcome of an online course.”

Are these reasons valid?

Well, yes.

You can learn real skills if you have the patience and years of time to sort through all the (bad and good) free online resources.

You can’t (and shouldn’t!) learn to be a doctor or pilot online.

And there are a ton of courses out there that don’t give you any real-life skills. They’re full of fluff, fine print, and are basically a waste of your time and money.

But. There’s a small handful of courses you should take.

And the reason you should take them—how fast you can increase your knowledge, which increases your ability to get hired, get paid, and earn real money.

And we all need that in our life, right?

Online writing is a HUGE opportunity. Yet, from my near-decade long experience hiring writers for Express Writers, it is like moving the mountains to find a writer that knows how to craft great online content already — without having to go through all of our resources first (which we don’t give away till you’re hired, and we can’t hire if the writer isn’t hireable yet — a very meta situation, I know).

The launch of my BRAND-NEW writing course, out today! 🎉 is my answer as a founder, leader, and creator to this common industry problem.

My hope is that we qualify hundreds, if not thousands, of writers much more quickly — and if a large percentage of them have taken this course, we will.

My goal is that the largest hiring need in content marketing, content creation, is able to be filled by more diverse talent.

And thus, The Unlearn Essay Writing Course was born.

Let’s talk more. But…psst! Enrollment closes July 5, and we won’t be reopening for months to come—so you should definitely consider snagging your seat while this course is open at its lowest price ever, if you’re a good fit.

Online writing course launch

Why An Investment in An Online Writing Course Is Smart (& What’s in UEW!)

Watch the video to listen to me explain why an online writing course is a good idea — and stay tuned, because I’ll show you a sneak peek of what’s in my new course! Then, read the recap below the video to catch a quick recap of what I talked about.

Online writing is HUGE. Yet, while helming EW, @JuliaEMcCoy had to move mountains to find skilled writers who could craft content. 🗻 That's how the Unlearn Essay Writing course was born. Learn more and ENROLL: Click To Tweet

3 Reasons Why You SHOULD Take an Online Writing Course

Taking an online writing course is an investment on your end. But it can mean the first step towards the career of your dreams.

1. Accountability Boosts Up Learning Speed by Years

When I started out as a content marketer and writer, I literally taught myself how to write. I DIY’d the whole process by reading whatever I could lay hands on online.

The journey was a LONG one.

I had to dig through piles of great and terrible advice.

I had to make mistakes and learn from them.

I had NO ONE to guide me and check my progress.

It took me years to perfect my online writing skills.

But you don’t have go through all that.

When you enroll in an online writing course, you get a full curriculum prepared and fine-tuned for you. No more guesswork.

Plus, you’ll be accountable to a coach or mentor.

The amazing part? Accountability boosts your chance of success by up to 95%!

Thomas Monson - accountability

Source: medium.com

2. You Get Skill Improvement Similar to an Apprentice Working with a Tradesman

If you want to learn basketball, ask Michael Jordan to teach you.

If you want to know about racing cars, talk to Michael Shumacher.

The point? Stars who have made a successful career out of their skills are the best people to teach those skills.

To learn the best skills, you must learn from real ‘tradesmen,’ so to speak. More on why expert-led #courses are a wise investment in @JuliaEMcCoy’s reveal blog for The Unlearn Essay Writing Course 🎉 Click To Tweet

The same is true with online writing.

If you want to learn the tricks of the trade, learn from someone who makes a successful living out of them.

It’s similar to an apprentice working with a tradesman.

3. You Get Valuable Knowledge and a Priceless Community

A proven instructor with years of experience and success has a ton of valuable knowledge to share. Plus, being part of a student community will help you learn and grow in a way you can’t do alone.

Introducing Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Online Writing Course

Great news!

My new course, Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Online Writing Course is now open for enrollment!

I’m excited to say this course matches EVERYTHING I mentioned in the three points above.

  • You get an accountability coach (ME)
  • You learn the PROVEN writing skills I’ve used to take my content agency Express Writers from tiny startup worth $0 to a growing brand serving thousands of clients—and the same skills our own top writers have been taught and use day in, day out
  • You become part of a community of people who share your dreams and goals

I built the Unlearn Essay Writing Course to solve a nagging problem I’ve seen multiple times in my near-decade in content marketing, author-ing, and writing.

The problem?

A bad habit.

The essay writing habit.

The brutal truth is the kind of writing your professor graded A+ will get you IGNORED by an online audience.

It won’t work in the emails your boss asks you to “send to our list.”

It won’t work to build real brand growth.

It won’t get you the content writing career of your dreams.

Because before you start winning in online writing, you have to “unlearn” the essay writing habit and replace it with skills that do work to engage an online audience.

This is what I created Unlearn Essay Writing for.

  • In the first part of the course, I help you “unlearn” the clunky, stuffy essay writing style that’s keeping you back from online writing success.
  • In the second part of the course, I guide you as you master the exact writing skills I used to grow Express Writers—with workshops where you watch me write and work at my direction—no live appearances required, learn from the comfort of your bed or couch with pjs on!
  • Choose to enroll at two levels. Both have you writing a 1,000-word piece. If you enroll in Level 2 of the program, you’re guaranteed success with personalized mentorship from me. I hold your hand and guide you to perfect a 1,000-word piece of content (no matter how many rounds of edits you need!). When I’m 100% confident your work is client-ready, you get a certificate to add to your portfolio.

The best part is you can complete this course and transform from boring, fluffy essay writer to profitable, actionable, in-demand writer in JUST ONE WEEK.

Enroll now in my online writing course

You also get:

  • Access to a massive template library of cheat sheets and reference guides, so you never have to guess again when creating any of the 11 most common formats in the online writing world (blogs, web pages, video scripts, social media posts, white papers, and more!).
  • Two mega workbooks you can use to put action to the new skills you’re learning, as you’re learning them.
  • Workshop style tutorials where you watch me create a piece of content from scratch.
  • Tons of bonuses and resources to help you amp up your writing.
  • The secret sauce I use to create content FAST, so you never again have to stare at a blank document and blinking cursor.
  • And much more!

The essay-writing habit gets you nowhere, FAST, in content marketing. Time to take your skills to the next level and unlearn those icky writing habits. Enroll NOW in the Unlearn Essay Writing course! (Space is limited!)

Ready to Take Your Online Writing Skills to the Next Level?

What if there was a way to magically transform from ignored to adored online writer?

That’s my promise to you in the Unlearn Essay Writing Course.

Enrollment for beta launch is open from June 30-July 5, 2020. We only accept 100 students for beta enrollment, so be sure to grab your spot now!

Enroll now in my online writing course

Day in the life of a remote team at EW

A Day in the Life of a Remote Team: How We Work at Express Writers

This post was originally published in May 2017, and completely updated in June 2020.

For nearly a decade, I’ve worked with my team at Express Writers on a 100% remote basis (we just celebrated our ninth year in May!).

This is AMAZING for a ton of reasons.

  • It allows me to hire passionate, savvy experts from anywhere in the world.
  • It saves us thousands of dollars in overhead office fees, which we can invest instead in the much-needed technology we’re building for our new upcoming site and writer platform.
  • It’s the best way to live life on our own terms. We are productive, happy, and consistently the best in our own environments. You could say we are the “most alive” at home.

So, what’s it like to be in a remote team? Is it all bunny slippers and working in hair curlers? How do my writers, content strategists, and staff ramp up the motivation to keep going when there’s no one looking over their shoulder?

In today’s blog, you’re in for a treat. I’ve asked core members of my team to write a day in their life for you, and they rose to the challenge!

Enjoy the snippets of the colorful lives of our team, based all around the world. 🌈 ⬇️  See a day in my life and how I schedule projects at the end!

@JuliaEMcCoy and her team at Express Writers work on a 100% remote basis. 💻 It's the best way to live life on our own terms - think flexibility and working when we're most alive. 🌈 Learn our routines and how we work ✔ Click To Tweet

A day in the life of a remote team

The Story of Express Writers: How I Started My Remote Company

It all began with a dream.

Flashback to 2011. I was a college dropout with nothing but $75 in my pocket. I had no safety net, and no support from my family — in fact, the opposite. (I wrote a memoir on my full story, released February 2020, to prove that following your dreams IS possible despite, well, anything. Get your copy of Woman Rising: A True Story.)

What kept me going was my dream: to make a living doing what I love.

For me, that was writing (I once wrote a 200-page medieval fiction novella when I was 12!).

Three months after dropping out of college, I started Express Writers. I committed to one goal — to grow my business through what I sold.

That meant no paid ads and pushy marketing tactics. I focused on growing my brand’s presence solely through top-notch organic content.

Fast forward to today, my company has grown into a team of 90+ writers, Content Strategists, editors, and staff members.

We now have over 100,000 site visitors per month. We are the 25,700th most popular website in the world, according to Alexa. We have 19,000 keywords indexed on Google, which would have cost over $200,000 on an ad campaign!

The Express Writers remote team accomplishes milestone after milestone together.

Here’s a look into what it’s like in our team.

Express Writers started with a dream and $75. 💖 Today, we see over 100,000 visitors/month and have grown to a remote team of 90+ writers. How do we work? Hear it from @JuliaEMcCoy and resident writers/editors/managers. 🤓 Click To Tweet

A Day in the Life of Express Writers’ Remote Staff

A completely remote company does have a secret life of its own. 😁  Think work-at-home ninjas!

And since we don’t have office cubicles, overly-bright fluorescent lights, and a corporate coffee stand, each individual team member lives life on their own terms.

Kira, Content Strategist: A Day in My Life

Kira is based near Madison, Wisconsin.

Kira - day in the life at EW

My day usually starts later in the morning with me waking up to my parrot asking me, “Who’s a pretty bird?” I make sure he knows it’s him. I then give myself a few minutes in bed to browse social media. I also use this time to see how many client calls I have scheduled for the day.

When I finally drag myself out of bed, I work on getting breakfast and some caffeine to help with motivation. I’ll also say good morning to my sister if she’s awake and check on my fur babies to make sure they have food and water.

Depending on my workload for the day, I’ll either get straight to work or I’ll take a little time for myself. If I don’t need to get started right away, I’ll usually play a video game or work on something crafty to help me shake off the early-morning jitters.

I typically spend anywhere from 1-2 hours on the phone a day and the rest of my time is spent working on emails assisting our clients, as well as completing content strategy projects. I never know when my day will end until I see my schedule, but I think that’s part of the fun of working this job. I like how I can take the time I need for myself and my animals, but still am able to deliver the best experience to our client base. I love what I do and I’m so grateful I get the opportunity to do what I love every day.

Rachel, Social Media Specialist: A Day in My Life

Rachel is based in Prince Frederick, Maryland.

My day starts at 6:30 a.m. Before I sit down at my desk, I like to get in a morning yoga session and have breakfast. You can usually find me listening to podcasts while I eat because they serve as a great boost of motivation.

Rachel's day in the life at EW

Once it’s time to get started with work, which is usually around 8:30 a.m., I begin by making a to-do list. Then, I block off time in my schedule to ensure those things get done promptly. Any tasks I have are always scheduled around one of the main things I do for Express Writers, which is participating in Twitter chats and managing our own #ContentWritingChat.

I join about 13 Twitter chats each week because it’s a large part of growing our Twitter presence and building a community online. These chats are scheduled throughout the day, with them taking place morning, afternoon, and night. In between those chats, I’m usually scheduling social media content or creating the #ContentWritingChat recap. So, it’s safe to say I don’t really work your typical hours! My day ends when the last Twitter chat does!

Nikki, Expert Writer: A Day in My Life

Nikki is based in the Philippines.

Nikki's day in the life at EW

My day begins with getting licked in the face by my Jack Russel Terrier, Boot. I take her for a walk around the block, then we get breakfast going. Sticky rice with sugar, a cup of chocolate, a juicy golden mango. Plus a tall glass of iced coffee (because it’s hot where I live).

After breakfast I take a shower (because it’s hot where I live!). I start work with a towel wrapped around my head. I read emails and go over my writing projects for the day. I do research, scratch my head over the opening sentences of my introduction, and keep the coffee flowing.

The Pomodoro method works great for me. 25 minutes work, 5 minutes rest. During breaks I step out onto the balcony. If it’s a windy day I’ll smell seawater, salt, and scorching sand. If it’s not, it’ll only be sun and cats climbing coconut trees.

Lunch is a quick sandwich and an apple or orange imported from China (complete with sticker and characters in Mandarin). After lunch it’s back to work until 5 p.m., when I go for a run around the village with Boot.

I spend evenings reading (favorites include Salman Rushdie and Gabriel García Márquez), watching Julia’s course videos, checking how my stocks are doing in the market, or finishing up on a project. If it’s the weekend, I’ll drive over the Marcelo Fernan Bridge to Cebu City to see my family or hang out in a coffee shop with old friends.

I LOVE my lifestyle. No rush hour, no class bell (I used to be an English teacher), no rigid schedule. It’s the definition of freedom.

Lorien, Client Success Agent: A Day in My Life

Lorien is based in Pretoria, South Africa.

My day usually starts around 7 a.m. with a HIIT training session followed by a quick breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. From there, you’ll find me behind my desk checking emails, social media, and our team chat to see what happened around the world while I wasn’t looking. I’ll fill my mornings with a few QA projects, perhaps some writing, and of course time with my two busy toddlers. Luckily for this mom, they love each other’s company so they keep themselves busy all day long.

Lorien's day in the life

My official workday starts at 2 p.m., and will continue until around 1 a.m. — so I’m always burning the midnight oil! This is when I handle client emails, live chats, price quotes, and everything in-between. Then it’s off to bed for a good night’s sleep and I get to do this all over again.

With the pandemic on our hands we’ve been on lockdown for almost eight weeks. But this means I get to spend a lot of time with my husband and two kiddos, which is quite a blessing. Somewhere in the week I get a few study hours in, too, so being a remote worker really has its benefits.

I guess you could say that I don’t have your typical 9-5 working day, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Danielle, Content Specialist and QA: A Day in My Life

Danielle is based in La Rochelle, France.

Danielle at EW - day in the life

I usually wake up at around 8 a.m., thanks to my cat who also acts as an alarm clock that never fails to get us up in the morning – so I start the day going straight to the kitchen to feed her breakfast 😂. After doing my cat mom duty, I study French for half an hour – reading a few pages of a book in French, doing some short exercises in Duolingo, and reviewing grammar handouts. Right after studying, I do a short morning yoga session (or sometimes some quick cardio workout for a change) to get energized. Then I jot down some priority to-dos for the day in my planner while having breakfast.

When it’s time to do my editing or content strategy work, I get straight to the industry expert or authority content that takes time and requires careful checking. I prefer doing the toughest tasks in the morning as I can concentrate better during those quiet hours with the help of some relaxing classical or electronic music. Then I try to catch some easy tasks later like checking content images, WordPress posting, and course support.

Working from home becomes manageable as long as I stick to the day’s to-dos and use a Pomodoro timer app to make sure I’m taking breaks to at least move around and take my eyes off the screen. But I very much accept accomplishing tasks on-point isn’t always possible, especially nowadays when we’re getting more long-form expert content to edit! So I just go with the flow and enjoy what’s great about working from home: the freedom and flexibility to do errands, work, and study. I get to also squeeze in some time for painting and experimenting in the kitchen after work.

Cassie Boss, Expert Writer and QA: A Day in My Life

Cassie is based in Downers Grove, Illinois.

day in the life of Cassie

A worker with many hats, my day typically begins at 7 a.m. This girl likes to enjoy a cup of coffee (or two) before hitting the ground running. Once the caffeine has been consumed, I like to take my doxie, Abby, for a short walk and some fresh air. Once the blood is pumping, it’s time for either a home workout or some quiet meditation – depending on my mood and intentions for the day.

Of course, little Miss Abby follows underfoot no matter which path I choose, and once it’s time to get to work, she plops down in her executive chair, and nap-time ensues!

Cassie's dog Abby

For me, however, the workday truly begins by checking my to-do list. My tasks are prioritized by writing assignments due, followed by my quality assistant hours. Finally, throughout the week, I get to interact with the Write Blog community by responding to questions and sharing thoughts with readers.

As a full-time, remote worker, now more than ever before, I’m learning to prioritize my well-being. I’ve been blessed with a team who understands that the recent pandemic takes a toll on everyone mentally and physically. So, if I’m not researching for my various content creation projects or editing those in the queue, I’m taking time to continue my own education through various content workshops and my own personal development.

I’m a firm believer that to become an expert writer, you must have a love of reading – so I never stop. Whether it be pieces on content creation, how to better my physical or mental well-being, or even my favorite fantasy stories…. If you can’t find me at my desk, it’s safe to say I’m off in a quiet corner with my nose in a book or my kindle, with little Miss Abby never too far behind.

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Dara, Course Student Success Lead and QA: A Day in My Life

Dara is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

day in the life of Dara at Express Writers

I’m a homebody, and my day, Monday through Friday, looks pretty much the same: First thing I do after rousing from sleep is roll to the side of the bed and reach for my caffeine pill bottle, strategically (lol) placed on the nightstand, and take one 100mg tablet. Crazy early, I know, but I am not remotely a morning lark, so I need the jolt to get my day running. I take 40 minutes to an hour browsing through my social media timelines, checking my feeds, and visiting my fav forums – Reddit and the English Language & Usage Stack Exchange, a space for grammar enthusiasts like myself.

My morning isn’t complete without my gang of four cats helping me out of bed (by mewing furiously 😹!) to clean their litterbox, change their water, and put some food on their plates. Without them, I might linger in bed for an hour or longer 😂 (somewhat a perk – not always – of working from home). Later, around 8 a.m., I brush my teeth, start up my favorite workout music playlist and do some morning workout, lasting 40-50 minutes – 5-10 reps of push-ups, dumbbell bench press/lateral raise, and squats. Then I take a much-needed shower. I live in the tropics, with temperatures clocking in at over 80 degrees in the morning, so my morning is incomplete without a LOOONG, cold shower.

I finish this routine and breakfast around 10-11 a.m. I am a quality assistant and copy editor here at Express Writers, and my QA hours don’t start until 3 p.m. CET, so I get started on some of my personal and assigned tasks, if any. I am writing a book, too, so, there’s that. Around 2:30 p.m. I leave my phone in the bedroom for a break from distractions, stroll into my home office space, and start getting ready for my QA hours.

Dara's day in the life

I love it here at Express Writers – there’s the industry thought-leader CEO, a content/team manager who pretty much rocks, and colleagues/teammates comprising experienced web content professionals. It’s overall been both a privilege and a pleasure being a part of the EW team and able to work from home.

Korilynn VanDyke, Content Manager: A Day in My Life

Korilynn is based in Ogden, Utah.

My day typically starts around 5:30 – 6:00 a.m., no matter what day of the week it is. I am one of those people who don’t require an alarm clock and wake around the same time daily – trust me, I’d love if my brain would let me sleep in.

Since the schools shut down due to COVID-19, the time I wake up is about the only constant in my day-to-day schedule. While my three kids are finally done homeschooling, we are doing summer schoolwork, chores, and decided to take on a puppy (a cute little Siberian Husky named “Scout”).

I get my morning coffee in before any of the kids are up (I’m sure they appreciate that I’m caffeinated before they are up, too), and usually my first cup is on the back porch while Scout runs around and explores the backyard. I cannot start the day without two things: coffee and a morning brain dump, which involves writing in my journal.

Journaling with a new puppy, however, has become more of a write one sentence, stop and play, write another, fetch something she’s chewing on that is not a toy, and remember where you left off. Despite the chaos that has been tossed into my once very predictable morning routine, I do enjoy sitting outside and having a cup of coffee with no screens, and some peace and quiet. I only wish the temperatures would warm up out here – right now that peace and quiet comes with the price of sitting in 30 to 40 degrees.

Korilynn's day in the life

The rest of my work and day (and evening/night) are staggered between the kids and puppy. I have learned to make my work as mobile as possible, with my phone available to keep up with emails and the team, a tablet nearby with a Bluetooth keyboard when I need to type out something more extensive, and then my office when the kids and puppy don’t require my attention.

Julia, Founder

Julia is based in Austin, Texas.

Julia's day in the life

My day used to look quite different before lockdown — you would have seen a schedule that started at 6:30 a.m., with nice intermittent periods and lots of kid-free time to work (while my five-year-old was in school). One of these days I’ll most likely be back there again (at least, here’s hoping!), but I’ve had to do a ton of adjustments since the pandemic affected all of us.

My day these days begins around eight a.m., and after I get the kid settled, I head into my sprint for the day.

My workday is not easy to sum up. It’s usually a roundup of intensive business mapping (new products, new system planning, editing and adding services and planning next big steps on more than five sites and brands), maintenance for my brands (improvements to everything we do), team hiring (HR for Express Writers and my course teams), and marketing (from blog topic ideation, to Airtable scheduling, to writing an email, recording an Instagram story, and beyond!).

I work best, I’ve found, in sprints for projects coordinated to days. So, each day gets mapped to one or two projects I want to finish or work on. To avoid brain overwhelm, I don’t typically schedule more than two big projects across one day. During that day, I sprint through that project. My head is down and I stay focused in my office with my ergonomic setup, submerging into the depths of creating big things, and I surface for my team and their questions on Slack. (And lunch, when I remember. Just kidding. Health and nutrition are vital!)

For example, Friday May 29th was for two big projects: Finishing the waitlist launch of The Unlearn Essay Writing Course waitlist, a project of more than two weeks that included site copy, video recording, editing, and producing, and a new website; and doing payroll for my agency at Express Writers. A third project popped in – speaking to Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang’s student group — but I try my best not to do that. It usually makes for a late workday. That day, I stepped away from the computer around 7:30 p.m. after starting at nine. Sometimes it happens, and when it does, I feel gratitude that I can be a part of big things. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How @JuliaEMcCoy works remotely: 'I work best in sprints. Each day gets mapped to one or two projects I want to finish. To avoid brain overwhelm, I don't schedule more than two big projects across one day.' 💯 Click To Tweet

Julia's day in the life office setup

An ergonomic setup, nine years of experience working remotely, and having the ability to flip through a myriad of tasks with dedicated focus for each one is how I work. My standards are high, and I work hard to never let one drop. My brain loves a good challenge (I’m Enneagram type 8, The Challenger), so I often come across ideas for launches as I work to solve a real pain point in my agency. I’m so thankful and blessed that I get to do what I do with an amazing team.

A Day in the Life, Summed Up

There you go!

A day in the life of Express Writers remote team.

Yes, it’s all about getting up when you want to and working in your PJs (if you want to). But also, it’s about superhuman discipline because there’s no one looking over your shoulder.

It’s about commitment, passion, and the desire to ROCK the content world.

Want great content created by my team of skilled remote workers? Visit our Content Shop to get the details.

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Unlearn Essay Writing coming soon

Our New Professional Writing Course Is Opening Soon for Beta Students!

I’m literally jumping up and down right now.

Here’s the exciting news I want to share with you: the waitlist & , Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Online Writing Course, is live! 🎉

My new professional writing course is a pivot into a new ‘unlearn’ teaching direction.

It’s a dream I’ve had for years. I finally decided to teach this style after surveying over 50 content creators, marketers, and agencies just like you, and after watching an industry problem grow and grow over my near decade in content marketing.

I couldn’t help myself any longer—I had to pause and work to solve it.

Let’s talk about the big pain point I’m working to solve with the launch of this new course.

Exciting news! 🎉 @JuliaEMcCoy has a new course launching soon that addresses an industry problem affecting content: the essay-writing habit. Get every single detail on the beta launch 🎯 Click To Tweet

Unlearn Essay Writing is opening soon

The Problem My New Course Offers a Solution For: Academic Writing Does Not Equal Successful Online Writing

Here’s the problem I’m working to solve with my new course:

A bad habit.

The essay writing habit.

The brutal truth is that what your professor rated an A+, your online reader will rate D-. (If they take the time to stop and rate your essay.)

You may know (or not) that I’m in charge of hiring for our agency—I’ve never outsourced it. Hiring allows me to remain very close to the industry, marketplace, and our team.

Along with our fearless Content Manager, Korilynn, I hire and review every candidate that enters our doors.

99% of them don’t make it. This percentage used to be higher years ago. It’s only shrunk as time goes on. 😬 Why?

The majority of writers who don’t make it are confident they can—and their confidence is misplaced. They succeeded in school.

The problem about putting confidence there is that school does nothing to prepare you for the real world of online content. To use the words of Jason Fried, author of Rework and founder of $100M/year SaaS, Basecamp, you must ‘unlearn’ what school taught you to become a writer that online readers will—well, read.

I’m creating a writing course to change the content industry.

To, hopefully, allow us to hire even more qualified candidates, and give them paying jobs—right away.

Because once you take this course, you WILL KNOW exactly what it takes to craft content that works.

That clients will come back for. And pay you for. Time and time again.

Get on the waitlist for Unlearn Essay Writing

Truth: What your professor rated an A+, your online reader will rate D- 📓🚫 The culprit? Essay-style writing. UNLEARN what college taught you and get back to engaging in a new course via @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

In this course, I’m preparing two modules that are packing a serious punch. The lessons and intensive workshops inside will break down exactly what’s wrong with the writing style we all learned in college—and how to get it out of your system, once and for all. Then, I’ll teach you how to create content that will cultivate a relationship with an online prospect and convert them from ‘scroller’ into ‘reader,’ and possibly even buyer.

Here’s the thing.

All online content formats have the same fundamentals. Great writing. Well-phrased, creative thoughts. Unique POVs. Deep research. Non-lazy wording. Zero fluff.

From here, simply frame into the right format styles.

My new course will probably offend the essay writer.

It’ll destroy the comfort zone you have in the old playing field—academics.

And then, once you’re ‘woke,’ to use the millennial phrase, into realizing what bad content looks like — and the work and detail that goes into awesome content—you’ll be ready to learn.

You’ll learn content that will:

  • Impress your clients.
  • Build a real audience and hit those goals, in every format.
  • Gain a happy dance from your boss.

More importantly, you as a writer will:

  • Never again get stuck staring at a blank document and blinking cursor.
  • Learn how to craft powerful content that converts like crazy (whether it’s emails, blogs, landing pages, social media posts, webpages, and more!).

And finally, most importantly, you’ll UNLEARN the #1 bad habit I’ve seen even in skillful, experienced writers.

Check out this well-written paragraph.

“Although education has played an important role in society for generations, its scope and focus have always been controversial. In these articles, the authors debate the advisability of a curriculum based on the trends in the job market. While Anthony Carnevale states that such a curriculum can help students perform better in society, Philip Smith claims that it falls short of higher education’s goal to produce well-rounded graduates who have advanced critical thinking skills and finely developed morals (Carnevale & Smith, 2011).”

Sound familiar?

Yup, it’s the style of writing your stuffy college professor gave you an “A” for.

It begins with a clear thesis statement. All the sentences in the paragraph tie in to the main idea. The last sentence foreshadows the essay’s topic and points.

But. Big BUT.

Will this style of writing gain you even one email subscriber? A share on social media maybe? A comment on your blog?

Not a chance.

Because while the essay writing style worked GREAT for your thesis and college projects, it’ll get you IGNORED by your online audience. You don’t want that!

While the essay writing style worked GREAT for your thesis and college projects, it’ll get you IGNORED by your online audience. 🙅‍♀️ (Yikes.) Time to UNLEARN this stuffy, fluffy writing style. Click To Tweet

The good news? My promise to you with my new professional writing course is you’ll UNLEARN the stuffy, fluffy essay writing style that nobody wants to read.

And then you’ll LEARN the in-demand skills you need to start crafting a banquet of creative, fun, engaging pieces of content that’ll send your engagements rocketing sky high.

Feeling excited yet?

My Professional Writing Course, Unlearn Essay Writing, Opens this Month for Beta Enrollment

Here’s my plan.

I’m going to open Unlearn Essay Writing for a very limited time of five days for beta enrollment, late June.

When you enroll as a beta student, you get:

  • I’m building a course that is UNLIKE ANY OTHER WRITING COURSE you’ve ever taken. I’m building time directly into the curriculum to take potty breaks. To drink water. You’re listening to weirdly relaxing music as you write content from scratch using a real-time client prompt. You’re learning, but also identifying on your own. You’re learning from yourself. This list goes on and on. I’m even calling you out, stopping your bad habits, and kicking your booty gently into writing. What?? You might think you read this wrong. What kind of course is this, Julia? Nope. You read this write. (Right.) Every-single-thing it takes to become a great content writer, you are GETTING in this course. And some of my methods are unorthodox. But they work. Are you on the waitlist??
  • Immediate unlimited access to all modules, including the Unlearn + Learn Module – course videos, power-packing workshops, downloadable resources, workbooks, cheat sheets, and more.
  • Lifetime access to the course, including all future updates.
  • A one-time special price offer at HALF THE PRICE this course will cost when we open it as an evergreen course later in the year.
  • Your choice at two levels, one of which puts your writing directly in the scope of a personal review and critique from me. I know what clients pay for, and I won’t go easy on you. You’ll learn.

Another important thing to note is I’m only accepting 100 students to enroll for the beta version of this course. I’m going to work personally with each student, which is why I’m limiting the number of beta seats available.

Don’t miss out on the beta launch!

Sign up for the waitlist for Unlearn Essay Writing

I’ll be announcing all the important dates through email, so make sure you’re subscribed to our email list.

Sign up for our email list, or, get on the waitlist.

To be ABSOLUTELY sure you see my email announcements, take time to move my email to your primary folder on Gmail.

Go to your inbox and click the Promotions tab.

how to move email to the primary folder - gmail

Left-click on the email you want to move, then drag and drop it into the Primary tab.

how to move email to the primary folder in gmail

You’ll get a notification at the bottom left of your screen, asking if you want to move all future messages to your primary folder. Click yes.

how to move email to the primary gmail folder

You’re good to go!

Erin’s Story: Real-Life Inspiration for My New Professional Writing Course


Erin is one of my new-hires at Express Writers.

Erin, content writer at Express Writers

As early as the interview stage, I noticed her high potential.

  • She’s a history graduate with sharp research skills.
  • She has a long-standing passion for writing (she’s loved it since she was 12).
  • She’s a natural with words.

Natural talent is a rich ground for building tangible skills, so I immediately hired Erin to be part of my select team of content creators who focus on shaping my brands.

Her first project was a blog on UX writing.

After she’d uploaded it, I eagerly opened it and found this staring back at me:

“UX has become an extremely relevant topic in recent years, but it is a field that is still somewhat obscure and unknown as it is still early in its growth. Nonetheless, it is clear that this field is quickly becoming an important area of focus for business, and so there is a lot of potential in this industry.”

I recognized it the instant I saw it.

The essay writing habit.

I knew I’d have to help Erin unlearn this habit and learn how to craft impactful, attention-grabbing phrases.

The great thing is, she’s a fast learner. After two more assignments, here’s what her work looked like.

“Think of your business as a restaurant. You are the chef, and your role is to produce great food (content) that they will love. And you want them to love it enough that they keep coming back for more. …Now that you have the four-step recipe for getting past your inner critic to content that matters, you’re ready to publish great material.”

Looking much better! Erin is now on our agency staff, earning from her new writing skills.

Getting from A to Z is exactly what I plan to teach in my workshop-style writing course. Because too many writers leave school without this skill.

It’s time to fix that.

Don’t Miss Beta Enrollment for My Professional Writing Course

Unlearn Essay Writing is chock-full of goodies for the aspiring profitable online writer.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify good and bad writing.
  • How to instantly spot stuffy sentences and mercilessly cut down on the gunk.
  • How to write from the inside out so you never feel stuck again.
  • How to research and write faster.
  • How to write with inspiration, every time.
  • How to swipe without stealing—never reinvent the wheel!
  • And so much more!

Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to be one of my 100 beta students who enjoy the course at half the price.

Get on the waitlist today!

Sign up for beta enrollment in Unlearn Essay Writing

expert writers upgrade

We’re Doubling What We Pay Expert Writers… & More: Spring 2020 Updates at Express Writers

Did you know March 19 is the first day of spring?

…As of today, we are just six days away from that!

Crazy to think that, as it seems the beginning of 2020 just rolled around.

Over here at Express Writers, it’s the beginning of a new season.

And it’s time to share the details of this ‘new season’ with all of you.

For a while now, we’ve been listening to our clients who have brands in high-level, advanced niches; watching the hiring industry change for expert writers; and testing what works.

About three months ago, we launched a higher-priced industry writing service called Legal Copywriting, and we’ve found that it was an absolute no-brainer for our law industry clients to invest in $120/500w and get a practicing or retired attorney-turned-copywriter on their work.

(We headhunt and do all the hard work of finding that expert for them, and then train them on modern content writing using my elite, Express-Writers-only training.)

Our test with high-level writing experts for the legal industry was a success; we’ve had clients leave over not receiving a true depth of expertise in their industry content, but we’ve found we simply can’t hire deep industry experts at the same pay rate we pay general experts.

So, here’s what just went down today in a short TL;DR (too long, don’t read) summary:

  • Our Industry Expert Blogs are now called Blogs, and feature a basic industry expert writer. This is the same price you’ve already gotten familiar with, if you’re an existing client; $90/500w. We aren’t axing that at all — yes, you can still get this price and service — and we still have phenomenal writers for that category.
  • However, if you are looking for a more tenured industry expert writer that will craft authoritative writing to satisfy a very high-level niche industry, that is now $120/500w, and you can pick your industry from the revamped Content Shop. The writers we hire for these industries must have a degree in the industry, 10 years of experience, and industry accomplishments under their belt. (It takes some serious HR time. And then we continue to train them once we hire them.)

Here’s our list of industry-specific expert content creation services, available at $120/500w:

Medical and Healthcare

Health, Fitness, and Wellness


Real Estate


Tech and Engineering




Keep reading for all the details.

Did we just decide to pay our expert writers... double? 😱 We did. Learn all about our Spring 2020 changes in this Write Blog post by founder @JuliaEMcCoy. Click To Tweet

expert writers upgrade express writers

We’re Doubling What We Pay Expert Writers… & More: Spring 2020 Updates at Express Writers

As already mentioned above, our former Industry Expert Blogs are now called Blogs, and feature a basic industry expert writer.

You can still receive $90/500w expert content; it will feature a basic, high-quality expert writer. Our writers for this category are rockstars. You’re getting beautiful content.

What you’re not getting at $90/500w now is a tenured industry expert writer that will craft authoritative writing to satisfy a very high-level niche industry.

Specifically, these industries:

Medical and Healthcare

Health, Fitness, and Wellness


Real Estate


Tech and Engineering




The reason we had to go up to $120/500w for these industries, and pay double, is because we simply cannot hire industry experts (true experts) and train them into expert industry writers at the $90/500w price.

Storytime: How We Found Ourselves Up Against a Pay Wall 

Last December, I spent an entire month trying to hire for one specific expert category we needed to hire for, at the “old” rates (the non-doubled pay rates).

Guess what happened?

After going through 1,500+ applicants and spending hours to test and interview, I didn’t find a single person. 😨 I remember even working on vacation in the terminal during our Christmas family trip to Boulder, Colorado. If I had a photo to document the stress, I’d share it, but you can imagine in your head: my five-year-old was running around the terminal, the hubby right behind her, juice and snacks in hand. There I was, sitting down typing away furiously on what should have been a family vacation — spending every spare vacation moment I had to hire like a madwoman for the open vacancy.

We went through so many resumes and did not find anyone to stick in our team for the industry I was hiring for. At the time, we weren’t ready to raise rates yet because we weren’t sure it was the right decision.

Well, after not finding a single expert available to put in their talent for us at that pay rate, we decided it was time to implement a simple campaign we called Pay-Our-Experts-Double. Our Content Manager, Korilynn, suggested it — good thing she did. To put it bluntly, there was no other choice. I couldn’t find an expert available at our old pay rate.

We began by hiring in the Legal industry at the new pay rate/client bill rate, and I worked closely with our Content Manager, Korilynn, to hire actual J.D.s that had passed the bar and practiced as an attorney. We found a former patent attorney with 20 years of experience who was ready to transition and work from home. We hired him full-time, and he has written some phenomenal content for our law clients.

Our new team of high-level legal writers, hired with a J.D. as the basic requirement and then trained by us in content writing, not only worked happily at the new pay rate (so important to a great work culture!), but also made every client that hired us for the $120/500w legal expert content writing service incredibly happy.  🎉 Win, win.

So, we’ve decided to apply this to 9+ more industries, and that’s what just happened today.

At $120 per 500w, we are paying double to hire expert writers that fulfill our new “deep expertise” requirements. These are the requirements we’ve listened to and learned that work best for our industry-expert clients (especially brands in tech, finance, medical, insurance, real estate industries):

  • Have a minimum of 10 years of experience in that industry, as well as an advanced degree (preferably a Master’s), accreditation and/or a license, and verified, real-life industry accomplishments (achieving a #1 ranking in Google with content if they’re a content marketing/SEO expert, for example)
  • Have a minimum of two years of freelance content writing experience, or if less, are willing to immediately start training with our internal courses once hired

We’ve found a serious need for deep, truly authoritative experts among the brands we service. High content quality has become a whole new level. We can’t pay the same rates we’ve always paid to hire these deeper industry experts, and then work to train them on content writing. We plan to spend more time, effort, and money on our side in HR to recruit “deep experts;” for example, a retired J.D. with a Master’s in Law that practiced patent law for 20 years in New York City is one of our legal-experts-turned-copywriters, and we are applying this hiring depth to every one of our industry expert levels.

Authority content now includes all of these expert areas, as well. With authority content, you’re getting a deep industry expert as well as an authority-trained writer. (I train industry writers on my internal, exclusive Express-Writers-only authority writing training, which instills mastery in online content writing for blogs and websites — extremely readable, engaging, powerful online copy.)

Blog Plan Changes

Our blog plans now feature both of our expert-level rates.

You can still hire top-notch quality blog writers from us at $90/500w: but if you want that deep-level expert, with industry experience, you’ll need to go for our new and revamped Industry Expert Blogging Plan.

  • Industry Expert Blog Plans are now our basic expert Blog Plans (that include the $90/500w rate).
  • Go for the gusto with our Industry Expert Blogging Plans, where we actually field a real, tenured expert for your advanced industry. As a reminder, we cover Medical and Healthcare, Health, Fitness, and Wellness, Finance, Real Estate, Insurance, Tech and Engineering, Marketing, and Sports in our advanced, updated expert industry writer staffing structure.

Content Shop Experience: Changes Are Coming

We’ve heard and listened to many of our clients complain about the lack of features when it comes to communicating inside an order, and being able to read status updates.

We are working on solving this for good. Behind the scenes we’re working on a completely new version of the Content Shop that will come out after our new, internal writer-and-team-only teamroom comes out. We don’t have a date, because, well, technology development is a bear — but, it’s coming! 🎉

Conclusion: It’s Worth it to Pay for Quality Content (& Get Happy Writers!)

Hiring industry experts that know how to write blogs and web pages is a real feat; it takes hours of time to staff and recruit, and then the art of retaining them is just as important. We’re working on nailing both by hiring experienced industry writers at a higher pay rate.

Happy writers, happy clients… happy life and real brand growth.

Go beyond average with our newly revamped expert writing services.

Quality is our #1 commitment. We promise. You won’t be disappointed. 🥂

expert writers CTA

Woman Rising launch day

My Third Book, Woman Rising: A True Story, Is Out Today! (Video)

It’s launch day!! 🎉

My new nonfiction narrative memoir, Woman Rising: A True Story, is out right now.

You can find it on Amazon in whatever format suits your fancy: Kindle, paperback, or Audible audiobook (narrated by me)!

I’ve been jittery with excitement for this day to finally arrive so I can share my story with you.

The thing is, this book is totally different from everything I’ve written in the past.

It’s been a long time coming: 2.5 years, to be exact. That’s the time it took to make this book a reality, to corral my memories and experiences and explain how I became the person I am today.

Needless to say, I’m downright thrilled it’s finally launch day.

Just in case you missed my first announcement about the book, or aren’t sure what the story entails, I’ve got you.

Today we’re also debuting a new, short film that showcases the book’s major themes. Find out more (and watch the film!) below. 👇💥

Woman Rising launch day

@JuliaEMcCoy's new nonfiction memoir, Woman Rising, is out TODAY. Check out the short film about the book and find out where you can grab your copy! 📖💥👉 Click To Tweet

express writers woman rising book CTA 3

What Is Woman Rising About? Why I Needed to Write and Share This Story

This is the true story of my life growing up in a religious cult under the thumb of my controlling, abusive father, the cult leader.

It’s the story of how I kept my hope and passions alive despite the odds. It’s the tale of how Express Writers was born, and how it eventually became the means I used to enable my escape.

This book also charts the road I traveled to healing, and how I grew my tiny business into a bonafide brand (missteps and all).

Watch the short film about Woman Rising:

If you follow the Write Blog or any of my social media accounts, you know my other books and projects have all been centered on content marketing strategy and writing. Woman Rising represents a departure from that realm, but it also fits right in.

Woman Rising cover

If you follow the Write Blog, you know my other books and projects have all been centered on content marketing strategy and writing. Woman Rising represents a departure from that realm, but it also fits right in. ❤ - @JuliaEMcCoy ⚡ Click To Tweet

I can’t tell the full story of how I got into this industry without including my formative years, when my strength and hope were tested daily in an environment of abuse and control.

Many parts of my story seem, in fact, hopeless. However, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t managed to find the light and escape my father’s household. Since then, I have built a thriving business, created a loving family, and emerged from the ashes of my upbringing stronger than ever.

“This is the story with the kind of hope that starts small, like a single ray of sunshine on a dark floor, building over time to become a blazing, all-encompassing orb that radiates through every pore, every cell.”

This is the story with the kind of hope that starts small, like a single ray of sunshine on a dark floor ⛅, building over time to become a blazing, all-encompassing orb that radiates through every pore, every cell. 🌟 - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

Woman Rising: A True Story – Get Your Copy on Amazon TODAY

I am BEYOND excited to finally share this story with you.

My hope is it inspires you to follow your dreams and passions.

No matter what stands in your way.

Despite the obstacles, and despite all odds.

Grab your copy today on Amazon.

To your happiness, 


express writers woman rising book CTA 3

what's new in the content shop

What’s New in the Content Shop for 2020: Price Increase (& Why), New Features in Blogging Plans, New Products & More!

Last week, we rolled out several exciting changes to the Content Shop for 2020! 🎉

These changes included:

  • More word count ranges on most of our services in the Content Shop
  • A new content plan just for marketers launching new websites, brands, or software
  • Updated social media plans
  • Legal blog packages added
  • Rate increases on our expert blogs and packages to continue to help us source and retain the best talent

Read on to learn all about the improvements we rolled out that went live last week. Plus: a few words from yours truly on the state of content creation and hiring great content creators in 2020.

What’s New in the Content Shop for 2020: Price Increase (& Why), New Features in Blogging Plans, New Products & More

what's new in the content shop

Get to see what's changed in our Content Shop for 2020 in this post by @JuliaEMcCoy. 🖊️Launching a new killer website? Need expertly-written legal blogs? We can totally help you right now! See what's new. 🆕 Click To Tweet

Here’s the lowdown on the changes in our Content Shop for 2020.

1. Our content rates increased for 2020.

Not by a ton — by about $5-10 on our industry expert blogs, and $100+ on our blog packages and social media plans. We also added more word count ranges to our Content Shop offerings, which means you don’t need to get boxed in for large ranges. We noticed a need for customizing our ranges more.

We also added some new services and refined our packages! (See a shortlist of updated prices and offerings on our Pricing page.)

Why did we increase our rates?

Well, that brings me to what it takes to hire a great content creator.

Facts: Every year, recruiting content writing talent increases both in price and time. This is especially true for 2020.

The bar for great content has risen, seriously, in the past few years.

Just click to read more about my prediction for 2020 (and I’m not the only one predicting this): 1. Amazing, Niche, Expert Content Which Meets or Exceeds Google’s E-A-T Standards.

TL;DR — Content is a powerful tool today for online marketers.

  • Over 70% of ALL web traffic originates from a Google search, according to Backlinko/SparkToro. Your users are Googling for your content!
  • Publishing content generates 67% more leads than NOT publishing content, says a HubSpot study.
  • 71% of B2B buyers read blog content during their buying journeys (3-5 blogs is the norm).
Our content rates increased for 2020: about $5-10 on our industry expert blogs and $100+ on blog packages and social media plans. 📦 With this, you're paying for the work, time, and training required to deliver you high-quality content. 💯 Click To Tweet

But content is only powerful if you’re building amazing content.

More people, brands, and marketers in your industry are getting wise to how well it works, and so you’ll continue to have to hit a high bar to succeed in 2020. With the sea of content rising, the place to put your focus on is “amazing.” In 2020, it’s not just bad content that will fall flat. It’s mediocre content, the “not bad,” and the “good enough” content. To rank with Google and readers today, your content must go far into the “exceptional,” “amazing,” and “wow” territory.

When it comes to content you publish on your website today, Google actually defines what “quality” looks like.

  • Hit Google’s definition of quality. In their Webmaster Guidelines, Google references helping, being information-rich (comprehensive), and including the right words (optimization) in content.

Source: Steps to a Google-friendly site

Source: Webmaster Guidelines

Not only that, but Google says you must —

  • Prove you’re an expert in your industry and topic area. Google talks about the importance of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) in its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. Google itself called these guidelines a good indicator of how they define high-quality (and low-quality) content, in an article from August 2019 on the Webmaster Central Blog.

  • Create & publish amazing-quality content consistently. Inconsistency in content is a recipe for catastrophe. Failing to update your content regularly (whether that means tweaking older articles or pages or posting new ones), as well as failing to maintain your quality standards, will ultimately hurt your search visibility.

When it comes to hiring writers for great web content, all of these guidelines — which is a big component of our values at Express Writers to uphold and adhere to (why else would you buy content from us?) — are very difficult to hire, train, and retain writers for.

I’ve found this true since the beginning.

One other barrier here is that people that we hire — freelancers, content writers — think that they can graduate college with these skills.

Writing skills that earn rankings in Google, engagement with online readers, and ROI from the business who hired you.

A growing number of entrants to the content creation industry are disillusioned. Sadly, this only grows the more the years go by and college doesn’t get reinvented on this point.

I have to un-teach many academically trained writers on how to be content creators. It’s one reason I launched an SEO writing course a few years ago.

Back in 2011, when I started out, because of the way content was (less competition, less intelligence in Google’s ranking AI), you could get away with an Upwork writer to write a darn good blog for the price of a takeout meal or two.

But not anymore.

The writers you need to find today must have these six characteristics to be successful at creating your online content:

  • Know the industry they’re writing for (now a requirement with Google’s E-A-T standards)
  • Know how to optimize for Google
  • Know how to write to engage online readers
  • Know how to skip the fluff (because that doesn’t get read)
  • Know how to find, source, and include the right statistics and competitor-free links
  • Be open to ongoing critique and mentorship
[email protected] says it takes these six skillsets for an online writer to succeed: 1. Know the Industry 2. Know SEO Optimization 3. Write to Engage 4. Skip the Fluff 5. Source and Cite 6. Be Open to Critique 🔥 Click To Tweet

I spend hours every week finding and retaining the right writing talent. We go through hundreds of applications to find our one to write your content.

The main area we’ve also seen that requires a need for rate increases include hiring more savvy proofreaders and editors that know content marketing standards (we go through about 150 applications to find one editor!) and continuing to select industry writers that are skilled at the craft of engaging content.

Not only do we hire writers that know all six skillsets, but when we bring new creators in, we train them continually on these standards. 

Facts: I write a lot of the team-only, internal training we give to our writers. We don’t send them to an outside class or school — we train them ourselves using my teachings. (And last year, I charged $10,000 for one workshop to a group of 15. This training and mentorship we give to our team are invaluable.)

Our Content Manager, Korilynn, is the bomb dot com at assisting me in this. She selects and refines writers for client accounts, and keeps them assigned to the same clients for content consistency, training them on your standards. 

It’s important that the expert writers we find are open to critique and ongoing training — and not many are! It takes a special writer. And those are the ones we work hard to find. Talent, knowledge of the craft, and a willingness to continually improve their trade.

By paying our slightly increased rates now live for 2020, you’re paying for our standards that we commit to without compromise, even when it requires extra time, investment, and work on our end. We never want to let you down by getting a poor-quality content piece. Our goal is quality content — at all times.

2. We’ve got some new Content Shop improvements and offerings!

Our new offerings are ready to rock in the Content Shop for 2020! 🎉

Here’s a short list:

  • Legal Blog Packages are here. Perfect for law firms looking for an expert attorney-slash-writer to craft monthly content for their blog! (Yes, we hire those!)

expert legal blog plans express writers

  • Our Social Media Plans have been brought back with a new structure! You get better content and the right prices to hire and edit social media writing talent. Get your social content created with our team. Previously, our structure of social posts inside of our plans didn’t make a lot of sense. Now, they do. You get a set number, per platform, and we make sure you have custom-made images for all your Instagram posts.

social media packages express writers

  • Website Launch Package – Have a new website, additional brand, or new software launching? You need our easy-to-use website launch package. I’m super excited about this new plan. We’ve had several people ask about this over the years, but I never got around to putting it together. For 2020, I changed that. This plan includes a content strategy call & editorial calendar; 5 web pages; 2 blogs; 3 social media posts; and meta content and titles.

website launch package

  • Our Expert Blog Packages (for any industry!) now include NEW services included in Levels 3 & 4. You’ll get a custom-made, designed WordPress blog header set now for both levels! See an example.

Access better word ranges now in the Content Shop. We used to offer 5-8 ranges on our Industry Expert Blogs. Look at the difference now! You can order more customized ranges in our much larger and expanded word choices:

We've done a lot of changes in our Content Shop to serve you better! 🥧 More word count ranges, a content plan for new site launches, better social media plans, legal blog packages, and rate increases in expert blogs and packages. -… Click To Tweet

Content Works — Our Proof is in Our Pudding

Not many content agencies can say they were solely built through what they sell — content.

We can.

At Express Writers, we consistently rank at the top of Google because of our commitment to consistency and quality in content.

Case in point: For nine years (yes, years), without missing a beat, we published one blog/week.

We’ve stuck to this rigorously, and it has paid off. Today we rank for over 23,000 keywords in Google, and 99% of our prospects come to us through organic search.

In 2020 and beyond, content isn’t going out of style. (Never.) Great content is going to come out of heightened knowledge, expert writers, and a better understanding of what it takes to rank in 2020.

Need help learning how to write SEO content that ranks in Google and earning your reader’s attention? Grab my free SEO cheat sheet below. ⬇️  

seo cheat sheet awesome cta

That covers the majority of our Content Shop changes so far!

Questions? Want to invest in one of our new or updated packages?

Send us an email, start a chat with us now with the little green button on the right, or click below to see our prices.

See you on the content flip side (… yes, that means real ROI from your content)!

– Julia & Team

content creation report

2019 Content Creation Report: A Year in the Life of A 500,000+ Word/Month Content Production Team

To wrap up the year, we’re giving our Write Blog readers one of the most intensive insights we’ve ever put together on our internal content production.

Today features a real look at the content creation our team undertook for our clients over this year with an income and content creation report. We’ve never done a transparent income report before on the Write Blog, so this is the first one. The data below comes from our e-commerce Content Shop, and the month-by-month data is generated from inside our own platform as over 50-60 monthly clients order from us.

New here? Read the story of how Express Writers was founded.

Last year, our consistent top selling service was general blogs, and our team was producing over a million words per month.

This year, our top seller was industry expert blogs.

We saw a major transition in demand from general writers into expert writers th­is year, comparatively from 2018 to 2019.

Across even our highest-volume client accounts, industry expert writers are now becoming a “must-have” over a more generalized, non-expert voice. This is a necessary evolution, as Google continues to enforce E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and Y-M-Y-L (an even higher level of quality needed for Your Money or Your Life industries) in ranking content in search results. Expert authors and creators are absolutely a must for brands and publishers today.

Without further ado, let’s get into our year-to-date content creation recap.

2019 Content Creation Report: A Year in the Life of A 500,000+ Word/Month Content Production Team

content creation report

Our Top 6 Hottest Content Creation Service Offerings for the Year

  1. Expert Blogs
  2. Custom-Quoted Projects
  3. Expert Web Pages
  4. Custom Images
  5. Product Descriptions
  6. Blogging Plans
500,000+ words written per month? 😱✍️ It's true, for an agency with 90 writers on staff! Read @JuliaEMcCoy's first-ever income and production report for @ExpWriters in this Write Blog. Click To Tweet

3 Content Creation Insights from Our Year of Content Production in 2019

I founded Express Writers back in 2011, eight years ago. Read my story here, and if you want the FULL, unabridged story (including how I escaped a cult!), sign up for my memoir on my entrepreneurial journey launching in February of 2020.

I’m thrilled to see our company continue to stand and grow in the industry, and 2019 was another great year for Express Writers. We had the opportunity to partner with and collaborate on some incredible content projects, serving clients all around the world with fabulous written content for their blog, site, PR, social media, advertising, and other copy needs.

1. Quality Over Quantity in Team Size

Jeff Bezos said it best: “Every internal team should be small enough that it can be fed with two pizzas.” (He continues to apply this rule in Amazon’s upper management.)

After surviving eight years of HR trenches, I’ve found that my leadership runs best when it’s a small, productive team of people. We don’t have crossovers, we avoid ‘too many cooks in the kitchen,’ and everyone works together incredibly well.

[email protected] says a small team is best. 'You don't need a massive team to produce amazing content. After surviving eight years of HR trenches, I’ve found that my leadership runs best when it’s a small, productive team of people.' 💥 Click To Tweet

You also don’t need a massive team to produce amazing content. We have 90 writers on staff, and 30-40 are always busy full-time—several of whom work and train directly under me. The others remain on-call for various niche project. One writer only writes content for a luxury yachting brand; another only writes content on outdoor sports, fly-fishing and hunting. One is a retired J.D. that writes copy for legal websites and blogs. Those are just some examples of the niche writers we’ve head-hunted to add to the team.

While our writing and editing team stays around ninety people consistently, our leadership team has stayed small this year. Our management and leadership team is less than six people. Korilynn (writing/editorial team management), myself (marketing/HR), Josh (our CTO), Lorien (client onboarding and assistance), Kira (scheduled for calls by appointment, on-staff Content Strategist), and Danielle (our content and editorial specialist, as well as support for my courses).

2. Higher Word Count Doesn’t Always Mean More Revenue

High revenue doesn’t always correlate to a high volume of words and production, as you’ll see from the statistics below. In fact, many times, it’s quite the opposite for our team. For example, a general blog can cost $45; a single 500-word page of a case study by one of our top-tier marketing writers can cost $150. Typically, the higher the quality desired, the higher the price; and less words can end up being involved in a project like that as opposed to a lower-quality, higher-word count project.

So, this has pushed me towards ways we can work smarter, not just harder.

Higher 'production' doesn't always equal more revenue. 💰 Work smarter, not harder. This and other lessons from @JuliaEMcCoy's year-end report for @ExpWriters 6 MILLION word/year: Click To Tweet

Our lowest-revenue month was a month where we were completing a big general content project for a client, and our content creation was ridiculously high-volume. But our income was low. Since general content is one of our lowest-priced services, that was a low-revenue month.

3. Evergreen Business Growth is the Best Growth

The biggest catalyst for our growth continues to be our own Express Writers’ Write Blog, which is a “slow and steady” race—reminiscent of a turtle plodding forward, day after day. We haven’t taken a vacation from blogging in eight years. I’m three months ahead with the content schedule, and we publish a blog once every Tuesday. I also publish a YouTube video every 3rd Monday. After eight years, our blog is now at 100,000 visitors/month.

Slow and steady growth is the best growth, @JuliaEMcCoy says. It's taken them eight years to grow the Write Blog to the presence it has today -- nearly 100,000 visitors per month. Click To Tweet

Some of the catalysts for our continued growth I can trace back to my most massive projects I launched. Back in 2016, I wrote and published my first book; in 2017, I published my second book and my first course, The Content Strategy & Marketing Course, that went hand-in-hand with the book as a video curriculum. Today, we still receive forms and inquiries from prospects who were first readers of my book and even students of my courses. Creating and launching such massive “content projects” in our industry has given our brand a terrific boost. These projects were not easy—to launch them, I did most of the work myself and pulled many 90-hour weeks. It was slow, rough, and hard going. But I look back and know today that the hard work was completely worth it.

A Look at Our Month-by-Month Content Production


  • $78,466.10 in revenue
  • 212 orders placed
  • 605,000+ words written

Top Seller: Industry Expert Blogs, Custom-Quoted Projects, General Blogs

This was our lowest-margin month of the year. We had heavy staff turnover, starting with Hannah, our former Content Director, who resigned from the team and quit the first week of the month. After she left, we discovered a great deal of holes in the team including poor deadline management, quality dropping, writers allowed to be consistently late. All in all, out of 90 people, 40 were either quit or were let go this month. It was an unexpectedly crazy month for us.


  • $95,772.65 in revenue
  • 223 orders placed
  • 601,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Industry Expert Blogs, Expert Web Pages, Social Media Posts

This was a busy month for me. We hired 45 people in total by the end of February, filling our writer and editorial gaps. We got back on track and fixed the issues in our consistency with deadlines and quality holes. Korilynn, a writer and expert remote worker who has been in my team since the very beginning, joined as Business Development Manager in January when Hannah quit, eventually transitioning into a full-time Content Manager role she has as of today. Korilynn has been an extremely efficient, go-getter manager, who can be trusted to get everything done with quality and speed while working from her home office. To date, she’s one of the best managers I have ever worked with.


  • $96,002.05 in revenue
  • 253 orders placed
  • 537,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Industry Expert Blogs, Custom Services, General Blogs

March was a solid month. We had a consistent amount of orders and hired a few additional writers and editors.


  • $93,904.75 in revenue
  • 277 orders placed
  • 560,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Industry Expert Blogs, Custom Services, General Blogs

April was another solid month. We had few changes in the team and overall, stayed consistently productive.


  • $90,662.90 in revenue
  • 213 orders placed
  • 660,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Industry Expert Blogs, General Blogs, Custom Services

May was another great month. We stayed busy all month working on content orders for reoccurring clients.


  • $82,382.55 in revenue
  • 233 orders placed
  • 503,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Custom Services, Industry Expert Blogs, Expert Web Pages

During summer, we always experience a lull in orders when marketers take time off. It either hits in June, July, and sometimes in August. This was that month. We had a drop in orders, but still saw our consistent client accounts continue to order with us. Another change about this month was the amount of custom-quoted content projects. We handled the most we’ve ever done in this month.


  • $98,756.80 in revenue
  • 278 orders placed
  • 595,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Industry Expert Blogs, General Blogs, Custom Services

This was another fairly busy month, especially for July. We came very close to the six-figure mark for the month and worked on quite a few expert blog writing projects.


  • $101,580.40 in revenue
  • 285 orders placed
  • 628,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Custom Services, Industry Expert Blogs, General Blogs

In August, we had a catastrophe occur. Korilynn was called to the hospital with a family emergency and was unable to come back to work. The loss of a great manager so suddenly was felt most heavily in October, when the reverberations of pulling overtime hours on my part to both find a new manager and fill in actively hit us. I had quite a few moments this month where my head was hitting the desk. We went through manager after manager this month, unable to find a good fit for our team leadership position that Korilynn was so effective at. I even tried to go local, meeting and hiring a managerial candidate in a coworking location in Austin. That person did not last more than a week. With Korilynn managing a high volume of tasks so well for months, it was hard to find someone to replace her effectively and quickly.


  • $91,478.19 in revenue
  • 229 orders placed
  • 513,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Industry Expert Blogs, Custom Services, Product Descriptions

I can’t express how grateful we were to be able to re-hire Korilynn back to a salaried, differently structured management position. She came back as Content Manager later in August, and we allowed her to set her own hours daily to care for her mother that had suffered a stroke. Our team was thrilled to have Korilynn’s firm, experienced, organized hand at the helm.


  • $86,797.05 in revenue
  • 302 orders placed
  • 600,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Industry Expert Blogs, Custom Services, Expert Web Pages

We had a slower month due to the management problems we’d experienced a few months ago. We got back on track with the team, our project deadline management, and pushed ahead.


  • $98,589.95 in revenue
  • 261 orders placed
  • 630,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Industry Expert Blogs, Product Descriptions, Expert Web Pages

This was a good month. We had a consistently high amount of orders and return clients.


  • $76,997.30 in revenue
  • 199 orders placed
  • 200,000+ words written

Top Sellers: Industry Expert Blogs, Custom Services, Expert Web Pages

December is always a slow month due to the holiday weeks of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the upcoming New Year’s Eve and Day. Despite the lull in orders placed, this was still a solid month, with consistent clients returning for more.

Conclusion: 2020 Will Be Another “Year of the Expert Content Writer”

Content marketing is an incredible channel to build your brand name. It can truly do SO much for small and large brands alike.

  • Content taps into the major traffic potential that is Google search (70.6% of web traffic originates there, per Backlinko/Sparktoro).
  • Creating strategic content on your site generates 67% more leads than NOT publishing content, says a HubSpot study.
  • More than 71% of B2B buyers read blog content during their buying journeys (3-5 blogs is the norm).

If you’re on the receiving end of those stats, building amazing content to grow your brand, the rewards are huge. More people are getting wise to how well it works, and so we’ll see more content from more brands in 2020.

Read our case study of how to build content Google (and your reader!) loves.

To build great content, however, the word you need to focus on is “amazing.” Without that qualifier in your content, you don’t have a chance.

In 2020, it’s not just icky content that won’t work. Even mediocre, “okay” pieces will fail to land. To rank with Google and readers, your content has to go far into the “exceptional” — the impeccably well-written, expert-sounding territory.

The bar for awesome content keeps rising. Marketers who have been doing content forever know this now, so they’ll up their game in response.

The result: Content in 2020 will be better than ever – and more brands than ever will be embracing a consistent content presence.

How can you keep up with your content in 2020?

  • Hit Google’s definition of quality. In their Webmaster Guidelines, Google talks about just which benchmarks to hit. Help your user, include the right terms, offer high-quality content.

From Steps to a Google-friendly site

From Webmaster Guidelines

  • Prove you’re an expert in your industry. Google discusses the importance of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) in its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. Google itself says this is an indicator of how they define high-quality (and low-quality) content, in an article published in August 2019 on the Webmaster Central Blog.

  • Create & publish amazing-quality content without stopping. Inconsistency in content is a recipe for catastrophe, both in rankings and in building up a loyal audience over time.
    • At Express Writers, we consistently rank at the top of Google because of our commitment to consistency and quality.
    • Case in point: For 8 years (yes, years), without missing a beat, we published one blog/week. Not taking a ‘vacation’ from content has paid off. Today we rank for over 23,000 keywords in Google, and 99% of our prospects come to us through organic search.

Ready to up your game in content in 2020?

Here at Express Writers, content is our speciality. I handpick and train each writer and editor myself. We have over 90 writers and a well-structured team, ready to take on your projects. Our marketing writers craft email copy; we have industry expert SEO writers that can tackle your blogs and web pages; and we also craft ebooks (fully designed and written from scratch), and blog writing plans where we create and post to your site, complete with images, meta descriptions, and a great headline. Get in touch with us today about your project.

content strategy services

Explaining Our Content Strategy Services at Express Writers (4 Ways We Can Strategize & Save You Time)

This blog was originally written in 2015 and updated in October 2019.

This will hardly come as a surprise, but we love content. ❤

Our entire business is built on content, but it goes beyond that – it’s in our blood.

We know that great content is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business, find new leads, and stand out among your competitors.

You don’t have to take our word for it, either, the numbers speak for themselves:

Great content gives your business the attention it deserves, but just publishing without a plan is hardly what we’d call a solid strategy.

What you need is a sustainable, data-driven process, that can help you grow your business and keep giving you positive results over the long term.

You need a content strategy, and that’s where we come in with our expert content strategy services.

4 Highly Recommended Content Strategy Services to Help You Create Winning Content

1. A custom editorial calendar

2. In-depth keyword research

3. Topic planning for your blog and website

4. Expert content strategy consultations

We didn’t select any of these services at random. These are many of the same processes that we used to grow Express Writers to the point where it is today (I’ll talk more about this in a second!). Now that we know what works and why, we’re ready to share these services with you to grow your own business.

To have a working and winning content strategy, you need 4 components: a custom editorial calendar, keywords researched, topics planned, and expert guidance. Get these essentials with the help of @ExpWriters. 💥 Click To Tweet

Developing the Right Content Strategy Helped Us Grow — and It Should Help You Too

Here’s how I know just how effective a well-planned content strategy can be: it’s how we grew Express Writers to the point where it is today.

It took years to figure out and, more importantly, perfect the entire process, and I didn’t want to settle for anything less than perfection.

Within 2 years of implementing our content strategy, Express Writers boomed to 6 figures and then 7 in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

We weren’t doing all that bad before, but the growth was insane, and I can boil that down to two things:

1. Our content strategy. We’re not really into creating content for content’s sake. Instead, I developed a content strategy process that focuses on high-quality, authority-level content, guided by in-depth SEO research. Once I got clear on the six areas of content strategy we needed to clarify and implement, our real content success began to happen.

(My first foray into content strategy was when I built a simple team-only inner training on content strategy, as far back as 2015. Today, I’ve taken these cores and developed them into a $1,000 course with over 100 enrolled students, and a book that tops the charts on Amazon.)

2. The amazing team we have in place. FACTS: If you want to execute a winning strategy, you need expert, talented help in your corner. 💯

At Express Writers, we’re content experts first, a team secondly — not the other way around. We love what we do, and that has always come first.

We didn’t scramble for our expert hats and then market ourselves. We earned a real status by building real skills, and THEN sold services to our clients in our agency.

Read about our standards here.

I’ve talked extensively about the content strategy we implemented to grow Express Writers. However, if I had to sum it up in a few words, it would be these.

Stop wasting time with low-effort content. Instead, put real effort into high-quality pieces and SEO.

It sounds pretty simple when you put it like that. However, the amount of research, planning, and work that goes into executing a solid content strategy is mindboggling, particularly as your website starts to grow.

Remember how I mentioned it took us years to perfect the process? And that’s coming from people that do this for a living!

We have succeeded mostly because of the content strategy we've implemented throughout the years. The lesson: Stop wasting time with low-effort content. Instead, put real effort into high-quality and your #strategy. 💯 Click To Tweet

4 Ways We Save You Some Serious Time and Trouble with Our Expert Content Strategy Services

You already understand the sheer power of content when it comes to growing an online business, so let’s talk about how we can help you.

1. We Put Together a Custom Editorial Calendar that Fits Your Goals (📌It’s a Must-Have!)

You want your website to rank for as many keywords as possible, which means you need content.

A lot of websites focus on putting out as much content as possible at a breakneck pace, but that’s not a winning strategy. What you need is a plan and, as simple as it may sound, a calendar.

That means a week-by-week plan that outlines the content you’re going to publish. That way, you have a bird’s-eye view of what topics you’re going to target and when.

Here’s how it works: You tell us what your niche is, what your business is about, and what sets you apart. Our crack content strategists do their research, and here’s what you get:

  • A two-month editorial calendar, including perfect-fit keywords and topics your audience will love.
  • Tentative schedule dates designed to maximize the returns on your content.
  • An easy-to-understand report using an Excel template.

Those are the basics, but all our services also include plenty of extras. Our editorial calendars also include lists of influencers we recommend you engage within your niche, BuzzSumo content analysis reports, and an evergreen guide on the metrics we use.

Every single editorial calendar we send is put together by our team of content strategists. We use industry-leading software to help you make smart content decisions, but behind the curtain, it’s all humans.

Here’s a sneak peek at one we built for our clients in the clothing/retail industry.

Two months is the minimum we offer for our editorial calendar services because simply put, it’s the shortest period in which you can start seeing tangible growth. Content marketing is all about the long term, hence the calendar approach!

2. We Tackle Keyword Research for You (Using Industry Leading Software)

Do you want to know the secret behind websites that get dozens of thousands of visitors and shares on every article they publish?

Not a single page or blog goes live that doesn’t have a ton of research behind it.

If you want search engines to give your content the love and attention it deserves, you need to play by their rules. That means figuring out which keywords have the best potential ROI and using that information to drive your content decisions.

There are a lot of tools you can use when it comes to keyword research, and our team of content strategists uses the best software in the industry, including SEMrush and Mangools’ KWFinder. We spend the hours you don’t have to, to find amazing keywords that will help your content go to the next level.

Here’s what our keyword research services for blogs and websites get you:

  • Keyword research for blogs: You get a full SEMrush report that includes our top 15 keyword choices that can get you the best results for your blog. On top of that, we also include up to 200 additional keyword opportunities you should explore, as well as up to 3 headline suggestions for potential topics.
  • Keyword research for the web: Keyword research isn’t just for blogs, and our keyword research service for websites get you a report on 10 high-ROI keywords you should explore with your copy. You also get up to 200 high-potential keyword suggestions.

For both those content strategy services, you can let us know if you want your content strategists to focus on specific regions or audiences from around the world.

3. We Come Up with (and Plan) Topics for Your Blog and Website

If you like to keep things simple, we can start off by researching the best potential keyword for one (1) piece of content for your blog.

Our goal with this service is to find the keyword with the best potential ROI for your business. Then we come up with a killer content idea built around that keyword, including a headline designed to get attention.

One perfect topic at the right time can have a significant impact on your business. If you want to hire us to come up with multiple topics for your blog and website, we’ll put them together for you using one of our custom editorial calendars. That way, you can see how the whole content strategy comes together over the long term.

4. We Plan and Go Over Your Content Strategy (Via Live Calls)

A big part of a successful content strategy comes down to research and numbers.

We use the best possible tools and services to see where the data leads us, and we use our expertise to help you make the best decisions based on that data.

However, numbers alone often don’t paint a full picture. That’s why we’re also happy to hop on a call via Hangouts or Zoom to answer any questions you might have.

If you’re not sure where to begin, a call is a great place to start. You get to talk with one of our content strategists and ask any questions you might have regarding topic suggestions, concerns about your overall strategy, reviewing your content, and more.

I personally train every single member of our content strategy team, so when you hop on a call with one of them, I know you’re in good hands!

Let’s Implement a Winning Content Strategy Together

Creating and publishing industry-leading content is no small feat.

Now imagine how much work it takes to do it week after week, for years at a time.

It’s a lot of effort, but implementing a well-planned content strategy has the potential to elevate your business to the next level.

All you need is a great team in your corner.

Creating and publishing industry-leading content is no small feat. It’s a lot of effort, but implementing a well-planned content strategy has the potential to elevate your business to the next level. 💥 Read more about how we help: Click To Tweet

If you’re ready to start planning a long-term content strategy, check out the individual content strategy services we offer, and let’s get the ball rolling!

updates to express writers

Spring 2019 Updates at Express Writers: Team Additions, Social Media Copy & Image Updates & More

Content marketing is not an industry you can stand as an expert in without evolution, progress, and continual growth. I’m happy to say that this is in our line of vision at Express Writers: continual progress. It is a part of our mission at Express Writers to continually refine our services and offer the best in content creation.

This spring, we’ve made some changes at Express Writers to upgrade and increase the quality and uniqueness of the content services we provide for our clients.

In today’s blog, I’ve written a recap of these changes to keep you up-to-date with our changes and progress. Let’s dive in!

Check out @JuliaEMcCoy's recap of our Spring 2019 updates at Express Writers 📝 Click To Tweet

updates to express writers spring 2019

Product Changes at Express Writers: Resurrecting Social Media Services: What’s New Today, & What’s on the Horizon

I’m really excited to share that our social media copy and plans got a major facelift in the Content Shop. Both internally, and externally.

Instead of the confusing buy-5-posts-with-variations, and Level 1, 2, and 3 pre-built without customization options, here are the changes that have applied to the social media services we offer at Express Writers.

  • Standalone social media posts: pick the platform, quantity, and optionally, images: we simply write the copy and create images. See standalone posts. 
  • Social media plans have become build-your-own, instead of preset Levels: much more customizable! Just package up all the posts you need for a monthly total per-platform, per-piece quantity and price. See social media plans.
  • Social media images got a major re-haul: our designer will use your candid selfies or photographs and design them inside a 1:1 design (super hot these days on Facebook and Instagram), hand-made in Adobe Illustrator. (Examples below!)
  • Our social media experts will now include and suggest hashtags, the right amount and the right type per platforms, with the copy.

It’s a “buy one, get one now” for posts, clearly worded in the service. Or, you can package up into a monthly plan. No more confusing variations and choices.

Here’s the before and after of our Social Media Posts page. You can experience the revamped page right here.

And, here’s the new look for Social Media Plans:

The quality and what you get in our written and designed social posts has changed for the better. As mentioned, we’ll research and suggest the best hashtags to use in your Instagram posts, as well as on other platforms.

Plus, our social media image design got a full-on major facelift. We no longer work with stock images (unless absolutely necessary on behalf of the client). Instead, we’re asking that you provide images for us in the input forms, and our designer will take that image and inspiration from our social media copywriter to design a hot graphic for your social media profile inside our popular, researched and strategic 1:1 sized square graphic.

For this fairly massive service change, I did some beta testing. Chris Strub was our beta client for the new services, as well as my own social media profiles. I worked with our designer and social media experts as we went through changing the internal process.

Here’s what our new social media posts and image deliverables actually look like (content written by our social media specialist and designed by our in-house designer):

Example social media post #1


Social media tip: The front-facing camera is the perfect metaphor for putting yourself out there on social media. Tap the little icon for turning your camera into selfie mode, and hit ‘record’ or snap a photo and make that the next piece of content you post on social media. 📸  Your audience loves seeing the authentic YOU shine through! For more social media tips, follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisstrub/

Example social media post #2


Are you writing emails and sending them regularly to your list?

If not, you SHOULD be! It’s one of the most effective ways to grow and nurture your audience. Hand-in-hand with email marketing is great content: a little secret I’m going to let you in on is that email content gets SO much easier if you have comprehensive blogs hitting your site on the regular.

If you need copy support, my content agency Express Writers can help. Our hand-picked email marketing copywriters have helped hundreds of B2Bs and B2Cs craft their message (and even helped me write the ones we send you!). Chat with us today to see how we can help you create great content! Link: https://expresswriters.com/content/email-copy/

Example social media post #3



One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur and content marketer is that I can, if I want to, take off a random Tuesday to hang out with my little. Or, get her early out of daycare for a special treat and some playground time on a beautiful, sunny day.

Do you get to break away for family time? It’s so important!

social media services julia mccoy

These improved social media offerings will definitely bring more ROI to our clients and what they get out of social media. We’re so excited about these improvements!

Also, we’ve added a new service to our social media copy. New: YouTube descriptions! I’ve found after optimizing and publishing consistent videos on my own YouTube channel, that the copy inside your YouTube description is extremely important to rankings and click-throughs from your videos to your site.

What’s On the Horizon: Improved Experience Coming for Our Clients at Express Writers

Also, PSA for our clients: We know our systems are somewhat messy, and we’re hard at work on a total solution to fix everything. 

Navigation in the Content Shop, simply put, can sometimes be a bear. The products are too many, and confusing. The Client Account section needs more details, dates, and an easy reorder button.

We’ve got all these changes at heart, and for the past several years, we’ve been hard at work on what we call internally, EW 2.0: The Beast.

This is our brand new e-commerce system that is 100% customized and built from scratch, built for massive project management, speed, and seamless use by both team (internal) and client (external). It’s going to be good. That’s all we can say for now, and secondly, we can also say with confidence that we’re fairly close to a launch date, which will be revealed soon.

Management and Writing Team Additions: Timelines, Writing Quality, and our Mission Renewed

In January, you might have already been aware that our full-time content director of two years, Hannah, resigned and left our team. On average, we handle the creation of 200 pages in a given week, and handle dozens of full-scope, start-to-finish content projects — so as soon as I received her resignation letter via email on Saturday, I was under extreme pressure to rebuild the team, quickly.

The road to recovery began with finding a new, full-time business manager. One of our full-time writers since the early days, Korilynn, stepped up and offered her full-time assistance in my open call to fill the management role. I quickly found out in a preliminary call that this incredibly reliable writer, who I’d worked with for years, had all the expertise necessary to a management role. She’d ran her own businesses in multiple industries (cake/catering, office projects, and freelance writing), and handled all the administrative experiences for everything, for more than 12 years. As a full-time writer on the side for us, she handled a great deal of content writing with no quality loss. Along with that, she had a quiet home office in her four-story house, complete with multiple monitors, a full-speed customized computer system, and a treadmill desk! Great managers who work remotely need an optimized environment and great tech, and we soon found out that Korilynn uses her well-optimized home office to handle our content projects in smart, efficient ways.

Hannah sent her resignation letter in to me via email on Saturday, January 19. The very next day, on Sunday, January 20, I interviewed and hired Korilynn after sending out a “casting call” about an open management role. She was a perfect fit, and I’d known her for years, so I offered her the position. She started training on Monday, January 21. The long process of rebuilding everyone under our new management leader took a solid 45 days, minimum. Along the way, we improved and tightened up 100% of the processes, team rules, and policies, some of which had been left in the dust by prior management. Our editing process, which hadn’t been working for a while, was completely re-hauled, and Korilynn’s ideas for more effective editing were implemented slowly but surely.

Team rebuilding and recovery is not easy — I won’t lie. There were a couple of moments where I sat at my desk, ready to bang my head against the wall, in tears. It took a ton of hiring and firing to get everyone back on track with our renewed policies around maintaining quality and deadlines. We had to discover by trial-and-error who wasn’t fully on board our ship. I still remember when we hit day 45 of countless hours in improving our processes, hiring and firing, and rebuilding.

The improvements we’d made, after the initial growing pains, started showing in a big way. We were hitting 99.9% of our deadlines, early. We knew exactly which writers were going to be best fits for what projects, and we could guarantee quality within the intricate industries we were writing for. It was a big deal. Everything was finally, finally coming together.

Besides Korilynn, we have over 20 new writers that have joined us in the past two months. A few top profiles:

  • Cornelius M., our new technical writer with years of experience in crafting unique tech content, from policies, procedures, plans, work instructions for engineering, to design specifications, software, user acceptance specs, training material, and user material. With Korilynn and the editors’ help, he recently successfully handled a new content project for a huge new technical website client. It was a hit — they’ve been thrilled with the results!
  • Wendy T., a veteran freelancer with over 10 years of experience, digital marketing agency writer for medical marketing for 6 years, and lots of know-how in SEO writing (geolocals, etc.). She’s been successfully completing several top-tier content projects.
  • Al T., former employee in IT with Microsoft, and consultant. He’s written books, articles, training development documents and more. Al has a high standard when it comes to content and has been shining on our projects.

Special shoutouts to our veteran writers, who have been with us for many years:

  • Tami, our go-to press release copywriter, a gifted stay-at-home mom who uses her writing talents on the side with us.
  • Joshua S., veteran team member of Express Writers, who has recently been trained in Authority content and our content strategy services.
  • Mike S., technical writer extraordinaire and 1:1 dedicated project writer, who writes for one dedicated client.
  • Randi N., our talented copywriter, Content Strategist, and SEO/Google nerd, who runs her own enormously successful niche journalism website on the side.
  • John G., our on-call Content Strategist for client phone consultations, and full-time expert writer who handles every project with a high level of dedication.
  • Nikki W., talented veteran copywriter who teaches writing workshops and travels on the side.
  • Jillian P., our long-term copywriter who has taken on a dual role and has tons of experience and creativity in writing.
  • Cassie B., our reliable, efficient copywriter who has also taken on a dual in-team role and is amazing at quality content.

See more team faces on our About page. 

I have renewed faith in my team, and I’m now confident we are close to 150% renewed, refreshed, and capable from where we were at the start of January post-management-changes. It’s a good feeling, and most of all, my heart is delighted to see what we are accomplishing for our clients with a renewed, fully-committed team of people.

Justin, a new client and the founder of local Austin agency JS Interactive, just gave us this testimonial a couple weeks ago in March about his experience with our new management and writing team:

As an entrepreneur in Austin with extensive knowledge and experience in SEO, I understand the value of having content that is unique & relevant to the customers I serve. Since my recent collaboration with Express Writers, I have felt extremely confident in the creativity & the quality of work produced by Julia and her team. I love how seamless their online operation is – from my initial request to the final deliverable. The nice balance of creativity with the technical writing has produced instant results for my business in search. The staff is super friendly and responsive. Express Writers is highly recommended for any businesses looking to ‘level up’ their content marketing strategy.

We’re increasing our focus for existing client accounts, and working on continually supporting their needs in an improved, on-time, high-quality manner. We’re also taking new clients on an individual basis going forward into the year. Sign up and request a client account.

Our Content Marketing is Being Refined, Almost Daily

Not that this directly affects our clients, but I wanted to share briefly that we’re working hard at spending 60% of our focus on resurrecting and updating old content on the Write Blog, while 40% of our focus is on producing the best (most epic) comprehensive guides and original, unique blogs that the Write Blog has ever published.

We have over 1,000 blogs live, and in the last month, we deleted more than 20 that weren’t serving any real purpose from 2012 and 2013. We’ll have a final report when the spring cleaning is officially over! In keeping an eye on our rankings, I noticed that this has only seemed to help our site overall in Google. We went up by 13k in overall domain authority!

alexa site traffic express writers

So, you might see a lesser quantity of emails coming your way for new Write Blogs, but it will mean a heightened focus on quality.

That’s It for Now, Folks!

That’s a wrap on our Spring 2019 changes!

I’m so excited to share these with you — these are, overall, massive changes for our content writing agency that will result in serious improvements all around for our clients. And that’s not all. More are on the horizon that we’re really excited about. Can’t wait to share those with you, soon!

Here’s to amazing content!






cta social media

seo writing course julia mccoy

The Expert SEO Content Writer Course Is Re-open & Taking Enrollments!

I’m super excited to share the news that my intensive SEO writing course, The Expert SEO Content Writer, is officially open as of today, December 21, 2018, with a special Christmas offer!

seo writing course christmas offer

Back in September, we successfully tested the course with an epic beta launch. 101 students enrolled. My original goal for the September beta launch was 100. (For my courses, I don’t do free beta launches — I want my testers to have ‘skin in the game,’ and give me honest feedback. Free usually lowers someone’s expectation: but if they pay for it, they’re expecting good stuff.)

After talking to and listening to my beta students, I did some curriculum tweaks and added a new lesson to answer one more big, burning question. Today, I’m uber-101%-confident in offering my SEO writing course as an evergreen training course to the public.

Today’s blog about the relaunch is a FAQ of sorts. Inside, you’ll be able to pick my brain on the course reopening. Plus, a sneak peek at the current Christmas offer where I’m giving away a few special gifts to Christmas & New Year enrollees, the story of beta launch, what’s changed for today’s evergreen re-opening, why I don’t do open/close launches, who’s a good fit vs. not a good fit for the course, and more. Ready?

Check out the story of @JuliaEMcCoy's new evergreen training program, The Expert SEO Content Writing Course! #course #seowriting Click To Tweet

How the Idea For The SEO Writing Course Was Born

This subject I’m teaching in my new course — SEO writing — is one of my favorite subjects.

I’ve practiced the art of writing search engine optimized copy ever since 2011, when I was a fledgling, brand-new freelance writer.

Here’s the thing: I’ve always loved to write. SEO writing, however, was a disciplined skill that I had to teach myself. And I learned a lot of what works the hard way — by trying, testing, failing, trying and testing again to finally learn how to create SEO content that has ranked for over 18,000 keywords organically in Google and shot expresswriters.com to the top of search. See the story behind our rankings here.

express writers semrush

Current rankings for our site: 18,400+ keywords in Google. 100% organic SEO content.

This August of 2018 when I got the “lightbulb moment” to create my SEO writing course, it was a no-brainer. I worked hard to build an intensive but short curriculum, designed for busy professionals who only have a week or less to spare to devote to SEO writing skills and training.

For me, growing my SEO writing skills back in the day was just one of many hats I had to wear, along with marketing my business and running my team. So I focused on providing a zero-fluff, actionable curriculum that could be digested and learned in one week, or 5-6 hours tops. (You’re welcome.)

Read the full story of how I developed the course below:story behind the seo writing course

This blog post contains the full story of how I built The Expert SEO Content Writer Course from scratch.

The Story of Beta Launch for The Expert SEO Writer Course

After launching the finished course curriculum for a beta run in September, we had 101 students total enroll during my 10-day open period.

By mid-November, many of my beta students had successfully gotten through the curriculum.

I heard happy things from so many beta students. Did you see the student testimonials we added to the relaunched SEO writing course home page?  Holy success stories, Batman!

student testimonial gif

While I appreciate each and every one of my beta students, I think one of my favorite stories comes from graduate student Monique. SEO content works, and she has hit the ROI jackpot! It makes my day to hear success stories like this.

expert seo content writer course testimonial


Who’s A Good Fit & Who’s NOT A Good Fit for The Expert SEO Content Writer Course

I’ve had a few people ask me “what makes a great student for your new course?”

Great question.

This course is designed for online writers and marketers at all levels and stages — especially if:

  • You want to add “SEO writing” to your skills and expertise. This is the course for you, no matter where you’re starting from! You can be a total newbie or a seasoned writer interested in upgrading your skills or a writer struggling to create content that gets results in search engines. No matter where you’re starting from, this course will take you where you want to go in the world of SEO writing.
  • You’re a busy bee. It’s designed as a fast-paced, intensive, one-week program. It’s been built by someone who commonly wears five hats (CEO, content marketer, author, mommy, wife) on any given day, who can relate to your busy schedule! Structured for busy entrepreneurs, freelancers, and agency staff. You’ll be able to get through it easily inside a week or less.

Who is The Expert SEO Content Writer Course NOT For?

This program isn’t for “get rich quick” wishful thinkers. If you enroll in this course hoping to make a million dollars within a year, this program probably isn’t for you. You need to put in the work, fill out the templates, download and use the worksheets, and watch the videos carefully to see real results in your SEO content skills. Additionally, if you write for fun, but don’t care about earning income or growing a brand through your writing, this course probably isn’t the best fit for you, either. Sorry.

If you have no interest in learning SEO writing (at all), stop right now. Don’t take this course.

The best students are invested students. And real investment comes first of all from passion for and interest in the subject. My initiative-takers, my most successful students, are those that enjoy online writing.

SEO, keyword research and content optimization, all of which I teach in the course alongside SEO writing, is like a scavenger hunt. It takes interest and a perspective of “this is fun” to get the most out of it. In other words, if you’re a nerd, you’re a great fit. 😉

Why I Launch Evergreen Courses & Not Open/Close Launches

Someone recently asked me on Instagram, “Why don’t you close your course and reopen every year?”

Good question.

I thought I’d wrap up today’s announcement by sharing a few of my thoughts here.

It may be going against the grain a bit, although there are many other evergreen course creators out there, but I don’t do open and closed launches outside of beta launches.

Here’s why.

I build products and services that:

  • a) meet a real need in the market
  • b) can offer a solution to a wide amount of people in that specific market
  • c) will last and add value over time

I do hold open and closed beta launches to ensure I have a successful product (over 100 students have tested this course and said it is amazing!).

But in the long run, I build evergreen offerings.

To put it simply, I believe that evergreen products serve market needs best.

If you know me by now, you also know I’m not just about getting more sales. I’m about adding real value that complements a real need. And our customers’ journeys.

Why close a service if it adds a long-term solution to a market need, and if I’ve tested it and made 101% sure that it’s a product or service that will truly solve the end user’s need?

Why @JuliaEMcCoy doesn't keep doing launches: 'I'm not just about getting more sales from a product or service, I'm about adding real value that complements a real need.' More on the story of the SEO Writing Course Click To Tweet

And here’s one more note on this point.

Even though I launch evergreen offerings, I’m not (at all) a launch-it-and-forget-about-it entrepreneur.

I refine and improve every single service and product I’ve created, as time goes on. I listen to the feedback of my users, my customers, and we re-engineer if needed to meet their needs.

This is also how I’ve successfully ran and operated Express Writers. We never “close and re-open” our writing services. Ever since I opened Express Writers in 2011 and hustled for my first clients, our sales and client lists have been growing yearly from consistent progress in the industry, refining our services, and growing and improving our systems. Each year gets better and bigger. I believe if I’d been doing closed launches, we’d never be near the growth we have today going into our eighth year of business.

I believe in evergreen services and products all the way…with consistent refinement, growth and tuning along the way!

Here’s a Peek at What We’re Giving Away: The Expert SEO Content Writer Course, Christmas Edition

Just to give you a quick view at the relaunch Christmas giveaway we’re doing, here’s the offer I’m giving away with the course (total value over $690). 

You get ALL of this when you enroll today for $279.

  • The Expert SEO Content Writer Course: A Complete Course in Content in Just One Week. Freelancer, solopreneur, agency — you’re a busy person. That’s why I’ve distilled 7+ years of proven content writing strategies into a step-by-step system that will have you outpacing the competition on Google in just one week— no fluff, no filler.
  • The Only Industry Certification as an Expert SEO Content Writer. Our course is for professionals who are serious about their content careers. If you want to learn strategic copywriting techniques, advanced tools for high-ranking content, and the step-by-step formula for content success, this is for you. With the Expert SEO Content Writer Course, you’ll be able to earn official certification after you finish the course and show off your skills as a qualified SEO writer.
  • Exclusive Student Group to Get Coaching and Questions Answered. We know that networking and bouncing ideas off peers is critical to growth and success. The Expert SEO Content Writer Course has a private Facebook student community so you can connect with over myself and more than 75 like-minded peers for support, coaching, and encouragement.
  • Christmas Bonus #1: My two bestselling books, So You Think You Can Write? and Practical Content Strategy and Marketing are included in the Christmas bundle to increase your industry knowledge and give you even more tools to fine-tune your content for incredible results. You’ll receive FREE, full-length digital copies of both books, immediately available. Worth $50
  • Christmas Bonus #2: My complete content template library — get templates for long-form blogs, lead magnets, web pages, strong infographic copy, and even video scripts to NAIL your FB Lives or YouTube. Completely original (you won’t find these anywhere else, I’ve only used them to train my writing team) and customizable – yours to enjoy! Worth $150+
  • Christmas Bonus #3: Student-only partner discount codes — deep discounts on my favorite tools to help your content rank higher, including SEMrush, BuzzSumo, CoSchedule, and more! Worth $300
  • Christmas Bonus #4: My biggest discount EVER: $249 off a seat in my Content Strategy and Marketing Course! Combined with The Expert SEO Writer Course, this opportunity will skyrocket your results — and revenue — for the happiest New Year ever! Worth $249

seo writing course christmas offer

May Your Holidays Be Merry and Bright…And Your SEO Content Right!

Imagine what you could do with powerful SEO content?

For us, we’ve seen sales from brand new leads at $5,000+. These leads found us through ONE optimized blog post.

SEO content is a powerful tool to boost your brand online.

If you wear a lot of hats, and “online writing” is one of them — or if you want to give your office the gift of profitable SEO writing skills this holiday, this course is perfect for you.

See you on the flip side!

– Julia

seo content writing course CTA