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Copywriting Services: The Ultimate List of Content Tasks Every Marketer Should Be Delegating

The right words, whether in the form of copy or content, can make a huge difference for your marketing.

If you can speak to your audience in a way that moves them, inspires them, informs them, or clarifies complicated ideas for them, you’re far more likely to be successful.

Good writing serves as a foundation for any brand voice in the form of content, ads, web pages, promotions – you name it. Without that foundation in place, you’ll never move leads to become customers and customers to become brand evangelists.

The question is: Do you even have TIME to pull off that kind of writing consistently?

Most marketers don’t – and that’s okay. Instead, they rely on copywriting services and expert talent. They delegate and outsource to people who call it their life’s work to know and write for all types of audiences in all types of industries persuasively.

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Don’t put your hands in too many pots at once. Don’t forfeit writing quality in favor of other tasks. Your entire content marketing strategy WILL suffer.

So, what types of copywriting services can you outsource? What should you invest in for better results for yourself or your clients? We’ve compiled a complete guide, including pricing averages, right here. Want the cheat sheet to save for later as a PDF? Grab it here.

copywriting services list

Copywriting Services: The Master List of Content Needs for Your Marketing

1. Social Media

  1. Social Media Copy for Each Platform
  2. Branded Images

2. Onsite Copywriting Services: Blogging

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Audience & Topic Research
  3. Starter Blogs – Shorter Expert Pieces
  4. Authority Blogs – Skyscraper Pieces

3. Onsite Copywriting Services: Web Pages

  1. SEO Keywords for Your Web Pages
  2. Key Landing Pages
  3. Service-Specific SEO Landing Pages

4. Email Content

  1. Email Sequences
  2. Single Emails to Your List

5. Ad Copy/Sales Pages

  1. Conversion Copywriting

6. Copywriting for Marketing Content

  1. Ebooks & Lead Magnets
  2. Whitepapers
  3. PPT/SlideShare
  4. Flyers/Brochures
  5. Press Releases
  6. Video Scripts
  7. Product Descriptions

copywriting services infographic

Download this guide as a PDF.

Your Total Content Needs List: Copywriting Services to Delegate and Invest In

Copywriting in social media, onsite blogging, onsite web pages, email copy, marketing copy, and ad copy can and should be on your list of marketing tasks to delegate.

Improve your marketing and focus on these copywriting services in each category, starting with social media.

Social Media

Social media content forms the base of any promotion plan. It’s a key part of a content strategy because it helps you connect, engage, and build relationships with your audience and followers.

While you can and should hand the social media copy reins to an expert, one aspect you should never outsource or automate is personal engagement with your audience.

When it comes time for interacting, building relationships, networking, and engaging, this should always be personal. Whether you’re responding to comments, taking part in a Twitter chat, or commenting on someone else’s post, your personal interaction is essential. Don’t rely on a copywriting service to do this for you.

The basic tasks of writing solid social posts, however, can and should be delegated. Here are the main types you need as a marketer:

1. Social Media Copy for Each Platform 

Average price per post: $4 – $6+

For promoting content and building brand awareness, social media copy is essential. You not only need to post regularly on each platform you invest in, but also create social content that uses your brand voice and tone to connect with your target audience.

Of course, writing for each platform requires different standards, types of posts, and copy. All of this can be a headache and a half to juggle, which is why it’s a fantastic idea to invest in copywriting services.

Here are just a few basic, current standards for the top platforms:

  • On Facebook, short posts with cleaner copy (think: 0-1 hashtags and 0-1 emojis) are proven to work well, according to data from CoSchedule. Including an image or link with your posts is a given, and video content is huge for engagement. Too many overly promotional posts are a no-no.

how to write for facebook infographic

  • On Instagram, you’d think the emphasis would be on the photo you post, but the caption actually matters a ton, too. The written copy here is a great place to tell stories, engage with your followers, and generally provide added value with your images.
    • Example: Tagging other accounts related to your post, especially influencers/brands, as well as using relevant hashtags both encourages discovery and helps your followers find more content like yours. (A good copywriting service will know and use all the current best practices.)
  • On Twitter, your post copy should be engaging but strategic. Each post should include an image for 150% more engagement, according to data Buffer collected, not to mention a few well-chosen hashtags. When relevant, you should also tag partners, influencers, and related accounts.

tweets with images get more retweets

  • On LinkedIn, a slightly more professional tone is needed, but posts can still retain your brand voice – just dialed back a little. Longer posts and articles about industry news, events, and developments are great fodder for engagement.
  • On Pinterest, much like Instagram, it isn’t necessarily all about the images. Captions will help users find your pins, not to mention give your pins more context. In particular, writing captions that will stay relevant for the life of a pin (which can be a long time!) helps encourage pinning and re-pinning, not to mention continued clicks to your content from that pin.

Express Writers offers copywriting services for ongoing social media posts on the platform(s) of your choice. Our social media writers are up-to-date with best practices for every type of post and know how to create engaging copy that wins.

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2. Branded Images

As you may have noticed, images play a huge role in your social media posts. You need a corresponding image for posts on almost every platform, in most cases.

Here’s an example of a branded image from one of our own blogs:

express writers branded image

Express Writers offers custom branded images along with our social media posts so you get the best of both worlds. Find this add-on option for social media copywriting services on our social media plans page.

Onsite Copywriting Services: Blogging

Blogging is the cornerstone of content marketing. A 2015 HubSpot study found that B2Bs that blogged at least 16x per month got 4.5x more leads than those that blogged less often. However, to see these types of results, your blogs need to be consistent, high-quality, and authoritative in tone to build trust and rankings.

Can you honestly say you have the time to devote to this kind of blogging? It can get pretty rigorous without help, and many marketers throw in the towel far too soon to see the type of ROI that can and will happen with consistency.

Bottom line: If you can’t commit to blogging with your heart and soul, you won’t see results – unless you outsource.

These are the major blogging tasks and copywriting services to invest in for stronger results.

1. Keyword Research

Average price for one keyword research report: $175 – $250

Reaching your SEO goals is a lot harder without strategic keyword research. The right keywords targeted in an expert, thought-leadership-style blog can mean the difference between content success (traffic, page views, engagement, backlinks) and content failure (cue crickets chirping).

Generally, keyword research for your brand (or your client’s brand) involves:

  • Searching for broad industry terms related to what you do/sell
  • Finding long-tail keyword variations of those broad terms that hit the right balance for three metrics:
    • Keyword difficulty (KD, or the competitiveness of that keyword)
    • Relevancy (to your brand, industry, products, or services)
    • Search volume (high numbers are not necessarily better)

Keyword research requires some knowledge of your industry, an understanding of what high-ROI keywords look like, and an ability to analyze keyword data to find the richest opportunities for rankings.

Needless to say, keyword research is a valuable copywriting service, but lots of writers simply don’t offer it.

At Express Writers, that’s not the case. We offer done-for-you keyword research and strategy that includes comprehensive keyword and topic reports using top tools like SEMrush and BuzzSumo. We analyze the data for you and come up with the top keyword opportunities to use in your content.

2. Audience & Topic Research

For brand awareness and audience reach, you need the double-whammy of audience and topic research. These actions help solidify the direction of your onsite blogging, giving it the power it needs to reach your ideal buyer on a personal level.

Without these types of research, you’ll have no clear idea of who you’re writing for, not to mention what you should write about.

  • Audience research is a process that helps you figure out your main target audience as well as what moves them, their pain points, where they come from, where they want to go, and who they want to be.
  • Topic research is how you find blog and content topics your audience actually wants to read. Instead of pulling random ideas out of thin air, you start with what you know about your industry, your brand, and your audience. You work outward from there to find relevant topics that connect to your brand goals.

Writing content that uses both audience and topic research as a foundation ensures two things:

1. You’re always writing to the right people.

2. You’re always writing about topics that move you closer to your success benchmarks.

Luckily, I teach both skills in my course, The Content Strategy & Marketing Course.

3. Starter Blogs – Shorter Expert Pieces

Average price per word: $0.15 – $0.20

Average price for four 500-word blogs per month: $300 – $400

The blogs you publish, whether on your website or your clients’, are fundamental to content marketing. Onsite blogging is the #1 way to build authority, trust, and backlinks. Continuously and consistently publishing great content drives more traffic and brings in more leads.

In specialized industries, expert knowledge behind your content matters. To be high-quality and high-authority, written blogs and articles need the most cutting-edge, up-to-date knowledge behind them. That should include current strategies, statistics, and studies.

In short, industry expert blogs need writers who can:

  • Slip into different brand voices seamlessly
  • Speak on a personal level to different target audiences
  • Write with authority and accuracy about in-depth industry topics

Great expert blogs are readable, informative, useful, and speak to your readers’ most pressing pain points. The right copywriting service should cover all of that.

Express Writers offers industry expert blog packages for niches across the board including health & wellness, technology, finance, real estate, SaaS, SEO/digital marketing, and more. We also offer ongoing topic research as an add-on service so you’re never left scratching your head wondering what to publish next.

4. Authority Blogs – Skyscraper Pieces

Average price for a long-form, 2,000-word blog: $600 – $900

Authority behind your content matters more than ever in this age of information overload. People often don’t know who to trust or which sources are legit, just because there are so many scams, tricks, and fake news cycles out there.

In fact, according to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, public distrust in major institutions has declined across the board, which includes government, media, business, and nongovernment organizations.

graph showing trust crash in the u.s.

Authority, skyscraper-style blogs are therefore essential trust-builders that help shape your online gravitas positively. These aren’t just blogs; they’re MEGA blogs:

  • Content is written by an authority in your industry
  • Content aligns with your brand voice, tone, and style
  • Content is backed up with compelling facts, studies, and current research
  • Content is written around a high-opportunity, long-tail keyword that will rocket you into the search engine rankings
  • Long-form content provides depth and breadth on a relevant industry topic

In short, authority blogs aren’t just content pieces – they’re content assets. These powerful blogs will work to draw in traffic and leads for months, maybe even YEARS, after they’re published. Even more importantly, they will help build trust and loyalty with your audience.

Express Writers offers authority content for entrepreneurs, marketers, and agencies who want to level up their content. You KNOW what authority blogs can do if you invest in this level of content creation.

I created this copywriting service after a year spent listening, watching, and studying content trends. I saw a winning formula emerge, and I wanted to offer that to our clients – the BEST content possible that will stand tall in a swamp of billions of blog posts.

Onsite Copywriting Services: Web Pages

Think of your onsite content – your web pages, about pages, service pages, landing pages, etc. – as bridges and roads.

Each of these pages has the potential to lead your audience to that ultimate destination, the conversion. Of course, if you build your roads and bridges with weak materials and shaky foundations, fewer people will want to cross them.

Here are the copywriting services you need to invest in to build the best web pages possible, ones that will serve to welcome your audience and guide them to action.

1. SEO Keywords for Your Web Pages 

Average price for one keyword research report: $175 – $250

You don’t just need the right keywords in your blogs. You also need web pages optimized for industry terms and phrases that your ideal customers are typing into Google. This is how you get organic traffic and leads from search to land on your main site pages.

At Express Writers, we can find the best keywords for your web pages with our keyword strategy services.

2. Key Landing Pages

Average price per word: $0.07 – $0.23

Average price for one optimized, 800-word web page: $170 – $200

Web page content is one of those copywriting services most marketers can’t do without, as each page must be unique and persuasive to pass muster with Google AND users. Web pages can run the gamut from home pages to “about us” pages to service pages optimized for local SEO.

Much like blogs, industry expert web pages need to be consistent with brand voice and tone, convey authority, help your audience find the information they need, and use keywords strategically for high search engine rankings. The best copywriting services should deliver all of the above.

Whether you need unique, keyword-optimized web pages for your site or you have a lot of service pages that need local SEO and/or some fantastic copy, Express Writers can help with our custom industry expert web pages.

3. Service-Specific SEO Landing Pages

Average price for one 500-600-word page: $75 – $120

SEO landing pages are simply designated places where your visitors land after they click one of your links. Service-specific landing pages usually direct traffic to your site from local search. Here’s how that works:

  • A user opens Google and types in a keyword for a local service they want to find (i.e. “dentists in Austin”).
  • On the results page, your webpage pops up as an option because it’s optimized for that location-specific keyword.
  • The user clicks your link and is taken to your local service landing page, where they can learn more and potentially book an appointment/hire you. Here’s an example of a service landing page in action:

service landing page example

For best results with service landing pages, it’s essential to hire an expert writer who knows your industry. Express Writers hires specific field experts for this exact purpose from industries like legal, finance, marketing, and more. When you order copywriting services like web page copy, we match you up with one of these experts to write your pages.

Average just doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to web content. Every single page on your site needs to be optimized for search and expertly written to stand out from the pack.

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Email Content

The power of email content is undeniable. According to Econsultancy, 66% of marketers who use email say it helps them achieve “excellent” or “good” ROI.

That’s not all. A Litmus survey of over 350 marketers revealed the ROI of email marketing is $38 for every dollar spent – Whoa.

However, these results only happen when your emails are targeted, well-written, persuasive, and valuable to your user base. To hit all of these bullseyes, these are the types of email copywriting services to delegate to the experts.

1. Email Sequences

Average price for an email sequence of 5 emails: $450 – $600

Launching new products? You need an email sequence. This is a series of targeted emails sent out at specific times over the course of a few days or a few weeks. Usually, the sequence is triggered by a customer action:

  • Signing up for your newsletter
  • Downloading a PDF
  • Abandoning a shopping cart
  • Browsing your site

An email sequence tells a continuing story. Each email builds upon the last email sent, culminating in a whammy-punch that ultimately moves the reader to follow your call-to-action (whether you want them to download an ebook, sign up for a webinar, or buy your new product).

This is an example of an email from a sequence I sent to my own list:

example of email content

Only an expert writer who truly understands persuasive, conversion-focused copy has the chops to create a successful, conversion-driving email sequence.

Express Writers’ copywriting services include done-for-you email sequences. Our email experts will write your sequence to appeal to your readers and gear them up for that all-important CTA.

2. Single Emails to Your List

Average price for short single emails (200-400 words): $75 – $200 (The American Writers and Artists Inc. copywriting price guide also mentions average pricing for standalone sales emails, which can run as high as $2,000 – but that’s because they’re conversion-focused and expected to be high-performing.)

For email marketing, single emails can be just as effective as email sequences, but for different reasons.

Single emails are a fantastic way to build trust and rapport with your audience. Think of it as another way to connect with them and build a relationship. Additionally, single emails are perfect for sharing new content. Who better to appreciate your new blog post than your list?

Here is an example of a single email promoting a new blog post for the Write Blog:

single email promoting a blog post

EW’s writing staff includes email experts who can take care of this copywriting service for you. Whether you need on-brand single emails or irresistible email sequences, we have you covered.

Ad Copy/Sales Pages

To nab the sale or ace the conversion, not just any kind of copywriting will do. Instead, you need expert copy written by a pro who understands the sales process. Enter conversion copywriting.

Marketers: This is something you shouldn’t do yourself unless you’ve been schooled in writing direct response copy.

1. Conversion Copywriting 

Average price for one conversion-oriented sales page: Industry experts rate this copywriting service as extremely high-value – $1 per word at minimum is the going rate.

Conversion copywriting is all about creating copy that engages a specific audience and pulls in the buyer’s interest. Conversion copy can be found on web pages, Facebook/social ad copy, and emails. Most of all, it has the potential to make you serious $$$.

With that in mind, not just anybody can write conversion copy that actually delivers. Only a serious copywriter will do, one who understands buyer awareness, the marketing lifecycle, and how to appeal to the decision-making process.

For a good example of conversion copy, take a look at Airstory’s homepage. Every sentence makes you want to add the tool to your browser:

conversion copy from airstory

Express Writers has conversion copywriting services available, but only by request. Contact us directly to get a custom quote.

Copywriting Services for Marketing Content

What types of marketing copy should you delegate, and which types can you write yourself?

In general, these are the copywriting services you can hand off for excellent ROI.

1. Ebooks & Lead Magnets

Average price for one designed ebook, 3-5 pages: $300 – $550

Lead magnets are high-value content pieces that you offer exclusively to your audience in exchange for a few personal details, such as their name and email address. Lead magnets are often created in the form of ebooks to pack in a lot of useful information – bonus points if they’re beautifully designed.

Much like blog content, ebooks and lead magnets build your authority and expertise in your industry, not to mention trust with your audience.

Watch me explain lead magnets and ideas for lead magnets in this video:

And check out one of our lead magnets at EW: The Easy ABC Content Strategy Checklist.

the easy abc content strategy checklist

We offer both ebook copy and design at Express Writers. Let one of our industry expert writers whip up a high-value ebook for your brand that will help build your clout AND your email list.

2. Whitepapers

Average price per page: $90 – $200

Whitepapers are great content assets to have on hand for any brand. These in-depth reports provide thorough information about specific problems and step-by-step information about how you solved it.

The most common types of whitepapers showcase client testimonials. For example, a good whitepaper will present the client’s problem clearly and effectively, then show how your brand (or your client’s brand) solved that problem and went above and beyond for the customer. Most importantly, these types of whitepapers showcase client satisfaction and serve as powerful social proof for other potential buyers.

Another type of whitepaper that’s pretty common: thorough, well-researched guides to industry problems. HubSpot has a good example of this type:

whitepaper example from hubspot

Whitepapers can be incredible authority-builders for any brand. EW offers this copywriting service, whether you just want whitepaper copy or a fully designed product.

3. PPT/SlideShare

Average price for one slide: $30

Slides for PowerPoint or SlideShare can be surprisingly difficult to write and create. Which key points about your topic should you include? How do you make slides attention-grabbing yet easy to read and understand?

Include this type of content in your list of copywriting services to delegate and you’ll get high-quality, expertly written slides that accomplish all of these goals.

To drive home how effective slides can be, check out this example of a SlideShare created from one of our blogs here at EW:

Need marketing copy for slides on PPT or SlideShare? EW does that, too.

4. Flyers/Brochures

Average price per 250 words: $50

If you’ll be advertising your brand locally (think tradeshows, events, etc.), flyers and brochures are a great print marketing asset. They are:

  • Relatively low-cost
  • Easy and fast to distribute
  • Effective for in-person marketing events

The most successful flyers and brochures will have copy that’s succinct, to the point, and impactful. They will clearly explain your products/services/offers in a way that appeals to your target audience.

If you want an expert creating your flyer/brochure copy, add that to the long list of copywriting services we have available at Express Writers.

5. Press Releases

Average price for one press release: $200 – $300

For announcing key news and happenings at your company, nothing does the job better than a professionally written press release.

Of course, when we say “professionally written,” we mean written by a professional journalist. With this kind of expertise behind your press releases, your news is more likely to be distributed through a network or picked up by a news outlet.

For expert, journalist-written press releases, check out this copywriting service from Express Writers.

6. Video Scripts 

Video is huge these days online. According to the Aberdeen Group, marketers who use video get 66% more qualified leads annually.

The secret to producing successful, attention-grabbing videos? A clear message conveyed with confidence. How can you do that? With a well-written video script.

It’s true: Even though video is hot, hot, hot. You won’t get anywhere by pushing out low-quality videos with lots of awkward pauses and stammering. Your video production will be much smoother with a script.

Tip: If you don’t have time to create them, Express Writers can write your video scripts for you.

7. Product Descriptions

Average price for one 100-250-word product description: $20 – $25

Product descriptions are an essential copywriting service for ecommerce businesses selling their wares. These descriptions not only persuasively sell the online product, they also describe it in a way that answers customer questions and overcomes any objections to clicking “add to cart”.

A worthy product description is both visceral (i.e. you get a good feel of what it would be like to use/wear/try the product) and practical (including dimensions, settings, features, etc.). Ideally, it should also be optimized for search so buyers can find that product when searching on Google.

For a tried-and-true example of product descriptions that fit all of these criteria, look at ModCloth, the online women’s clothing store. This PD for a hooded yellow coat includes both fanciful details that will appeal directly to its young target audience, not to mention practical details about the coat material, fit, and sizing.

product description copy - example

If you need product descriptions that both tell and sell, let our writing team at Express Writers take care of them for you with our copywriting service for product descriptions.

How to Work with Copywriting Services to Produce Content That Wins

A huge part of winning marketing has to include winning copy. To put it bluntly, there’s so much to write and so little time. As you can see, copywriting services can lift a lot of that pressure off your shoulders.

Whether you’re a time-crunched marketer, an entrepreneur striking out with a new product/business, or an agency strapped for good writers, getting help is always a good idea. It WILL 10x your marketing!

To wrap up, here are a few tips to make your copywriting services go the extra mile:

1. Invest in Quality

Expert, amazing writers charge more for their services because they’re good. Their work gets consistent results and ROI. Period. If you want those results, you need to invest in expertise.

2. Provide Instructions, Guidelines, Ideas, Etc.

For copywriting services, you can’t provide too many details. Give your writer the best starting point by giving them all the information you can about what you need. Examples, style guides, links to content you want to emulate – all of it will help your writer produce a better end product.

3. Communicate

While working on your content or copy, your writer might have questions pop up. They might need you to clarify an instruction or help them refine the voice and tone you want them to use, for example. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep communication lines open. Be responsive and work with your writer if you want the best from them.

Copywriting services can lighten your to-do list, but more importantly, they can improve your marketing by leaps and bounds. Have you made the investment in expert copywriting yet?


copywriter services

Our Copywriter Services at Express Writers: What You Need to Know

A copywriter on your side is an integral piece of the content marketing puzzle:

  • Copywriters understand how to integrate SEO seamlessly into your content to scoop up targeted traffic. 
  • They know how to write the words that win leads, conversions, and sales. 
  • They’re nimble content creators who can seamlessly slip into your brand’s voice and talk to your audience effectively.

Most importantly, copywriters will help you stand apart from the pack.

Think about this: 

To stand out in this content shock environment, you need somebody who knows how to put together sentences and paragraphs, images and stats, and research and creativity in a way that grabs attention. 

It’s not just about standing out, though, either.

There are lots of situations where hiring copywriter services can save your life. According to Copyblogger, you need a copywriter if:

  1. You don’t have the time to create consistent, amazing content that will work as assets for your business.
  2. You hate writing, or you know your weaknesses, and writing is one of them.
  3. You need an expert to help you reach a specific goal – ranking in Google, getting more conversions, etc.
  4. You find it hard to write about your business objectively, and need an outside perspective (and a copywriter’s brain) to zero in on aspects you take for granted – ones that are vastly interesting and important to your customers.
  5. The content is high-stakes (i.e. associated with a campaign or launch) and it’s essential to get it right.

Of course, it’s really easy to say you need a great copywriter for your content marketing.

Finding the right copywriter services is another story.

That’s why, at Express Writers, we make it easy.

We have dozens of vetted copywriters who are experts in niche industries. Each and every one of these great writers are trained in SEO best-practices, storytelling and editing, formatting, research, and more. 

Whatever your online writing need, we can probably fill it. Take a look at our services, below, and see what we can do!

copywriter services

Our Copywriter Services from A to W: Authority Blogs to Whitepapers and Web Content

Expert Industry Copywriting

Our team at Express Writers can handle your expert industry copywriting, whether that means writing your next case study or whipping up an expert blog that matches your voice in your industry niche.

We have a huge pool of expert writers to choose from, all of whom are vetted experts in specific industries. We can cover everything from technology to pet care, to legal, real estate, medical, SaaS, and more.

Just tell us what niche you’re working in and we’ll match you up with an amazing writer who can craft incredible written content.

Web Pages

Our custom web page copy is written to SEO standards and helps position your online business presence for success. Your content will have a better chance at ranking, and your readers will find the information they need.

We can write for most industry niches, and can optimize your web pages for local search, too.


Our trained copywriters understand online writing intimately and can create the best original blogs for your keywords, topic, target audience, and brand voice. 

Our team has written hundreds, if not thousands, of SEO blogs on an incredible array of topics – anything from dentistry to skincare, buyer’s guides, pet food, outdoor furniture, content marketing, medicine, and much, much more.

These are blogs readers will love and search engines will index and rank – the best of both worlds.

Monthly Blogging Packages

Blogging can be the cornerstone activity at the front of a high-ROI content marketing strategy. Publishing high-quality blogs regularly can boost your traffic numbers and get your brand in front of new leads. 

Let us take care of the writing, research, and publishing with our monthly blogging packages. These are SEO-ready, professional blogs posted on your specified blogging schedule. To build even more authority, choose to upgrade to one of our expert writers who knows your niche.

Content Planning/Consultation

Take your blogging strategy one step further with our content planning/consultation services. This is done-for-you content strategy, and includes keyword research, topic research, and planning for your blog or web content moving forward.

Our Content Strategists use top industry tools like BuzzSumo, SEMrush, and KWFinder to comb through the data and discover the best topics and profitable keywords for your industry and brand. 

You can also book a call with a Content Strategist, who will spend a 45-minute session with you discussing the details and guiding you on your next content steps. 

If you don’t know where to start with your content strategy, let us lay out the high-ROI roadmap you need to reach your goals.

Authority Content

If you want to become a leading voice in your industry, you need Express Writers’ authority content services.

At this level, our authority writers are primed and ready to write content that seamlessly fits your brand voice, nurtures your leads, establishes you as an authority in your field or industry, and guides your readers to profitable action.

Every authority content order includes keyword research and optimization, in-depth topic research, and original images designed just for your piece.

Each authority content piece is a high-ROI asset that will work for you long after it’s published. This is how you differentiate yourself, head-and-shoulders, above the pack.

Custom Images

Including images in your content and blogs is proven to increase your shares and make your audience stay on your page longer – both of which can help you rank higher! We provide three options for boosting your storytelling power with custom images:

  • We can choose high-quality, royalty-free stock images for you that match your topics.
  • Our designer can create a custom blog image set for your post, including a blog header image and inset graphic.
  • OR, we offer a set of custom-designed storytelling graphics (think cartoons, illustrations, etc.) that can take your blog to the next level, created by our design team in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Here’s an example from our process page:


Looking for your next hit lead magnet? Or maybe you’re just looking to re-engage your subscriber base. Either way, offering a value-packed ebook to your audience can be an incredible investment.

Let us write it for you with expert-level copy and crisp, professional design. We’ll create something your readers will want to get their hands on.

Come to us with a rough outline and we’ll do the rest. Or, schedule an interview with your ebook writer and give them personal direction. The end result will be an high-ROI asset that will help you engage new subscribers or re-engage old ones.

Combine your ebook lead magnet with inspiring and persuasive landing page copy to really nail those conversions.

Email Copy

Skilled email copy can turn your email marketing into a powerhouse, whether you want to warm up leads for eventual action, or guide your readers toward a purchase.

Our email sequences are the perfect solution if you need conversion copy. They’re written by our marketing copywriting experts and will promote your audience-specific message just the way you need to boost your business.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions, done right, can help move sales as well as inform your buyers and drive more purchase-ready traffic to your product pages.

Our product descriptions are optimized for search and current SEO standards, unique, and written for your target audience in your brand voice. Our copy will help your product pages rank and your sales climb higher.

Press Releases

Do you have a big announcement, piece of news, or something similar you want to submit to the media or related publications? 

Our journalists can make it happen with high-quality press releases. They will expertly craft a press release that covers all the bases and gets you approval from distribution networks or media outlets. Your business message will get more eyes and ears with our PR writing chops.

Landing Pages

Get more conversions on your landing pages with targeted landing page copy. We’ll create SEO content that speaks to your audience and moves them to action. We can also do geo-targeting and location-specific SEO so your pages will appear at the top of organic local search results.

Meta Description Copy

Smart, well-written meta description copy can help you stand out in search results. Get more clicks on Google with our SEO meta titles and descriptions, optimized for your target keyword and written to grab your audience.

Social Media Posts

Writing for social media can be a tricky game. You want to promote your original content as well as post stuff that will engage your audience and grow your industry authority.

Let us do the writing for you with our done-for-you social media posts. We’ll write original posts with variations for up to three social channels, and we can even include custom-designed images with each post.

We know best-practices for posting to all the major channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Let us write posts that will grow your brand and make your audience take note.


Whitepapers are authoritative, thorough, researched reports that provide immediate value for your audience by solving a problem for them or answering questions. 

Let our expert copywriters take the reins and create informative, well-written whitepapers for your business. We’ll write to your audience and make sure it’s research-based for great results.

Provide us with an idea, draft, or outline, and we’ll take it from there. We can even format and design it for you for a beautiful resulting lead magnet or content asset.

Sales Pages

If you need words that sell, we can create them. Rely on Express Writers for quality, targeted, optimized sales pages that push your reader toward the call-to-action. This is our best conversion-oriented, persuasive, irresistible copy.

Ad Copy

These days, more people are likely to ignore your ads rather than click on them. So how do you get them to stop, take notice, and click?

Our professional ad copy can get it done. We’ll craft a single social media ad you can use on the platform of your choice. Or, choose an ad copywriting package to get ad copy and variations for three platforms. This lets you split-test your ads and find the one that performs best for high ROI.

Slideshare/PPT Copy & Design

If you need copy for a SlideShare or PowerPoint presentation for your brand, let us handle it. We’ll write copy that speaks to your audience and provides immediate value.

Plus, if you need help with design and slide presentation, our designers can whip that up, too. We’ll craft incredible slide content that supplements and supports your other marketing content.

Interview Time

For that personal touch, invest in an interview session from our staff members and take your content a step higher.

We offer one-on-one interviews conducted by your assigned writer, who will talk to you about your content direction project details. Guide your writer exactly where you want them to go with your content.

Our project managers are also available to interview you, your clients, or one of your team members for content inspiration. This nets you one-of-a-kind content with exclusive quotes.

Copy Editing

Already have the copy, but need a professional eye to edit it and proofread? Express Writers can do that, too.

Our professional copy editors have years of experience in content marketing, writing, and copy editing – they’ll hone your content into pure gold and help you reach the tone and quality you need.

Choose from basic, line-by-line copy editing or in-depth developmental editing that will help rework and restructure your copy to reach its highest potential.

Use Our Copywriter Services and Let Your Content Soar to Its Highest Potential

Ready to give us a shot at fulfilling your content needs? Visit our content shop to grab what you need for better content.

If you’re not sure where to start, talk to us and we’ll help you figure out what kind of content is your best-fit!

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SEO & Content 101: How Good Writing Services Can Boost Your Google Ranking

Search engines have a simple purpose: to help users find the information they need. Google, known as the king of search with over 60% of the market share, aims to give users the best experience when searching the web. To make this happen, Google is always looking for good website content. Thus, business owners are always looking for good writing services!

Now, it has become even more important to make sure that you have good quality content on your website. Otherwise, you will be penalized by Google.

How Google Rankings Relate to Good Writing Services

Poorly-written and over-optimized content is your ticket to the bottom of the last page of search results, which is essentially equivalent to not having a website at all. Quality writing services can help prevent your site from being banished to obscurity by making sure you have great content that Google’s algorithms and, most importantly, your customers will love.

Why Should You Care About Google Algorithms?

First of all, you may be asking, what in the world is a Google algorithm? Simply put, this is a mathematical formula or steps of instructions that tell the search engine how to sift through millions and millions of web pages to find information that is most relevant to a search query.

Google has several algorithms such as Google’s Farmer/Panda, which was implemented in 2011 to lower the rankings of content farms and overly-optimized sites and to push up sites with better content. Content farms are websites that publish massive amounts of generally low-quality content to get traffic to their site for the purpose of generating quick advertising revenues.

Then, there’s Google’s Penguin algorithm, which was designed to punish websites that engage in web spamming or black hat search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to manipulate the search engine index on purpose. Some of these rogue techniques include keyword stuffing, content duplication and participating in low-quality link exchanges.

All these algorithms will work in your favor if you have fresh and quality content on your site and that’s where good writing services can be of great value to your business. Otherwise, you’ll have no chance to increase your online visibility and Google is keen on making sure of that. That’s why you need to care about their ever-changing algorithms if you are looking to build your online presence.

How Can You Please Google?

You can please Google by not trying so hard to please them, and pleasing your customers instead. Many Internet marketers and website owners have become obsessed about optimizing their content for search engines. While it’s clear from the previous section that Google’s search algorithms are very important, don’t kill yourself figuring them out. Instead, focus on pleasing your customers and giving them information that is relevant to your offering and relevant to their present and future needs.

Remember, Google wants to help their users. Just like your customers, Google is looking for relevant content that is accurate and contains helpful information. The only legitimate way to improve your search engine rankings is to have informative content on your site that will compel new readers and keep existing readers coming back. So, if you constantly deliver content on your site that is useful to your customers, there’s no way Google will not locate your site and rank it high on their natural search results for your prospect customers to find.

Keeping in Line with Google

When it comes to improving your search engine ranking, however, great website content goes beyond good grammar and interesting topics, although these are very important aspects. It’s not just a matter of how much time you have in your hands or whether or not you can write. Making your content search-engine friendly requires the use of certain techniques that must be done according to good website practices or, in other words, Google’s guidelines.

Google has put in place several guidelines that will ensure the search engine will index and rank your website so that it will be ultimately found by your target audience. One of the advantages of hiring writing services is that you’ll have someone who knows and understands these guidelines and all its details and can implement them effectively.

Good writing services with SEO capabilities will know exactly how to optimize a website without overdoing it. For instance, it is important to use the right keywords but there are rules as to how you should use them. Even if you’re not stuffing keywords into an article, there is still a right way of incorporating keywords to ensure readability. In the same way, including links on your web pages have an impact on your ranking too but, again, your site must follow certain rules on linking relationships to avoid being penalized.

Investing in Good Writing Services

As you may understand now, for Google, it’s all about delivering better search results. Hiring good writing services is the easiest and most efficient way to produce high quality content that will translate to better search engine ranking. Publishing quality material on a regular basis gives you a great chance to improve your online visibility.

However, you have to ask yourself, is this something that you can accomplish on your own? If you can delegate the task to someone in your staff, do they have the right knowledge and skill set to do the job effectively? Unless you or your staff has a solid talent for writing, an excellent grasp of SEO techniques and Google’s guidelines, and enough time to develop content on a regular basis, you will need professional writing services.

Having quality content on your site and earning a top spot on Google search results doesn’t just happen. It takes considerable experience and knowledge, along with a real talent in writing, to capture the message of your business and transform it into content that will be relevant to your target audience and compelling enough for them to start a conversation about it, and even share it to others.

By investing in good writing services, a professional writer can easily take your message and ideas and come up with content that is useful, flows naturally and will effectively push your website up Google’s search rankings.