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Our Copywriter Services at Express Writers: What You Need to Know

A copywriter on your side is an integral piece of the content marketing puzzle:

  • Copywriters understand how to integrate SEO seamlessly into your content to scoop up targeted traffic. 
  • They know how to write the words that win leads, conversions, and sales. 
  • They’re nimble content creators who can seamlessly slip into your brand’s voice and talk to your audience effectively.

Most importantly, copywriters will help you stand apart from the pack.

Think about this: 

To stand out in this content shock environment, you need somebody who knows how to put together sentences and paragraphs, images and stats, and research and creativity in a way that grabs attention. 

It’s not just about standing out, though, either.

There are lots of situations where hiring copywriter services can save your life. According to Copyblogger, you need a copywriter if:

  1. You don’t have the time to create consistent, amazing content that will work as assets for your business.
  2. You hate writing, or you know your weaknesses, and writing is one of them.
  3. You need an expert to help you reach a specific goal – ranking in Google, getting more conversions, etc.
  4. You find it hard to write about your business objectively, and need an outside perspective (and a copywriter’s brain) to zero in on aspects you take for granted – ones that are vastly interesting and important to your customers.
  5. The content is high-stakes (i.e. associated with a campaign or launch) and it’s essential to get it right.

Of course, it’s really easy to say you need a great copywriter for your content marketing.

Finding the right copywriter services is another story.

That’s why, at Express Writers, we make it easy.

We have dozens of vetted copywriters who are experts in niche industries. Each and every one of these great writers are trained in SEO best-practices, storytelling and editing, formatting, research, and more. 

Whatever your online writing need, we can probably fill it. Take a look at our services, below, and see what we can do!

copywriter services

Our Copywriter Services from A to W: Authority Blogs to Whitepapers and Web Content

Expert Industry Copywriting

Our team at Express Writers can handle your expert industry copywriting, whether that means writing your next case study or whipping up an expert blog that matches your voice in your industry niche.

We have a huge pool of expert writers to choose from, all of whom are vetted experts in specific industries. We can cover everything from technology to pet care, to legal, real estate, medical, SaaS, and more.

Just tell us what niche you’re working in and we’ll match you up with an amazing writer who can craft incredible written content.

Web Pages

Our custom web page copy is written to SEO standards and helps position your online business presence for success. Your content will have a better chance at ranking, and your readers will find the information they need.

We can write for most industry niches, and can optimize your web pages for local search, too.


Our trained copywriters understand online writing intimately and can create the best original blogs for your keywords, topic, target audience, and brand voice. 

Our team has written hundreds, if not thousands, of SEO blogs on an incredible array of topics – anything from dentistry to skincare, buyer’s guides, pet food, outdoor furniture, content marketing, medicine, and much, much more.

These are blogs readers will love and search engines will index and rank – the best of both worlds.

Monthly Blogging Packages

Blogging can be the cornerstone activity at the front of a high-ROI content marketing strategy. Publishing high-quality blogs regularly can boost your traffic numbers and get your brand in front of new leads. 

Let us take care of the writing, research, and publishing with our monthly blogging packages. These are SEO-ready, professional blogs posted on your specified blogging schedule. To build even more authority, choose to upgrade to one of our expert writers who knows your niche.

Content Planning/Consultation

Take your blogging strategy one step further with our content planning/consultation services. This is done-for-you content strategy, and includes keyword research, topic research, and planning for your blog or web content moving forward.

Our Content Strategists use top industry tools like BuzzSumo, SEMrush, and KWFinder to comb through the data and discover the best topics and profitable keywords for your industry and brand. 

You can also book a call with a Content Strategist, who will spend a 45-minute session with you discussing the details and guiding you on your next content steps. 

If you don’t know where to start with your content strategy, let us lay out the high-ROI roadmap you need to reach your goals.

Authority Content

If you want to become a leading voice in your industry, you need Express Writers’ authority content services.

At this level, our authority writers are primed and ready to write content that seamlessly fits your brand voice, nurtures your leads, establishes you as an authority in your field or industry, and guides your readers to profitable action.

Every authority content order includes keyword research and optimization, in-depth topic research, and original images designed just for your piece.

Each authority content piece is a high-ROI asset that will work for you long after it’s published. This is how you differentiate yourself, head-and-shoulders, above the pack.

Custom Images

Including images in your content and blogs is proven to increase your shares and make your audience stay on your page longer – both of which can help you rank higher! We provide three options for boosting your storytelling power with custom images:

  • We can choose high-quality, royalty-free stock images for you that match your topics.
  • Our designer can create a custom blog image set for your post, including a blog header image and inset graphic.
  • OR, we offer a set of custom-designed storytelling graphics (think cartoons, illustrations, etc.) that can take your blog to the next level, created by our design team in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Here’s an example from our process page:


Looking for your next hit lead magnet? Or maybe you’re just looking to re-engage your subscriber base. Either way, offering a value-packed ebook to your audience can be an incredible investment.

Let us write it for you with expert-level copy and crisp, professional design. We’ll create something your readers will want to get their hands on.

Come to us with a rough outline and we’ll do the rest. Or, schedule an interview with your ebook writer and give them personal direction. The end result will be an high-ROI asset that will help you engage new subscribers or re-engage old ones.

Combine your ebook lead magnet with inspiring and persuasive landing page copy to really nail those conversions.

Email Copy

Skilled email copy can turn your email marketing into a powerhouse, whether you want to warm up leads for eventual action, or guide your readers toward a purchase.

Our email sequences are the perfect solution if you need conversion copy. They’re written by our marketing copywriting experts and will promote your audience-specific message just the way you need to boost your business.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions, done right, can help move sales as well as inform your buyers and drive more purchase-ready traffic to your product pages.

Our product descriptions are optimized for search and current SEO standards, unique, and written for your target audience in your brand voice. Our copy will help your product pages rank and your sales climb higher.

Press Releases

Do you have a big announcement, piece of news, or something similar you want to submit to the media or related publications? 

Our journalists can make it happen with high-quality press releases. They will expertly craft a press release that covers all the bases and gets you approval from distribution networks or media outlets. Your business message will get more eyes and ears with our PR writing chops.

Landing Pages

Get more conversions on your landing pages with targeted landing page copy. We’ll create SEO content that speaks to your audience and moves them to action. We can also do geo-targeting and location-specific SEO so your pages will appear at the top of organic local search results.

Meta Description Copy

Smart, well-written meta description copy can help you stand out in search results. Get more clicks on Google with our SEO meta titles and descriptions, optimized for your target keyword and written to grab your audience.

Social Media Posts

Writing for social media can be a tricky game. You want to promote your original content as well as post stuff that will engage your audience and grow your industry authority.

Let us do the writing for you with our done-for-you social media posts. We’ll write original posts with variations for up to three social channels, and we can even include custom-designed images with each post.

We know best-practices for posting to all the major channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Let us write posts that will grow your brand and make your audience take note.


Whitepapers are authoritative, thorough, researched reports that provide immediate value for your audience by solving a problem for them or answering questions. 

Let our expert copywriters take the reins and create informative, well-written whitepapers for your business. We’ll write to your audience and make sure it’s research-based for great results.

Provide us with an idea, draft, or outline, and we’ll take it from there. We can even format and design it for you for a beautiful resulting lead magnet or content asset.

Sales Pages

If you need words that sell, we can create them. Rely on Express Writers for quality, targeted, optimized sales pages that push your reader toward the call-to-action. This is our best conversion-oriented, persuasive, irresistible copy.

Ad Copy

These days, more people are likely to ignore your ads rather than click on them. So how do you get them to stop, take notice, and click?

Our professional ad copy can get it done. We’ll craft a single social media ad you can use on the platform of your choice. Or, choose an ad copywriting package to get ad copy and variations for three platforms. This lets you split-test your ads and find the one that performs best for high ROI.

Slideshare/PPT Copy & Design

If you need copy for a SlideShare or PowerPoint presentation for your brand, let us handle it. We’ll write copy that speaks to your audience and provides immediate value.

Plus, if you need help with design and slide presentation, our designers can whip that up, too. We’ll craft incredible slide content that supplements and supports your other marketing content.

Interview Time

For that personal touch, invest in an interview session from our staff members and take your content a step higher.

We offer one-on-one interviews conducted by your assigned writer, who will talk to you about your content direction project details. Guide your writer exactly where you want them to go with your content.

Our project managers are also available to interview you, your clients, or one of your team members for content inspiration. This nets you one-of-a-kind content with exclusive quotes.

Copy Editing

Already have the copy, but need a professional eye to edit it and proofread? Express Writers can do that, too.

Our professional copy editors have years of experience in content marketing, writing, and copy editing – they’ll hone your content into pure gold and help you reach the tone and quality you need.

Choose from basic, line-by-line copy editing or in-depth developmental editing that will help rework and restructure your copy to reach its highest potential.

Use Our Copywriter Services and Let Your Content Soar to Its Highest Potential

Ready to give us a shot at fulfilling your content needs? Visit our content shop to grab what you need for better content.

If you’re not sure where to start, talk to us and we’ll help you figure out what kind of content is your best-fit!

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