Why Does Content Work? Plus, 39 Reasons You Should Invest in Content

Why Does Content Work? Plus, 39 Reasons You Should Invest in Content

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You’ve heard content being praised time and time again by marketers.

(Myself included.)

But, why does content work?

In today’s shifting business world, they say, content marketing is the way to go.

It beats paid ads and other forms of traditional marketing by a long shot.

(90% of consumers find custom content useful. Compare this to Facebook ad ROA, which sits at .66x. What kind of content works? Educational, useful, blog content. 3 out of 4 of internet users read blogs regularly.)

We know content works.

And although you believe what the experts are saying, you wonder: why?

Why does content work? What’s the science behind it? Should you start your own content marketing campaign?

Let’s dig into the data to find out!

why content works

Why Does Content Work? Plus, 39 Reasons You Should Invest in Content – Table of Contents

What Kind of Content Works?

1. Content with a Strategy

2. High-Quality Content

3. Consistent Content

Why Does Content Work? 40 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

Does Content Work? How to Move Forward with Your Marketing Goals

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What Kind of Content Works?

Before we dive into why content marketing works, it’s important to point out that not all content works.

You can’t just get on your keyboard and type up a frenzy of random blogs to publish online. Doing this is a waste of time, energy, and even money.

So, what kind of content should you be producing? Here are three things to aim for.

1. Content with a Strategy

Approaching content marketing without content strategy is like going on a trip without a destination.

No matter how many miles you travel, you’ll never reach your goal because you don’t know exactly what your goal is.

To keep your content from going in circles, you need to develop a content strategy.

This is your master plan and blueprint. It’ll guide you on what type of content to create, the target audience to create it for, where to publish it and how often, and all the details that’ll make your content unique, purposeful, and powerful.

2. High-Quality Content

When publishing content, remember that quality trumps quantity every single time.

And when I say quality, it’s not just making sure your blogs are free of grammatical errors.

It’s superb content. Share-worthy content. Content that gets your audience hooked.

So, if you’re tempted to click publish on the mediocre blog you wrote, just stop. Publishing a day or two late is better than damaging your online authority with low-quality content.

3. Consistent Content

That being said, try your best to stick to a regular schedule.

Your readers will lose interest if you publish content randomly and inconsistently.

If you’re having trouble writing everything yourself, hiring an awesome content writer is a promising and profitable step.

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Why Does Content Work? 40 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

Let’s start with exactly why content works, then explore statistics that’ll get you excited about content marketing.

1. Why Does Content Work?

Content works because of what the buyer’s journey is like today.

Buyers nowadays can’t be bullied into an old-fashioned sales funnel.

They don’t like feeling “sold,” or “closed.”

Instead, they want to feel powerful. They want to be in control during every step they take towards the solution they’re looking for.

So no, you can’t put your audience into a rigid, linear sales funnel.

What you can do is offer them value.

For instance, let’s say your potential client wants to feel attractive and confident with a flashy white smile.

If you’re selling teeth whitening products, you can do two things:

  • Bombard your prospect with paid ads, or
  • Teach your prospect how to whiten his teeth through quality content.

As you’ve guessed, your prospect will respond positively to your brand if you choose the second option.

He’ll see you as an authority in your industry. He’ll trust you. He’ll consider your expert advice and feel attracted to your product.

That’s how content marketing works.

Buyers nowadays can’t be bullied into an old-fashioned sales funnel. They don’t like feeling sold or closed. Instead, they want to feel powerful. Click To Tweet

2. Your Audience is Constantly Online

81% of people go online daily

In the U.S. alone, 81% of people go online on a daily basis. Of this number, 28% are online constantly, and 45% go online more than once a day.

3. The Number of Internet Users is Growing Each Year

Today, there are 4.54 billion internet users worldwide. That’s more than half the total population of the world!

internet users worldwide

4. There Are Six Billion Searches on Google Per Day

That’s 230 million searches every hour, and two trillion searches per year.

230 million searches happen on Google hourly

5. Google Is the Number One Place People Go When Searching for a New Product or Brand

Every single day, hundreds of millions of people go to Google to perform shopping-related searches.

6. People Are Spending More and More Time on the Internet

time spent using the internet per day

Source: thenextweb.com

The Philippines leads the pack on total time spent on the internet with a whopping nine hours and forty-five minutes per day. Worldwide, it’s six hours and forty-three minutes per day (the same number with the U.S.).

People spend nearly 7 hours on the internet daily

7. 90% of B2B Marketers Use Content as Part of Their Strategy

The brands using content for marketing aren’t all small. In fact, hugely successful brands like Toshiba, Cisco, and Marriott all take advantage of content marketing.

90% of B2B marketers use content marketing

8. A Huge Chunk of Marketers are Investing in Content Marketing

It’s not just B2B marketers, it’s B2C marketers as well. 70% of all marketers now invest in content marketing.

9. 3/4 of All People Who Use the Internet Read Blogs Regularly

3/4 of internet users read blogs

That’s 3.4 billion people who’d potentially be interested in reading content you publish.

10. 55% of Marketers say Blogging is a Top Inbound Marketing Priority

While outbound marketing pushes your messages at people who aren’t interested in your brand, inbound marketing works like a magnet. It draws in prospects who are actively looking for your product or service.

Since more than half of marketers consider blogging a top inbound marketing priority, why not jump in?

11. If You Increase Your Blog Posts by 100%, You’ll Get a 300% Increase in Traffic

Increase your blog posts, increase your traffic

Let’s say you have 100 blogs and 2,000 daily visitors. If you increase the number of blogs on your website to 200, you’ll get a total of 6,000 daily visitors.

12. Companies with More than 400 Blog Posts Enjoy Three Times more Leads than Companies with Fewer than 100 Blog Posts

Consistent blogging with quality content and keywords improves your SERP ranking and brings in more leads. It also alerts Google’s web crawlers to your site and keeps your readers entertained and engaged.

13. Companies that Publish 16 or More Blog Posts Per Month Enjoy 3.5x More Traffic than Companies that Publish Less than Four Times a Month

If your goal is to increase organic traffic, publish as much optimized content as you can (sticking to amazing quality, of course).

If your goal is brand awareness, keep your content diverse, valuable, and useful while sticking to a consistent publishing schedule.

how often should you blog via HubSpot

14. 70 Million New Blog Posts Appear on WordPress Blogs Every Month

These blog posts generate around 77 million comments from 409 million monthly internet users.

And that’s just WordPress! An alternative is Tumblr, which has 450 million blogs.

15. Longer Blog Posts Get More Shares

Blog posts above 3,000 words get the most online shares.

longer blog posts get more shares

Source: neilpatel.com

16. Marketers Who Use Blogging as a Strategy are 13x More Likely to Enjoy Satisfying ROI

Blogging as a part of your overall strategy will drive more ROI – by an amazing 13x!

17. 40% of Your Traffic is Driven by Only 10% of Your Blogs

Not every one of your blogs helps generate traffic. If you can focus on what’s right in the blogs that fall within the 10% that bring in quality traffic, your website will quickly become a success.

18. 64% of B2B Marketers Outsource Their Blogging

Blogging consistently is tough, which is why it’s a great idea to invest in hiring skilled expert writers to create content for you.

19. Users Share Content They’re Impressed With

As an example, take this infographic from Demand Metric. It got 7, 937 shares and 452 pins.

content shares for demand metric's infographic

20. 72% of Marketers Say Content Increases Engagement with Prospects

Successful content educates, entertains, and helps prospects gain their needs and desires. The more value they get from content, the deeper the connection they feel with a brand.

72% of marketers say content increases engagement with prospects, via @optinmonster. That's because successful content educates, entertains, and helps prospects gain their needs and desires. Click To Tweet

21. 72% of Marketers Also Report Content Marketing Has Increased Leads

Content marketing, done consistently and with quality and a user-focus at heart, equals more leads. See our case study on ranking through content.

22. 61% of Buyers Are More Likely to Purchase from a Brand after Reading its Unique Content

In fact, prospects read 3 to 5 blogs before approaching a company’s sales personnel. Create more blogs, brands! You may not have to “sell” as hard.

Prospects read 3-5 blogs before talking to sales

Prospects read 3 to 5 blogs before approaching a company’s sales personnel. ‍ Create more blogs, brands! ✏ You may not have to sell as hard. Click To Tweet

23. 34% of Consumers Will Make an Unplanned Purchase When They Read Personalized Content from a Brand

Personalized content is content that’s created around specific needs, beliefs, and desires. It also addresses a prospect based on where he is on the buyer’s journey.

Personalized content is extremely effective. In fact…

24. …90% of Consumers Appreciate Personalized Content

Creating generic content is one of the biggest reasons brands don’t get conversions.

25. Traditional Advertising Is No Longer Working Like It Used To

Direct mail and TV advertisements used to work wonders for brands. Today, they’re largely ignored.

traditional advertising doesn't work

Source: demandmetric.com

One of the major reasons content works: Direct mail and TV ads are largely ignored today. Gaining trust is more important than grabbing attention. ✅ Click To Tweet

26. Although Online Advertising is More Successful than Offline Advertising, Businesses Using Paid Advertising Are Struggling Because of Ad Blockers

Globally, 47% of people use ad blockers.

27. $35 Billion Worth of Paid Ads is Lost Every Year Because People No Longer See Ads

Users cite diverse reasons for using ad blockers. Some say they don’t want to be annoyed with irrelevant ads. Others say ads drain the battery life of their phones.

The result is a huge loss per year on money spent for paid ads.

28. Ad Blockers Will Soon Include Paid Video Ads

The Chromium Blog recently announced that it will soon remove disruptive ads from videos to ensure Google Chrome users enjoy a better online experience.

These ads include non-skippable ads that play before video content, mid-roll ads that interrupt a viewer’s enjoyment of content, and ads that partially block a video.

29. Branded Video Content is Becoming the Powerful Alternative to Paid Video Ads

In fact, 87% of content marketers use video for marketing.

30. Video Content in Emails Can Channel Traffic to Your Website

When you create compelling video and add it to your email content, you’ll increase your click-through rate by 300%.

31. Video Content about Products Increases Purchase Intent by 144%…

32. …Which is Why Video Content is the Number One Form of Content Used by Content Marketers

most-used content for marketers

Source: Source: hubspot.com

33. Of All the Content Activities Online, 90% is Spent on Video

Check out this graph from Hootsuite that shows what’s going on with video content consumption.

most popular content activities

source: blog.hootsuite.com

34. An Attractive Website with Unique Content Will Increase Your Chances of Getting Recommendations from Users

On the other hand, an unattractive website will turn people away. 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a brand that gave them a bad user experience online.

35. Email Content Helps with Customer Retention

91% of shoppers who buy from a brand say they want to hear from the company via email.

36. No, Email is Not Dying

Think social media is for the young and email is for the older generation?


Actually, 73% of millennials say they want to read email content from brands.

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37.  Content Marketing is Cheaper than Paid Advertising

Even if you pay for content creation, you’ll still save up to 62% compared to paying for ads.

content marketing is cheaper than traditional advertising

Source: demandmetric.com

38. But, Although It’s Cheaper than Paid Ads, Content Marketing is More Effective

For the same amount you pay for ads, you can get 3x more leads when you do content marketing.

content marketing generates 3x the leads

Source: demandmetric.com

39. The Number of People Listening to Podcast Content is Growing

If you don’t have a podcast yet, here’s great incentive to start one. Podcast listening has grown by  200%!

Also, Google recently announced its intention to index podcast content. This means your podcasts can turn up in the search engine results, leading users to your blog or website.

40. B2B Marketers Are Becoming More Successful in Content Marketing

b2b marketers more successful than last year

Source: contentmarketinginstitute.com

A majority of B2B marketers rate their content marketing success higher today than one year ago, via @contentmarketinginstitute. Content works because we're FINALLY figuring out how to do it successfully. Click To Tweet

Does Content Work? How to Move Forward with Your Marketing Goals

There’s a huge chasm between marketing the way it was 50 years ago and marketing today.

Today, buyers are in control. They make the rules, and oftentimes break them. Their resistance to the traditional sales funnel is sky high.

So, does content work to break down your prospect’s walls? Absolutely. Content works because instead of asking, you’re giving. Instead of pushing advertisements into people’s faces, you’re building value-rich material and attracting people to your brand.

Want to get premium content that maximizes growth for your brand? Visit our content shop to learn more.

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