is the playbook to good content dead

Is the Playbook to “Good Content” Dead? The Reality of Content Marketing Today (Video)

I had the honor of teaching a half-day content writing workshop for NextGen Healthcare in Irvine, California in March, 2019.

I walked in armed with principles, ‘how-tos,’ recommended tools, writing standards, custom techniques for their B2B marketing, and more…

And as I walked out to enjoy the sun and California beach for an extra day, I had a HUGE realization.

The playbook to ‘good content’ is dead.

In a world where 3.8 billion emails are sent daily, 5 million blogs are published daily, and 1.5 BILLION websites exist…

We’ve hit a content peak. ⛰The mountain of content we’ve created online (much of it, bad) is unbelievable.

And now is the time to stop creating the same old, same old.

We have no excuses anymore. We’ve got to stop fitting in ‘best practices’ boxes, and allow room for innovation.

In today’s video, I’m covering some of the most important takeaways after walking out of my workshop and conversations with the amazing team of content creators at NextGen. Watch, and then let me know in the comments on YouTube what your #1 action will be today to stop creating same old, same old. Let’s inspire each other!

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Is the Playbook to “Good Content” Dead? The Reality of Content Marketing Today: Video Recap

It’s time to stop doing same old, same old — and that’s one of the biggest points of my video.

My three most important takeaways for you would be these:

1. THEM vs. US.

We’ve got to stop making our marketing about us, and make it about our PEOPLE.

2. Never Guess with Content Creation: Level 10 is Now Level 1

What used to be Level 10 (content strategy knowledge) just a few years ago is now Level 1.

Seriously! I believe that level 10 has become our new Level 1. It is now the Basics.

So, know your basics. Get strategic, and never guess when creating topics – ever! Use data-backed insights on REAL searches they’re doing in Google and questions they’re already asking online, using tools like BuzzSumo (content discovery) and SEMrush (SEO analysis).

Need help? I teach all the answers to ‘what is content marketing’ step-by-step in the Content Strategy & Marketing Course.

3. Allow Room for Innovation

Once you have the basics down, and you know content strategy – throw OUT ‘best practices’ and your content playbook.

Seriously. Allow room for innovation! Take a trip outside the office to spark brand new thoughts and inspired action.

This is how we’re going to win today. Not just by covering the basics and ‘knowing’ the ‘what’. Room for inspiration and innovation is what will help us hit next level.


In a world where 3.8 billion emails are sent daily, 5 million blogs are published daily, and 1.5 BILLION websites exist, we’ve hit a content peak.

And we’ve got to stop creating the same old, same old.

We’ve got to stop fitting in ‘best practices’ boxes and allow ROOM for INNOVATION.

Seriously, people, it’s time. If not, we might be lost by the wayside, in the bucket of 5+ million blogs going out every day.