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Get to Know the Team Behind Express Writers

Get to Know the Team Behind Express Writers

Did you know the Express Writers team is filled with carefully handpicked content creators? In addition to our behind-the-scenes team, our expert content writers are passionate about producing quality content. And we couldn’t be more grateful!

With the help of our team, we have had the privilege to serve over 5,000 clients, ultimately completing more than 40,000 projects since the company was founded in 2011. We couldn’t have reached such great success without an incredible team on our side.

But if you haven’t worked with us yet, you might be curious about those managing everything behind the scenes on the Express Writers team. For instance, who exactly is involved in the content creation process? And how can you learn more about the team you’re trusting to create your content?

To help you get to know us, we’re sharing a little about the team members who are directly involved in fulfilling your content orders. Plus, we’re giving you details about the writers on our team and introducing you to the team members that keep things running smoothly here at Express Writers.

Who is Involved in the Express Writers Process?

Every order placed inside our Content Shop is handled with care. That’s why we have a human team handling every aspect of bringing your content to life. There’s no automated process assigning a project to whichever writer happens to be available. Instead, everything is carefully assigned thanks to some thoughtful planning by our Content Manager.

Here’s a look at the Express Writers team members who are directly involved in creating your content:

  • Content Manager: Once you place your order, our Content Manager reviews the details of your project based on the input form you’ve submitted. This information allows the Content Manager to assign your content to the writer who would be the ideal fit based on their areas of expertise, content writing level, and the format of the requested content. Doing this ensures our clients are always matched with the writer who will deliver the best results possible.
  • Writer: After a project is assigned, it’s in the hands of one of our expert writers. Our writers are skilled and able to create content in a wide array of formats. We have writers trained to craft blog articles, social media posts, ebooks, press releases, and just about anything your brand could need to stand out online. That’s because we want to serve you in any way we can!
  • Editor: When a draft of your content has been submitted, our editors take over. All of our editors go through extensive internal training under our leadership team so they can meet your brand guidelines every time. They fine-tune your content and correct any errors. Should significant changes need to be made, they’ll send it back to the writer to make final changes. Otherwise, our team will send it over for your approval.

We take great pride in this process because we know it works. Not only does this ensure client satisfaction by pairing you with the best writer for the job, but it keeps our writers happy as well. After all, writers who are passionate about the content they’re creating craft the best articles.

About the Writers on Our Team

Let’s take a moment and talk about the writers on the Express Writers team. We want to ensure quality with every client project, so it’s important that we hire experienced and knowledgeable writers. That’s why we carefully review each application we receive and hire those we know will be an asset to our team.

Our writers are based in the U.S. and are all native English speakers. They’re excellent with grammar and spelling, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t need to make any edits to the finished project you receive. They also understand SEO best practices to ensure your content is properly optimized. And they’re passionate about learning and evolving their skills.

One of our focuses is hiring writers with niche and highly specialized backgrounds. These writers have years of on-the-job experience and advanced degrees in fields from legal and finance to marketing and real estate. Rest assured that your content is in good hands with these industry specialists.

Not only that, but we also offer industry-leading training for our writers so they have the opportunity to strengthen their writing skills over time. By staying updated with industry best practices, our writers can produce captivating, high-quality content every single time.

Get to Know the Express Writers Team

The tricky thing about working with a remote team is that you don’t usually get the opportunity to meet them in person. We strive to put people first, so we want to put a face to the name of the folks you’ll work with. On our Who We Are page, you’ll see a sampling of some of the Express Writers team members, but here are a few that you definitely need to know:

Adam Oakley, CEO

Adam Oakley took over the role as Express Writers CEO in 2021 after our founder, Julia McCoy, stepped down to pursue other career opportunities. Adam brings more than 20 years of experience in various executive roles to the Express Writers team. He has previously worked in manufacturing, technology, and professional service businesses.

Not only that, but he also has prior experience running the marketing department for a large manufacturing company. He’s even been part of the leadership team for a global technology provider, where he focused on business operations, scaling the worldwide group, and developing the client service model for a $30 million company.

His leadership and management skills make him a natural CEO for Express Writers. Since taking over the role, he’s fully immersed himself in our company culture, taking the time to meet directly with various team members, establish a relationship with them, and ensure a smooth transition. It’s his mission to expand on EW’s success, helping us to make an even greater impact on the world of online content.

Alicia Oakley, COO

Alicia Oakley became our COO in 2021. After 20 years of experience across different fields, including education, real estate, and entrepreneurship, Alicia is now lending her expertise to Express Writers. She even brings along a Master’s degree in education. Her mission as COO is to guide our team to the next level, as it’s one of the things she’s most passionate about in her career.

Much like Adam, Alicia didn’t hesitate to jump in and familiarize herself with the core members of the Express Writers team after coming on board. By taking the time to get to know the existing team, she has been able to identify areas for improvement, which will ultimately propel our agency to even greater success and massive growth.

Outside of Express Writers, Alicia enjoys spending time with her four children, traveling, reading, and expanding her real estate portfolio.

Korilynn VanDyke, Content Manager

Korilynn VanDyke has what is arguably one of the most important behind-the-scenes roles on the Express Writers team. As our Content Manager, she matches our clients to the writer that’s best suited to their project to ensure quality with every piece of content our team creates. She also oversees the support team and our project deadlines to keep things running smoothly.

Considering Korilynn has had a passion for writing since her elementary school days, it’s no wonder she found herself as part of our team. She’s been writing professionally for over 12 years now, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about great content. As a member of the Express Writers team since almost the beginning, her experience and industry knowledge make her invaluable as we continue to grow.

When she’s not working, you can typically find her spending time with her husband and three children.

Nicole Inge, Client Success and Marketing Coordinator

If you’ve ever reached out to us to get help with placing an order, you’ve most likely talked to Nicole. As our Client Specialist, she answers all of your important content-related questions. She can help you choose the right content for your needs and assist you in purchasing from our Content Shop.

Additionally, Nicole coordinates our marketing efforts. She works on our marketing campaigns, writes copy for the site, and edits and updates our blog each week. Combining her knowledge of client needs with her marketing background helps EW reach more folks who need high-quality content, which she thinks is the best part of her job.

Nicole has been passionate about writing since she was 13. This interest led her to get a Bachelor’s in creative writing in 2016. She also completed her MFA in poetry in May of 2020. While in grad school, Nicole also worked in the marketing department for a book festival and as an editor for a literary journal, giving her tons of experience that she’s able to utilize here at Express Writers.

Let Express Writers Handle Your Content Creation

Now that you’ve learned more about the Express Writers team, let us handle your content creation. Our team can create everything from blogs and social media posts to marketing materials such as press releases. Whatever you’re looking for, our team of expert writers is ready and willing to tackle your project!

Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help.

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5 Benefits of Custom Content for Business

5 Benefits of Custom Content for Business

According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound report, 80% of marketers feel content creation is a top priority.

We have to agree. To stand out online, the best way to do that is through your content.

While many marketers recognize the importance of great content, not everyone is in the same boat. Sometimes it takes some extra convincing to get people on board with the investment, for instance, those higher-ups on your team. For those who understand the value of content, we know it’s worth the commitment to show up consistently with irresistible blogs and social media posts.

However, if you’re someone who needs a little extra convincing, this post shares the benefits of content for business. This way, you’ll see the value in content planning and creation.

5 Benefits of Content for Business

Here are five benefits you can expect for your business when you get serious about content creation:

1. By Optimizing Content, You’ll Become More Visible Online

It’s not enough to publish content on your blog. You need to take extra steps to optimize your content so you stand a better chance at ranking high in search results. When you rank on the first page, for example, you’re going to see a significant boost in traffic.

That extra traffic will generate more awareness for your brand, meaning more people will know who you are and what you do. As people begin to see you and your content everywhere, they’ll be more inclined to purchase your products or services over a competitor.

2. Great Content Gives Your Audience a Reason to Come Back

A key element of success is getting people to return time and time again. You don’t want them to visit your website, then leave and never return. Once your target audience discovers you through an initial piece of great content, they’ll want to keep coming back for more. Provide value and address their pain points, and you’ll soon become their go-to resource.

3. It’ll Help You Build Trust and Authority

Building the Know, Like, and Trust Factor (also known as the KLT Factor) is an essential element in your success when growing an online business. People do business with those they trust. However, you can’t build trust without first helping your audience to get to know you and start liking you. And the best way to do that is through the content you share.

Focus on publishing quality content around the topics that interest people in your target audience. In time, they’ll begin to see you know what you’re talking about, positioning you as an authority in your field. Trust builds from there because they’ll start to realize they can always count on you for reliable, informative content.

4. Content Can Lead to More Sales

One of the benefits of content for business is that it can increase sales and profits. For instance, a simple call to action at the end of a blog post can lead potential buyers to check out your products and services. It’s easy to implement, but it can spark massive change within your business when revenue skyrockets.

We even have a great case study from one of our past clients, Marketing Labs UK. After partnering with Express Writers, they boosted an agency client’s revenue by a 77% increase year-over-year. And it all stemmed from our team writing new product descriptions!

5. It’s an Affordable Way to Market Your Business

If content creation isn’t your strong suit, there’s no need to worry. Outsourcing the writing to a skilled team lets you focus on other important tasks within your business. When you work with Express Writers, you get access to our vetted team of writers while netting savings in HR costs and employing writers.

You can also save on advertising costs because people can find your business from organic searches rather than PPC campaigns. These searches bring in traffic without you having to lift a finger, simply delegate to an expert in your industry and let the writing do the work.

Let Us Create Content for Your Business

Inside our Content Shop, you’ll find all our available services, including blog posts and social media content. Those two content formats are essential to standing out online and attracting the right people your way.

Get in touch with any questions and learn how we help with your content needs. Then visit the Content Shop to see how our expert writers can serve you.