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What Does Done-for-You Content Marketing Mean Anyway?

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Blogging, Content Marketing

At Express Writers, you often hear us mention “done-for-you” content marketing in our blogs, and on our website, and we even boast about it in some social media posts. 

But what does done-for-you content marketing entail? 

For those who have wondered what DFY content is, how it works, and the benefits of seeking providers who can do it for you, look no further than this mini guide.

Today, we will talk about done-for-you marketing and how you can get more out of your content while spending less time and money than you would going the traditional route (i.e., doing it yourself).

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Isn’t All Content Ordered Considered Done-for-You Content Marketing?

Yes, and no.

It depends on the service you are ordering and where you are ordering it.

Some companies offer done-for-you content bundles, like Express Writers, while others offer DFY content, but it includes nothing more than writing content. It doesn’t necessarily include the expertise, research, and quality assurances you need to satisfy Google’s E-E-A-T and improve your website’s authority.

Genuine DFY content is written by a subject matter expert in your niche – not a freelance writer who dabbles in that industry. Basically, your writer is a mirror of you – only they are saving you the time and effort of writing a blog yourself using the information you provide and leaning on their own experience and expertise in the niche to deliver top-notch content.

Getting a content bundle is the best way to expand every penny spent on your content marketing and provide you with high-quality content that returns continuously year after year.

What is a Done-for-You Content Bundle, and Why Should You Use Them?

Yes, you could order a single blog written by a subject matter expert, but if you buy an entire bundle, you are unlocking even more benefits while saving time and money. 

By bundles, we are talking about the blog, its meta, SEO research, images, and the expertise behind it. 

A popular bundle option is our Authority Package service. Within the Authority Package, you receive:

  • An In-Depth Content Strategy Designed around Your SPECIFIC Topic: A content strategist researches your desired topic and creates a click-worthy headline that touches high on the EMV scale. Then, they search for high-volume, low-competition keywords to sprinkle into your content so that you rank well in the SERPs. The strategist will look for strategic linking opportunities and even provide details for the writer to hit on to satisfy the topic with E-E-A-T in mind.
  • A Subject Matter Expert Writing Your Content: Once you approve your content’s research phase, it heads over to an SME writer with genuine experience in your field (not only do they have 5+ years of experience writing in it, they have advanced degrees in that field as well).
  • In-Depth Editing: To ensure everything is included and that you receive the highest quality writing possible, an editor reviews the content and fine-tunes it before delivery.
  • Custom Designed Images: The Authority Package doesn’t use stock images. Instead, it includes custom images created in Adobe by an in-house designer. It includes a header image, inset, CTA image, two custom images or graphs, and four pull quotes to help specific text pop off the page.

In 2022 alone, Express Writers provided authority packages for hundreds of clients saving thousands of hours of work. 

Add social media posts and emails to go along with that package. You now have a blog with authority, an email newsletter to let readers know it is there and ready for consumption, and social media posts to sprinkle on your favorite platforms.

What are the Benefits of Using DFY Content?

Let’s break it down and look at the benefits you receive with  DFY content.

You Get Three Professional Services in One Package Price

Taking the Authority Package example, you have three core services in play. If you were to do these yourself, you would need to outsource to multiple freelancers for your SEO, writing, and professional design. In the package, you get all three professional services already vetted and ready to go from the same location.

Saving you the hassle and time of searching for freelancers to fulfill these gaps yourself.

You Unlock Access to a Team that is Up-to-Date on Google’s Wants and Needs

Google does a lot of updates, and they all carry the same theme: authority and trust.

Trust is not new to the marketing sector. 

If you think about it, trust has been around since the dawn of content marketing.

Sales pages, landing pages, Ebooks, emails…the goal has always been getting your reader to trust you. 

So, what has changed?

Google now wants to see that trust for itself. 

When people do not trust your site, they will never purchase from you and will not return. You have that one shot at building trust, building up those relationships, and converting them. 

Trust is a central component of Google’s latest guidelines with E-E-A-T. Trustworthiness doesn’t help your ranking directly, but according to Yoast, that “back” button when a client realizes they don’t trust you can.

When you hire someone to do DFY content, they are more than aware of the latest algorithm changes and what Google demands in their latest E-E-A-T. EW writers are all trained on E-E-A-T and what it entails by offering an in-depth course within our university. So, when an SME writer tackles your content, they bring every aspect of E-E-A-T to the digital table: experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

You Save a Significant Amount of Time

Think about how much time you would invest if you did each component of DFY content bundles for yourself.

First, you need to subscribe to tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush to start generating your reports and researching your topic. You would need to familiarize yourself with the EMV scoring system and how to improve your titles so they are click-worthy. You would need BuzzSumo to help you find what is trending in your industry so that you can play off both trending and evergreen topic ideas. That’s a few hours (if not days) of work when you are unfamiliar with using these products. 

Next, you would have to research and write. Even the most experienced writer takes an hour or so to research a topic (despite their familiarity with it). Then, there is the writing phase which may take a few hours. On top of that, you have to self-edit and clean it up before you hit “publish.” 

Writing your blog is more than just adding a few paragraphs. Instead, you need deep industry research and statistics to back it, articulation skills to keep your content concise, and of course, editing. Orbit Media surveyed how much time the average blogger spent on their writing. In that survey, you will see that the time it took got longer and longer as the years increased, and that’s because Google demands more today than it did ten years ago. In 2021, Orbit’s survey found writing one blog took approximately 4 hours and 10 minutes. So, let’s consider how much time you spend if you DIY it. 

After the writing phase would come design. Yes, there are plenty of free design tools and affordable paid options, but do you have the time? You know your branding and colors, but you’ll need to upload those and search for graphics you can use either from a paid stock photo subscription or a royalty-free site. Then, you must go through the time it takes to design the images alone. 

When you calculate total hours spent and break it down to your hourly earnings, did you save much in the end? What could you have done with that time while someone else was creating the content? 

You Get White Hat, White Label Content

You’ve saved yourself hours (if not days) ordering DFY content. 

Even better? Once you get that content package ready to distribute, it is white hat and white labeled, so you can claim it as your own. 

Whether it is an Ebook you sell on Amazon or a blog post you put on your website, the author is you. 

Think about it. While you are working on your next marketing campaign, right now, a writer could be creating your next Ebook to publish. So, you are working on the next big thing that will generate revenue while someone else is finishing up your last “big thing” that will soon generate revenue. 

Bottom Line: Done-for-You Content Marketing is the Future of 2023

Content is not over.

AI might be here, but it cannot compete with subject matter experts and certainly cannot fulfill the requirements of Google’s E-E-A-T. A well-vetted SME can.

At Express Writers, we not only vet SME writers to join our team, but we continually train them in-house to provide the best quality possible for our clients. 

Whether you are looking for a single blog or want done-for-you content bundles like our Authority Packages, we can help grow your brand, build your authority, and, most importantly, gain trust with your readers so that those who come and visit stay and buy.

Try one of our SME services today and see the benefits of DFY content for yourself. 

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