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How to Hire Your Best SEO Content Writers: 4 Key Qualities to Look For

With the Internet becoming a bigger part of our lives every day, and a major focus of marketing, it’s not surprising that it’s also a wonderful place to find and search to hire your best SEO content writers. Or, you can pick from the major SEO writing companies to create your web-focused copy.

But here’s the million dollar question: how do you find the ones who do what they claim?

The savvy SEO content writers that really know how to create blogs, web content, and other Google-friendly copy that will rank highly online and win with your readers?

You should, of course, hire only ethical and effective writers – especially since Google now won’t allow any content less than quality standards to rank well. And, you want to get the most possible value for your money. You want content that is of high quality, rich in originality, and with the proper amount of SEO involved. You also need content that’s engaging and interesting. So, out of all the SEO content writing services out there, which ones do you hire?

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to SEO content writers. Let’s take a closer look at the main qualities to look for.

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4 Key Points To Help You Hire the Best SEO Content Writers

All businesses that turn to online marketing will at some point have to hire an SEO content writer. Even if you’re a great writer yourself, you’ll have no time for writing your content as a business owner.

(What better example than a CEO of a writing agency? Yes, I’ll make a confession: I get help writing my blogs with our own copywriting team. After I develop all the major concepts, titles, and outlines, my most creative writers help me fill it out.)

And since a major 57% of companies have said in 2013 that content marketing has been their top advertisement (this number projected to even more growth in upcoming years), many of these companies are struggling to find the best content creators (Kapost Statistics).

So, here are the key things to look for when you’re ready to pull the trigger and hire the best SEO content writers.

1. Look for a Killer SEO Content Portfolio

Right off the bat, you’ll want to investigate the portfolios of each of the SEO writers for hire you’re considering. Request that each prospective writer or team present examples of content that has been created for other projects similar to what you are hiring for. Assess each writer’s skills, communication style, and overall writing ability to find a match for your company’s unique voice. Keep an eye out for a special ability to create content that engages the audience in a way that will not only please the search engines, but interest your readers in your company as well.

If you’re looking for a company, what have they done in the past? They should have a sample library to present or something like that.

See it live: Here’s what our sample library looks like!

2. Ask for Proof of Ability to Get Online Results

Good SEO content writing services should be able to show you proof that they can get results. Most writers should be able to point to several examples of articles they’ve written that rank highly in search engine keyword searches. Ideally the articles you’re shown should appear within the first two pages of Google.

Case study in point: we’ve studied our own rankings and how content drives us as a brand.

3. Look for Solid SEO Writing Technique

You will definitely want to make sure that your potential SEO content writers are up to snuff when it comes to current online writing techniques. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions in regards to their SEO writing procedures. Do they show solid knowledge of the importance of keyword density and are they familiar with the most respected keyword research tools and strategies?

A few good questions to ask to assess for the key underlying skills that a solid SEO content writer will:

When SEO writers are worth their salt, smooth discussion of these details will be second nature to them.

4. Make Sure They Promise Consistent Content Quality

The most important aspect in SEO content writing is quality that is consistent across the board. The writing must be original content and should be written for people first, search engine crawl bots second. Consider enlisting the aid of professional SEO writers that have a proven track record when it comes to writing for the web and you and your company will surely reap the benefits.

They will know just how to create your content so that it resonates with search engines and your future customers, and do this consistently, time and time again. Ask if your SEO content writer uses a proofreader, which is a huge help to ensure ongoing quality.

5. They Must Write to Engage Real Readers

Today’s content is more about readability and real expertise (Google’s EAT and YMYL standards) than just the “SEO tactic” part. Remember that Google uses real humans to grade content nowadays – not robots.

So, my last tip is that you shouldn’t just look for a blanket knowledge of “SEO” itself, but rather a pure passion and talent in underlying great writing, and an expert knowledge.

That is what makes the real difference, and the line in the ground, between a good online SEO writer and a great one. Creativity and talent in writing will keep both your readers, and thus Google, on your page longer.

Consider investing in an expert copywriter who knows your industry for best results.

Let Us Be Your Go-To SEO Writing Resource

We would love to be your go-to SEO writing creation team! Why? We are more than just an SEO writing team, or a “group of writers.” Here’s why we’re different than the rest of content agencies, many of which have given the industry a bad name.

  • We have trained professionals in every area. Social media management: we recruit the best SMEs that know how to write and post to every platform.
  • We’re creative. We’re not only SEO minded. We can write a glorious About Us page that resonates with every one of your readers.
  • Some of our writers have 20+ years of online writing experience under their belts.
  • We have trained Content Strategists on staff, mentored by myself, that use SEMrush, BuzzSumo, KWFinder and other top tools to deliver strategy to our clients.
  • Our experts are some of the best. We continue to get rave reviews about their work.
  • As the CEO, I’ve been given the title of one of the 100 top content marketers, and I wrote a bestseller on how to write. I consistently head hunt and handpick every creator in our team, and mentor them. This makes us one of the best go-to writing teams!

No matter how crazy the writing industry gets as a whole, you can trust that Express Writers will forever remain dedicated to quality–for the long haul! Contact us today and get a free strategy call to discuss your content needs.

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3 Key Reasons to Outsource Your Technical Writing

If you’ve been an online entrepreneur for long, then you probably already have some idea how much the services of a good technical writer could help you out.

However, there are any number of reasons why you may not want to take on the responsibility that comes along with a full-time employee at this point in your company’s growth. That’s why so many of today’s online business people are turning to outside services specializing in technical writing for the perfect solution. Let’s take a closer look at some of the associated benefits.

3 Big Reasons To Outsource Your Technical Writing

1. Unbeatable Expertise
Freelance writers who offer technical writing as a service are often bringing years of expertise and know-how to the table. Some have actually worked hands-on in a given industry for decades and have valuable insider knowledge to share. Most are incredibly well-versed in important web concepts like SEO and keyword research as well. This makes them an ideal choice for any task that involves building subject-specific web content or brainstorming advertising copy that really needs to be web and e-mail friendly in order to be effective.

2. Pricing Should Reflect Quality
Hiring a freelance writer who is capable of knocking your technical writing needs right out of the park won’t be as cheap as just “any” writer. But, it can still be effective. Instead of having to come up with the cash to pay a full-time employee’s salary, you can pay one or more qualified freelancers to take care of your needs on a case by case basis instead. Prices are often reasonable overall. However, because of the collective level of expertise attached to today’s freelance writers, you can expect a quality level that stands a good chance of exceeding even the highest expectations.

3. Convenience and Flexibility
Even when it comes to complex areas like technical writing, it’s possible to find qualified professionals who are more than capable of meeting your needs. Need something done over the weekend? No problem! Looking for someone to devote a significant chunk of their time to supplying you with ongoing technical content? You can easily get that as well. For any schedule, any expertise level, and any budget, you can bet it’s possible to find a technical writing professional capable of meeting your needs. All you need to do to get in touch is let your fingers do the walking!

There’s Always Room to Grow

Some people prefer working with individual freelancers, but if you and your business tend to need writing services of various kinds and are likely to continue to going forward into the future, you may want to think about making contact with a team of professionals instead. An established writing team can not only provide you with individuals who produce terrific technical writing, but they can match you with very capable copywriters, bloggers, article writers, SEO professionals, and more. As your needs evolve and grow into the future, you can ensure that your supply of written resources will, too.

At the end of the day, outsourcing your business’s writing needs to qualified professionals comes attached to many benefits. You’ll save money, time, and effort in spades. You’ll also tap into a wonderful wellspring of talent that can really help your business progress.

Look into your options when it comes to professional level technical writing today! You’ll wind up being very happy that you did.

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4 Things to Consider When Hiring Web Writers

Considering Web Writers

Whether you run a professional blog, website, or ecommerce business, you will eventually need the help of qualified web writers to help you showcase your products in the best possible light. Many work on a freelance basis and most are unusually knowledgeable in regards to current practices and procedures of writing for the web. This includes thorough working knowledge of SEO practices as well as awareness of social media marketing trends, press release creation, guest blog post creation, and sales writing as well.

Although finding the right writers for your team can seem daunting at first because of the sheer number of options available, it’s far from an impossible feat. Consider the following tips in order to make the process as easy on yourself and your team as possible.

1. Standout Writing Samples
Before you hire your web writers, make sure you view a comprehensive selection of samples created for previous clients. Prioritize writers whose voices are compatible with the needs of your website or company and who can show you a comprehensive portfolio of relevant work. Sometimes it can help to have your writer produce a trial article or two before signing on for a long term working relationship in order to make sure the two of you are a good fit.  Most professionals and writing teams will be perfectly fine with proving their skill in this way.


2. Solid Research and Web Skills
The best web writers are more than simply good with words. They also understand how to mimic different voices and how to appeal to various target demographics. They comprehend the importance of key word density, original content, and other SEO practices that will bring you more traffic through search engines. They’ll be crack shots at research and fact checking to boot. Value is the key when it comes to your web content, so you’ll want to make sure all of these bases are covered.


3. Testimonials and References
The best web writers aren’t just experienced and skilled when it comes to what they do. They also have excellent work ethics, are good at meeting deadlines, and have excellent customer services skills. They can show you references and client testimonials that back up their claims and abilities as well. Whether you’re enlisting the aid of an entire writing team or going with a sole freelance provider, don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients. Make it a point to follow up on those references as well and ask them about their experiences working with the individuals in question.


4. Consider Writing Teams Over Individual Providers
Many people find they have better luck and more beneficial relationships when working with an entire team of professionals. Not only are teams of web writers going to be more varied, increasing your likelihood of finding a good professional that is really a perfect fit for your needs, but the individuals who will actually be producing your writing will probably be pre-screened by the head of the team to boot, so a lot of the hard work and weeding out will already be done for you. The same team will also probably be able to help you with SEO writing, resume creation, blogging services, or anything else you may decide you need in the future as well.

Ultimately when you are hiring web writers, the key to success lies in covering all of your bases and paying attention to detail. Explore the possibilities for yourself today!

We are currently accepting applications for writers.
If you feel that you’ve got what it takes to be an Express Writer, please tell us a bit about you, and send us your resume.

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4 Essential Steps to Writing Web Content for Your Business Site

While design and usability are two very important factors for any business website, content is the decisive, <make it or break it> aspect.

The words you use in writing web content for your site will inspire your potential customers to buy your products or services; without them, you’ll have no visitors, no sale and no traffic.

4 Key Steps to Writing Great Web Content For Your Business

This is why, when creating your website copy and writing web content, you need to consider a few rules and to follow some crucial steps.

Step 1: Establish your goals with your web content

Why have you built your website?

Do you want people to know who you are so they may physically be looking for your specific products? Do you want to sell your services online?

Some websites are simply made in the form of a business card, but they don’t have clear sales purposes. Others are made to promote a certain aspect of some business. Content will thus differ in both structure and addressability. But if you have clear goals established before you start writing, all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Step 2: Consider your audience

A clearly defined audience will always help you to target and better promote your products and services. Without your online users, your business would not exist and Google has acknowledged that, by new ranking algorithms that favor user experience. If you know exactly who your audience is, writing content will naturally be created to meet their expectations. But there should be a balance in that. You are not writing only for a particular niche, your goal is to reach a higher audience, so, as much as you want your site to be a hit with a certain group of people, make sure your content is not exclusively aimed at them while making others feel excluded.

Step 3: Structure information in an efficient manner

The most recommended course of action is to write down an outline in the form of a site map. Try to draw it on a piece of paper, visualizing will help. Organize your business specifics with categories: a home page will have to include the essential things people need to know about your organization, and then allow specific pages for your most important products or services. Include a page that presents your business team in depth and maybe even include a portfolio. Each page can be dropped down in several sub- categories, reflecting various aspects you consider relevant. Don’t forget to leave room for some more interactive parts on the website, such as events or contact us, these are usually parts sought after by online users.

Step 4: Start writing your web content

There are many things to keep in mind when creating your business website content. However, there are three basic rules that you should never overlook.

  • Write optimized content: Write effective text that will be indexed by search engines but remember: don’t write your copy for Google. Users will easily get annoyed if your content is too obviously stuffed with keywords. Choose your keywords carefully and don’t overdo it: the new search engine algorithms don’t favor excessive optimization and links.
  • Keep it professional: Your web copy can make you relevant in the eyes of your online readers. While keeping a conversational, friendly approach, try to stay on the professional side. Offer detailed and succinct information about your organization, include facts and figures and don’t forget to mention any awards. Don’t brag, but show you are proud about your business’ values and success.
  • Keep it succinct: Try to make things as easy and as accessible as possible for your users. Use short, relevant phrases; break the text into paragraphs, bolded subheadings and bullet points.

It isn’t difficult to create effective business content that can motivate visitors to buy from you, but it does require a talent. Just make sure to stay true to your business values and respect a few of the essential copywriting rules, the rest will come naturally.


Content ROI: Writing In Action, Writing That Sells (Bonus Case Study)

It gets tweeted around by the Twitter birds.

Facebook fans start a whole discussion on it.

People mention it in their blog.

What’s the fuss about?

A well-written blog with a catchy title.

You see it circulating and gaining popularity like a snowball, and that makes you wonder (if you’re an Internet user, let’s say), how exactly did that person do it?

Content ROI: Copy that Sells

Well, it didn’t happen by chance. That little piece that raked in feedback was written by someone who knew how to get content ROI (that’s content return-on-investment, folks).

Content ROI is the skill of the copywriters. It’s when someone knows how to create copy that sells. It will either sell the product on someone’s home page, a service from a creative expert, or an idea in a blog. Creating copy that sells is when you have content ROI.

Now content ROI doesn’t happen by chance, and it sure doesn’t happen by someone who sat down at their desk and decided they’d write their own copy with no previous experience. It happens when a skilled copywriter takes a pen to paper for their client, when a writer gets inspired with a muse on fire, and when a journalist finalizes a PR going to launch.

Always, always remember…the job of a copywriter can’t really be “DIY”, or done at home. I’d like to use Si from Duck Dynasty to illustrate that point:


Rule No 1, folks…

Content ROI is what it takes to create content that makes it to Google’s page one.  It’s made up of:

  • Awesome headlines
  • Informative, well-written content with no grammar errors
  • Introduction and ending that ties in together
  • Search engine optimization with a few keywords sprinkled in

Note how keywords come last.  A good content ROI expert knows that she/he can’t sit down and write with the starting point as the keyword.  The foundation must be a good idea and informative writing.

case study

Content ROI In Action: Clientele Case Study

Let’s go over a little case study here. Wendy, one of our staff writers, wrote a blog for a client. He returned the feedback that not only was it very good, but it sparked discussion and feedback from his social media fans.

  • Title of the blog: Business Ownership: Do I Have What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur? This is actually 12 words, 6 or less is “optimum”, but really in content ROI topics that hit on key points of your interested followers are the ones that will go most viral. We like to go outside the rules.  Do not try this at home (unless you’re born with copywriting blood).
  • Intro of the blog: Just about everybody has a good idea that can be turned into a business, but only a small percentage of people successfully convert their fabulous idea into tangible results. Wendy took a problem that can appeal to a universal group of people who would be following the blog, and directly addressed them.  She basically looked at the crowd and said, Hey, Jim, I’ve got something that will interest you.
  • The meat of the blog consisted of a list of 20 questions that the reader, an assumed wannabe entrepreneur, had to read to answer.
  • Wendy wrapped it up with this: If you answered 15 of the 20 questions above with a yes, you may be a successful entrepreneur in the making! If not, then you may not be equipped to handle the immense challenges of running your own business. While success or failure can be determined by external factors such as the market, economy, and luck, underlying personality traits and soft skill sets are often the most influential determiners in an entrepreneur’s success.  Hey, Jim! Want some more of this? At this point, Jim is definitely hooked and will now follow and perhaps even return with some feedback to the source of interest.

Your Content ROI: The Client

Compelling content that serves for ROI helps you, the marketer, tell a story (YOUR story)—but it can be difficult and expensive to create, if you don’t find the writer people to tell it right away. To avoid expenses and save on time, knowing which content strategies get the best ROI for you is important.  Emarketer, from a study conducted and verified in 2013 by CopyPress, says that the best content strategies for ROI are the following:

1.    Articles
2.    Video
3.    White Papers

Note how items #1 and #3 require a writer—and a good one, if the end point is to sell your services.

For best content ROI, it’s wise to invest in a versatile copywriting service that can offer exactly what you need.