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5 Key Features of Convincing Content Writing

by | Jun 13, 2013 | Website Content

Web content is much like the Cinderella of the web content writing world.

cinderella web content

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Before content mattered as much as it did today, design claimed all the attention.

However, things are starting to change. Great design doesn’t say much if there’s no meaningful content.

Tinseltown: The New Web Content Writing Era

Both Webmasters and business Website owners are beginning to understand that, and as a result reconsider the way they relate to content and content writing.

Tinseltown Websites are now starting to be sanctioned by search engines and readers alike. Google introduced new counterattack defense weapons targeting bad links and duplicate and low-quality content. Readers click away if you don’t grab their attention from the first line.

It’s becoming obvious that good content will eventually prevail over marketing tricks. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore your SEO keyword research or other relevant online marketing strategies. But it does mean that you should focus more on your content writing. And getting people to click the link is all that matters, right?

Wrong. Getting them to click and buy your subscription, product, or service because they really need it. That’s different.

Your business Website is like a storefront, and people passing by window-shopping will be persuaded – or not – to come in by looking at your store window. That is content. Quality Web copy will draw them in, while tedious, illegible content will drive them away.

5 Key Features of High Quality, Convincing Content Writing

1. Make sure that what you say is meaningful and serves a purpose

The customer’s purpose, more exactly. To achieve that, you need to know who you are talking to. Ask yourself: How well do I know my target audience? Can you make a profile of your typical customer? If not, it’s time to do your homework. After identifying the profile of your regular consumers, their purchasing behavior, and their psychology, you need to find ways to connect with them through your content by answering their specific needs.

2. Say it in simple, but not simplistic, words

Provide relevant information in conversational language. If you want visitors to read your content, stick to the core, don’t beat around the bush. Remove all irrelevant details that don’t pertain directly to your topic.

3. Be transparent about your offering and don’t overstate the benefits

You have more chances of winning your customers’ loyalty if you disclose the genuine value of your product or service than if you speculate the argument of low price and fail to deliver on your promise. People don’t want cheap low-quality products; they want quality products at a fair price.

4. Provide clear explanations and telling examples, but in a concise manner

While you’re trying to get new customers, make sure that you don’t neglect your old ones. Loyalty is hard to find, so create Web content that is targeted at existing consumers, which keeps them engaged and makes them want to return to your Website. Serving repeat visitors is more important than running after new ones, so don’t place existing customers at the end of your checklist when writing content for your Website.

5. Keep it fresh if you want people to return

It’s like going to the marketplace; you go there to find fresh produce. With that in mind, post new material and update your content regularly, otherwise visitors will look somewhere else for new and dynamic info on the topic they’re interested in.

Remember: only really useful content will survive, so try to think of the long term and invest time and effort in your content writing now to reap the benefits in the not-too-distant future.