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How to Create a Personal Connection Through Blog Writing

Bonding with your blog readers—is that really possible?  Blog writing and forming a personal connection at the same time might seem like a daunting task.  How do you connect to real people in the form of black-and-white text on a screen?

Creating a connection with your reader requires understanding their wants and needs. In order to truly bond with your blog readers, your content will need to answer questions, create inspiration, and build trust.

The following list will help you establish a personal connection with your readers, and keep them coming back to your blog time and time again.

1. Be Helpful With Your Blog Writing

 Grow your audience by being helpful and giving them something they can take away. You should advertise this in your header. For example: let’s say you have a foodie blog on how to eat gluten-free. One way to appeal to your readers and bond personally in a blog is to feature an original recipe inside, offer something new and useful about gluten-free eating in a picture or a tip, maybe feature on a morning breakfast with home-made gluten-free pancakes.  It doesn’t have to be 10,000 words: 100 words of something “new” that your specific blog readers find useful can endear you to them.

2. Inspire Your Readers

Don’t just give them a useful tip: turn it into inspiration to go do something. OK, now that you’ve read my blog, you can go do THIS! They’ll be grateful and feel you changed their life in some way. Even if it’s inspiration to go make those gluten-free pancakes you talked about. If your blog is selling something, this can even be a call to action.

3. Bond Over a Common Nuisance

Here’s an interesting way you can bond through blog writing: share a common nuisance or enemy. What irks you as a cuisine expert? Is it those people who toot their own horn but really know nothing about their choice of ingredients when it comes down to it? Share some frustration of yours and appeal to your readers by asking them directly if they feel the same. This is a common direction that viral blogs take. Everyone can relate; everyone feels sympathetic; they share it, their friends share it.

Note: The three tips above are the meat of the matter. Other directions for bonding personally with your reader can include making use of metaphors, personal experiences, inside advice and tips, writing well, keeping it informative, and all those other tidbits that make a blog good.

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  1. Eva
    Eva says:

    Yes! The fundamentals of having your readers realize that you are a real person, that they might have similar interests with, and even want to become friends with! I’ve watched little known blogs take flight because of a blogger always responding to peoples comments on their recipes, or art work, or that they are pregnant! These people write in a conversational tone, and love to engage with their audience. They are authentic and have a “style” about them. They may write about how they put a piece of tinfoil in the dryer as a permanent alternative to a dryer sheet and get 100 comments because, well, that information is helpful to a lot of people, even though its not the most interesting bit of news out there. It’s all how you engage them.

    • markthomas55
      markthomas55 says:

      You are correct, I have also seen blogs take off because they were very engaged with their readers. It as a more personal touch to the blog and help people feel as if they are more than just some words on a page.

  2. Edward
    Edward says:

    This is neat I really liked this one! have a personality when writing is very important. It also helps to be more engaging to your readers. Also to express more towards them. I really liked tip #2 I love to inspire people. And help them with there Journey.

    All The Best

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