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Driving Social Media Engagement: 13 Copywriting Hacks

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Social Media | 0 comments

Social media engagement is not only vital to your content marketing, but it can also be extremely fun. When you get people commenting on your posts, re-tweeting your content, and sharing your Facebook posts, you might go ahead & do a little jig. Social media engagement is what can propel you from just another business to a viral sensation, as we’ve all watched over the last few years. But how do you get great social media engagement that not only brings people to your website, but also helps you on the road to viral content? Let’s take a quick look at a few quick copywriting hacks that can help you out!

1. Follow The Four C’s. Isn’t it nice when someone not only gives you some great tips, but also gives you an easy way to remember the tips? Well, Buffer does just that with a great blog post about driving more social media engagement. What are the four C’s? They are:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Compelling
  • Credible

Let’s unpack this for a bit. What does it mean to post clear, concise, compelling, and credible content on social media? It means that you need to make sure your audience knows what you are talking about, but you need to keep it short. Longer posts on social media might get your post skipped over, and Twitter doesn’t allow for lengthy posts! You also need to have content that is compelling so that you get shares, likes, and comments – engagement. Credible content is vital no matter what content it is; this will help keep you as a trusted source, instead of one that people question.

2. Name A Problem And Solve It. Another great way to drive engagement is to name a problem that is common for your readership, and answer or solve it. When you state the problem, make sure to agitate it a bit before solving it. This can get more people to read your post. You don’t want to give too much away, but this is a great opportunity to get your social media content shared, which can bring in more clients.

3. Follow The Four U’s. In the same Buffer article I mentioned in point one, another great formula is the four U’s. Again, this is a great way to remember an important and helpful formula and is great when you go about crafting a Twitter post. Just what are these U’s? Let’s take a look!

  • Useful: If you don’t tweet something useful to your followers, you are likely to be skipped and not receive much engagement.
  • Urgent: Urgency on social media can really help get the clicks and shares from your clients.
  • Unique: You want to make sure you stand out from your competitors, so offer something unique that people will enjoy seeing.
  • Ultra-specific: Being specific can really help with writing Twitter posts. Specific posts can help you stay within or below the 140-character limit.

4. Curate Some Incredible Content. Social Media Today says that when it comes to driving engagement on social media, you need to make sure you are curating some great content for your various channels. You want to keep things fresh and interesting for your viewers, which is why content curation is key to having a successful campaign. Consider having a bookmark folder of great content ideas for your social media campaign. This helps you keep it all together in one, organized location.

5. Use Those Memes. When it comes to social media, you have to make sure you are staying up on the latest trends. This means, don’t hesitate to use memes. If you take a quick glance at your Facebook or Twitter feed, you will see that many people seem to enjoy memes quite a lot. You can create your own by finding meme generators or using stock images for your own quotes or jokes. People like to share images, and you will find that you get more engagement on images than on posts without any pictures.

6. Make Customer Involvement Easy As 1-2-3. When you have something such as a giveaway, make sure it is easy for your customers to get involved. You don’t want to have them jump through numerous hoops to get to the place they want to be simply because they are likely to leave. If you encourage people to follow you on social media for an entry into the giveaway, you might see that you get an increase in social engagement and more people following and sharing your items.

7. Give Shout Outs To Customers. One thing that sets social media apart from any other form of marketing is how you can make it personal, according to Social Media Examiner. You don’t have to get chummy with people, but simply by doing something such as giving a shout out to a customer can really boost your engagement. A shout out is simply just mentioning your client by name or Twitter handle, and thanking them. You will find more people are willing to use your company if they see that you are willing to talk to or give a shout out for others. When you give a shout out, make sure you do something that isn’t too generic. Give it a personal, friendly feel!

8. Hold Live-Streamed Google Hangouts. Another way you might be able to increase engagement is to live-stream your various Google Hangouts you have with clients or coworkers. You can give a talk on a particular subject, linking to a live video of your discussion. When you do this, make sure that people know that they can send in their questions if you want to encourage discussion. This can be a great way for customers to ask important questions and get a live, personal answer from you!

9. Use Quality Images And Videos. Quality is not just for written content but is also for image and video content, as well. According to Jeff Bullas, high-quality images can help you stand out from your competition. A great way to make sure you have high-quality images and videos is to hire someone who has skills in those areas. Sometimes, you may need to hire a third party, but there are times where you can hire individuals to work in your office or for your company. People are more likely to engage and share your photos and videos if they are of a higher quality than many of the things they see shared around the web.

10. Interact With Your Clients. When you are trying to promote engagement, you should also make sure that you are interacting with your clients and followers. You could have several people commenting, liking and sharing, but that will eventually dwindle if you do not respond to people. You can simply like various posts, but it is a great idea to comment to the individual, letting them know you have read and appreciated their comment.

Another great way to interact with your clients is to go to their favorite websites to find things that interest them. You can do this by sending out a survey or through reading different research blogs about various demographics. Once you have found these resources, you can start crafting some excellent social content that will produce some incredible engagement with your clients.

11. Have A Sense Of Humor. Don’t be afraid to use that funny bone! Of course, you need to be careful with your humor, but it can be a great mechanism to get people to engage with you. The world is filled with enough sadness, making many people appreciate humorous posts. You should always make sure your humorous posts are in good taste, and consider your social media posts and what they say after large, tragic events. A few key things to remember with humor are:

  • Research and know your audience before you make a humorous post.
  • Make sure the joke is obvious to your followers.
  • Never, ever offend people.
  • Hire someone who is incredibly hilarious to write your humorous social posts.
  • Utilize pop culture to create jokes and humorous social posts that will be shared by followers.

12. Reward Your Clients For Social Engagement. In his article mentioned in point nine, Jeff Bullas says that a great way to produce engagement is to reward your fans. As I discussed earlier, you can do shout outs, comment on your posts in response to clients, and do basic interaction with them. However, you can always go above and beyond, which will help maintain your clients, keeping them happy. For example, take a look at Adagio Teas. Clients get “frequent cup” points to put towards free tea from the company if they mentioned the company on Twitter, share a tea review on Facebook, and other forms of promotional marketing for the company. It’s free for both Adagio and clients, and the clients get a great reward. Who wouldn’t want free tea?

13. Keep Things Interesting And Diverse. You don’t want to keep posting the same posts every day; you will want to shake things up. In the post by Social Media Today mentioned in point four, the writer suggests that you keep your social posts interesting and diverse by adding humor, memes, links to your site, and anything else that works for your company. This will help maintain interest in your social posts, and promote more engagement for you.

Social Media Engagement Success: In Closing

By using these great copywriting hacks, you will find that you have a more successful social media campaign. Not only will these drive engagement, but they will also boost your website’s traffic and help bring in some great revenue! Try these out and see just how much they help you on the road to success.

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