Google & Twitter Team Up On A New Content Delivery Platform

Getting content and getting it fast is important in the world of the Internet, isn’t it?

When you see an interesting article, you want to click and read without having to wait for several seconds.

Facebook knew this way back in May, creating a new content delivery platform called Instant Articles. And now it looks like Google and Twitter are teaming up for something similar.

What is this new content delivery platform? And how can you use it for your content?

Google & Twitter content delivery platform

Avengers, Assemble: Google and Twitter Teaming Up for a Content Delivery Platform

Back in May, Facebook announced a new content delivery platform called Instant Articles. The plan on Facebook’s part was to offer original content from companies directly on Facebook instead of third party sites.

They’ve continued this with the revamp of Notes, creating a powerful long-form content platform.

And Google and Twitter did not want to be left out.

Recode reports that many Twitter users are noticing that articles load instantaneously now, instead of waiting for a few seconds for it to load. Are you seeing the similarity with Instant Articles?

Once you get passed that similarity, you’ll notice a few interesting differences.

This isn’t necessarily being hosted directly on Google and Twitter; in fact, both channels want to make this an open source service. This gives several tech companies the opportunity to use this and build on it for their own needs.

This is a great opportunity for websites, and since this is based on cached websites instead of an individual content platform, it is open to everyone. And, you won’t lose out on ad revenue either.

How is this Going to Compete With Facebook’s Instant Articles?

The biggest way Google and Twitter’s new delivery platform is going to compete with Instant Articles is simply that it is open source.

Instant Articles is only for Facebook and isn’t available for everyone yet. However, with this platform, every single publisher will benefit.

When it comes to using Facebook, Mashable points out that it really is a difficult position for publishers. Instant Articles shows that people need to jump on the Facebook bandwagon or they could lose out.

However, it could also get to the point where people rely too heavily on Facebook and forget other channels.

This isn’t so with Google and Twitter, which is making this new option immediately attractive to many publishers both large and small.

Is This Going to Drastically Changes Online Content Delivery?

Thankfully, this new change isn’t going to be a drastic change. It just means that you need to focus heavily on content creation.

And really, you should already be focusing on it.

Creating excellent content pieces that people will click on is the biggest way that you can take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

Content creation is an incredible way to deliver content your clients want to see, providing them with value. This can definitely help you stand out from all of your competitors, making you someone people will trust quicker.

7 Ways to Prepare for Google and Twitter’s Content Delivery Platform

When it comes to creating excellent content and preparing to utilize Google and Twitter’s new setup, there are a few things you can do.

I am going to take a look and help you create some awesome long-form content pieces that people will click on and love to read ASAP.

1. Prepare to Write More Long-Form Content for Social Media

The biggest thing you need to do to prepare for the majority of recent changes, including Google and Twitter, is to make sure you are focusing on long-form content.

Long-form content can drastically increase your website traffic, as well as making sure people stay, return, and share. Just take a look at this graph from Wordstream after they began to implement long-form content:

wordstream graph

Image Credit: Wordstream

When they began to create long-form content, they saw that more readers stayed on their site longer. This is great because it then opens it up to encourage people to go around your site and look at your products and services.

Sujan Patel says that long-form content also gives you the ability to reach a wider audience base, helps you to talk about more topics, and helps you generate more leads.

 2.Hire Not Only Social Media Managers but Copywriters As Well

One of the best ways to prepare and get awesome content is to not only hire social media managers but copywriters as well.

This will help you create great content consistently, helping encourage people to click the links on Twitter and read your article.

Just imagine what the combined efforts of Google and Twitter with the power of a copywriter can do for your site. You’ll see some absolutely incredible results. Including, but not limited to, people sharing your content, engaging with it, and staying on your site longer.

3. Know How to Tailor Your Content for the Channel

You should also know the tone you want to use when it comes to reaching Twitter. You may need to create some great blog pieces that capture that tone, and help you reach out to a wider demographic.

It is vital to know, however, the difference between your brand’s voice and the tone you use. Your voice must always stay the same to help promote consistency.

Buffer’s Kevan Lee powerfully states that, “Voice is a mission statement. Tone is the application of that mission.”

You should already know the voice you want to have for your brand so use it when crafting content. And change up your multitude of tones to reach out to the right audience on Twitter.

4. Keep Up Your Business Site’s Blog

With Facebook’s Instant Articles, you might start believing you don’t need to keep up your site’s blog.

As I stated earlier, this is exactly what Mashable is afraid of. And you shouldn’t fall into this easy trap.

With the new change between Google and Twitter, you will absolutely need to keep up your business’s blog.

Don’t neglect it for other content delivery platforms because you could end up losing out on a lot more than you may realize at first.

5. Get Ready to Produce Original Content on the Majority of Social Platforms

More than ever we are seeing just how important original content is in the realm of social media.

There are multiple places that are requiring original content from Facebook to YouTube, and many sites like Upworthy are making sure they’re producing it.

In fact, research is already showing just how important original content is on platforms like Facebook. Native videos on Facebook do significantly better than those shared from third parties.

What’s the breakdown of how well these videos do? The videos end up reaching two times more people, getting shared three times more than third party videos, and receive seven times more comments.

Getting original content is not difficult, and when you focus on it, you will start to notice that more people are willing to engage and share.

6. Up Your Twitter Content Game with Powerful Tweets

The other big thing you should focus on with this new setup is convincing people to click your links and get to your page.

There are several awesome ways to do this, but a really great way is utilizing images.

Buffer takes a look at the power of images on Twitter, showing that tweets with photos get 18 percent more clicks, as well as 89 percent more favorites.

What about re-tweets? Tweets with images were re-tweeted 159 percent more for Buffer. Incredible, no?

7. Use Your Hashtags to Bring in More Readers and Viewers

You should also make sure you are hashtagging correctly. It can be super easy to hashtag a tweet to death trying to reach everyone you possibly can, but that doesn’t work well anymore.

Linchpin SEO did a study showing that tweets that utilize two hashtags saw a 21 percent increase in engagement. And tweets with more than two? The engagement numbers actually dropped by 17 percent.

Original, Powerful Content is More Important Than Ever

With all of these great advances in long-form content publication, you need to start creating awesome long-form content.

You need to ensure you are focusing on creating original content consistently to not only work with Facebook but also with Google and Twitter.


It’s always a good time to focus on the quality and consistent production of your content, and now that Twitter’s doing away with character limits, time to focus on long-form, high quality content even more! Express Writers can provide you with the exact type of long-form content you need to see awesome results.

What do you think about all this? Share in the comments!

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