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Compelling Copy Home for the Holidays: 10 Tips for High-Performing Seasonal Content

Christmas is almost upon us, and you can bet that your audience is feeling festive and frisky.

But is your content set up to match?

The holidays are the best time to alter your content in the name of engagement and celebration, and many site owners find that adding a bit of holiday flair and seasonal content to their web pages is an efficient way to draw attention and promote more conversions and sales during the holiday season.

What’s more: there are dozens of places to do this! From product descriptions to blogs, bios, and social media updates, creating festive copy is a fantastic way to make your company more approachable and keep your readers happier than a group of hard-working elves on their day off.

compelling holiday content

Bring Compelling Copy Home for the Holidays: How to Create Your Best Seasonal Content

As Christmas draws near, people dive headfirst into purchasing mode, and they’re looking for things to buy, companies to engage with, and new brands to discover.

What a perfect time to be a marketer! By rewriting your blogs, descriptions, and social updates to provide a bit more of the holiday spirit, you can create content with a seasonal appeal that will leave your readers wanting more.

Holiday Content on the “Nice” List: 3 Examples of Companies that win at Seasonal Content

For three examples of businesses that are great models to follow in seasonal content that wins every holiday, check out these three businesses:

1. ModCloth

ModCloth is one company I always reference when we start talking about great product descriptions, and rightfully so. The clothing company is the queen of wildly creative copy, and the names of their clothing alone is enough to make you want to buy.

For an example of a holiday-themed product description that went particularly right, check out the “Oh Christmas Treat Sweater:”

Oh Christmas Treat Sweater modcloth

While the sweater itself is cute enough, it’s the product description that drives the point home and makes holiday-focused buyers want to click “add to cart.”

For another great example, check out the “Barkin’ Around the Christmas Tree Knit Top:”

Barkin Screenshot

Sweet, reliable, and decidedly festive, these product descriptions add a festive feel to shopping for clothing, which may otherwise be a mundane process.

2. PooPourri

PooPourri is famous for its decidedly raunchy but very (um…) honest product descriptions. For an example of some of their more recent holiday-focused content, check out last year’s “Even Santa Poops” commercial, which has earned more than 15 million views on YouTube.

While you may not want to get this gross with your holiday content, this commercial just goes to show that ‘tis the time of year for creative copy to take hold.

3. is a “Gearhead’s paradise” that offers outdoor clothing and accessories for people who ski, run, hike, climb, and camp. Every year, the site puts together one massive product description. It calls this its “Holiday Gift Guide,” and it features curated gear for both men and women.
Backcountry Screenshot

As a user, you click the guide and wind up on a page featuring dozens of drool-worthy gifts for men or women. While the products are exciting enough, Backcountry got it right by compiling some of its most festive offerings into one convenient platform for its users. While the holiday marketing isn’t over-the-top, there’s no denying that this is a downright festive experience:

Backcountry Screenshot Women

How to Write High-Performing Holiday & Seasonal Copy: 10 Timely Tips

When it comes to writing high-performing holiday copy, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Keep your choice of holidays broad

Because there are several holidays throughout December, it’s smart to avoid putting all of your focus on one of them. Unless, of course, your company sells Christmas trees, Thanksgiving turkeys, or something else that is decidedly singular.

For everyone else, keep your holiday options open, or opt to choose a few holidays and work around them. In addition to allowing you to appeal to the broadest segment of the audience, this also gives you a framework for keeping your content fresh and ensuring that you’re not getting too wrapped up in a single holiday and neglecting the others.

This can make it difficult to create useful topics, and people who keep things open-ended commonly have an easier time staying creative.

2. Offer surprises, discounts, or contests

To make the most of the festivity of the season, provide your readers with the occasional holiday surprise, giveaway, or offer. Because the holidays are a season when people shop till they drop, now is a fantastic time to give things away and draw new customers through unique offers and surprises.

If you’re not sure what to give away, don’t worry. Free downloads are a fantastic option, as are eBooks and other types of digital content. If you’d prefer to give away a product, run a holiday contest on a social media platform of your choice. In addition to spreading the word about your goods and services, this is also a fantastic way to keep your customers happy, festive, and engaged.

3. Add holiday graphics to your site

If you look more closely at the Backcountry screenshot above, you’ll see that the company has developed a unique little Christmas logo to jazz up their holiday content.

While you don’t need to go over the top with neon elves and light-up monstrosities, adding some festive holiday visuals to your site is an excellent way to get people into the Christmas spirit and ensure that your content is the one gift that truly keeps on giving.

To maintain your brand identity in the process, work to make sure that your holiday additions stay in-line with your company colors, voice, and approach. Additionally, work to find areas in your existing brand strategy where you can add some Christmas flair like Moz did last year with a dog named Lettie Pickles, the company’s resident brand ambassador:

Moz Screenshot

4. Revisit your older holiday content

If you’ve ever created holiday-focused content before, now is an excellent time to bring it out to play once more. Consider recycling holiday content from previous years by breaking an old blog post into Tweets, turning a blog into a visual presentation, or featuring a timeline of your holiday content through the years.

While there are dozens of ways to address this recycling of old material, there’s no question that the decision to do it is an excellent way to get the most traction out of your older content, without breaking your back in the process. Holiday copy doesn’t limit itself to just blog posts or product descriptions, and getting creative with your holiday copy is an excellent way to win the game.

5. Make the most of the less-known holidays

While Christmas and Thanksgiving may be captivating your attention, don’t forget about the following, lesser-known holidays:

  • Cyber Monday
  • Green Monday
  • Free shipping day

In addition to these events, remember all of the various post-holiday sales dates. These can be major cash cows for your company and are far too valuable to overlook.

6. Make your holiday content as visual as possible

If Pinterest were any indication, the holiday season is an incredibly visual time. People love content they can drool over: think mouth-watering sugar cookie pictures, festive red and green housewares, a welcoming holiday table dressed with turkey and gravy boats. To make your holiday content as viral and shareable as possible, be sure to make it visual.

For an example, check out some of the pins on Martha Stewart Living’s Pinterest board “DIY Holiday Decorations.” While the board is curated by the Martha Stewart staff, you’ll notice it features pins from MintedTarget, and other such companies that have done a great job of making their holiday content visual enough to earn a place on such a curated and involved board.

Martha Stewart Screenshot

7. Extend the holiday cheer all the way to your email lists

If you think the season of well-wishing stops with your website and product descriptions, you’re crazy. For best results, take it all the way through to your email list, where you’ll have the freedom to offer a heartfelt sentiment of love and good cheer as the holiday season draws closer.

For an example of someone who does this well, consider Tim Ferriss’s holiday edition of the weekly “Five Bullet Friday” email from last year.

Tim Ferriss screenshot

While it’s true that this email is a bit bare on festive design, it features a nice opening line about the holidays, and a heartfelt thank-you at the end, which he addresses to his followers in the spirit of the holiday season.

Although many marketers believe that emails aren’t the place to share content they hope to go viral, such as a product description or offer, it’s important to remember that, as long as you make it easy for readers to share the email with their friends, they’re very likely to do exactly that.

With this in mind, don’t hesitate to provide tidbits of holiday-specific information, special offers, or insider deals in your emails. Your followers will thank you, and you may even enjoy a larger audience, as a result.

8. Use an editorial calendar

Content creation is enough of a bear at the easiest times of the year, and it can become downright stressful as the holidays roll around. With this in mind, use an editorial calendar to schedule your holiday posts in advance.

In addition to allowing you to forget about the burden of being sure you’re posting all of your content on time, this simple approach will also enable you to ensure you’re hitting all of the important targets of the holiday season and that there aren’t any “gaps” in your content strategy.

A good editorial calendar will help you plan content around important dates and will allow you to schedule your content more effectively for the business of the holiday season.

9. Write a retrospective in honor of the holiday season

Most readers love retrospectives – pieces of content within which the writer looks back at the year that’s just passed and defines the best or worst changes in a given industry. In addition to being relevant to your readers (since most of them will have lived through it right alongside you), a retrospective like this is also a great way to provide a summation about the year behind you, and look forward, collectively, to the year ahead.

Ideal for companies in the tech, marketing, or services industries, blogs with headlines like “The X Best Changes to X Industry this Year” or “Our 10 Top Predictions for X in 2017” will perform very well.

Keep in mind that emails that fit this structure are also a fantastic tool for any company looking to pitch a new product or showcase a new offering, which could easily fit into one of the “predictions” for the coming year.

10. Have fun with your copy!

While there are several smart things you can do to prepare yourself and your copy for the holiday season, keep it at the forefront of your mind that the holidays are a celebratory time, and having fun with the content you create for them is one of the best ways to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

With this in mind, don’t be afraid to get silly, poke fun at things like ugly sweaters and too-full family members after holiday dinners. As long as you’re keeping it kind and respectful, it’s all in good fun and your readers will appreciate you for it!

It’s a Jolly Good… Seasonal Content Campaign

As the holidays draw near, people everywhere are brainstorming how to make their holiday copy as viral and shared as possible. Fortunately, these ten smart tips can help.

When you bring some playfulness into your holiday copy, schedule it accordingly, and take some notes from the best content creators in the biz, it gets incredibly easy to develop quality seasonal content material that your readers will love.

holiday content ew

10 Easy Ways to Get Your Content Calendar Ready for the Holiday Season

Alecs is our Client Accounts Coordinator at Express Writers.

Did you know…

Thanksgiving is just 1.2 weeks away; there’s a little less than a month until Chanukah; and six weeks till Christmas.

We’re not trying to stress you out about getting the turkey in the freezer and gift-wrapping started, though. (Unless you haven’t! Get on it! Kidding.)

This is something much more nerve-wracking (but it doesn’t have to be, and I’ll explain how)!

While it’s the busiest time of year for retailers and shoppers, it’s also a busy time for getting your content calendar out and your content ready. The best thing to do? Prepare in advance.

10 Killer Ways to Get Your Content Calendar Ready For the Holidays

content calendar

1. Get That Christmas Jersey On, It’s Picture Time

With a little basic editing, you can quickly and easily get your logo on Santa’s nice list. Start by thinking of those iconic holiday themes for your business profile picture. You know, Santa hats, tinsel and fairy lights.

Then incorporate them into your business’s logo. You may even play around with changing your usual brand colors for seasonal shades of blue, green and red. Just remember to stick to your CI rules.

2. Deck The Halls With Cover Photos

We know you’re consistent so you’ll want to update your cover photos too. It’s pretty common to do this on Facebook but don’t forget about your Twitter header photo that could do with a little tinsel here and there.

It’s the cover photos that can really draw attention to your campaign, content or hashtag thread that you’re running at this time of year.

Checkout how UK chain store John Lewis, who usually produces one of the biggest seasonal campaigns has carried the campaign across their Facebook and Twitter sites. (You can see the incredible ad here).

3. Oh, Look, It’s So Pretty!

We all know that visual content rules social media engagement. In fact, as much as 93 percent of senior marketers report that photography is a critical component of social media.

Whether your images wish the audience happy holidays, invite them to your next launch or share an interesting infographic, find different ways to make your social media posts share the festive spirit.

4. Hang Your Stocking, Santa’s Bringing GIFs


Since Twitter and Facebook support GIFs now, why not go all out and create a couple of holiday GIFs for your audience’s feeds?

This isn’t as terrifying as it sounds. In fact, Instagram has an app that will let you create one-second looped videos you can share across multiple platforms. Just make sure you video follows Instagram’s best practices and remains relevant to your brand.

5. Strike a Pose, It’s Video Time

Video on social media has come along in leaps and bounds this year and there is no doubt in my mind this will be one of the most popular marketing tactics these holidays. Don’t let your business be left out.

Why not grab the camcorder and record a festive day in the office? No, not the office party – that stuff can stay off-camera. But go ahead and capture the essence of your business to share with your audience. Interview key staff members or shoot behind-the-scenes tidbits and get sharing.

Use your video footage to get across a message or make a call to action. You could encourage viewers to head over to your website – remember to include the link in a caption. Always remember to encourage viewers to share your videos.

6. The Turkey’s All Gone, It’s Time for Some Friendly Competitions

We all know now that arguably one of the best tools in a social kit is user-generated content. Let’s say you decide to hold a holiday Facebook competition asking fans to contribute videos, photos or posters in order to win a prize. Later on, you could use those entries to populate your social media pages. Don’t forget to mention in your competition rules that you reserve the right to use the posts at a later date.

7. #HappyHolidays

Using trending holiday hashtags can go a long way towards improving your impressions and getting your brand in front of loads of new followers. Getting your own branded hashtag, though, could take things to an entirely new level. It’s a hugely effective brand awareness exercise and it also improves your ability to track that hashtag campaign and see how well it performed. See how MapleHillGolf did both in the tweet above: they used #HappyHolidays and #DiscountGolfEquipment.

8. All I Want For Christmas Is… A Well-Read Blog

You’ve designed the GIFs, chosen the hashtag, filmed a few videos and snapped some great photos. Now support all of that with powerful, original content. Sending your fans and followers flocking to your blog like the Three Wise Men on a mission can help increase traffic, encourage sales, downloads and sign-ups and impress friends and family when they gather round to sing your praises.

To help you sit down and start writing ahead of time and be ready to share your creative posts, start picking a theme for the series right now. Put in the time now and you’ll have more time to spend around the piano singing along with friends and family in the holidays.

9. Help Your Fans Do Their Holiday Shopping

I’m not suggesting you moonlight as a personal shopper, but everyone needs a little inspiration finding the perfect gift for their special friends and family. You can help by providing themed albums and Pinterest boards with ideas that probably include your products, right?

Take some time to think about your audience and what they’re most likely to be searching for at this time of year. Then go and create wish lists for them that will inspire them to start shopping.

10. U.R.L Better Watch Out…

Social media is merely one touch point your customers have with you. If they see how creative you are on social media, it’s essential you keep the look and feel or those designs running through your website.

Take a good look at your homepage, blog pages and product pages and make sure your branding is cohesive no matter how or where your audience is interacting with you.

Finally: 5 Ways To Start Your Seasonal Content Calendar Preparation Early

Are you one of those last-minute shoppers during the holidays? Or do you prefer to have shopped, wrapped and prepared well in advance?

Well, when it comes to holiday content you need to be ready early. Sure, scheduling posts weeks in advance isn’t something many content creators want to get stuck into but if you have a full time job or just want to free up time during the holidays, getting ahead with content is a way of maintaining consistency, traffic and momentum while you sit back and relax.

Getting ahead can be tricky at first but in the long run planning and scheduling your content ahead of time makes things so much easier. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Come Up with a Plan

Just like Santa’s making a list and checking it twice, you need to come up with a plan. Determine a realistic blogging schedule and come up with an editorial calendar. Then decide how often you’ll want to post and which topics you’ll cover. Make sure your schedule is both realistic and achievable. You can use Google Analytics to figure out which days readers are usually most active on your blog and create your calendar by planning out content topics.

2. Stick the Presents Under the Tree

Pile those ideas up next. Whether you prefer to use Evernote or another digital tool, find a system that works for you and stockpile your topics. Having a pile of content means there’ll always be something to write about and you won’t have to go digging out inspiration at the last minute.

Whether you put together a list of ideas, post titles or even clipped articles you love, piling up ideas for later on is a great way to keep yourself inspired and get ahead with the content.

3. Make a List

This point is about getting organized. Take the time to prepare your blog posts, make lists of what you need to do to create the post and even come up with a checklist that can make the process smoother. List things like the graphics you’ll need to create, the photos you want to take and the links you’d like to include in the post.

4. Fill That Stocking

You can make effective use of your time by photographing images in bulk and then setting aside time to write up the content for a couple of posts in one go. Sure, it’s not always possible, but when the time arises, it can be a really useful way of producing loads more content quickly.

5. Start That Content Calendar

It’s almost like the excitement of opening up an advent content calendar in the build up to Christmas morning.

You can save heaps of time by scheduling before, during and after. If you block our calendar time to write and photograph and create, you’ll easily get ahead with your content.

Remember to try and automate everything as much as you can. Use tools like Buffer to schedule your promotions on social platforms and you’ll be able to move along to the next thing on your list.

Have you got ahead with your content creation for the holidays or are you still working on the trimmings? Share your secrets in the comments below!

Need help getting quality content ready in time? Talk to us at Express Writers. We can work on your overall content planning, write your blogs, and much more.

christmas blogging ideas

15 Holly, Jolly Blogging Ideas (BONUS: Getting-Started Intros)

When it comes to content marketing, blogging is always in season. All puns aside, with the holidays right around the corner, you might be looking for festive ways to spruce up your blog in the name of Santa and the spirit of Christmas. There are a lot of holiday blogging opportunities to be discovered—nearly every niche can benefit from spreading holiday cheer right through their blog.

Even if you are in the Christmas spirit this holiday season, it might be a bit perplexing as to how you can craft Christmas and the holidays into your blogging routine. If you are stumped on your holiday blogging ideas, we have some creative topics that will put your prospects into the Christmas spirit right along with you.

As an extra special something to you, I’m including short intros that you can use to get your new blog topics started off on the right foot. Be sure to note you can’t copy and paste these: that will get you penalized for duplicate content! You can, however, copy and paste and then reword. It’s easier to do that than come up with these off the top of your head.

With a new set of seasonal blog topics and fun introductions, you will be well on your way to one-upping your competitors with some very merry Christmas content.

Holly, Jolly Blogging Ideas for Business

Business blogs can be a bit dry, but it does not have to be that way for the holidays. These fun holiday blog topic can blend into a variety of business blog while giving your content a seasonal spin.

1. Six Solutions For Balancing Your Christmas Budget

Most people are all ears when it comes to learning new ways to save money. Christmas time is no exception, where people tend to blow budgets to buy that perfect gift. Offering your audience some solutions on budgeting for their Christmas items can help keep money in their pocket during busiest shopping season of the year. Write your best and most informative money saving ideas to help your readers save some coin.

Intro idea for your Christmas budget blog:

As shoppers dig deep into their pockets this time of year, many may feel their bank accounts stretch to accommodate Christmas time expenses. You are making your list and checking it twice, but the price tag for gifts, wrapping paper, and seasonal decor continue to climb. Even though it may be Christmas time, there are smart strategies to budgeting wisely while still checking off every gift on your list. Below are our six smartest solutions for balancing your Christmas budget.

2. Ten Years of Christmas Expenses: The Average Family Budget

This Christmas blog topic is a little more on the statistical side, but it can still make for an interesting read. Using the research conducted by American Research group, break down the statistics between 2004 and 2014 on the average Christmas spending for American families. Remember to tie in your own expertise and offer insight on why you think the budget has increased, decreased, or stayed the same throughout the decade. There is also a lot of additional information on this report that you can include in your blog post, such as analyzing Internet purchasing trends during the holidays.

Intro idea for your Average Christmas Budget Blog:

Have you ever wondered how your Christmas budget stacks up against other American families? The American Research Group recently released a report that breaks down yearly expenses between 2004 and 2014. As you can see, Christmas expenses have fluctuated throughout the last 10 years, and the changes typically correspond with the economy and job market. Take a look at the average expenses dating back to 2004, and see how your spending compares to others across the country.

3. 7 Tips For Scoring The Season’s Hottest Gifts

While some shoppers choose to spend hours (or days) waiting in line for hot holiday items, there are a few tricks of the trade that can help you get those gifts under the tree this year. Research some of the ways that people successfully snag items before they go out of stock. This might include shopping on some hidden gem websites, strategies on finding early deals, or even include some tips of your own.

Intro for your Scoring Hot Gifts Blog:

Every year, there is always that one toy or gadget that flies off store shelves faster than the blink of an eye. Shoppers scramble to get the holiday’s most popular gifts with many coming out of stores empty handed. If you have ever experienced this disappointment, we are here to let you in on a few secrets to scoring the season’s hottest gifts. By following our guide, you will have better luck hunting down and snapping up popular presents before it is too late.

4. Best Apps To Help You Reach Your Resolutions in 2015

Aside from singing Christmas carols and wrapping Christmas gifts, many people are beginning to make resolutions for the upcoming New Year. Studies show that only 8 percent of people actually reach their New Year Resolutions, according to Forbes. One of the trip ups to those striving to reach resolutions is lack of organization. As a person who is business-savvy, you probably have a trick or two up your sleeve when it comes to organizational tips. With hundreds of apps that are dedicated to help people lose weight and managing money, showcase some helpful apps that will help those resolution-makers finally meet their goals.

Intro for your Apps for Resolutions Blog:

Determined to reach your New Year’s Resolution this year? There’s an app for that. One of the keys to successfully reaching your goals for the New Year is organization. Your smartphone can be used as a resource to helping you reach your goals, with endless apps that are designed to help you stay on track for multiple purposes. Whether you are looking to lose weight, manage your money, or travel to unexplored destinations, we have found the most helpful apps to making 2015 a truly happy New Year.

5. Plastic Free: Five Ways To Avoid Debt This Christmas

As we carry over the financing theme, credit card debt is a major concern when it comes to paying for Christmas gifts. Using your expert advice, educate your audience on the best way of avoiding debt during the holidays. This can include not doing all of your shopping at one time, stop shopping once the cash flow runs dry, or other tips that you have come to learn over the years.

Intro for Avoiding Christmas Credit Card Debt:

It is no secret that many Americans pull out the plastic to fund their Christmas time spending. With credit card debt looming over thousands of heads after the holidays, you might be left second-guessing how you decided to pay for those new gadgets. Although using credit cards responsibility is not always a bad thing, it is best to avoid excessive holiday debt if possible. Lucky for you, we are here to help you avoid any potential Christmas debt at all costs. Here are five ways to go plastic free this season, so you can enjoy the holiday without the invoices.

Holly, Jolly Blogging Ideas for Law Firms

If you run a law firm, you might be surprised at how many fun and original blog topics opportunities that are available at your fingertips. While your competitors will likely be blogging the same old stale posts that puts clients to sleep, you will not be in that position this holiday season. Here are 5 creative and seasonal blog topic ideas for your law firm.

6. 7 Holiday Slip Ups That Might Have You Calling An Attorney

This is meant to be a fun and amusing holiday blog post that will get your audience chuckling. Think of holiday party or events where things can go awry, such as too many jello shots at the company Christmas Party, fighting over Black Friday deals, or holiday chaos with neighbors. Use your imagination to talk about why clients might need your services due to slip ups stemming from the holidays.

Intro for your holiday slip ups blog:

Christmas time is a jolly time, but people can do some crazy things during the holidays.

We have all heard crazy stories about Black Friday shopping trips gone haywire, with shoppers fighting over gifts and even giving each other black eyes to score the perfect present. If you are caught up in holiday brawls or find yourself overdoing it on the alcohol, you might find yourself in a legal jam. Here are 7 real slip-ups that might have you calling an attorney.

7. 5 Crimes That Santa Claus Commits Year After Year

Another engaging and amusing blog topic: brainstorm some crimes that Santa Claus realistically commits during Christmas Eve night. For example, Santa crosses a lot of country borders without a passport. He probably doesn’t have a license to fly that sleigh, and sliding down the chimney is grounds for breaking and entering. Have fun with this post and think of 5 crimes that Santa is guilty of committing.

Intro for your Santa Claus crimes blog:

Santa is a man who is full of jolly, but is he also a convicted criminal? If you think about it, Santa crosses quite a few lines from the view of the law. Not many people can get away with entering homes in the middle of the night, or crossing country borders without a passport. We all love Santa Claus, but the man might have some explaining to do in front of a judge. Here are 5 crimes that Santa Claus commits year after year. Can you think of some more?

8. 10 Crimes of Christmas: The Most Common Crimes Committed at Christmas Time

Aside from Santa Claus committing his numerous crimes on Christmas Eve night, everyday people participate in crime during the holiday season as well. Using your expertise, dissect the most commonly committed crimes during the holidays. Perhaps credit card fraud or burglary as attempts to score hot ticket gifts for Christmas time. Analyze credible statistics or use your own experience to share trends with your audience.

Intro for your 10 Crimes of Christmas blog:

On the first day of Christmas the town judge gave to me: 2 years for committing burglary. Now that the holidays are among us, certain trends in crime tend to spike during the holidays. Burglary is one of those crimes, with in home invasions spiking up to X percent higher than other times throughout the year. Shoplifting is also on the rise this time of year, with people stealing items from Christmas Cards to Xbox 360s. The following list features the top 10 crimes committed at Christmas time.

9. 5 Family Friendly Holiday Activities For All Ages

Don’t let your clients forget that family matters most this time of year. Think about the fun activities that you do, or would like to do, with your family during Christmas time. Try to think outside of the box and offer some out of the ordinary activities that would make for an enjoyable time during the holiday season. Encourage your clients to spend time with their families by suggesting your best family friend activities. Remember to take activities in your home town into consideration as well.

Intro for Family Friendly Holiday Activities blog:

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year, but you still want to set aside some time to spend with what matters most: your family. There is the usual decorating the Christmas tree or baking gingerbread cookies, but what if your family is looking for something extra fun to do this season? To help contribute to your Christmas cheer, we have put together a list of 5 fun holiday activities that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy.

10. Tired of Lame Christmas Gifts From Your Spouse? How to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Again, this is meant to be funny — but you should still share valuable and relevant information. Hopefully no one is petty enough to divorce their husband or wife over poor gift choices, but you never know with people these days. Divorce is a tough and uncomfortable subject, so this is an opportunity to lighten things up a bit with some humor. Be sure your call to action includes calling your office for further consultation.

Intro for Lame Christmas Gifts blog:

Are you fed up with getting ties every year for Christmas? Does your husband seem to always forget that Christmas list you make for him every year? If so, hiring the right divorce attorney can put an end to those terrible gifts that you receive at Christmas time. Here are our best tips to hiring the right divorce attorney for your needs.

Holly, Jolly Blogging Ideas for Marketing

The beauty of running a marketing blog is that you have a wide range of fun and quirky blogging opportunities. Marketing is a creative field in itself, so aim to have fun and give your clients an interesting read. The holidays can present interesting angles in your field, and here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling for your seasonal blog.

11. 5 Unique Holiday Traditions In (Town Name)

If your audience consists a lot of local clientele, take this opportunity to explore unique traditions or holiday activities that occur in your town. For example, Los Angeles has a list of unusual holiday traditions, including a holiday marionette show, King Kong holding mistletoe over Universal Sidewalk, or a living Nativity re-enactment. Think of any interesting traditions in your town, and showcase them on your blog. To give the topic a marketing edge, talk about the best ways to advertise each activity (social media, flyers, etc.).

Intro for Unique Holiday Traditions in (Town Name) blog:

Every town has a few holiday traditions, and (town name) is no exception. While photos with Santa and decorating the tree are tried and true traditions, there are a few unique Christmas activities that occurs in (town name) every year. If you have yet to explore the unique holiday traditions of our town, now is an excellent time to start. Check out these 5 unique holiday traditions that you can enjoy this holiday season.

12. Remix Your Client Holiday Cards With These Quick Tips

Everyone enjoys a Christmas Card, but let’s be honest: business Christmas cards can be a bit drab and impersonal. Before you resort to Dollar General’s stock pile of Christmas cards, considering putting your own spin your greetings this year. To get started with some new and fresh ideas, check out Pinterest’s section of holiday cards. You will find tons of easy ideas that don’t cost a ton of money.

Intro for Holiday Cards Remix blog:

Sending out the same old Christmas cards to clients year after year? Starting this Christmas season, give your clients something other than the standard Santa and sleigh Christmas card. With a little creativity, you can put a new spin on Christmas cards that will give your business a modern edge. Check out these holiday card remix ideas that will have your clients proudly displaying your Christmas card on their fireplace mantel.

13. 5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Website For The Holidays

This is a great blog topic for your clients who have websites (which, hopefully, is most of them). Using your expertise and tips that you have seen around the web, give your clients pointers on how they can easily add pizzazz for the holidays to their websites. Make sure the tips are user friendly and easy to apply, especially if your clients are not the most tech savvy people around. If your clients can’t do dress up their website on their own, offer 5 ways that you can add holiday cheer to their website for them.

Intro for Holiday Website Blog:

You always remember to decorate your store front, but don’t forget about your website. Your website is the face of your business online, and it can use some Christmas cheer this time of year. When it comes to marketing yourself online, use your website to stay on trend with the holidays and season. Here are a few popular ways to jazz up your website for the holidays. If you can’t handle these updates on your own, call us: we are here to make your website a little merrier!

14. 6 Inexpensive Holiday Gift Giveaways For Your Clients

Gift giveaways are fun, and they do not always have to be TVs or other big ticket items to make an impact. If your clients don’t have the budget to give away expensive gifts, they might be looking for more inexpensive options for gift giveaways. Explore fun gift ideas that are easy on the bank account, and encourage your clients to do a gift giveaway this season.

Intro for Gift Giveaway blog:

Christmas is the season of giving, and everyone loves a special holiday treat. You might think that offering free gifts to your clients will take you to the bank, but this isn’t always the case. To spread Christmas cheer and get in the spirit of giving, we have found some inexpensive gift options to give to your clients this holiday season.

15. The Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites During The Holidays

It is no secret that having a mobile friendly website is high priority these days. However, some clients still might not be on the ball. Use the holidays and the busy shopping season as an angle to promote the importance of having responsive design implemented on their website. For example, according to KISSMetrics, one third of all holiday shopping was done on a mobile device in 2013. To take things a step further, 40 percent of Black Friday purchases were made from a mobile device on that very same year. Use statistics and data that you can prove to help support the importance of mobile friendly websites this time of year.

Intro for Mobile Friendly blog:

With emphasis on responsive design and a large percentage of shopping being done on mobile devices, customers come to your website expecting to browse on a tablet or smartphone with no complications. The key to having a smooth transaction between your website’s desktop and mobile version is responsive design, which allows your website to work efficiently on mobile devices. Websites that are not designed for mobile users can have your customers having to panning their screens or zoom out to properly view your content. Now that we are in the heat of the holidays, including responsive design on your website is critical to turning those clicks into conversions.

With these 15 holiday blog topics, you can easily coast through the season without taking too much time to plan your Christmas content. Remember to have fun with your content this season, and always remember the gift of relevance and value.

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Killer seasonal content

How to Create Killer Seasonal Content For Your Social Media & Blogs

So the holidays are here—we are in the thick of it. Did you hit a store on Black Friday to buy five TVs you didn’t need just because they were on sale? How fun was it fighting the masses of people bumping into one another? Well imagine how it is on the business themselves. Are you a business owner? Either way the holiday rush leaves little time to attend to things like social media.

Now for businesses, social media and blogs are great promotional tools. As a business owner these should not be abandoned just because of the holidays. In fact, it can be a fun way to get people in the doors. Who is up for a surprise sale? “10% discount for the next hour.” Think of offers that get people engaged and entices them to come in “NOW”.

Creating Content Over the Holidays: 6 Social Media Tips For Businesses

For the average Joe and Jane your social media and blog content can probably use a holiday break. But it is a valuable tool for you. Sure, it isn’t about money or getting your customers in the doors. Do you have family that lives far away though? How about friends you haven’t seen in years? They probably want to know what is going on with you and your family. Your parents in Fort Lauderdale want to see pictures of the grandkids in Flagstaff.  So in a way it is important for you to be proactive on social media and your blog this holiday season and next.


But the busyness of the season! How do you find the time to do it right?


Let’s start by assuming you are a business

(If you are not a business then read these for fun and move on to the you are a person category.)


1. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Once upon a time there was one social network and you could check in once a day and that was that. Now there are one dozen (at least). Update Facebook, Tweet this, Instagram that, so on and so on. It can be a full time job updating all of this stuff, just ask any 13 year old girl who spends 24/7 online.

Focus on the biggest social networks and the places where you have the most frequency. Don’t worry about updating every single page you maintain with social media content and blog content. Jon Henshaw, who is an internet-marketing expert, encourages his readers to, as he puts it “leverage social networks.” If you absolutely can’t find the time, a recent article on Small Business PR discusses 3rd party tools that can be used to post on your social sites at predetermined times.


2. Think ahead. You have a million things going on. Not only are you managing the needs of your business for the holidays, but that of your family too. Why not add trying to figure out what to post or blog about on top of all of that. We recently discussed maintaining a content flow during the holidays (by planning ahead) in three of our five discussion points. How do you add more onto an already unstable pile of tasks?

  • Before bed take ten minutes to think up some things to post tomorrow
  • Keep it simple with things that require followers to build content. Polls and contests are good.
  • Photographs. They take no time and little effort. Shots of holiday dishes, sales, etc.
  • Plan way ahead and in September and October prepare a list of subjects. Remember they must cover Halloween to New Years.


3. Branch out. Step outside the box of your normal content. The holiday season is a fun time, so be fun with it. Find or create funny holiday photos to post to your social media page or blog. Do you own a motorcycle dealer? Then fire up Photoshop and pop Santa on a Harley. Normally you wouldn’t post silly stuff like this, but this time of year people want to enjoy themselves.

Consider what you offer as well. It’s a season of giving right? So give. If you are running a retail business then go ahead and offer some exclusive deals. Give out a coupon code to your Facebook fans. How about a Twitter contest? Whoever retweets your post can be entered to win a free dinner at your restaurant.

4. Consider a cause. Once again it is the season for giving. Thanksgiving and Christmas brings about a lot of focus to charities and noble causes. Pick a charitable cause that is unique to your business or that means something to you. Now get on your social media pages and promote it. This does three valuable things.

  • Gives you content to talk about
  • Shows that you are not just a business but rather a community partner
  • Ties in to deals. Donate to this cause and receive 10% off any one entrée.


There are literally thousands of causes out there.
Small businesses in particular should choose a cause that supports the local community.


5. Your blog is your solution. How does your business influence the holiday season? Do you run a restaurant? Then your blog content can discuss holiday meal solutions. Not everyone cooks, so maybe you offer up a complete holiday dinner. Hot and ready for your dinner table, only $12.99 per. What about writing a blog sharing your cooking tips? Come on, celebrity chefs do it. Write a blog post and give your readers a great recipe to include with their holiday meal.


6. Appreciate the people who make it possible. You can offer all the deals in the world and share all the helpful hints you can think of. The easiest thing to do though is be thankful. The fans of your business likely spend their money with you and make you successful. So do you want a brilliant idea to talk about in your seasonal social media content? Take the time to write your fans/customers a letter. You can say “thank you” when they make purchases with you. However, even a paragraph about how much their patronage means to you will do wonders. People love to feel like they are part of something and love to feel their efforts are worth something. Let them know you appreciate them, because the truth is without them you wouldn’t be in business.


Creating Content Over the Holidays: 6 Tips For The Other People

So that was a look at some ways businesses can optimize their social media posts during the holiday season. Not everyone runs a business though. Remember we discussed letting far away family and friends know you are thinking of them? Amid shopping, and kid’s school concerts, and pretending you want to be stuck at work during the holidays – how can you do the most to be sociable?


1. Time management and relevance. Just like the small business owner, you are busy. If you have kids they have school activities. You have to take care of your Christmas shopping. I can go on and on with the extra tasks that the holiday season puts upon us. Make a schedule though and find the time to reach out to the important people in your life. Don’t forget to wish your old friends a happy holiday or to share photos of your kids with Santa.

At the same time post things that are relevant. Everyone loves to share a crazy news story or funny photo, but is this the best use of your time? If you are bargaining your time online then focus on your holiday social media posts and leave the other stuff for after the New Year.

2. Extend your reach. It can be hard when families are apart of distance comes between old friends. That is just a reality of life and the holiday time makes it harder. Social media has opened up a new way to bridge these gaps. Sure it won’t bring your family to the same house for Christmas dinner, but it can allow you to interact just the same. Share holiday photos on Facebook and Instagram. Have you thought about video recording your kids opening their gifts on Christmas and sharing it with far away family? Just as the internet and social media are popular ways for businesses to reach out, the everyday person can use it for the same reason.

3.  Theme your blog content. While you may not be a business owner, it is very possible you run a successful blog. What is it about? Let’s use cooking as an example. The holiday seasons deal a lot with food. No kidding, right? Theme your cooking blog though to the holiday in question.

  • July 4th- The best homemade Bar-B-Q sauce to complete any meat you can grill
  • Halloween- Spooky sugar cookie ghosts your kids will never fear
  • Thanksgiving- spruce up boring mashed potatoes with
  • Christmas- Holiday treats for guests of every taste


These are examples but they make the point. Just as you decorate different ways for each holiday theme, your blog content should share that same theme.

4. Give the gift of you. During holiday time people can read the same boring blogs about the same boring topics. Before sitting down at the keyboard and typing up your next blog, think about you. What sets you apart? Why do people read your blog in the first place? Don’t give your readers the same run of the mill stuff that everyone else is doing, put your personality into it.

And you may be thinking “my blog is about sports betting (just an example) how does that relate to Christmas?” The simple answer is it doesn’t. Now the trick is to put a spin on it and figure out how it can. You write a highly successful blog here, right? Then you must be a creative person. So use that creativity and find ways to theme your posts to relate to the season at hand. It may take some extra thought, but it will be unique. Guess what unique does? It gets people’s attention.

5. Don’t overdo it. Sure this is all about getting the most out of your seasonal social media and blog content. The thing to remember though is if that seasonal time can mean 4th of July, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. All of these times are times in which giving the most of you to your family is important. So by all means share the necessary photos and send the cheerful holiday wishes. Know when you are done though. Plan all of your seasonal social media activity ahead of time so when the holiday arrives you can step away from the computer and enjoy some valuable family time.

6. Open up shop. You may not be a business owner; however the holiday season can be the perfect time to do some business. Seasonal items can bring in extra money for the holiday season. The thing about them is they serve a limited market. These are things like crafts, baked goods, snow removal, decorating services, lawn care, and mobile auto detailing. Granted some of these like lawn care and auto detailing can be done year round in warmer climates like the South West. Nonetheless, these types of businesses while hectic to run, can bring in a lot of extra money.

So how does social media play into these seasonal businesses? You are not opening a storefront, and you’re not designing a website just to sell stuff for three months. Sites like Facebook are a great alternative to a web based store. In fact it can be better. You can show photos and descriptions of each of your products and interact with customers. Facebook sharing features allows your items to be shared with anyone. You post a photo of your item, your sister shares it to ten people; at least six of them share it with four people. Get the idea?


Use these tips to get your seasonal business going on Facebook and other social media posting sites.


  • Post regularly and be active. Your business has a shelf life (sorry to say it) so overkill is not a bad thing in this sense. You are trying to sell as much as possible in a small window of time.
  • Do not use your personal accounts. Nobody needs to see a funny high school reunion photo in-between your product posts.


  • Consider the ad tools that Facebook and others offer. It may cost you a few dollars but the return can more than compensate it. Come on, where else can you get online ad space for under $30.00?


All in all, social media and blog posts are about being social—no matter the season. A little thought and a lot of heart will take you a long way.