how to write content for a landing page

How to Write Content for a Landing Page

Landing pages are some of the most important pages on the web.

In addition to giving people a place to “land,” they offer information, relevance, and style that can drive people to engage and convert in ways you never thought possible. (In one post I wrote earlier this year, I showed how geo-targeted local landing pages can significantly boost your online rankings.)

So, learning how to write content for a landing page is essential. My blog post today in our new #howtowrite series is here to help shed light on the subject!

how to write content for a landing page

What’s the Purpose of a Landing Page?

Landing pages drive sales. Designed to sit out there on the web and provide a place brands can display facts and provide value for readers, landing pages are by far some of the most important sales tools in existence.

When they’re written well, landing pages produce conversions and drive a revenue stream. When they’re not written well, they collect a high bounce rate and harm your Google rankings. Because of this, it’s clear that learning to write a great landing page is a skill worth chasing. Fortunately, it’s one you can start developing today.

6 Tips for Effective Landing Page Content

To make your landing pages more effective, follow these tips:

1. Include customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials are essential to a good landing page because they make your claims more accessible, while also adding social proof. Additionally, they make it easier for readers to connect with your material.

Think about it: if you were a customer, wouldn’t you want to know that a service had been satisfactory for other people before you chose to convert? If so, how would you want to see that satisfactory evidence?

Testimonials prove that a service has worked for other people and that it can work for the customer in question, as well. As such, they have the potential to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your landing pages across the web.

With this in mind, be sure to add customer testimonials to your landing page. They’ll help boost your conversion rate starting now.

2. Showcase the lifestyle rather than the features of a product.

While people eventually need to learn about the specifics of your product and service, a landing page is the place to pull at their heartstrings by showcasing the lifestyle associated with the product, good, or service you’re offering.

With this in mind, tell your customers how the product will overhaul their existence, how it will provide an exciting new experience, or how it will offer them something they’ve always wanted. These are simple yet effective ways to invoke an emotional response, and they can go a long way toward overhauling your landing pages from the inside out.

3. Write compelling headlines targeted at your users.

With a landing page, the headline is essential. Because it grabs attention, showcases value, and tells readers what they’ll find on the page, it’s a critical part of the page itself. Because of this, it’s smart to spend some time working on your headlines as if they are the most critical component of your page – because they just might be.

Remember that people scan landing pages, and that your headline should prove to them that there’s something within it worthy of paying attention to.

To hit this nail on the head, include things like the personal “you,” action words, and compelling verbs. Headlines should be positioned in the page in a way that allows them to stand out, and should feature strong copy, and a compelling CTA embedded in the headline itself.

4. Keep it simple.

Landing pages that are too complex will drive readers away. With this in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts for your landing pages:


  • Keep it simple
  • Focus on the benefits of your product, the value it offers to the reader, and the way it will overhaul his or her life
  • Keep graphics and images complimentary
  • Make your opt-in box streamlined and easy to fill out


  • Write in jargon or overly-complex language
  • Include complex graphics users have to navigate around
  • Stuff your landing page with flashy elements
  • Be too long-winded

While you don’t want to get so bare-bones that your landing page is dry and boring, it is essential to remember that landing pages are about driving conversions, not demonstrating showmanship. Keeping this in mind will go a long way toward helping your landing pages drive conversions on a regular basis

5. Make it relatable.

Again, landing pages are a place to capitalize on a reader’s emotions, and making them as relatable as possible is a great way to prove that you’re human! When you relate to your readers, you make them want to interact with your band, which is by far the most effective marketing tactic out there.

Remember: people want to know why they should choose your product, good, or service from the wealth of offerings available to them, and writing like a real human is one of the best ways to answer this question for them.

While you don’t want to cross the line and become unprofessional, it is smart to be as relatable and accessible as possible in your landing pages. With this in mind, write the way you speak in the landing page. What’s more, keep your sentences short and feel free to break a few grammar rules here and there if it helps make your writing funny, accessible, or friendly.

6. Include stats, figures, and facts to support your claims.

Landing pages that drive a hard bargain use hard data. With this in mind, include relevant facts, figures, and statistics in your landing pages. They will help compel your readers to action and demonstrate the value of your product, good, or service more effectively.

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Landing Pages: Your Primary Sales Weapon

Landing page copy is meant to be compelling and unique, and these nine tips will help you learn how to write content for a landing page.

While there are many of terrible landing pages on the web, it’s important to remember that their primary purpose is to provide value, answer questions, and provoke interest.

With these six tips, that is all easier than it’s ever been before. Whether you’re a landing page expert or a newbie learning the ropes, these tips are perfect to get you off the ground running!

If you need landing page copy that makes your readers want to click, we offer that very service. Check it out in our Content Shop today!

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Local SEO: How To Optimize & Rank With Well-Written Landing Pages

One way online content really wins the game for Internet marketers is through local keyword optimized landing pages. How so? Well, let’s put this in action. For example, if someone were to search for “Atlanta bathroom plumbing,” the written 800-word landing page for an Atlanta plumber’s website addressing bathroom plumbing would show up.

Backlinks, domain authority, and other technical SEO elements, which are useful in other ways do not come close to the power of a locally optimized landing page for local SEO keyword searches. Now, just how exactly do you create them so they work that well? Let’s look at that.

Long Tail Keywords Are Your Local Keywords

These locally-focused keywords are also called long-tail keywords; as long-tail keywords, they are often easy to rank quickly for because of the low-competition amounts, if you utilize one of Google’s favorite ranking elements: an original, well-researched, 800-word-minimum landing page. Yes, yes, 800 words. It doesn’t seem like a landing page should have so many words, but it works out in your favor quite significantly!

Examples In Action

“In & Out Plumbing” has a great example of how to locally optimize and use a landing page.

in out plumbing

This is one we are quite proud of since our team wrote it up. Take a look at how this is written for a specific town in which this company offers services. This helps the company rank in local search results and also helps to keep them from being slapped with a ban or penalty from Google for duplicate content, which is something many websites suffered from the release of Google Panda 4.0.

Let’s take a look at another example, but this time of one page that doesn’t utilize local search help.

benjamin franklin plumbing

This is another plumbing company, but instead of having separate pages for the various areas they service, they have one. The landing page is approximately 100 words and the footer serves as what brings in the search results. This makes the content duplicate across different sites, which makes this website rank poorly and can eventually get them in trouble with Google.

Do you see the difference? Which one speaks positively to you as a viewer? Now think about how these pages speak to the search engine. Site number one is going to get incredible results from utilizing multiple local pages without duplicate content, whereas site number two is going to feel the burn of low ranks and views.

How To Write Locally Optimized Landing Pages – 5 steps

Now that you’ve seen the outcome of how important local SEO is to websites let’s take a quick trip with five steps on just how to go about locally optimizing your site!

1. Include Location Facts. Talk about local landmarks, the area, and be relevant so the reader knows you truly know about their current location. This is best done in the middle of the page or the footer – you want to address what they’re looking for right away and then show them you know the location. If you hire an out-of-area copywriter to write your content for you, you can always include information about local landmarks so that he or she can adequately write up a local landing page for your business.

2. Correct Length & Keyword Density. Longer content is always better than shorter – a 2,200 word page, according to QuickSprout’s study, could make it to the top of your analytics. Consider investing in more than 800 words. And while keyword density seems to be something of the past, making sure it is still a decent number can be important. This can help you make sure you know just how many keywords you use in your content to make sure you don’t over optimize. This is yet another thing that can get you a penalty and eventual ban from Google – avoid it. Most people believe that a keyword density of about 3% is a great aim to have, just make sure you don’t go above it and remember that it is fine to be below 3%.

3. Optimize Your Meta Tags For Local Search.

meta tags

When you are writing up your meta tags, make sure to include the city and state. For example, if you are a business located in Kansas City, MO then use “Kansas City, MO” for one of your pages’ meta tags. If you service the areas around, such as Independence, MO, then make sure you have a separate page for that location with a meta to match. This includes your title tags, descriptions, URLs, and headings.

4. Give Tips For Customers. We all love a great DIY; these help us learn how to do awesome things around our homes or at our offices and are all incredibly useful. Sure, you want your customers to use your services, but a DIY is going to show that you really do want to help them. Start by giving useful DIYs that are easy to accomplish and then suggest that if they are finding it difficult to complete the task, your company is there to step in and help. Consider using words like “help” or “assist” instead of “take over.” Sometimes, the reader might interpret “taking over” as a negative statement about their abilities to accomplish something, but everyone at some point knows they will at least need help.

5. Double-check For Duplicates And Get Rid Of Them. Duplicates, as we’ve said, are dangerous for your company to have and you must avoid them as much as possible. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be difficult for businesses as they forget to change and delete information once they’ve moved locations or had a previous website that they have long stopped using. No matter how long ago the move was or the website has been vacant, Google will always remember. Make sure to search for your company and remove all duplicate results. Moz gives some great tips on doing your own investigations into the duplicate content, helping you find the best way to clear it and move away from potential Google penalties.

In Closing

We hope you see just how important local SEO is for businesses and that you will start to optimize all of your content for local searches. This will help your business become successful in your area, and keep your website free from bans or penalties. Start making notes of all the areas your service, how many webpages you’ll need, and what keywords will work the best with your area. You’ll be pleased with the results you get once you put your plan into motion!


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Why Poor Quality Copywriting Makes for Sad Landing Pages

Landing pages are powerful. They can convert a casual browser into a buyer in a matter of seconds. Literally. Since a landing page isn’t riddled with other texts or navigation options, users who stumble upon these pages are forced to read your sales message and only your sales message.

Sales Intent of a Killer Landing Page

You have a message embedded within your landing page, whether it is to buy, sign up, subscribe, etc. Your landing page is important, but if it’s poorly written, people who stumble upon it will quickly pick up and move on, leaving your landing page in the dust.


It takes skilled copy to convert readers to buyers. Your landing page’s copywriting needs to go beyond “sell, sell, sell” and find a way to market to customers without annoying them. Today’s internet reader isn’t easily fooled by text or flash images and promises of success. You have to write something that reaches deep within them, gets them excited and makes them ready to jump on any action you request of them.


Promise, Then Follow Through

Landing pages are designed to tell the reader what they’ve found and they should be able to instantly understand how this page will benefit them. Since a reader doesn’t have time to read your entire copy to determine this, you must catch them with your headers.


Promise Something ASAP!

Your reader needs to know what you’re offering. Don’t just spout out what the product is, make a promise with your header that intrigues the reader. For example:


  • Beat Debt, Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Lose Weight Now
  • Work-from-Home Today


These headers promise something for reading. Now the reader is compelled to continue on to see how you will deliver on these promises. But, before you dive into the content, you need to follow up with a sub header that delivers even more. Using the same headers above, we can add:


  • With Just a Spreadsheet and Book
  • Working Out 15 Minutes Per day
  • With These Guaranteed Opportunities


You have followed through by telling the reader a little bit about how you will fulfill that promise.


You need to be clear with what you’re promising readers, and you need to push the limits without sacrificing your integrity. Never lie to the reader or misrepresent what you can do. If you cannot fulfill your promise, don’t make that promise. You do, however, need to make a promise that entices the reader to keep going.


Sell to the Reader Not Yourself

Landing page copywriting should be written for the reader, not yourself. No one cares about you, your company or even what you’re offering. They care about themselves; therefore, you need to tell them how YOU can help THEM. Write in the second person, which means using “you” and “your” in your content. Tell the reader how you can help and avoid saying “I can” or “We can” because, again, they don’t care.


Persuade, But Don’t Be Obnoxious

Have you ever seen a landing page riddled with exclamations and overly sales-like copywriting? It’s obnoxious, and you can’t wait to get off the page. Quality landing page copywriting should not showcase or hound the customer about your product. Instead, it should be clear and persuading.


You should tell the reader what to expect when they continue to read, how your product benefits them and ask a few direct questions that can spark their interest. For example, you’re selling a weight loss program that offers weight loss solutions in just 15 minutes per day. You could tell the reader how you can save them time, save them money and help them lose weight without wasting their days at the gym or with useless diets. Your benefits are simple, so keep them simple in the content.


The reader should walk away from your landing page knowing how the product will benefit her and not be filled up with useless questions or content that confuses them.


Write as Much as You Need, but Not Too Much

Landing pages are notorious for going on and on, and eventually they repeat themselves. Your copywriting should be as long as it needs to be to sell the product, but it shouldn’t drag on. Readers will continue to read a long landing page as long as it is motivating and the message stays strong. If you’re selling a product or service, your copy will be longer than someone selling a subscription or sign-up.


When you devise your copy, remember that readers skim through it first. So, your most important points should be at the start of each paragraph. Critical points should also be at the beginning. Don’t be afraid of bullet points — they can help break up your content and give the reader an instant answer to the question, “How will this help me?”


Clearly State Your Goals

People reading your landing page are not mind readers. If you don’t tell them what you want from them, they aren’t going to guess. Have a clear goal in mind when you develop a landing page. It should progress smoothly from your header and promise down to the benefits and finally down to the offer.


Don’t digress or fluff the content with information not pertinent to what you’re selling right then and there. According to Marketing Sherpa, 48 percent of landing pages contain multiple offers, which distract readers. Also, provide a clear call to action so your readers know what you need from them. Tell them directly what to do, don’t just place a signup form at the bottom and hope they’ll fill it out.


A landing page should (ideally) have two calls to action or up to five if your content is long.


When you combine a clear call to action, sell in a clear way, and avoid the overly sales-like content, you’ll notice your landing pages provide you with better conversion rates. Landing pages are designed specifically to make a reader take action. So next time you’re developing a landing page, ask yourself:


  • Am I answering the reader’s question?
  • Do I provide the reader with a reason to click through?
  • Does the reader learn enough about my product or service to entice them?


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How to Create the Best Landing Pages in the Industry with Professional Website Copywriting Services

Today, people around the country use professional website copywriting services to help them build their online businesses.

Creating a landing page and writing quality online web content used to be a pursuit reserved for tech geniuses and web masters.

But today, the prevalence of professional website copywriting services has made it easier than ever for anyone with a dream to create an online business.

In addition to the fact that anyone can hire a website copywriting service, there’s also the rise of user-friendly interfaces like to thank for this change.

Don’t get me wrong, though: just because anyone can craft their own online business doesn’t mean that everyone does it well. Unless you are one of those tech geniuses or web masters, it can be difficult to write online copy that sells.

This is why businesses that hire a good website copywriting service have the edge over those who don’t.

Read on to learn more.

amazing pro copywriting services

How a Website Copywriting Service Promotes Conversions

When it comes to a landing page, the page’s primary function is to convert users.

But, hey, let’s be frank: turning readers into customers isn’t always a simple task. This is especially true because people interact with web content in an incredibly rapid manner – popping onto a page in search of information, and leaving as quickly as they came.

As the web has become increasingly more immediate, web users have come to expect rapid results from their online searches.

Not only do they want things to load quickly (KISSmetrics reports that 73% of mobile web users have left a page that is too slow to load), but they also want the pages they visit to feature the information they need on a near-immediate basis. If it’s not there or they can’t find it, they move on.

This is where a good website copywriting service comes in.

While crafting a landing page may seem like a simple task, it’s a study in timing, placement, and language, and a good copywriter will understand how to combine all of those things for maximum effect.

From crafting a compelling headline to arranging a landing page so that it is attractive and, most importunately, easy to skim, a great website copywriting service can go a long way toward improving the effectiveness of your landing pages.

How Can Website Copywriting Services Improve Your Landing Page?

One of the hardest parts of creating a successful business is figuring out how to drive customers to your site. Contrary to what many marketers believe, however, this isn’t also the most important piece of creating a successful online business.

While methods like banner ads, email marketing, AdWords campaigns, and other forms of advertising can be effective, the single most critical thing for your business is to keep your customer on your page once they land there.


It’s the name of the game.

While retention may seem like it should be simple, it’s a complex maze that few marketers understand. Like all good things, retention requires the correct balance of several things to work. If a landing page is going to retain customers, it must be well-written, properly arranged and formatted, and compelling.

If that seems like it’s a big ask, it’s true and hiring a professional website copywriter is one of the best ways to ensure you meet the mark.

Here’s how a great copywriter can help overhaul your landing pages:

  • A copywriter will keep your links in check. Yes, links on a landing page are useful. Too many links, though, can send your reader off in dozens of directions. A great copywriter will understand how to place relevant links throughout the text, without adding so many as to confuse your reader or create undesirable results.
  • Good copywriting makes your page more valuable.A landing page should cause your reader to stop and take note. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. Compelling writing is a learned skill, and professional copywriters understand how to use things like power words and calls-to-action to grab a reader’s attention.
  • Professional copywriting services will make your landing pages beautiful.A good landing page is equal parts form and function, and skilled copywriting services can help you ensure that your landing pages offer the information your users need while also providing the design they want.
  • A professional copywriter will understand how to use multimedia.The best landing pages aren’t dry-bone deserts of unbroken text, and if you want a landing page that converts, you’d be wise to add some multimedia. According to Unbounce, adding a video to your landing pages can boost your conversion rate by 80%. While you may not understand how to integrate multimedia and visual assets with your landing page, a skilled copywriter will be able to help you understand where and when to use visuals in your landing pages.

When you use website copywriting services, professional content writers can help you develop efficient and engaging landing pages that lead your potential customers to the next step – whether that’s making a purchase or downloading a PDF.

This, in turn, helps your company save time, avoid confusion and frustration for your readers, and improve your conversion rates across the board.

A Connection That Works

If you choose to hire website copywriting services, you’ll be matched with professional writers with broad and varied experience with web-based communication. As it turns out, this is another critical factor in why hiring professional website copywriting services is so wise.

Think about it for a moment: if you can’t communicate your intent or purpose to readers, how are they supposed to understand which step to take to produce a particular outcome or build a relationship with your brand?

Professionals who write for website copywriting services are skilled at what they do, and they’re capable of writing in virtually any tone and voice, and for nearly any audience.  This flexibility is invaluable for marketers, and can help your users understand the advantages of signing up for your newsletter or downloading your free guide.

Hiring website copywriting services is an excellent way to make the tone of your landing page warmer and more welcoming, which in turn makes your reader feel comfortable and connected, and encourages them to take the next step with your company.

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Professional Copywriting Services Offer Efficiency and Precision

We live in the DIY world, and many marketers make the leap and begin writing their landing pages themselves, only to find out that they’re performing poorly, or not at all.

If landing page copy you wrote isn’t working to transform your readers into customers, a good website copywriting service may be just what you need.

By taking your key ideas and boiling them down into tight, efficient copy that works, a professional website copywriting service can help you provide brief, informative content that helps your readers make decisions.

Here are just a few of the tactics and tricks a good website copywriter will use to hone your landing page:

  • Headline overhaul.Your headline is one of the most crucial elements of your landing page. A skilled copywriter will ensure that your header content doesn’t deviate from the content on your ad banner. The copywriter will also spend time ensuring that your header is vibrant and attention-grabbing.
  • Content rearrangement.The way that your content is formatted on-page makes a huge difference in how willing (or not) people are to read it. A good copywriter will create and arrange content so that readers can skim the material easily, without sacrificing meaning.
  • Spelling & grammar check.Few things are more embarrassing than making critical spelling errors in a high-profile landing page. Copywriting professionals are proficient in grammar and spelling, and they’ll work to get your message across in a way that’s not only unique and efficient but correct.

A Cost-Effective Solution: Professional Website Copywriting Services

Maybe you’ve considered hiring website copywriting services in the past but assumed that you’d save money by just writing your landing page.

In reality, copywriting services are quite affordable, especially if you use professional freelance writers. As it stands right now, content marketing produces three times as many leads as traditional marketing methods but costs a massive 62% less.

What’s more, when you consider how efficient a professional copywriter’s services are when compared to PPC or other kinds of marketing, it makes sense to spend the money.

Your landing page is one of the most critical components of your business website. In addition to telling people about your product or service, it also helps users understand why it’s worthwhile to spend money on your company, and why they should put their loyalty in your hands.

With this in mind, don’t leave your landing page to chance; hire professional website copywriting services, instead, and watch your business grow before your very eyes. 

Do you need skilled copywriters to help you create a landing page that gets results? Request awesome, well-written landing page copy from our Content Shop!