how to write content for a landing page

How to Write Content for a Landing Page

Landing pages are some of the most important pages on the web.

In addition to giving people a place to “land,” they offer information, relevance, and style that can drive people to engage and convert in ways you never thought possible. (In one post I wrote earlier this year, I showed how geo-targeted local landing pages can significantly boost your online rankings.)

So, learning how to write content for a landing page is essential. My blog post today in our new #howtowrite series is here to help shed light on the subject!

how to write content for a landing page

What’s the Purpose of a Landing Page?

Landing pages drive sales. Designed to sit out there on the web and provide a place brands can display facts and provide value for readers, landing pages are by far some of the most important sales tools in existence.

When they’re written well, landing pages produce conversions and drive a revenue stream. When they’re not written well, they collect a high bounce rate and harm your Google rankings. Because of this, it’s clear that learning to write a great landing page is a skill worth chasing. Fortunately, it’s one you can start developing today.

6 Tips for Effective Landing Page Content

To make your landing pages more effective, follow these tips:

1. Include customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials are essential to a good landing page because they make your claims more accessible, while also adding social proof. Additionally, they make it easier for readers to connect with your material.

Think about it: if you were a customer, wouldn’t you want to know that a service had been satisfactory for other people before you chose to convert? If so, how would you want to see that satisfactory evidence?

Testimonials prove that a service has worked for other people and that it can work for the customer in question, as well. As such, they have the potential to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your landing pages across the web.

With this in mind, be sure to add customer testimonials to your landing page. They’ll help boost your conversion rate starting now.

2. Showcase the lifestyle rather than the features of a product.

While people eventually need to learn about the specifics of your product and service, a landing page is the place to pull at their heartstrings by showcasing the lifestyle associated with the product, good, or service you’re offering.

With this in mind, tell your customers how the product will overhaul their existence, how it will provide an exciting new experience, or how it will offer them something they’ve always wanted. These are simple yet effective ways to invoke an emotional response, and they can go a long way toward overhauling your landing pages from the inside out.

3. Write compelling headlines targeted at your users.

With a landing page, the headline is essential. Because it grabs attention, showcases value, and tells readers what they’ll find on the page, it’s a critical part of the page itself. Because of this, it’s smart to spend some time working on your headlines as if they are the most critical component of your page – because they just might be.

Remember that people scan landing pages, and that your headline should prove to them that there’s something within it worthy of paying attention to.

To hit this nail on the head, include things like the personal “you,” action words, and compelling verbs. Headlines should be positioned in the page in a way that allows them to stand out, and should feature strong copy, and a compelling CTA embedded in the headline itself.

4. Keep it simple.

Landing pages that are too complex will drive readers away. With this in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts for your landing pages:


  • Keep it simple
  • Focus on the benefits of your product, the value it offers to the reader, and the way it will overhaul his or her life
  • Keep graphics and images complimentary
  • Make your opt-in box streamlined and easy to fill out


  • Write in jargon or overly-complex language
  • Include complex graphics users have to navigate around
  • Stuff your landing page with flashy elements
  • Be too long-winded

While you don’t want to get so bare-bones that your landing page is dry and boring, it is essential to remember that landing pages are about driving conversions, not demonstrating showmanship. Keeping this in mind will go a long way toward helping your landing pages drive conversions on a regular basis

5. Make it relatable.

Again, landing pages are a place to capitalize on a reader’s emotions, and making them as relatable as possible is a great way to prove that you’re human! When you relate to your readers, you make them want to interact with your band, which is by far the most effective marketing tactic out there.

Remember: people want to know why they should choose your product, good, or service from the wealth of offerings available to them, and writing like a real human is one of the best ways to answer this question for them.

While you don’t want to cross the line and become unprofessional, it is smart to be as relatable and accessible as possible in your landing pages. With this in mind, write the way you speak in the landing page. What’s more, keep your sentences short and feel free to break a few grammar rules here and there if it helps make your writing funny, accessible, or friendly.

6. Include stats, figures, and facts to support your claims.

Landing pages that drive a hard bargain use hard data. With this in mind, include relevant facts, figures, and statistics in your landing pages. They will help compel your readers to action and demonstrate the value of your product, good, or service more effectively.

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Landing Pages: Your Primary Sales Weapon

Landing page copy is meant to be compelling and unique, and these nine tips will help you learn how to write content for a landing page.

While there are many of terrible landing pages on the web, it’s important to remember that their primary purpose is to provide value, answer questions, and provoke interest.

With these six tips, that is all easier than it’s ever been before. Whether you’re a landing page expert or a newbie learning the ropes, these tips are perfect to get you off the ground running!

If you need landing page copy that makes your readers want to click, we offer that very service. Check it out in our Content Shop today!

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