how to write a press release

How To Write a Press Release

Knowing how to write a press release will help you stay away from writing bad press releases. Bad press releases will ruin your relationship with the media and make your company look less than credible. The key to writing a good press release is knowing what to write, who to distribute it to and knowing the proper format. In this article, we will be discussing how to write a press release with seven essential tips that you need to know. Press releases are a good way to establish a favorable relationship with the media, and will encourage your audience to read more. Here are the seven tips that you need to know.

7 Hot Tips: How To Write a Press Release

1. Take a Look at Your Message

Writing a good press release means that you know what point you are trying to get across. Remember, what is newsworthy to you may not be relevant to the press. You have to take into account who your readers are and make sure that your press release will be something interesting to them. The greatest investment that you will make in knowing how to write a press release is the exact content of what you are writing. Forget being self-centered about your news. You have to think of what will make the media pick up your press release and not send it to the recycling bin. Your press release can be in the form of a company achievement that will make people’s lives easier or a breakthrough in science. These things will be relevant and you can confidently write about them. Along with these, you have to put a ravishing headline on it announcing what you are about to discuss. That will get the press’ attention.

2. Look to the Past

It’s never wrong to search Google for examples of previous press releases on which to base your article on. You can look at the press release’s format and tone of writing so that you can write a good article. Also, don’t forget to check out press releases that have already been written about your topic, and make sure that your particular press release is somehow innovative. If it’s a repeat of something that has already been published, forget it. Your press release has to be unique in order to qualify as a true press release. Forget plagiarism either, because that is the most serious sin that a writer can commit.

3. Mind the Structure

A basic press release should follow a certain format. For example, you have to put your heading in bold and centered at the top of your page. The headline should include your keywords, because search engines use these to optimize and increase your rankings. Under your headline, you may put a sub-heading (usually in italics) that further develops your headline. Sub-headings are also used by search engines to increase your rankings. Make sure to use your main keywords here, so that search engines crawling your site can easily rank you.

Additionally, you also have to pay particular attention to the first paragraph of your press release. Knowing how to write a press release includes knowing how to structure your first paragraph. There is something that you should assume and that is that no one will read beyond the first paragraph. Keeping this in mind, and place all the relevant information here. Follow the traditional structure of the inverted pyramid: with the most important information being on top and supporting data in the paragraphs to follow.

4. Mind the Quotes that You Use

Never quote the ambiguous “anonymous” in your press release. Quote someone who is an expert or at least has insightful information about the content of your press release. It’s good to include at least one quote in your article. Don’t quote someone who is overly promotional about your topic; make sure they have good insight too.

5. Put Standard Company Information

At the end of your press release, please put information about your company or you. This is something that journalists will use to get to know you or your company better. It’s also a good way for them to contextualize your press release and look at you or your company as more credible. It’s good to place achievements here, as well as contact information so that people will know how to contact you if they have further questions.

6. Keep it Interesting

Knowing how to write a press release also means that you understand the value of multimedia. Place pictures, videos and audio in your press release. Not only will this benefit you by letting you be more searchable in Google Images, but it keeps the reader’s interest focused on your topic. Supporting multimedia, such as charts, graphs or actual video and audio will make your page look and feel more interactive in knowing how to write a press release. Keep it engaging.

7. Distribute Properly

The first step in reaching your target audience is knowing who to give your information to. Don’t be out of scope of the type of media you are trying to reach. There is no way, for example, that a magazine focusing on cars will publish your press release on the latest and greatest in make-up. It’s important that you know who you are writing for and why. Of course, it is understandable that you want your press release to reach a wider audience, but you have to place that into context. Don’t over-reach your audience or else your press release will just end up in the reporter or journalist’s recycling bin. Then you will feel rejected and bad. Don’t go down that route. It’s good for your self-esteem as well.

These are the tips you need to keep in mind for knowing how to write a press release. Never forget the value of excellent content and good grammar. Bad grammar will make you look less credible and it will decrease the chances that your press release will be published. Also, mind your structure and audience. There is nothing that reporters or journalists hate more than irrelevant news.

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