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Expert Showcase: Inspiration From ThinkGeek Brand Copywriting

by | May 12, 2014 | Copywriting

Image credit: is an awesome site that is filled with all kinds of wonderful geek toys, accessories, clothing, and much more. Every day they seem to add some awesome new Doctor Who gadget or have an incredible new Star Trek shirt to purchase. makes many geeks lose all of their hard-earned cash quickly. How do they do this? Is it because they sell awesomely geeky items or is it because their content strategy is as awesome of Boba Fett’s silent stare?

Let’s take a moment to look at a few of ThinkGeek’s finer content moments and see how this can inspire your content strategies.

Step 1: Write For Your Clients. ThinkGeek takes writing for their clients very seriously. They know that if they don’t write in a laid back and fun way they will lose a significant part of their audience. Their product descriptions are deliciously geeky and are absolutely perfect for geeks looking to score a Han Solo Carbonite rug. They stay relevant with their writing and content strategy, which makes every geek within reaching distance of wireless or 4G and their iPhones, ready to purchase “all the things!” They employ many masters of sassiness, which works incredibly well for their brand and client base.

Here is an example of the Han Solo Carbonite rug product description: Han Solo carbonite

Step 2: It’s All Fun and Games! One of ThinkGeek’s most popular attributes is their April Fools extravaganza where they create hilarious products that sound almost too good to be true. They can convince even their most staunch supporters with products that aren’t real, making us all desperately wish they were. In fact, they poll their shoppers about these items for future product creations. Sharing content that your clients like and keeping it fun are great ways to make your content go viral, as well as keep a dedicated fan base. We aren’t saying to go all out on April Fool’s Day like ThinkGeek, but you can sure implement fun strategies into your content!

ThinkGeek April Fools

Step 3: Connect with Buyers. One big thing that ThinkGeek does regularly is engaging with their customer base. They will re-tweet items when customers mention them or will respond if someone asks a question. This has been an incredible way to have wonderful customer service. They have become experts at using social media as a way to touch base with customers, making all shoppers feel appreciated. They even follow HootSuite’s tips on engaging customers and will take random polls throughout the week. They do all of that while also responding to clients and promoting items for sale in the shop.

Let’s Split from this Landing Party Like A Red Shirt!

It’s time to take the lessons you have learned from ThinkGeek and begin considering ways to craft content to engage your customer base. Other great places to garner different types of inspiration are Apple and Scholastic Books. For a more professional place to gain inspiration, you can look to big corporations like Accenture (they have some really nifty, interactive ads in several airports). Find something that inspires you; take a look at your favorite film publishing company or your favorite food chain. You will find inspiration somewhere and everywhere, all you have to do is open your eyes.