Striving to comply with the virtually unpredictable changes of dynamic online environments, numerous copywriters have the distinct impression that their white-hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics are inevitably compromising the substance of their copy. In fact, most novices are probably asking themselves the following question: Am I writing for living, breathing human beings, or am I crafting Web content for search engines?

Here’s the shortest answer: A verified, highly effective SEO plan can easily go hand in hand with creativity, guaranteeing a flawless Web experience, ensuring superior rankings in search engines and an enhanced online visibility, while also capturing the attention of a large audience. Are copywriters forced to choose between SEO and a creative, result-oriented approach? Absolutely not!

Useful SEO Strategies for Copywriters

Despite the fact that SEO strategies might make your copy seem a bit repetitive at first, practice will eventually make perfect, as long as you follow a few useful guidelines. Here are a few elements you should always take into consideration, in order to write copy that is catchy, creative, and Google-friendly at the same time.

1) Make sure you’re on the same page as your audience

Undoubtedly, copywriters craft content for people. What your audience needs to hear from you should be considered a top priority at all times. This means that your writing should reflect your unique vision while informing, educating, and entertaining your readers. Before focusing on the best optimization practices, make sure you actually understand the needs and demands of your audience. Find out:
a)     What kind of problems they experience and how could your products solve them
b)     What kind of copy usually captures their attention
c)     What keywords they have in mind when they conduct an online search
d)     What kind of hooks and emotional triggers make them take action

2) Analyze the strategies of your competitors and learn from the best SEO experts

Are you having a hard time trying to come up with a clever mix comprising of both good SEO practices and the highest dose of creativity? In this case, spy on your main competitors; analyze some of their most recent content strategies and measure the success of their marketing messages. Have they succeeded in creating a responsive online community? Have they managed to promote a certain brand, product, or service optimally and in a cost-efficient and time-effective manner? Are their websites ranking on the first page in search engine results? If so, this means that they count on skilled copywriters who combine fresh, creative ideas with the very best SEO strategies. Follow their example and start writing excellent copy after:
a)     Conducting extensive audience research. Find out who your readers are and learn how to keep them on your page for a longer period of time.
b)     Conducting keyword research to optimize your text naturally and increase website traffic in a much more effective manner.

3) Make the most of free SEO tools to write Google-friendly, appealing copy

Why would you waste any time trying to come up with complex SEO strategies on your own when you have the chance to profit from cost-free SEO tools giving you all the right answers in record time? Here are a few tools that you shouldn’t stop using, if you truly want to improve your copywriting skills and craft beautiful, goal-oriented content pieces appreciated both by readers and search engines.
Google Adwords Keyword Planner:  This awesome, free tool should be used regularly by copywriters who want to conduct a meticulous keyword search. With Google Adwords Keyword Planner (Once Google Keyword Tool) all of the information you need on keywords relevant to your business and niche will become available at the touch of a button. All you need is an Ad Words account.
All-in-one onpage SEO optimization tools: Some of the most remarkable, cost-free all-in-one SEO tools come from Internet Marketing Ninjas and will help you take pride in fully optimized copy fast and effortlessly.
Panguin Tool: This incredible tool allows you to measure the impact of recent Google algorithm updates on your website traffic and take action by crafting original, compelling, Penguin-friendly copy.
Google Trends: A good copywriter is also an influent trendsetter. Manage to be one step ahead of the competition by simply counting on Google Trends, a powerful tool enabling you to spot the hottest searches, find popular concepts and keywords, and opt for a successful copy strategy while also making the most of SEO tactics approved by Google.
Elmar Sandyck from SiteProNews indicates the fact that all copywriters should rely on much-needed resources, including printed ads, direct-mail packages, and commercials, to upgrade their skills and write good copy. All of these valuable sources of inspiration, correlated with free online tools, will help you find the perfect balance between SEO tactics and a well-liked creative approach.