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Infographic: The Copywriter’s Brain

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Infographics

Infographic: The Copywriter’s Brain

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Writers use their right brain, copywriters use both!


Left Brain Functions – Uses logic, is detail-oriented, and has impressive analytical skills.

Right Brain Functions – Uses feelings, looks at the big picture, and has an impressive imagination.


Copywriters Master Both Sides of the Human Brain

Copywriters use a blend of logic and feelings to persuade buyers. They highlight specific details while always considering the big picture. They have impressive analytical skills and very creative imaginations.

Copywriting is a combination of investigation and imagination.


The Copywriter’s Brain:

  • Researcher – Jam-packed with useful (and useless) information
  • Innovator – New ideas will pop up daily
  • Creator – Always developing creative new concepts
  • Perfectionist – Constantly reading and revising their work
  • Minimalist – Never uses 20 words when 5 can say the same thing
  • Salesperson – They can make anything sound enticing
  • Original – Adds their unique personality to everything they write


Copywriters Can’t Turn Off Their Brain!

More than two-thirds of copywriters keep a laptop or notepad next to their bed. Even when they are sleeping, they are dreaming up better ways to word their latest ad copy.


Copywriters are Perfectionists

A quality copywriter will write the same sentence five different times before they are satisfied with how it sounds. If clients didn’t give them deadlines, they would never finish revising and perfecting any piece of content.


Not every writer will make a good copywriter!

Copywriting requires relationship building and social skills. It takes more than just a working knowledge of the language to trigger an emotional response from potential buyers. Copywriters are able to really connect with their audience on a more personal level by tapping into how they think and feel.


Copywriters can make anything sound appealing!

A skilled copywriter can make a sewage treatment plant’s services sound just as enticing as a chocolate factory!

Copywriters Love Synonyms

A good copywriter won’t use the same adjective or adverb twice in an article unless it is a keyword.

Copywriters Capture Audiences with Compelling Headlines!

It only takes five seconds for a reader to decide whether or not they will read your content and it is all based on the main title. In fact, 80% of people will read your headline, while only 20% will read the entire post.


What is the difference between these two headlines?

One of these headlines was written by a financial advisor, and the other was crafted inside the brain of a talented copywriter. “The young will inherit the national debt” “Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt.”


Both titles do a fine job of explaining the article and they use almost the same wording. Which article sounds more intriguing?


Copywriters are Minimalists

If you look at all the famous slogans and ad copy, you will notice that less is more.


“Just do it” – Nike

“Think Different” – Apple

“Breakfast of Champions” – Wheaties

“The Best a Man Can Get” – Gillette

“What’s in Your Wallet?” – Capital One
Ad space is expensive and quality copywriters are able to say more using fewer words.
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