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Why We Didn’t Have a Black Friday Sale

This is an original short by Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers.

Everyone around me, everywhere I look, is having some sort of “Blowout Black Friday Clearance Deal NOW!” I flipped through (and instantly deleted) maybe 50 emails with some version of this title just today.

Now I’m not one to stop anyone from going to sales or having them. If that’s in your best interests, by all means—enjoy Black Friday.

Why We Didn’t Have A Blowout Black Friday Sale

How come we were one of the very few businesses who didn’t send out one of these emails or put out a quick promo code on social media?

black friday sale

For the new people perusing this. Express Writers is a copywriting agency. Our job is to write and create high quality content, web pages, ongoing blogs, sales pages, resumes, you-name-it—for businesses of all sizes and types.

My point is we don’t sell a product. We sell services. Human services.

And creative services, at that. No machine can replace a pen wielded by a real human with an active brain that has been endowed with the extra cells of writing creativity. We don’t sell a product we can mass-produce at once, sit in the closet, and ship out at a moment’s notice. Or what can be discounted for a quick sale at the end of the year.

Human services shouldn’t be discounted just because the commercial, product-oriented world has declared the Friday after Thanksgiving THE day for “blowout sales”.

4 Reasons Writing Doesn’t Ever Deserve a Coupon Code

1. It’s humanly created. Did I say yet that writing is a service written specifically to order, EVERY time it’s ordered? That is, if you want high quality. There’s services like Constant Content where writers bucket articles with random keywords, and you can come and buy those. I don’t recommend this, because in 2015/2016, to stand out in a huge sea of content marketing, you need to be unique; have your own voice; research and put a lot of work in; and have your own expertise angle to become a thought leader (a factor of winning content online).

2. It always takes time. Writers are working on the clock. If they give you a discount, chances are they have to rush through that piece and not spend as much time so they can make a decent hourly rate. And that’s why we don’t ever allow bartering. We know how much time is required by not just the writer, but our management; content specialists; and editorial staff on every single content piece (we never skip the quality process on anything). So, we charge to make the process worth our time, each time.

3. It’s too valuable. Would you ask your heart surgeon for a discount? Would you ask your chiropractor? Replace that with any service you value. Writing isn’t necessarily heart surgery, but it’s a talent to be valued. This ties into our human creation process mentioned. It also has huge ROI if you pick the right creative writer. Just don’t think of asking a good copywriter for a discount on their talents. The value is too high.

4. Writing is an art. A fading art, a God-given talent that not everyone can boast of. I meet a lot of people who say they can write or edit, but once they’re given our SEO and content tests, cannot. To truly create high quality content for the web is actually getting harder to do, because it’s hard to find a good copywriter who is dedicated and given to their trade.

So, don’t do a quick sale if you’re among those offering a human deliverable. Something that requires brain cells to come up with and deliver to specific order details, not in mass amounts that will sit on shelves for unlimited dates.

Here’s to the rebels of Black Friday.

Those who don’t conform and discount themselves to match the commercialization of America.

If you’re humanly creating what you’re selling for a living, don’t cheapen yourself for 24 hours just to match a short-lived fad.

I leave you with this quote by Eric Thomas:


To get high quality, non-cheap quality writing services 365 days of the year, visit our Content Shop.

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Turkey Day Content Tips: How to Create Great Content from the Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Express Writers!

turkey day content writing tips

This Thanksgiving season, we hope you’re enjoying some well-earned time off!

That being said, in our industry, we don’t really see it as time off from content creation. That’s because Thanksgiving is a great time to create some seriously fun content. The festiveness of the season and the air of celebration in the air mean that Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to create and distribute content your readers will love.

Just how do you go about this?

5 Thanksgiving Content Tips Readers Will Love

Don’t be a turkey, make holiday content work for you this Thanksgiving Day! Here are five of our top holiday content tips for creating memorable Thanksgiving-themed content.

1. Snap and Share Photos of Your Holiday Celebration

40% of people respond better to visual content than they do text, so don’t hesitate to take some photos this holiday season. Don’t be shy to share your personal festivities!

Snap pictures of your movements throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, whether you volunteer, spend time with family and friends, eat a turkey or a ham, or spend it away from the snow in someplace tropical.

Consider dedicating a blog entirely to photos and then encourage your readers to submit their own photos in the comments. Visual content is a big deal right now and creating some of your own can help people connect to your content and feel the Thanksgiving cheer!

2. Share Traditions

You look forward to it every Thanksgiving: Grandma’s creamy, gooey, delicious pumpkin pie – the recipe for which she got from her grandmother. Why not share the love this Thanksgiving and share the recipe with your fans?

Doing this provides value on a few different levels: first of all, you’re giving your readers something actionable that they can apply to their lives and, secondly, you’re giving them pie and who doesn’t love pie?

If you don’t have a coveted family recipe to share with your readers, consider telling them about the traditions you do have over the holidays and then encourage them to share their traditions as well. This engages readers in your content and helps them feel seen, respected, and cared for by your brand.

3. Give Back

Do you have something that can benefit someone else? Why not use the Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to give it away? Whether you run a class that can help fans learn something new or you sell a product that can enhance people’s lives, Thanksgiving is the ideal time to run a promotion that allows your customers to enter for a chance to win.

Holiday promotions give people something to get excited about and, in advance of the Christmas holiday, promotions may even help your customers get that special someone a gift they’ve always wanted.

No matter how you choose to structure your promotion, Thanksgiving is shouldered by two of the biggest shopping days of the year (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) so this is a great time to give some gifts and share the joy!

4. Share What You’re Thankful About

What is Thanksgiving all about, after all? One of the best ways to create great content this Thanksgiving is simply to be thankful! Be thankful for your readers and your business partners and all of the people who have helped you get where you are today and then tell them so.

Consider sending your readers a heartfelt “thank-you” email or offering small incentives as a showing of your gratitude. No matter what you choose to do, Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to let the people near you know exactly how much you appreciate them.

5. Try New Things

If you’ve never done a podcast before but Crazy Aunt Lisa is coming to Thanksgiving dinner and she’s got some serious stories, right now might be a great time to dip your foot into a new content form.

Whether you’ve been meaning to move from short-form to long-form or textual to visual, the Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to take advantage of the abundance of your surroundings to step into uncharted content waters.

In addition to keeping you on your creative toes, this can also help you keep your site fresh and keep readers interested.

Take These Content Tips and Go Forth!

There you have it – our top 5 content tips for creating great marketing this Thanksgiving season. While we hope that your Thanksgiving holiday inspires you to crank out some exciting new content, we also hope that your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with all the things that are really important: friends, family, and happiness for one and for all!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the Express Writers team.

turkey day content writing tips

10 Easy Ways to Get Your Content Calendar Ready for the Holiday Season

Alecs is our Client Accounts Coordinator at Express Writers.

Did you know…

Thanksgiving is just 1.2 weeks away; there’s a little less than a month until Chanukah; and six weeks till Christmas.

We’re not trying to stress you out about getting the turkey in the freezer and gift-wrapping started, though. (Unless you haven’t! Get on it! Kidding.)

This is something much more nerve-wracking (but it doesn’t have to be, and I’ll explain how)!

While it’s the busiest time of year for retailers and shoppers, it’s also a busy time for getting your content calendar out and your content ready. The best thing to do? Prepare in advance.

10 Killer Ways to Get Your Content Calendar Ready For the Holidays

content calendar

1. Get That Christmas Jersey On, It’s Picture Time

With a little basic editing, you can quickly and easily get your logo on Santa’s nice list. Start by thinking of those iconic holiday themes for your business profile picture. You know, Santa hats, tinsel and fairy lights.

Then incorporate them into your business’s logo. You may even play around with changing your usual brand colors for seasonal shades of blue, green and red. Just remember to stick to your CI rules.

2. Deck The Halls With Cover Photos

We know you’re consistent so you’ll want to update your cover photos too. It’s pretty common to do this on Facebook but don’t forget about your Twitter header photo that could do with a little tinsel here and there.

It’s the cover photos that can really draw attention to your campaign, content or hashtag thread that you’re running at this time of year.

Checkout how UK chain store John Lewis, who usually produces one of the biggest seasonal campaigns has carried the campaign across their Facebook and Twitter sites. (You can see the incredible ad here).

3. Oh, Look, It’s So Pretty!

We all know that visual content rules social media engagement. In fact, as much as 93 percent of senior marketers report that photography is a critical component of social media.

Whether your images wish the audience happy holidays, invite them to your next launch or share an interesting infographic, find different ways to make your social media posts share the festive spirit.

4. Hang Your Stocking, Santa’s Bringing GIFs


Since Twitter and Facebook support GIFs now, why not go all out and create a couple of holiday GIFs for your audience’s feeds?

This isn’t as terrifying as it sounds. In fact, Instagram has an app that will let you create one-second looped videos you can share across multiple platforms. Just make sure you video follows Instagram’s best practices and remains relevant to your brand.

5. Strike a Pose, It’s Video Time

Video on social media has come along in leaps and bounds this year and there is no doubt in my mind this will be one of the most popular marketing tactics these holidays. Don’t let your business be left out.

Why not grab the camcorder and record a festive day in the office? No, not the office party – that stuff can stay off-camera. But go ahead and capture the essence of your business to share with your audience. Interview key staff members or shoot behind-the-scenes tidbits and get sharing.

Use your video footage to get across a message or make a call to action. You could encourage viewers to head over to your website – remember to include the link in a caption. Always remember to encourage viewers to share your videos.

6. The Turkey’s All Gone, It’s Time for Some Friendly Competitions

We all know now that arguably one of the best tools in a social kit is user-generated content. Let’s say you decide to hold a holiday Facebook competition asking fans to contribute videos, photos or posters in order to win a prize. Later on, you could use those entries to populate your social media pages. Don’t forget to mention in your competition rules that you reserve the right to use the posts at a later date.

7. #HappyHolidays

Using trending holiday hashtags can go a long way towards improving your impressions and getting your brand in front of loads of new followers. Getting your own branded hashtag, though, could take things to an entirely new level. It’s a hugely effective brand awareness exercise and it also improves your ability to track that hashtag campaign and see how well it performed. See how MapleHillGolf did both in the tweet above: they used #HappyHolidays and #DiscountGolfEquipment.

8. All I Want For Christmas Is… A Well-Read Blog

You’ve designed the GIFs, chosen the hashtag, filmed a few videos and snapped some great photos. Now support all of that with powerful, original content. Sending your fans and followers flocking to your blog like the Three Wise Men on a mission can help increase traffic, encourage sales, downloads and sign-ups and impress friends and family when they gather round to sing your praises.

To help you sit down and start writing ahead of time and be ready to share your creative posts, start picking a theme for the series right now. Put in the time now and you’ll have more time to spend around the piano singing along with friends and family in the holidays.

9. Help Your Fans Do Their Holiday Shopping

I’m not suggesting you moonlight as a personal shopper, but everyone needs a little inspiration finding the perfect gift for their special friends and family. You can help by providing themed albums and Pinterest boards with ideas that probably include your products, right?

Take some time to think about your audience and what they’re most likely to be searching for at this time of year. Then go and create wish lists for them that will inspire them to start shopping.

10. U.R.L Better Watch Out…

Social media is merely one touch point your customers have with you. If they see how creative you are on social media, it’s essential you keep the look and feel or those designs running through your website.

Take a good look at your homepage, blog pages and product pages and make sure your branding is cohesive no matter how or where your audience is interacting with you.

Finally: 5 Ways To Start Your Seasonal Content Calendar Preparation Early

Are you one of those last-minute shoppers during the holidays? Or do you prefer to have shopped, wrapped and prepared well in advance?

Well, when it comes to holiday content you need to be ready early. Sure, scheduling posts weeks in advance isn’t something many content creators want to get stuck into but if you have a full time job or just want to free up time during the holidays, getting ahead with content is a way of maintaining consistency, traffic and momentum while you sit back and relax.

Getting ahead can be tricky at first but in the long run planning and scheduling your content ahead of time makes things so much easier. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Come Up with a Plan

Just like Santa’s making a list and checking it twice, you need to come up with a plan. Determine a realistic blogging schedule and come up with an editorial calendar. Then decide how often you’ll want to post and which topics you’ll cover. Make sure your schedule is both realistic and achievable. You can use Google Analytics to figure out which days readers are usually most active on your blog and create your calendar by planning out content topics.

2. Stick the Presents Under the Tree

Pile those ideas up next. Whether you prefer to use Evernote or another digital tool, find a system that works for you and stockpile your topics. Having a pile of content means there’ll always be something to write about and you won’t have to go digging out inspiration at the last minute.

Whether you put together a list of ideas, post titles or even clipped articles you love, piling up ideas for later on is a great way to keep yourself inspired and get ahead with the content.

3. Make a List

This point is about getting organized. Take the time to prepare your blog posts, make lists of what you need to do to create the post and even come up with a checklist that can make the process smoother. List things like the graphics you’ll need to create, the photos you want to take and the links you’d like to include in the post.

4. Fill That Stocking

You can make effective use of your time by photographing images in bulk and then setting aside time to write up the content for a couple of posts in one go. Sure, it’s not always possible, but when the time arises, it can be a really useful way of producing loads more content quickly.

5. Start That Content Calendar

It’s almost like the excitement of opening up an advent content calendar in the build up to Christmas morning.

You can save heaps of time by scheduling before, during and after. If you block our calendar time to write and photograph and create, you’ll easily get ahead with your content.

Remember to try and automate everything as much as you can. Use tools like Buffer to schedule your promotions on social platforms and you’ll be able to move along to the next thing on your list.

Have you got ahead with your content creation for the holidays or are you still working on the trimmings? Share your secrets in the comments below!

Need help getting quality content ready in time? Talk to us at Express Writers. We can work on your overall content planning, write your blogs, and much more.

15 Spook-Tacular Ways to Create Engaging, Tractionable Content

Much like a creepy haunted house, bad copy is riddled with cobwebs, scary verbal arachnids and misplaced modifiers that leap at you from behind cracked doors.

Spooktacular content

This Halloween season, the last thing you want to do is scare away your precious readers with bad copy.

Instead of entertaining this horror show, focus on creating spook-tacularly engaging content this Halloween season and watch your readers flock to your site…like witches to the cauldron.

15 Ways To Get Your Readers To Engage On Your Content Like Witches With A Cauldron

1) Add some cackle to your copy

Humor is important – especially if you’re writing about a topic others may perceive as “boring.” By infusing an approachable sense of humor throughout your content, you make it approachable, engaging and more relatable than content written from a stiff-upper-lip perspective. Need help on being funny – check out CopyBlogger’s “How to be 20% Funnier Than you Really are” post.

Keep in mind, though, that being funny doesn’t mean being fake. When you try too hard to be hilarious, your audience is going to catch on. Instead of straining yourself in the name of hilarity, try simply pointing out the industry truths that nobody acknowledges or approaching your own confusion or difficulties with a light-hearted air. This will help your readers breathe a sigh of relief and think “Phew! She gets it!”

2) Information and interest and valuable content, that’s what good copy is made of

Why do you write the things you do? Because you’re bored? To prove something to your college English professor? To engage your readers with valuable content? That last one is more like it. In order to be valuable, though, your copy also needs to be informational and interesting. To ensure your content is meeting the bar, spend some time putting yourself in your readers’ shoes. What do they want to know about? What are they struggling with? What would be helpful to them? Answering these questions in your copy can ensure that it stays interesting and engaging for years to come.

3) Stay on this planet

Nobody wants to wade through dense analogies and when your readers need a roadmap to understand what the heck it is you’re getting at; you can bet that you’re going to lose a good deal of them. That said, it’s important to continue being relatable, even when you’re discussing a dense topic. One of the best ways to do this is to provide relatable analogies for complex ideas. To do this, think about something that all of your readers can relate to. The rental market, for example, or going to the grocery store, and use these commonplace topics to illustrate a dense idea like web hosting or coding. This will help your readers understand the ideas you’re presenting them, even if the topic is intricate.

4) Offer breaks

It’s tough and intimidating to confront a page filled with tiny, single-spaced text and no images, paragraphs or links. Somewhere deep down, smart readers are still like little kids who love pictures, text-sparse pages and sensory detail. And as they should: content written in this fashion is much more interesting and useful than text-only pages that require a magnifying glass to dissect. Because of this, it’s wise to give your readers small breaks within your copy so that they don’t feel overwhelmed. Break text into small chunks, use headers and sub headers and consider serializing posts about dense topics into mini-series. This helps make your copy more approachable and keeps your readers interested.

To take this a step further, consider branching out into different types of content. If you only write blog posts, consider offering a podcast or two or creating an infographic. In addition to keeping your text engaging and interesting, this also serves to help you meet your fans on the platform of their choice and gives readers even more ways to interact with your copy.

5) Incorporate pictures into the brew

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a great infographic, video or meme is worth ten times that, at least. If your story is ho-hum – the ins and outs of a new platform, for example – consider resorting to visuals to tell it in a stylish and intriguing manner. Never worked with any of these content types before? No worries, it’s easier now than ever to create them on your own.

6) Interview like-minded guys and ghouls

By bringing industry experts into your site, you do several things: first of all, you create a larger following by bringing your guest’s following to your blog. Secondly, you pique your fans’ interest by showcasing new views and adding some variety to your posts. Plus, when you allow your site to become known as a melting pot of ideas, innovation and creativity, you draw people who want to engage with you, which is great for building a community of other writers while also expanding your reader base.

7) Give your fans a fright…in a good way!

Not a literal fright…again, your copy shouldn’t be scary. While we don’t want you driving your fans toward the hills with poorly constructed web copy, we do want you to use specific, hardcore statistics to shock your readers. Even the most engaging topic in the world risks feeling a little dry if readers don’t have anything to sink their teeth into. Take, for example, social media marketing. When I say “social media marketing is an effective way to draw more leads” you probably nod your head, eyes wide, and think “Thanks, Captain Obvious.” When I tell you, however, that LinkedIn generates new leads at a rate 277% higher than any other social media platform, your eyes probably pop open for a different reason. The latter is interesting, the former – not so much.

8) Survey your fans

Want to know what your fans would find interesting? Ask them! Brainstorm a series of topics with your team and ask your fans which of the batch they would prefer to hear more about. Alternately, ask them how they feel about every blog you write–and make sure you’ve addressed all their questions–by placing a comment at the end that says something like “What’s your question? Let me know in the comments!” Take Tim Ferriss’s blog, for example, which does just that.

9) Be candid

There is nothing more appealing in a writer than the willingness to be candid. Candor helps readers see the entire story – not just the shiny face most people would like to present. And while this may seem counterintuitive (“Why would I want to show people my failures?” you ask), it can actually help your readers bond to your brand and have a fuller understanding of the topic. Plus, if you’re selling the illusion that things go off seamlessly every time, you’re selling fake goods. Instead, bring a certain amount of candor into your writing. Make a big mistake lately? Things went a different direction than you thought they would? Talk about it! Fans will learn more from you and they’ll appreciate your willingness to be honest and transparent.

10) Do away with babble

You write differently than you speak, don’t you? It’s okay. We all do it. But the key to creating more interesting content is to eliminate babble and write the way you speak. Chances are, when readers come to your site, they do so hoping for genuine advice, not to feel like they’ve been run over by a semi loaded down with confusing phrases, wacky metaphors and long-winded explanations. For some sound advice on being a better writer, check out the Dilbert Blog’s piece titled “The day you Became a Better Writer.” There you have it – pare your sentences, eliminate the things that aren’t necessary and clarify, clarify, clarify – your readers will thank you!

11) Be helpful to avoid being boring

Wallpaper – it’s often thought of as one of the most boring substances in the world, right? Until, that is, someone needs to learn how to tear it off or put it up and they find a detailed blog post in which you’ve addressed those exact topics. When you set out to write this season, remember the wallpaper example – helpful things aren’t at risk of being boring. By writing content that solves a problem for your reader or helps him or her answer a question, you land solidly in the “This is so interesting!” category.

12) Keep up with the times

By keeping an eye on current events and trends in your industry, you can provide your readers with content that is not only useful but is also relevant to today’s climate. This is a big deal. In addition to ensuring that your content is interesting, keeping up-to-date on social media and news can help you harvest ideas for articles and interact effectively with other people in your industry.

13) Use Quora

Quora is a great reference for people who want to create engaging content. Quora is a user-generated question site that is literally filled to bursting with questions about everything from relationships to coding. Spend some time combing through the archives and you’ll come away ripe with content ideas and, more importantly, with a genuine understanding about the types of questions, issues and hurdles your target audience is struggling with. To make the most out of Quora, jump right in and ask and answer questions. This will serve to deepen your understanding and also to help establish you as an expert in your industry, which will do great things for your traffic and readership numbers.

14) Write directly to one person

When you sit down to write a blog post, who are you writing to? Sure, we know there’s an “Audience” out there but it’s a little hard to write well to 1,000 people, isn’t it? Instead, focus on writing to one person. One person from that vast, faceless “audience”, that’s it. Ideally, you should know who this person is, whether it’s a man or a woman, how old he or she is, where he or she lives, etc. etc. Creating a target persona is the best way to glean this information. By using words like “you” and “your,” you can pull your audience into the content with you and create posts that they will find genuinely interesting and applicable.

15) Be confident

In writing as in life, confidence pays. When you set out to create content your readers will love, one of the best things you can do for both yourself and for them is to be confident. Stand by your voice. Don’t say things like “in my opinion” or “possibly”. This is weak language that makes you seem doubtful and uncertain. Plus, the reader already knows it’s your opinion! Don’t stress about the people who (inevitably) won’t like your content and, most of all, keep creating! You’re the expert here and when you stand by your knowledge, your voice and your writing, you’ll be in a better position to create engaging content time and time again. What’s more, you’ll also be a source of inspiration to readers who may be trying to find their voice!


There you have it – our 15 best tips for spooky good content this Halloween. So go ahead, stop scaring your audience with bad web copy and, instead, give them something frightfully good to sink their teeth into!

Happy 4th of July! What Barbecuing And Content Has In Common

When you think of the 4th of July, you probably think of barbecues, fireworks, and hanging out with friends. We think about what we’ll be writing and delivering to our wide base of content clients.

Copywriting, and even more general, those who are content marketers and in the Internet marketing sphere never really get time off.

Why? Because businesses always need someone out there getting the word out about holiday sales, their new products, up-keeping a blog, and so much more.

Happy 4th of July

Let’s Talk About Good Writing: What Does Barbecuing & Content Have In Common?

Here’s a fun breakdown of just how awesome writing is similar to the traditional July 4th feast of a barbecue. You might say that tasty barbecuing and good content goes together like the cat’s pajamas.

The Hamburger of Writing

When you make a hamburger, you normally have bread, meat, perhaps cheese, and whatever your favorite condiments are.

That’s exactly what a good piece of writing has too.

Selecting the Bread

First, you have the bread. This is what starts the burger-making process and what finishes it off. You don’t want stale bread when you have a burger. You don’t want the beginning and end of your writing to be stale either.

The beginning and end are what people remember. You want it to be something fresh. Otherwise, nobody will want to read it.

Cooking the Meat

The meat is the most important part. Pretty much everything else you can get rid of. But a hamburger without hamburger is … well I don’t know what it is, but it certainly isn’t a hamburger.

The meat of your writing is also the most important.

  • What is your point?
  • What do you want people to get out of your post?
  • Why are you writing it?

When you are cooking it up, though, make sure you keep who you are cooking it for in mind. Just like some people like it rare, others like it medium, and still other people like it practically like a leather boot, your clients want different things.

When you are writing, you have to keep you audience in mind. Some people want short pieces. Others want really long posts. Remember that even if you are the one who is doing the ‘cooking,’ they are the ones who have to ‘eat’ it. (Cooking being writing and eating being putting it up on their site.) So cook it for only as long as they want it cooked.

Cheese and Other Condiments

The cheese and condiments add all that little extra flavor to the burger, but what people like on it varies person to person.

In the writing burger, you want your pieces to have some flavor, but again, remember that you have to figure out what the readers and clients want.

If they want it spicy, add some spicy mustard. If they want it very traditional, stick to some ketchup. Similarly, only add what your clients and their customers want to add.

If they want it to be a little more edgy, give them some spice. If they don’t want to make waves, give them something plainer.

When you make it like they want it, they are going to want to keep getting you to make their burgers. (Or in other words they will keep hiring you to write more for them.)

Enjoy Your Barbecue

Now that you have finished making everybody’s 4th of July meal, sit back, relax, and watch them all enjoy it.

Happy New Year From Express Writers! (& Best Posts Roundup)

Happy New Year, from all your friends at Express Writers!


To give you a great start to 2015 and your content success in the New Year, we are featuring a curation post with some great reading material. We’ve recapped a list in one place, of all our New Year or glanceback-2014 posts. And, we have included some of our favorite posts from our industry peers.

Our Recap List of Curated Posts

Enjoy, and let’s clink a glass to mutual success in the New Year. Best wishes ahead for you (and your content) in 2015!

From Express Writers:

From our industry peers: 

Think we missed a really great article, or do you have one to share? Comment and let us know!