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Five Creative Content Marketers: A Thanksgiving Poem

Tomorrow, we’re closing our laptops, putting away our content strategies, and hitting “pause” on our editorial calendars.

It’s a good time to reflect on the year and look at everything we’ve accomplished – not to mention recommit to the stuff that’s still on our goal lists.

With that spirit in mind, we’ve come up with a little poem that’s one-part reality and one-part reminder, with a big wink thrown in for good measure.

(We do something similar every year. We have a ton of fun getting into the spirit of each season. Check out our past Thanksgiving infographics: How to Be a Thankful Content Marketer and How to Throw Down Your Best-Ever Content Marketing Spread: Thanksgiving-Style.)


thanksgiving poem express writers

Five Creative Content Marketers: A Poem for Thanksgiving

Five creative content marketers sitting at their desks,

One got lost in dreams of turkey, pumpkin pie, and the rest.

Four determined content marketers typing away,

One decided not to work ‘til after Thanksgiving Day.

Three clever content marketers strategizing with glee,

One dropped the ball on topic research – whoopsie.

Two driven content marketers hoping for success,

One didn’t know their ideal readers – they guessed.

One smart content marketer’s audience is king…

Because the holidays are sweeter when your content sings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s hoping your content endeavors are as sweet as pumpkin pie and as satisfying as a well-roasted turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving, marketers! 🦃

– Julia & Team

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How to Be a Thankful Content Marketer This Thanksgiving (Infographic)

how to be a thankful content marketer

10 Reasons to Be a Thankful Content Marketer As You Gather Round the Table

1. Writing elite content is something we take pride in. So’s eating three slices of pumpkin pie.

2. Two rules to live by: save room for dessert & make time to relax. We can help with the latter.

3. Feel like your copy looks more like a snood than something with swag? Invite us to your table.

4. Content marketing can be as easy as sweet potato pie, with the right resources.

5. Gobble, gobble, gobble! (That’s called onomatopoeia.)

6. Only the best ingredients for our copy make it to the table!

7. While you’re stuffing turkey, we’ll roast your copy.

8. Sweet potato pie vs. pumpkin pie. Quality vs. quantity. Find the right team, you get someone that perfects all the flavors.

9. Turkeys CAN fly — so can your content when it goes viral with the right content touch!

10. A thankful content marketer is one that’s found a content creator they can trust.

Happy Thanksgiving from Your Friends at Express Writers!

This Thanksgiving, we hope you get to spend some time with loved ones gathered around the table, relishing good food, fun, and making memories. (For the Friendsgiving goers among us—I’m in your group this year!—enjoy your special day of gratitude, good food and companionship, too!)

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Express Writers!

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Turkey Day Content Tips: How to Create Great Content from the Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Express Writers!

turkey day content writing tips

This Thanksgiving season, we hope you’re enjoying some well-earned time off!

That being said, in our industry, we don’t really see it as time off from content creation. That’s because Thanksgiving is a great time to create some seriously fun content. The festiveness of the season and the air of celebration in the air mean that Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to create and distribute content your readers will love.

Just how do you go about this?

5 Thanksgiving Content Tips Readers Will Love

Don’t be a turkey, make holiday content work for you this Thanksgiving Day! Here are five of our top holiday content tips for creating memorable Thanksgiving-themed content.

1. Snap and Share Photos of Your Holiday Celebration

40% of people respond better to visual content than they do text, so don’t hesitate to take some photos this holiday season. Don’t be shy to share your personal festivities!

Snap pictures of your movements throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, whether you volunteer, spend time with family and friends, eat a turkey or a ham, or spend it away from the snow in someplace tropical.

Consider dedicating a blog entirely to photos and then encourage your readers to submit their own photos in the comments. Visual content is a big deal right now and creating some of your own can help people connect to your content and feel the Thanksgiving cheer!

2. Share Traditions

You look forward to it every Thanksgiving: Grandma’s creamy, gooey, delicious pumpkin pie – the recipe for which she got from her grandmother. Why not share the love this Thanksgiving and share the recipe with your fans?

Doing this provides value on a few different levels: first of all, you’re giving your readers something actionable that they can apply to their lives and, secondly, you’re giving them pie and who doesn’t love pie?

If you don’t have a coveted family recipe to share with your readers, consider telling them about the traditions you do have over the holidays and then encourage them to share their traditions as well. This engages readers in your content and helps them feel seen, respected, and cared for by your brand.

3. Give Back

Do you have something that can benefit someone else? Why not use the Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to give it away? Whether you run a class that can help fans learn something new or you sell a product that can enhance people’s lives, Thanksgiving is the ideal time to run a promotion that allows your customers to enter for a chance to win.

Holiday promotions give people something to get excited about and, in advance of the Christmas holiday, promotions may even help your customers get that special someone a gift they’ve always wanted.

No matter how you choose to structure your promotion, Thanksgiving is shouldered by two of the biggest shopping days of the year (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) so this is a great time to give some gifts and share the joy!

4. Share What You’re Thankful About

What is Thanksgiving all about, after all? One of the best ways to create great content this Thanksgiving is simply to be thankful! Be thankful for your readers and your business partners and all of the people who have helped you get where you are today and then tell them so.

Consider sending your readers a heartfelt “thank-you” email or offering small incentives as a showing of your gratitude. No matter what you choose to do, Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to let the people near you know exactly how much you appreciate them.

5. Try New Things

If you’ve never done a podcast before but Crazy Aunt Lisa is coming to Thanksgiving dinner and she’s got some serious stories, right now might be a great time to dip your foot into a new content form.

Whether you’ve been meaning to move from short-form to long-form or textual to visual, the Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to take advantage of the abundance of your surroundings to step into uncharted content waters.

In addition to keeping you on your creative toes, this can also help you keep your site fresh and keep readers interested.

Take These Content Tips and Go Forth!

There you have it – our top 5 content tips for creating great marketing this Thanksgiving season. While we hope that your Thanksgiving holiday inspires you to crank out some exciting new content, we also hope that your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with all the things that are really important: friends, family, and happiness for one and for all!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the Express Writers team.

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