Five Creative Content Marketers: A Thanksgiving Poem

Five Creative Content Marketers: A Thanksgiving Poem

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Holiday Marketing

Tomorrow, we’re closing our laptops, putting away our content strategies, and hitting “pause” on our editorial calendars.

It’s a good time to reflect on the year and look at everything we’ve accomplished – not to mention recommit to the stuff that’s still on our goal lists.

With that spirit in mind, we’ve come up with a little poem that’s one-part reality and one-part reminder, with a big wink thrown in for good measure.

(We do something similar every year. We have a ton of fun getting into the spirit of each season. Check out our past Thanksgiving infographics: How to Be a Thankful Content Marketer and How to Throw Down Your Best-Ever Content Marketing Spread: Thanksgiving-Style.)


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Five Creative Content Marketers: A Poem for Thanksgiving

Five creative content marketers sitting at their desks,

One got lost in dreams of turkey, pumpkin pie, and the rest.

Four determined content marketers typing away,

One decided not to work ‘til after Thanksgiving Day.

Three clever content marketers strategizing with glee,

One dropped the ball on topic research – whoopsie.

Two driven content marketers hoping for success,

One didn’t know their ideal readers – they guessed.

One smart content marketer’s audience is king…

Because the holidays are sweeter when your content sings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s hoping your content endeavors are as sweet as pumpkin pie and as satisfying as a well-roasted turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving, marketers!

– Julia & Team

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