12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Infographic (Original Short)

12 Days of Christmas infographic

12 Days of Christmas (Lyrics)

On the twelve days of Christmas, Express Writers gave to me:

  • 12 writers writing
  • 11 editors editing
  • 10 bloggers blogging
  • 9 killer keywords
  • 8 e-books emailed
  • 7 slides a slingin’
  • 6 creative copy
  • 5 social media po—sts!
  • 4 graphics pushed
  • 3 profiles penned
  • 2 deadlines crushed
  • …and a widely shared creative story!

Merry Christmas, from ALL of us at Express Writers!

merry christmas from express writers

Need creative copy for your next project? Krystal, the author of this fun piece, is a creative copywriter in our team. Get in touch about your projects!

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