Happy 4th of July! What Barbecuing And Content Has In Common

When you think of the 4th of July, you probably think of barbecues, fireworks, and hanging out with friends. We think about what we’ll be writing and delivering to our wide base of content clients.

Copywriting, and even more general, those who are content marketers and in the Internet marketing sphere never really get time off.

Why? Because businesses always need someone out there getting the word out about holiday sales, their new products, up-keeping a blog, and so much more.

Happy 4th of July

Let’s Talk About Good Writing: What Does Barbecuing & Content Have In Common?

Here’s a fun breakdown of just how awesome writing is similar to the traditional July 4th feast of a barbecue. You might say that tasty barbecuing and good content goes together like the cat’s pajamas.

The Hamburger of Writing

When you make a hamburger, you normally have bread, meat, perhaps cheese, and whatever your favorite condiments are.

That’s exactly what a good piece of writing has too.

Selecting the Bread

First, you have the bread. This is what starts the burger-making process and what finishes it off. You don’t want stale bread when you have a burger. You don’t want the beginning and end of your writing to be stale either.

The beginning and end are what people remember. You want it to be something fresh. Otherwise, nobody will want to read it.

Cooking the Meat

The meat is the most important part. Pretty much everything else you can get rid of. But a hamburger without hamburger is … well I don’t know what it is, but it certainly isn’t a hamburger.

The meat of your writing is also the most important.

  • What is your point?
  • What do you want people to get out of your post?
  • Why are you writing it?

When you are cooking it up, though, make sure you keep who you are cooking it for in mind. Just like some people like it rare, others like it medium, and still other people like it practically like a leather boot, your clients want different things.

When you are writing, you have to keep you audience in mind. Some people want short pieces. Others want really long posts. Remember that even if you are the one who is doing the ‘cooking,’ they are the ones who have to ‘eat’ it. (Cooking being writing and eating being putting it up on their site.) So cook it for only as long as they want it cooked.

Cheese and Other Condiments

The cheese and condiments add all that little extra flavor to the burger, but what people like on it varies person to person.

In the writing burger, you want your pieces to have some flavor, but again, remember that you have to figure out what the readers and clients want.

If they want it spicy, add some spicy mustard. If they want it very traditional, stick to some ketchup. Similarly, only add what your clients and their customers want to add.

If they want it to be a little more edgy, give them some spice. If they don’t want to make waves, give them something plainer.

When you make it like they want it, they are going to want to keep getting you to make their burgers. (Or in other words they will keep hiring you to write more for them.)

Enjoy Your Barbecue

Now that you have finished making everybody’s 4th of July meal, sit back, relax, and watch them all enjoy it.

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