How to Write a Press Release for an App

Why would you want to know how to write a press release for an app? Because this gloomy scenario is all too possible without a good press release…

How To Write A Press Release For Your Awesome App

Blood, sweat and tears have been spent on developing an app. It’s the most awesome app in the world. But nobody uses it, because they don’t know about it.

Press releases have been around for years. They’re one of the oldest and most favored ways for companies to inform the public (and potential clients) of newsworthy happenings in their company. Content marketing and social media marketing have been taking the spotlight recently when it comes to promoting a new product. Yet by tweaking and adjusting the traditional press release, your mobile app could receive top reviews and write ups from some of the most influential voices in your sector. The question isn’t simply how to write a press release for an app. The question is how to write a press release that gets noticed by the right people.

A good press release looks at the “who, what where when and why” of the app. These are questions that you will undoubtedly have thought about in relation to your audience. But in order to write a stellar press release, you need to examine the same questions.


What are you doing? You’re sending a press release to communicate with the world that you have a new app or have made changes to an existing app. This is news and should be written in the style and tone of a news article.


Who are you sending the press release to? The beauty of a press release is that it can be ultra-targeted. It’s a good idea to make a list of the names of different journalists and bloggers who will be interested in writing about your app.


Where will you be sending the press release? While press releases are somewhat of a traditional form of promotion, they are able to reach a wide audience. Not only can you focus on newspapers and magazine editors who might be interested in your app, but you can email sites and online communities too. There are a number of free sites that accept press releases.

It’s also worth looking at location. If your app is useful to local businesses in your area, an obvious option would be to email editors of the business section for the local papers.


When is the best time to send your press release? This is completely up to you. You could send it on the release date of your app or before. Sending the press release before your app launches can help to cause hype about your app before its release. But remember to include the words “under embargo” to let people know that your app isn’t available for download just yet.


Why are you writing a press release? You’re writing it to share information about your new app with the world via traditional and non-traditional media channels.

Once you have the answers to these questions set firmly in your head, you can begin to understand how to write a press release for an app.

Press releases are not Ezines or blog posts, and the rules to what makes a good press release and how it should look are fairly similar across the board no matter what vertical your app falls into. The best approach to have when writing a press release is to keep things direct, to the point and uncomplicated. This counts for everything from the formatting of the press release right down to the style and tone of the piece. Fluff, hype and shameless promotion do not belong in the press release. Only the facts will be told, nothing more and nothing less.

A good press release consists of three main areas:


1. Headline and introductory/tagline

This should be captivating enough to pique the reader’s interest and make them want to know more about your app. Once they are interested, they should be impressed enough to want to use, review and write about your app. But remember; no hype.

2. Main body

Here is where you describe the features and benefits of your app in more detail. Remember to use as much factual evidence as you can gather and present it in a way that is easy to understand.

3. Contact and information

At the end of the document you should include a little background information about the company and include contact details.

Some key points to remember before you send your press release are:

  • Check, check and then check again (and again) – A press release full of spelling and grammar errors will at the very least irk the writer who is expected to review your app. At worst, they could put you and your company and all of your future apps on their very own mental block list. Not exactly a great way to celebrate the launch of your shiny new app. You’ll also need to check that you’re not waffling at any point throughout the press release. Long press releases are often discarded, and as a rule, it’s best to keep all information on one page, two at the very most.
  • Lay everything out upfront—include the press release in the body of the email. Many companies actually have policies preventing them from opening attachments. Others simply find the extra click too much like hard work when they’re receiving (and binning) a multitude of emails every single day. Have your information laid out easily in the body of the email with an attachment as well so the journalist can skim the content and save the attachment if they like it.
  • First come, first served – All the most important information needs to be right up at the top of the document. First paragraph should include the most important facts about your app. Not all of the information presented in a press release is read. So if some of the facts that will essentially clinch the deal are left to the end of the piece, they may never be seen. Nor might your app.


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