Press Release Examples: The Last One You Will Ever Need

Press release examples should be coherent and should tell you exactly what you need to write and where to put it. The press release examples presented here will show you just that.

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Press Release Examples: Let’s Begin With Yours

In writing press releases, it is important to keep the language simple and straightforward. Remember that you are writing something that will make a new product or discovery official, and it is something that will be published.

For this reason, the press release should contain all of the information necessary for readers to know what you are releasing.

Never forget the 6 elements that should be present – who, what, when, where, how, and why. Ideally, you should put these in the first paragraph of your press release because you have to assume that readers will not read beyond the first paragraph. Also, it is important to format your press release correctly so that you will not run into problems when publishing. A press release should be ready for publishing, so avoiding grammatical and punctuation errors is a must. Here is the press release example that will guide you.


[Put this at the very top of your press release, as in written press release examples, if you want your piece published immediately. It should be flushed to the left, in all capital letters. If you want to wait for a little time before it is published, you can write HOLD RELEASE UNTIL… and then specify a date. This is important, especially if you are launching a product that is not yet available on the market.]


[Your headline should be catchy and should contain your main keywords, especially if your press release is to be published online. This will help search engines like Google increase your ranking. Your headline should be in bold, but not all caps. Capitalize the first letter of every word, except for prepositions and words shorter than 4 letters.]


[Again, this should be in bold letters and formatted like the heading. Here, you will guide readers into the press release, following the right press release examples formatting. It varies, because some press release examples do not call for sub-headings at all. Remember to make your sub-headings interesting as well and supportive of your heading.]

City, State/Country- Month, Day, Year– First paragraph

[This part should be in italics and will orient the readers about your time and location. This will also show them that your press release is current and something they should pay attention to. Immediately after the location and date, put a dash and go into your first paragraph. The first paragraph should contain all pertinent information and all 6 elements mentioned above. Again, the style of writing should sound official and be straight to the point.]


[The body of your text should contain all of the supportive data you wrote in the first paragraph. Take note that every paragraph should be no longer than 4 or 5 sentences. Separate paragraphs with a space. The writing should flow like a standard essay, with the first paragraph being like an introduction, and then there’s a body, and finally a conclusion. Make it as short as possible. Keep it to 1 or 2 pages, or else readers will not take the time to read your entire press release. Also, it’s very good practice to include a quote from a credible source in the body. This will make your press release more objective and will tell the readers that experts support your press release.]

Last Paragraph

[The last paragraph should summarize all key points and should be kept short. If you are selling a certain product, include a call to action for readers to buy the product and visit your website. Do not sound like an ad, however, because that will make your press release less credible.]


[Company] [This is the section where you will write about the merits of your company. Highlight any achievements that your company has. However, take care not to sound like an advertisement. You can put here the company’s certification, a little bit of background, and some information about your future products.]

Media Inquiries/Contact Information

[Place here the ways in which readers can contact you. You may put your email address, your company’s address, and your company’s website that is linking to the product you are announcing. You can also put your company’s Twitter and Facebook account, if applicable. Don’t put too much personal information, especially if you don’t want the media to constantly call you.


[Place the close symbol to alert journalists that your press release has ended. If you want to provide additional contact information that you don’t want to be published, you can place these after the close sign. You can state when you are available for questions and the fastest way to reach you.]


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