How To Write A Press Release - Infographic

How to Write a Press Release (Infographic)

Do press releases still matter? What are top experts saying today, and how can businesses create a successful, professional press release for publication online? View our infographic below for how to write a press release and several other useful answers! Full transcript below. Like our infographic? We’d really appreciate a comment and share! 

How To Write A Press Release - Infographic


Why Press Releases Still Matter

  • Contrary to rumors that press releases are fizzling, they are in fact still relevant and useful today. Here’s what top experts are saying about press releases today.
  • Rand Fishkin says that if you are the exception and work on standing out, your PR can do very well (theirs did, at Moz).
  • Hubspot experts say that press releases are viewed 275 times per week.
  • Press releases are still a viable option to get company news discovered, according to a Forbes expert.
  • Writers for big publishers can pick up an online press release, and the associated buzz (it can even be in a G+ post, link, etc.) can help your business, according to AimClear.
  • There’s no replacement for a strong press release, say the experts at Cision.
  • PRs are great for raw fodder to create multiple content pieces from! (From Miller Public Relations)

How to Write a Press Release: 6 Must-Have Ingredients to Get Your PR Noticed

There are many different ways to write press releases. Having these critical elements will help get your organization’s news noticed faster:

1. Newsworthy material

Think about why your product, event, or service matters to the public. If you can’t answer, “What’s in it for them?” then skip the press release altogether.

2. Objective tone

Write in third person and avoid using “we,” “I,” and “you.” Also avoid emphasis language, hyperbolic claims, and hype flags.

3. Clear and condensed information

Get to the point upfront and avoid using jargon. If you must use industry terms, define them in the piece.

4. Valid contact info

There’s nothing worse for a media rep to have than the wrong contact information. Use an up-to-date email and phone number within the media contact text.

5. Excellent grammar and spelling

Your press release will get crumpled up quickly if there are signs of poor grammar and typos. Proof and re-proof your piece before distributing it.

6. Relevant quotes from the sources

Whenever possible get a quote from an industry professional or executive. This gives you credibility and helps emphasize the message.

The Structure of A Published Press Release

How to write a press release is answered with our structure breakdown. See the live PR example, from MeetMyTutor

Headline (short and sweet attention grabber, no more than 65 characters)

Sub-headline (builds on the headline, two sentences max)

Dateline (the city where the news is originating and the date of the release)

Lead or intro paragraph (generally answers the who, what, when, where and why questions; in other words, the facts)

Body (min of 300 words, ideally no more than 600 words, provides supporting details, quotes, and call to action)

Body (min of 300 words, ideally no more than 600 words, provides supporting details, quotes, and call to action)

Body (min of 300 words, ideally no more than 600 words, provides supporting details, quotes, and call to action)

About  – Boilerplate (short paragraph with information about the issuing company or organization)

### <Journalist PR designated sign (signaling the end of the press release)

Press releases also include a company’s logo and media contact information: at minimum, the name, phone number and email address for the PR or media relations contact who can answer any questions regarding the material. 

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