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#ContentWritingChat January 26 2016 Recap: Best SEO Practices With SEMRush Strategist Elena

As you might already know, we recently launched our Twitter chat, #ContentWritingChat. We had our second ever chat on Tuesday, January 26th at 10 AM CST, and our topic was Best SEO Practices for Online Writers. We had such a great turn out that we went “viral” on Twitter, trending at #50 in the USA on Twitter–again!

#ContentWritingChat January 26, 2016: Best SEO Practices With SEMRush Strategist Elena

For this week’s chat, our lovely guest host was was Elena Terentyeva, strategist at SEMrush, the leading SEO software online. Elena joined us to chat all about SEO. We’re thrilled that so many of you have been joining us for the chat, but we’ve compiled some of the best tweets just in case you missed it. This week’s chat had so many amazing content creators and SEO experts ready to share their best advice!

Let’s dive into the recap.

Our CEO, Julia, couldn’t have described SEO any better! It’s all about creating quality content and optimizing it so search engines can rank you higher. As Elena (our guest host) pointed out, SEO is not an extra activity. It’s essential to your online presence and something you should always do!

We love Netvantage Marketing’s example of PB & Jelly (SEO + the writer), and Ryan put it point-blank!

A quick note to all the content creators out there: SEO is a must! Good words from Julia and Ecreativeworks.

High-quality content is essential! Focus on writing something great and then add in those keywords, headers, ALT tags, and more. Remember: no keyword stuffing! Use keywords in a way that’s natural. Grenae brings up being good at editing your content, a great point.

What skills do you need to have? First and foremost, you need to focus on strengthening those writing skills. Then, make sure you know how to effectively do keyword research to find the right keywords for your content. Don’t forget that SEO is always changing, so you have to stay updated!

Alejandro says it well: know your objectives. And Elena’s example of Backlinko was superb!

Make sure you’re using the right keywords to attract the audience you want!

Do SEO keyword research every single time you create new content. You need to make time to optimize your content if you want it to get noticed!

How many of these SEO tools are you using? Our participants gave some great suggestions!

We look forward to seeing you at the next #ContentWritingChat. Be sure to join us (@ExpWriters) on Tuesday, February 2nd at 10 AM CST!

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