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The Ultimate Guide for Every SEO Content Writer

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  • Learn the basic rules for SEO content writing.
  • Receive tips to choose the best keywords and place them in content.
  • See an example of a long-form blog post that performs well for Express Writers.

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Why is the SEO Content Writer Cheat Sheet Important

This ultimate guide will show you, with examples, the best way to create optimized SEO content. Whether you’re just starting out or trying to step up your keyword game, our team has created a guide that answers your FAQs about SEO content writing.

First, we’ll cover all the SEO writing rules you need to know. You’ll find info on people-first content, long-form content, and keeping up with Google’s algorithm changes. Once you have those under your belt, we’ll move on to keywords.

For many, understanding how to use keywords is one of their biggest hurdles. But you can’t fully optimize your content unless you have a good handle on SEO best practices. Instead of searching all over, we’ve gathered everything you need to understand SEO keywords. All five of our FAQs come from Write Blog readers.

So if you want to know how to choose the right keywords or how to tell if you’re overdoing it with keywords, we’ve got you covered. This ebook will help you understand what keyword research is while defining other essential SEO terms. The guide will also show you how to implement some grammatically incorrect keywords without sacrificing grammar.

Once you’ve gotten familiar with keywords and what helps with great SEO content, you’ll find an example blog our team has fully optimized. It brings in traffic to the blog because it covers a relevant topic with high search volume keywords.

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