Come away with me, just for a moment.
Use your imagination, and let us go to Paris.
There we are, at a quaint Parisian cafe, dining al fresco, tasting chocolates and sipping coffee on a fine spring afternoon.
Shoppers stroll by and the sun glistens on the Eiffel Tower in the distance.
Are you with me?
Pay attention now.
After my last sip of espresso, I ask you, “So how is your company’s blog doing?”
You reply with a pained sigh, and lifelessly mutter:
“I could be doing so much better.”

You need a content writer. It’s as plain as the Eiffel Tower rising majestically behind us.

Confession time – I escape through my writing, and I really just wanted to visit Paris for a few moments, but thank you for bearing with me through the forced analogy. Illusory European vacations aside, the point still stands. You need a content writer, and I’m here to tell you why.

1. You don’t have time.

I talk to business owners and even marketing specialists every day who respond to my question about their web content the same way you did in Paris. Sometimes, I just want to reach through the phone, shake them, and ask “Why do you think you’re not doing better?! It’s because you don’t have time!!” I want to, but I don’t. I can assure you that my record on inter-telephone assault is 100% clean. At any rate, the reason you can’t keep up with a busy writing schedule is simple: you don’t have time. Thankfully, the solution is pretty simple, too. Hire a content writer! Not only do we have the time to develop your content for you, but we do this all the time, so we can make it happen more quickly than you can.

2. Content writing is more than writing.

When you hire a content writer, you’re not just getting someone who is going to write generic content that may or may not apply to your business. You’re hiring a team member who will take an interest in your business and will be eager to learn how you work, who your audience is, and where your big successes and failures are now. Once we have all the information we need, we’re going to be doing more than writing – we’re going to be interacting with your audience on a level you’d never have time to maintain. Not only that, but content writers are experienced with SEO methods, social media, html, and often even graphic design software. Content writing means we have to be good at a little of everything – and that’s good for you.

3. A good content writer is a new perspective.

A content writer who’s worth his or her salt will take an interest in your business and will work tirelessly to understand it. Consequently, your content writer will look at your product with zero prior knowledge of its existence, in many cases. A common mistake of marketing and advertising is that it’s done by CEOs and business owners who are just too close to their own products. It’s the job of a content writer to take your product, look at it in a fresh new way, and sell it to new customers with a fresh, new perspective on what makes it so great. If your sales language is bogged down in jargon and marketing-speak that doesn’t really mean anything, then you most definitely need the help of a content writer.

4. Fresh content means better results.

It should go without saying at this point, but we’re saying it anyway. Search engines love fresh content! Keeping your site’s pages filled with ever-changing, fresh, keyword-enabled content that isn’t spammy, that is written for humans, and that is fun and engaging for an internet audience to read, is going to be the best thing that ever happened to your website. Your content writer will have his or her finger on the pulse of your web traffic in a way you never could, and will constantly be interpreting and adjusting his or her methods to find the best possible ways of driving traffic – all without sacrificing readability, customer engagement, accuracy, and without using risky SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing.

5. It’s not that expensive.

We get it. You have overhead, and hiring even one more person will make your budget that much tighter. Well, relax, because you don’t need a stellar budget to get stellar content writing. Even companies on the barest of budgets should be able to afford the services of a freelance content writer for a project or two, and if the content is effective, then your bottom line will be looking up, enabling you to look at bringing that freelancer on board full-time. If cost is your barrier to hiring a new, savvy content writer, then you have no barriers.

If you need a content writer, like, yesterday, Express Writers has an army of them for you. Contact us today and find out what we can do for your business.

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