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25 Reasons Every Business Needs a Go-To SEO Copywriter

You know those SEO copy-written guides and articles you click on and read that exist all over the web? It could be the next tip to DIY your life, a guide on grooming your poodle, or even detangling a toddler’s hair. (Seriously, there are guides for everything.)

Here’s a question. Who creates all that?

Not a machine. Not a bot. Not a system. A real, live, breathing person who loves to write.

Content: it’s everywhere.

We’re living in the era of content marketing: and today, everyone everywhere needs quality content for their online marketing.

From blog posts to tutorials to custom visuals, the demand for content is intense, and there’s a whole team of people lined up to meet it.

These people are called copywriters, and they’re experts in everything—from content to SEO.

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25 Great Reasons to Hire an Online SEO Copywriter

Since the demand for content is so huge, it’s not surprising that everyday people like business owners and managers get overwhelmed by the responsibility of creating content. Unfortunately, content is critical and companies who don’t have the time to create it will fall behind in both rankings and traffic. And you can’t do it yourself, you need a copywriter who knows how to write!

If you’re wondering why it’s a good to idea to hire an SEO copywriter and keep him or her on standby for all of your content needs, read on. Here are 25 reasons to invest in an SEO copywriter for your business marketing material.

1. Time savings

Content creation is a hugely time-consuming process. If you’re any kind of content marketer, you’ve probably discovered this already. And it’s dependent on time, because the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Unfortunately, that can become a work and time hole if you don’t have help.

As your business grows, it’s not unrealistic to assume that you’ll spend hours each week creating content, updating social media, reading and responding to user comments, and promoting your material. Unless you already have hours to spare each week (doubtful), this demand is bound to put you at a deficit and make it difficult for you to handle all the other aspects of your business.

Since copywriters are content experts who specialize only in content and SEO, hiring a professional copywriter is a great way to free up your time while also ensuring that your company winds up with professional, creative, high-quality copy that supports the goals and aspirations of your business.

2. An accurate representation of your services

Sometimes, it’s difficult for a business owner to describe a company’s services accurately.

While this may seem odd, business owners spend so much time in their businesses that it can sometimes be helpful to have an external third-party come in to write about what the company does.

Many copywriters specialize in specific industries, so it’s easy to find a copywriter who understands your business and knows how to speak directly to your consumers.

When you find a copywriter who truly understands the nature and value of your business, you can ensure engaging and informative copy every single time.


3. On-trend pieces that sync with your industry

One of the primary challenges of being a business owner is finding the time to stay up to date with current happenings and developments in your industry.

Did you know? A copywriter might know, better than you, what to write for your audience! *GASP*

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To remain relevant and exciting, brands need to consistently create content that demonstrates that they understand their current industry environment and can function within it.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done for many CEOs and owners.

When you hire a copywriter, however, you’ll never have to worry about how to handle current trends or keep yourself on the bleeding edge of your niche.

A copywriter can simply synthesize happenings in your industry and use all the current news and events in your niche to create relevant, informed, and valuable content for your clients.

4. Correct grammar and spelling

Let’s face it: writing is a learned skill. Because business owners are so busy with so many other things, many of them simply don’t have the time to worry about things like spelling, punctuation, and whether or not “internet” is spelled with a capital “I.”

Luckily for you, a copywriter LOVES to figure out all that stuff. We find absolute joy in the (corrected) nuances of grammar and delight in beautiful wording.

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Let me put it straight. Publishing online content that’s riddled with grammar and spelling errors can hurt your company. People just won’t take you as seriously. Don’t do it; hire a copywriter who can turn out quality, error-free copy for all of your online content.

5. Persuasive content

You know what’s great about your company and why people should choose you over the competition, but can you communicate that to readers?

Writing compelling content is a learned skill, and it’s something that copywriters are incredibly good at. For any business looking to put their best face forward or promote growth and engagement with customers, hiring a copywriter is a great way to ensure your content is persuasive and effective.

6. Perspective

While it may seem unlikely at first that a copywriter could add something unique to your company’s value proposition, copywriters are often very helpful when it comes to adding perspective to your business. Copywriters are objective, third-party people who can help you understand your business on a higher and more functional level and then transmit that message to your customers.

7. Variation

One of the most important factors in content creation is variation. While you as a business owner might not know how to create marketing videos, infographics, images, and text content, a copywriter does, which can give your content strategy a dramatic boost. In addition to helping you create different content types, a copywriter will also know how to pen content at various lengths and expertise levels to cater to all of your various audiences.

8. Creativity

A copywriter’s brain works in mysterious ways. Because copywriters are so experienced in writing copy for different companies, they’ll have perspective and creativity that might be difficult for you to access all on your own.

A copywriter can not only come up with original topics but can also use your existing content to create new formats and styles that can help you stand out from the crowd.

A copywriter can not only come up with original topics but can also use your existing content to create new formats and styles that can help you stand out from the crowd. - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

9. Knowledge

Unless you’ve got some serious time on your hands, it’s unlikely that you’re keeping up with all of the latest news about Google’s frequent algorithm updates or recent changes in the content marketing and SEO industries.

Because copywriters need to know about SEO and Google updates to make a living, you can trust that a skilled copywriter will create copy that performs well in Google and pleases your readers at the same time.

Additionally, a copywriter can help you understand how to navigate SEO to avoid Google penalties and stay in the search engine’s good graces.

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10. Personalized content made for your target audience

While you know that it’s important to speak directly to your target audience, that’s easier said than done. While you might not be well-versed in things like sales funnels and target personas, a copywriter is.

In light of this, a copywriter can create personalized, unique content that speaks directly to your target audience at all stages of the buying cycle.

11. Unique content

To rank well in Google’s SERPs, you need to create quality, reputable, original content on an ongoing basis. This can be difficult, though!

In addition to the fact that coming up with topics for content is hard enough on its own, it’s also difficult to create years’ worth of content without duplicating yourself or running out of topic ideas.

Luckily, a skilled SEO copywriter will be able to produce reputable, exciting online content without slipping into boring, dry material.

In addition to the fact that duplicate content is bad for your business (you’ll likely lose readers and damage your credibility by posting duplicate content), it’s also something can quickly result in Google penalties.

12. Exciting content

So you’re in the tire pressure gauge business. How do you make this industry sound exciting enough to stand out from the crowd and engage customers?

While it may be difficult for you to create exciting content that your readers will remember, this is second nature for a copywriter. While you can’t change the fact that some industries are boring, you can ensure that your content is as exciting as possible by hiring a professional SEO copywriter to create engaging, interesting content that will help you stand out from the crowd.

13. More online traffic

One of the biggest battles of running an online business is producing organic (non-paid) traffic. While this may be difficult to do on your own, a copywriter has the skills and knowledge needed to drive more organic traffic to your site.

Before you waste your marketing budget on PPC advertising, find a qualified copywriter with an extensive knowledge of organic search, SEO, and content optimization.

Between creating content for social media and developing unique, on-site content, a copywriter can help you drive organic traffic to your site, thus increasing your bottom line and making your business easier for users to find.

One of the biggest battles of running an online business is producing organic (non-paid) traffic... a copywriter has the skills and knowledge needed to drive more organic traffic to your site. - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

14. Increased social prowess

To build an online presence and engage correctly with your followers, it’s critical to have a strong social media presence.

While a copywriter can create content for your blog, website, and product pages, a copywriter can also create high-quality material for your social accounts – ranging from Facebook to Twitter.

While it’s unlikely that you know what the ideal number of characters for a tweet or a Facebook post is, a copywriter does. This kind of knowledge on your side can help ensure that you stand out from the competition and use the power of social media to your advantage.

15. Expert content

Even though you’re the business owner and thus an expert on your product, goods, and services, it’s possible to secure an expert copywriter who is familiar with your industry and can create expert, well-written content that will reflect well on your company. This is especially true for businesses in knowledge-dense fields, like medicine, where expert content is of the utmost importance.

16. Less stress

This one’s really simple, but a gamechanger. Content creation is a large job and, without the proper help, it can get stressful quite quickly.

For many reasons. What if you don’t know how to talk to your audience? What’s the difference between the copy you need to write for a blog, and what you need to write for your Facebook audience? How do you stay on top of all the topics you need to plan out for next month? This list goes on. And it gets crazy.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the content demand, a copywriter is a great way to ensure that you consistently get content onto your blogs, social media accounts, and web pages without running yourself ragged in the process.

17. Consistency

Consistency is half the battle of copywriting and even if you love writing content and are good at it, it’s worth nothing if you can’t get words onto the page on a regular basis.

Like many business owners, you probably have a lot on your plate. Between running the company, dealing with hiring, and ensuring that there’s enough stock on the shelves, it’s likely that you find it difficult to create content on a regular basis. This is why content creation can be such a huge help.

By hiring a professional copywriter, you can ensure that you have a source of consistent content creation that benefits your brand and your audiences.

18. Objectivity

Today’s marketing climate is all about providing value and relevance. While selling is still important, it’s taken a back seat to building relationships.

Unfortunately, many businesses owners hard sell their clients without meaning to. Because you’re passionate about your products and care deeply about ensuring that your company succeeds, it might be helpful to hire a copywriter to write objective, quality content that helps your readers and provides value to a wide variety of audiences.

19. Using the correct voice

Unless you’re an experienced online copywriter, it’s likely that you’re not familiar with the correct voice to use in online marketing copy. First, second, or third person is a valid question to ask, and it’s one that an online copywriter won’t have to struggle with.

Because your online copy is so important, it pays to have a copywriter who won’t have to struggle over the nature of copywriting as a whole and can focus, instead, on the task at hand.

20. Great SEO

SEO IS content.

For your content to function well on your website and blog, it’s necessary to implement correct SEO throughout. Unfortunately, SEO Is an ongoing and ever-changing field and, unless you’re dedicated to doing it for a living, it’s likely that you’ll have trouble keeping up with all the recent changes and developments in the SEO industry.

A copywriter, on the other hand, won’t have this same issue. Because copywriters are experienced in all facets of SEO, it’s easy to ensure that your professional online copy will abide by the most recent SEO guidelines.

21. Continuity

To build a brand presence and help yourself stand out from the competition, it’s critical to ensure that your online content is consistent across the board.

By hiring an online copywriter, you can ensure that everything from your product descriptions to your blog posts is written in the same point of view, voice, and perspective. This can help create brand continuity and encourage readers to engage with your brand.

22. Conversational writing

The tone of your online content is critical and consumers react better to conversational content than they do to dry and professional content.

To encourage readers to engage with your brand, it’s essential to write in a conversational style.

If this is something you don’t feel comfortable doing, it’s wise to hire an online copywriter to create conversational, relatable content your customers will love.

To encourage readers to engage with your brand, it’s essential to write in a conversational style. If this is something you don’t feel comfortable doing, it’s wise to hire an online copywriter... - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

23. Competitive content

If you want to run with the best, you need to create reputable content that is professional, expert, and well-written. One of the best ways to do that, even if you’re a budding company, is to hire an expert copywriter to handle your content creation needs.

In addition to helping you establish yourself as an authority in your industry, professional copywriting can help promote growth in your brand and earn you new customers.

24. You need copy to match your website

If you’ve already got a website and need content to match it, a copywriter is your go-to. Professional copywriters can read your existing content and create new content that matches it in tone, voice, style, and substance. This approach can help you create a cohesive online presence that reflects well on your company.

25. Clarity

If there’s one thing online copywriters excel at, it’s clarity, brevity, and concise writing. This is exactly what you need in your online copywriting and can quickly help elevate your content to the next level.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to grow your brand, engage new customers, or provide value to your existing clients, hiring an online copywriter is the perfect way to ensure that you’re meeting your company goals.

If there’s one thing online copywriters excel at, it’s clarity, brevity, and concise writing. - @JuliaEMcCoy on the reasons why it's essential to hire a go-to #SEOcopywriter Click To Tweet

Interested in Finding Your Best SEO Copywriter You Can Rely On?

While you can certainly write your own content, hiring an SEO copywriter is one of the best ways to ensure that you create quality, relatable, cohesive content across the board.

In addition to the fact that an SEO copywriter can help you elevate your content, having a go-to SEO copywriter can also help you compete with bigger brands and establish yourself as a leader in the industry.

Need SEO copywriting help? We do that! Read our story and learn about us here.

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