Social media can be a tricky field for many businesses, but there are some out there who know how to use it, and they use it well. Have you heard of a smaller, yet big-reach company that has a powerful social media campaign—Adagio Teas?

Adagio Teas is a wonderful place with both a physical location on the East Coast, as well as a major Internet presence. They work diligently to bring in more online customers through their social media campaign. Let’s take a look at how Adagio Teas uses social media and see just what you can learn from this small business.

A Social Media Success: Adagio Teas

I am going to take a look at the top ways Adagio Teas wins at social media, with a few things hopefully you can takeaway for your own social media campaigns.

  1. They Have a Great Social Media Presence With Twitter. Adagio Teas knows that the place they are going to get their clients is through social media, and they make sure to have an incredible Twitter presence. When you take a stroll on their Twitter feed, you see the company consistently tweeting about offers, contests, as well as re-tweets from their followers. In fact, Adagio regularly encourages people to use Twitter and it is always nice when you get your tweet re-tweeted by the company. I am going to look into their usage of Twitter further on in this blog, but they do have an incredible presence there, and one that is definitely a great inspiration for small businesses.Twitter is an amazing social media site for small businesses because it allows you to talk to your clients in “real time” and it makes the interaction feel more personal. When it comes to other social channels, people are used to having to wait for a response, but Twitter is where the action is at. If you don’t have a Twitter account, set one up, and get to tweeting and talking to build great relationships with your clients.
  1. They Utilize Pinterest to Share Teas, Recipes, and Quotes. While they have a great Twitter presence, they also make sure to utilize their Pinterest account. Pinterest is a great place to share a wide variety of content all the way from memes to product pictures, recipes, and even quotes. Adagio Teas knows how to use Pinterest well and they regularly update with some great photographs of products. They also share some fun, cute little sayings that always involve tea and sometimes include the one thing that pairs with tea nicely – books.Pinterest isn’t a social channel for every business, but it can be useful for some. Many people use this site as a place to collection great DIY tips, as well as fun quotes, sayings, and recipes. If you are in a niche market that can give people DIY tips such as how to brew the perfect oolong tea, then this is a great site for you. If you are in the financial industry, Pinterest might not be the social channel for you. It is always best to keep your channels down to what you will use as well as what will give you the best impact.
  1. Adagio Creates Fun Contests Involving Social Media Channels. Back in February, Adagio Teas created a great contest for their fans about the teas people love. The contest rules stated people had to create an individual Pinterest board titling it “I <3 Adagio Teas” and then share the top ten items they loved from Adagio. This was a great marketing ploy because it got hundreds of people to share their favorite products, which meant all of their followers saw it. But how did Adagio make it worthwhile for clients? Obviously not everyone could win the grand prize, but if you created a board, you could email them with a link to your board and get a $10 gift certificate. Overall this was pocket change compared to what Adagio could make with this promotion, and it made all of their clients pretty happy.This is a perfect example of not just setting up a contest or giveaway, but also making it worth your clients’ time and energy. Not many people would have made a board if it weren’t for that gift card. Give your clients something free when you run a promotion to spice things up and add a favorable image of you in their minds. This will help produce customer loyalty, and happy, loyal clients are more than willing to help promote a business that helps them. As Social Media Examiner writes, you don’t always have to use Pinterest; Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel can work just as well for a giveaway or contest!
  1. Tweet About Adagio and You Get Points! One of my favorite ways Adagio uses Twitter is that they encourage people to tweet to receive points. These points add up to a money value, which can take a significant amount of money off of an order. You can only tweet about them once a day, but this is a great incentive for clients to promote a company while getting something in return. Again, this is another great example of encouraging your clients to help promote you while making it worth their time and energy.
  1. Allot Points for Social Media Reviews. Outside of just tweeting on Twitter, Adagio also offers points if you review a product and post it to their Facebook page. Facebook reviews can really help a company out, and many people are willing to do this for a business they like. You will find that they are definitely willing to review things if you give them something in return. Each review gives the reviewer 6 points towards a gift certificate that can be used together with the points mentioned above. Everything about Adagio is about promoting the company while helping the customers, which creates an incredible atmosphere for the workers and clients alike.
  1. Adagio Knows that Email is Still Vital. While not a specific social channel, email does have a social quality that many people end up ignoring. Many think that it is a thing of the past when it comes to marketing, but that is simply not so. Adagio understands this and sends out great emails to encourage their clients to try new teas or products. When they send out an email, it isn’t the typical mass generated one that every single client gets. In fact, it is tailored to what the client has purchased. Let’s say you purchased a cinnamon apple Rooibos tea, Adagio will follow up with an email about a cinnamon tea you might like. A few weeks later, they’ll share an apple tea, or they might just say that they’ve randomly put a free sample into your cart for you to have next time you check out. All of this is communicated through email, and it is a pretty wondrous thing to open your email and see you have a free sample of tea waiting for you.A takeaway from this for you is that you should still be using email in your marketing campaigns. It doesn’t have to be done just like Adagio by making it user specific, but this shows just how vital email is in 2015. Think about it – what is one of the first things you do in the morning? You check your email. The same thing happens all over the world as people stretch their feet to the ground and groggily pick up their phone as they head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or tea. Outside of morning email checks, we all find ourselves checking our email for work purposes or waiting for orders to arrive, making it important for businesses to use email.
  1. They Favorite, Re-tweet, or Respond. Adagio Teas also understands one of the most vital aspects of social media – engagement. They’ve worked hard to get decent engagement on their sites, and now that they have it, they make sure to maintain it. They do this by responding to their clients on Facebook and Twitter, as well as by re-tweeting images, or by marking “favorite” on a tweet. This helps promote further engagement because people simply love knowing that someone is going to respond to their comments and tweets.In order to have a great, successful social media presence, you need to make sure you are regularly engaging. Yes, getting engagement can be difficult up front, but there are several things you can do to promote it. Once you get it, you need to make sure you work just as hard to keep it by responding to comments, re-tweeting, and just engaging overall with your clients.

Grab a Mug of Tea and Get Social!

These top points are great things to add to your own social media campaign, helping you get the most out of it. It can be daunting to be a small business and using social media when all you see are tons of very successful large businesses. However, if this small business can have an incredible social media campaign, so can you!

Photo credit: Adagio Teas on Twitter

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