5 signs you might be a content writer

5 Signs You Might Be a Content Writer

We Web content writers are a pretty fun bunch, if I do say so myself. When you consider the amount of time we spend researching new topics, fretting over the latest SEO techniques, and obsessing over our content writing projects, it goes without saying that a content writer eats, breathes, and sleeps Web content. We know that many of our readers are business owners or marketing professionals looking to do some of their own content writing, and as you can see, we always try to provide you only the best tricks and tips to help you be the best content writer you can be. Let’s take a moment to have a little fun, though, and see just how good a job you’re doing. We’ve put together a little checklist that you can use as a reference guide as your content writing skills consume you – er, I mean develop. Yeah, develop.

Let’s get on with the list, shall we? Here are some of the most common signs you may be a content writer:

1. Facebook and Blog are Verbs, Not Nouns

If you find yourself frequently saying, “Oh I can’t wait to Facebook this,” or “I’m totally blogging this party,” you have officially reached the point where engaging in social media has become as common to you as tying your shoes. When “Facebooking” and “blogging” are no longer things you have to do, but things you get to do, you may be a content writer.

2. You know your Klout score, but not your credit score

You have your priorities, right? If this one mystifies you a little, Klout is a social media analytics website that examines your social media connections, interactions, and overall reach and assigns you a “score” based on how well you’re doing. The social media savvy content writer lives and dies by his or her Klout score… but unfortunately, it doesn’t do us much good at the loan office. If your eyes lit up and you proudly announced “62!” when you read this, then congratulations: You may be a content writer.

3. You use your PayPal debit card more than your bank’s

We content writers are typically freelancers, writing Web content for anyone who needs it, and as a roaming writer, a PayPal account is a necessity. We’ve all got one, they’re all verified, and I can assure you that we have the branded debit card. If you know exactly how much cash back you’ve earned from your PayPal debit card, and it’s more than you’ve earned on any of your others, then you’re definitely a freelancer – and you may be a content writer.

4. You know all of your friends’ e-mail addresses, but not their phone numbers

We content writers live by writing, and let’s be honest, there’s only so much you can say in a text message. Writers send e-mails the way Victorians used to write letters, and those of you who are friends with a content writer know all too well that we will respond to an e-mail much faster than we’ll listen to a voicemail or return a phone call. If you can populate a significant portion of your e-mail address book without importing or looking, then you may be a content writer.

5. You have nightmares about Penguin 3.0

SEO is a constantly changing landscape, and if you ask any SEO content writer what the word “Penguin” means to them, their reactions will range from amusement to shudders – but believe me, they’ll know what you’re talking about. Google’s most recent updates to its SEO algorithm (another word you can use to elicit a variety of reactions, by the way) has been dubbed “Penguin,” and while it largely targets black-hat SEO practices, inadvertently even some of the most careful SEO content writers get caught in the crossfire. Penguin 2.0 landed this past May and sent many webmasters and content writers reeling, attempting to rid their link profiles of errant inbound links from questionable sites. We’re only just beginning to recover from some of the unintended consequences of Penguin 2.0, so those of us affected collectively dread the day that Penguin 3.0 will once again change the way we approach the business of content writing. If you live in fear of algorithm updates, you may just be a content writer.

Do you know at least 200 different ways to explain what your business does? Do you have a notepad where you jot down ideas for new articles? Do you follow hashtags more closely than you follow national news? These are just a few of the many telltale signs that you made the leap from amateur blogger to Web content writer. If you grinned, giggled, and nodded along with us during this post, then welcome to the fold, fellow content writer!

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