Company owners strive to create a fresh, modern, unique image for their brands, hoping to gain new followers and maximize their return on investment in record time.

Compelling content writing plays an important part in this puzzle, representing the bridge between an online business and its segment of potential buyers.

In most cases, words are cleverly combined to create beautiful tales for every single product currently available on the market; but are these stories convincing and inspiring enough to stimulate sales, to harness client engagement, or to grow the online presence of a particular brand?

7 Awesome Tips To Help You Create Compelling Content Writing

Somewhere along the road to awesome web content writing, most writers get stuck. What exactly triggers their failure and how can one deliver compelling content writing that serves a higher purpose, generating traceable improvements over a short period of time?
Apply a few simple tips helping you avoid major mistakes that could easily compromise your online credibility and your previous efforts.

Deliver 100% accurate, fresh informative content on a regular basis

Remember that fans usually stop following a company that does not benefit from a solid online presence and neglect the fact that meaningful Web content should be posted and updated regularly.

1) Share and promote only 100% original content, presented in a personalized, appealing manner

Your readers have the ability to recognize stolen ideas, especially if they are copy-pasted from your main competitors; not to mention the fact that this practice is penalized by search engines and could even get your site banned.

2) A narrow focus can attract a larger segment of visitors

Most readers tend to avoid so-called “generalist” bloggers who seem to have an informed opinion about everything these days. Develop your content writing skills, choose topics that represent you and reflect your purpose in business, and come up with truly remarkable ideas tailored to the expectations of you core audience after doing extensive research and conducting brainstorming sessions. Before trying to address the needs of your readers, discover who you really are, identify and list the attributes that you are trying to highlight, and establish goals that you would like to attain in the near future.

3) Share credible information and define yourself as a trustworthy source

It goes without saying that honesty is a non-negotiable term when it comes to delivering excellent content writing. Don’t lie and don’t exaggerate your strengths. For example, don’t affirm that you are the best/most-trusted/most-popular plumbing company in your state, unless real numbers extracted from unbiased statistics can back up your statement.

4) The execution of your content piece is essential

Your content writing should display a clear, simple, scannable structure. People don’t want to waste time trying to find the main idea of your text. They want to get to the point fast and with minimal effort. Learn more tips on compelling content at Copyblogger.

5) Turn some of the most common questions into brilliant answers and solve the daily problems of your readers

Your readers might comment on your blog posts, asking you to provide the simplest, fastest, most-effective solution to their problem. If it’s a common issue, experienced by most of your clients, you can provide a detailed answer in a future blog post, which will definitely be received with great enthusiasm by your followers.

6) Explore fertile social media ground, looking for new sources of inspiration

Find out what has gone viral recently in your field of activity, keep an eye on your fierce competitors, measure their progress, and anticipate their next moves. Spot new trends and become a trendsetter yourself by simply being active on some of the most popular social media platforms.

Start out with these tips, grow your knowledge, and keep reading – you’ll be awesome at content writing in no time!

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