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5 Signs You May Need a Content Writer

by | Sep 9, 2013 | Website Content | 0 comments

If you’re like many small business owners, you may believe that hiring a professional content writer to create the content for your Web, blog, e-news, or any other advertising pieces you’ll be using is an unnecessary expense. Money’s tight, you have to cut expenses as much as you can, and unsurprisingly, many businesses are braving the great frontier of the Web without so much as a proofreader on staff, opting to take care of all content writing in house. It saves money, to be sure – but is it really the best choice for your business?


What are the signs that you need a content writer for your business needs?


No matter if you hire one or not, if your business has a Web presence, someone has to do your content writing for you. If you’re the owner and you’ve taken on the mantle of content writer yourself, it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed in the process. If you think you may have bitten off more than you can chew, consider some of the items in this list, and act accordingly. These are some of the most common signs that you may need the services of a professional content writer.


1. Writing Takes Too Much Time.

If you find that your content writing takes way too much time out of your day, then you may be out of your depth as your own content writer. A professional content writer is able to whip up 500 words on virtually any subject within a very short amount of time, and our results are compelling, eloquent, and SEO-enabled. If whipping up 500 words for your website inspires a headache instead of a topic, then you may need to hire a content writer.


2. Writing Distracts from Running Your Business.

You know what you’re good at. That’s why you’re doing what you do with your business. If that business doesn’t include writing, then every hour you spend staring at the blank page in Word – and you know you do it – is an hour you could be spending doing what you’re actually good at. Your Web content isn’t going to write itself, but if the process of writing is impacting your customer service or business development tasks, then you definitely need to hire a content writer.


3. It Just Isn’t Getting Hits.

Maybe you did it – you put in the late nights and consumed way too much junk food, but you got your Web content finished. Now it’s published, and… nothing is happening. Your website may look great and be full of relevant text, but if no one outside your own office is seeing it, your effort was for nothing. A good content writer has the ability to write content that is search engine-friendly and human reader-friendly, too. Unless you really want to get into the business of learning the best practices of SEO content writing, your Web content will be better in the hands of a professional. You need a content writer.


4. You’re Just Out of Ideas.

You know your business. You know you’re the best at what you do, and that’s why you do it. What you may not know is how to explain that to John Q. Websurfer. When describing your business practices to a general Web audience, where do you begin? You don’t want to be too technical, but you want to include enough details so it’s clear you know what you’re talking about. You’ve refilled the office coffee pot, but it’s not doing any good. Inspiration just isn’t coming. A professional content writer is the master at taking the bare bones of what you do, combining it with the fairy dust of your target audience, and whipping that into a delicious stew of informative, engaging content that your readers – and the search engines – will love. Before you fill up that coffee pot again, call a content writer.


5. You Really Hate Writing.

If the thought of spending the next 3 hours doing the two-finger hunt-and-peck at your office PC typing up 500 words of content with approximated grammar and questionable spelling is less appealing than eating a light bulb salad, then what are you waiting for? If you don’t love it, you’re not going to produce good work. You most definitely need a content writer.

If one or more of these situations apply to you, then the experts at Express Writers can help you get out of the downward spiral of writing you really don’t want to do and back in the business of running your business. Our writers are expertly trained, professional, and love what they do – just like you do – and it’s less expensive than you may think. Contact us today and find out how Express Writers can help you.