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How to Be a Thankful Content Marketer This Thanksgiving (Infographic)

how to be a thankful content marketer

10 Reasons to Be a Thankful Content Marketer As You Gather Round the Table

1. Writing elite content is something we take pride in. So’s eating three slices of pumpkin pie.

2. Two rules to live by: save room for dessert & make time to relax. We can help with the latter.

3. Feel like your copy looks more like a snood than something with swag? Invite us to your table.

4. Content marketing can be as easy as sweet potato pie, with the right resources.

5. Gobble, gobble, gobble! (That’s called onomatopoeia.)

6. Only the best ingredients for our copy make it to the table!

7. While you’re stuffing turkey, we’ll roast your copy.

8. Sweet potato pie vs. pumpkin pie. Quality vs. quantity. Find the right team, you get someone that perfects all the flavors.

9. Turkeys CAN fly — so can your content when it goes viral with the right content touch!

10. A thankful content marketer is one that’s found a content creator they can trust.

Happy Thanksgiving from Your Friends at Express Writers!

This Thanksgiving, we hope you get to spend some time with loved ones gathered around the table, relishing good food, fun, and making memories. (For the Friendsgiving goers among us—I’m in your group this year!—enjoy your special day of gratitude, good food and companionship, too!)

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Express Writers!

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