31 Interesting SEO Experts to Follow & Learn From On Twitter

31 Interesting SEO Experts to Follow & Learn From On Twitter

SEO can be a tangled web to navigate.
Google updates its algorithm every single day, while regulations for data-sharing and best-practices for ranking change as quickly as the weather.
Who has time to keep track of all that?
Lucky for you, there are credible SEO’ers out there keeping their finger on that pulse, tweeting helpful resources and news articles regularly, and talking about SEO in a down-to-earth way.

It can be immensely helpful (and entertaining, and informative) to follow the top SEO digital marketers.
That way, you’ll know what’s happening in the search engine world – and get real-time updates (guides, trend alerts, Google changes) on Twitter.
Check out these SEOers and follow them so your Twitter feed is more powerful and helpful than ever:
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31 Must-Follow SEOers on Twitter (In No Particular Order)

1. Eric Enge


@ericenge and @stonetemple

Eric Enge heads up the award-winning marketing agency, Stone Temple.
Why you should follow: Eric regularly tweets interesting SEO news, articles, and updates under his personal handle and Stone Temple’s account. That includes studies and articles from his own brand, complete with goofy-yet-fun header images starring himself.

2. Rand Fishkin



Rand Fishkin is pretty well-known in the marketing and SEO communities – he co-founded Moz (and now headlines SparkToro) and shared his know-how on Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays.
Why you should follow: Rand regularly tweets about SEO hot topics, but also has dived into entrepreneurship/start-ups, the psychology of web users, and even nerdy-fun topics like his secret passion for Dungeons & Dragons.

3. Jeff Deutsch



Jeff Deutsch is a HubSpot/Inbound.org contributor and has worked in digital marketing for over 10 years.
Why you should follow: Jeff shares slices of SEO along with interesting tips, tidbits, and resources that are pertinent for any marketer (plus a joke or two).

4. Olga Andrienko



Olga Andrienko is the head of global marketing at SEMrush, which is one of the top SEO tools on the web.
Why you should follow: It’s readily apparent that Olga is super-passionate about SEO and helping people optimize their websites and content. She also posts lots of behind-the-scenes glimpses from SEMrush and notes from SEO conferences.

5. Danny Goodwin



Danny Goodwin is SEJ’s own Executive Editor. He has over 10 years of experience in marketing and has been an editor for Search Engine Watch and Momentology.
Why you should follow: Danny tweets a ton of timely, high-quality articles about SEO and search marketing from around the web. Follow him and get ready to add to your daily reading list.

6. Michael King



Michael King is the founder of iPullRank, a digital marketing agency and consultancy. He’s also an influencer, keynote speaker, and marketing consultant to major brands.
Why you should follow: Michael regularly opens up his twitter posts to chat and answer your most burning questions. He also tweets about hot SEO topics and adds his professional two cents, which makes for interesting reading.

7. Casey Markee



Casey Markee is an SEO writer, speaker, trainer, and marketer. He writes for Search Engine News and is the founder of Media Wyse, an SEO firm.
Why you should follow: If you’d like some SEO smarts with a big side dish of humor, Casey is your guy.

8. Marie Haynes



Marie Haynes is an SEO consultant and an expert on the Google algorithm and its related penalties.
Why you should follow: Since Marie is a self-professed algorithm obsessive, her Twitter feed is chock-full of advice, articles, news, and updates that are ultra-helpful if you want a better understanding of Google search.

9. Bill Slawski



Bill Slawski is the Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital, a digital marketing agency. He also runs SEObytheSea.com, a blog for learning absolutely everything about SEO.
Why you should follow: Bill tweets about fresh SEO topics, SEO job opportunities, and engages in conversations with other top SEOers. You’ll learn a ton just by following along.

10. Jenny Halasz



Jenny Halasz is an SEO strategist, the President of JLH Marketing, and a regular speaker at events like Pubcon, SEJSummit, and SMX.
Why you should follow: Jenny isn’t afraid to share her opinions on everything from basic SEO to ranking factors to politics.

11. Nik Ranger



Nik Ranger isn’t an SEOer – rather, she’s a self-described SEO nerd (she’s also a front-woman and electric violinist for her band, Dada Ono).
Why you should follow: If “electric violinist” and “front-woman” weren’t enough for you, Nik also geeks out about SEO regularly, which is fun to follow.

12. Barry Schwartz



Barry Schwartz is the CEO of RustyBrick, a custom web software and digital marketing company. He’s also the founder of the reknowned Search Engine Roundtable and is the News Editor at Search Engine Land.
Why you should follow: Barry keeps tabs on all things Google so you don’t have to – including the latest algorithm updates.

13. John Mueller



John Mueller is Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst. As such, he’s often an important point-of-contact and go-between for Google’s engineers and SEO marketers.
Why you should follow: John is incredibly active on Twitter and what he says is taken very, very seriously concerning Google’s inner-workings. Follow to hear directly from the horse’s mouth (though answers to SEO questions are often notoriously round-about).

14. Danny Sullivan


@dannysullivan and @searchliaison

Danny Sullivan is Google’s official search liaison go-to – that means he’s always working to help people understand search.
Why you should follow: Danny’s tweets @searchliaison continually debunk myths, announce updates, and clear up misinformation concerning Google search.

15. Lisa Barone



Lisa Barone is the Chief Marketing Officer at Overit, a digital marketing agency with high-profile clients.
Why you should follow: Lisa heads up marketing, SEO, social media, content, and more at an extremely successful agency, and her wit and insights are worth adding to your Twitter feed.

16. Jono Alderson



Jono Alderson is a leader in the SEO world, a keynote speaker, and recently joined the team at Yoast.
Why you should follow: Jono often tweets his expert thoughts and opinions about news in tech and SEO, and they’re worth your attention.

17. Brian Dean



Brian Dean is an SEO expert who throws down his advice at Backlinko, which is one of the most popular, informative SEO hubs on the web.
Why you should follow: Brian’s M.O. is “teach[ing] people to get higher rankings in Google.” Follow him to get updates on new blog posts and to read his tips and tricks.

18. Mike Blumenthal



Mike Blumenthal is an expert on local search marketing. He shares his know-how at Local University, which is an organization that teaches 4-hour local SEO seminars and holds SEO events.
Why you should follow: If you need to understand local search marketing better, Mike should be on your “following” list.

19. Mary Bowling



Mike Blumenthal’s counterpart at LocalU is Mary Bowling. Together, they run the “Last Week in Local” video series and podcast. She’s also the co-founder of Ignitor Digital and is a local search expert.
Why you should follow: Mary shares and retweets all things local SEO – follow her to add lots of great articles to your daily industry reading.

20. Cyrus Shephard

cyrus on twitter


As the former Director of SEO at Moz, Cyrus is an absolute wealth of SEO knowledge. His tagline is “Hard SEO made easy.” He blogs and speaks on SEO.
Why you should follow: Cyrus shares blogs and articles that are comprehensive guides on SEO tactics, trends, and best practices.

21. Glenn Gabe



Glenn Gabe is the founder and president of G-Squared Interactive. He’s an expert in SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and more, and has over 20 years of experience in the industry.
Why you should follow: Glenn often takes the time to analyze Google algorithm changes with real-time stats. He’s also one to follow for tweaks to make your SEO better.

22. Joy Hawkins



Joy Hawkins is a contributor for Moz and Google My Business, is a speaker and SEO educator, and runs Sterling Sky, a local SEO agency.
Why you should follow: Want tips to make sure you’re making the most of Google My Business? Follow Joy.

23. Colan Nielsen



Colan Nielsen is a local search expert and the Vice President of the SEO agency, Sterling Sky.
Why you should follow: Colan shares news and articles related to all-things local search – great if you’re a small business depending on SEO to help local customers find you.

24. Darren Shaw



Darren Shaw is the founder of Whitespark, a local SEO services and software company. He also fronted the local search ranking factors survey, where over 40 SEOers weighed in about how to rank in local search.
Why you should follow: Darren is a top voice in the local SEO community, and regularly shares his expertise.

25. Michelle Robbins



Michelle Robbins is the Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Land, MarTech Today, and Marketing Land. She also heads Third Door Media, and is a keynote speaker who often throws down knowledge at industry events and conferences.
Why you should follow: Michelle tweets news and articles straight from the SEO front lines. Plus, she’s an inspiring leader in the tech and SEO worlds.

26. Anna Crowe



Anna Crowe is an SEO consultant and a writer at SEJ. She also heads her own SEO and digital marketing business, Anna Branding & Co.
Why you should follow: Anna is another great example of a savvy woman in SEO land. Besides SEO news and info, she also tweets funny and relatable slices of life.

27. Christine Churchill



Christine Churchill is an online marketing and SEO guru who knows her way around keyword research. She’s also the President of KeyRelevance, a search engine marketing agency.
Why you should follow: Along with SEO insights, Christine also tweets dispatches straight from industry events, conferences, and meet-ups.

28. John Doherty



John Doherty is the CEO of both Credo and Single Geared, and is an SEO consultant who works with big clients Like The New York Times and Hired.
Why you should follow: John tweets tips and advice from his place in the SEO hot seat, and frequently lets loose an expert opinion or two about the search marketing industry.

29. James Finlayson



James Finlayson is a former lawyer-turned-SEO expert. He’s the Head of Search at Verve Search with regular speaking gigs.
Why you should follow: James is knowledgeable and involved with the SEO community, and his posts and tweets reflect that perfectly.

30. Debra Mastaler



Along with her role as the Features Editor at Search Engine Land, Debra Mastaler is also a link-building consultant at her company, Alliance-Link.
Why you should follow: Debra shares lots of timely SEO articles and keeps her followers updated with her industry speaking engagements.

31. Julie Joyce



Julie Joyce is the owner of her own link building company, Link Fish Media. She also co-founded SEO Chicks and regularly contributes to Search Engine Land.
Why you should follow: Lots of link building humor (yes, it’s a thing), plus witty commentary and sharing of SEO link building articles and resources.

Have a favorite SEO expert not listed? Tell us in the comments!