When Matt Janaway, CEO of England-based digital marketing agency Marketing Labs UK, realized he needed copywriting help, he knew just who to turn to.
Janaway had worked with us before, and had a number of good things to say about the experience. According to him, hiring Express Writers for his copywriting needs was a “no-brainer.”
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The Story Begins: The Need for a Copywriting Team

MarketingLabs recently experienced an influx of clientele in need of digital marketing services. While an increase in business is never a bad thing, the workload quickly became too much for MarketingLabs’ two in-house copywriters to handle.
Janaway knew that forcing his copywriters to spread themselves thin would result in low quality work and – more importantly – unhappy customers.
And he also knew his company wasn’t ready to take on a third full-time copywriter. Not only would that lead to an increase in overhead, but it would also result in redundancy once client demand died down.
For Janaway, the choice was clear: hire a copywriting agency.

Not Just Any Agency

Janaway knew he had a number of copywriting agencies to choose from, but he ultimately decided to work with our team at Express Writers.
He explains, “The ability to have skilled writers on-tap and ready to jump straight into a project…is a vital part of the growth strategy of our business.”
Like we said earlier, this wasn’t the first time Janaway worked with Express Writers. What drew him back was our team’s ability to quickly turnaround assignments without sacrificing quality, as well as our writers’ in-depth understanding of digital and content marketing.

The Results

Janaway saw his own results, and his clients, grow to successful heights with our copy. Here’s what happened:

  • Marketing Labs’ monthly website traffic doubled from 25,000 to 50,000.
  • A single post on Marketing Labs’ blog gained over 2,000 shares on social media.
  • A client of Marketing Labs saw a 77% increase in revenue year-over-year after Express Writers optimized their product description web copy.

To Our Clients’ Continuing Success

At Express Writers, we don’t aim to just snag a client and make a quick buck.
Our goal is to provide value and forge a connection with our customers that leads to ongoing success for everyone involved in the process. And we make this happen, over and over, with every project we take on.

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