You’re an expert at what you do, and it shows every day in the form of happy clients.

What better way to convince prospects that you can do the same for them than by illustrating all the ways you’ve helped your clients succeed? After all, nothing carries more weight with future clients than the success stories of the ones that came before.

Enter case studies. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 82% of your competition are using them.

Yet, they’re one of the trickiest types of content to master. Get it wrong, and they can backfire.

Here’s exactly what a case study is, how it can help your business, and when you should consider hiring an expert case study writer to handle it for you.

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First Things First: What is a Case Study?

A case study is a type of document originally found in human sciences that allows for an in-depth, multi-faceted exploration of a complex, real-life issue. It identifies:

  • Your client and the challenge they faced before finding you
  • The solution that your company chose to implement – and why you chose it
  • What happened as a result of that solution (plus where the company is today)

Along the way, it uses quantitative data like metrics, but case studies are meant to illuminate the qualitative data too – the stuff that’s harder to measure but no less real.

Case studies. 🔍 82% of your competition uses them (@CMIContent), but they’re one of the trickiest content types to master. Learn what a case study is, how it helps your business, and when to hire a case study writer via @JuliaEMcCoy 💯. Click To Tweet

If you’ve spent any time researching ways to grow your brand’s authority with content, you’ve discovered that they’re simultaneously a powerful strategy to do so … and still a less common type of content than you might expect.

Even in 2020, 13% of marketers consider them as a primary form of media in their content strategy. Case studies rank fifth behind video, blogs, infographics, and even eBooks. Yet, Gartner once found that they rank as the second most effective strategy for influencing buyers (after direct content).

Competitive advantage much, yes?

Case studies are hard to pull off correctly, and a good case study writer is even harder to find. A case study isn’t just the sum of its three basic parts (problem, solution, result). Likewise, a solid case study writer isn’t just going to hammer out a bunch of numbers and bland descriptions.

Rather, they understand that…

Case Studies Work Best When Data Alone Doesn’t Tell the Full Story

At their core, case studies are how scientists sneak storytelling into their research. According to student researchers at the University of Nottingham:

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“The case study approach is particularly useful to employ when there is a need to obtain an in-depth appreciation of an issue, event or phenomenon of interest, in its natural real-life context.”

In business, that issue, even, or phenomenon, is your product or service. Specifically, how your product or service positively impacted one of your clients. In story mode.

Case studies tell your prospects exactly how your product or service positively impacted one of your clients... In story mode. 📖 That's why they're so powerful. 💥 Learn the case for case studies on The Write Blog. Click To Tweet

Sure, you probably convey the effectiveness of your solutions with metrics and numbers alone. Metrics are measurable proof.

But why would you settle for metrics alone when you could reel in your potential customers with a good story about how and why your services work … then let them imagine themselves with those very solutions and results?

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How a Good Case Study Helps Your Business

A solid library of case studies is your secret weapon for convincing potential customers to do business with you. They’ll allow you to:

  • Showcase your professional expertise with real-life examples. People make all sorts of crazy claims about the effectiveness of their product or service. A case study provides proof to support those claims … the type that can be verified.
  • Help build customer trust early in the sales cycle. Some 82% of your customers will read your reviews before doing business with you. Give them a case study or three to consider in the process.
  • Leverage peer influence. A good case study writer will ensure that it’s the customer’s story brought to the forefront. That gives you the ability to use the customer’s own words to create a powerful driver for conversion.
  • Provide a primary source for your content team. Speaking of quotes, case studies will yield lots of them. Use them in your other content to strengthen it.
  • Use storytelling to promote your brand. While each individual case study may focus on a different client, you can also use them on yourself. Consider these examples, which tell the stories of companies and their quests in community engagement, getting laws changed, or creating ethical supply chains.

primary forms of media in content strategies

Case studies are popular but far from overdone. That’s great news for brands looking to demonstrate their expertise in their field! Source: HubSpot

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When to Hire a Professional Case Study Writer

Nail your case studies and you have a powerful new weapon in your sales and marketing arsenals. But you have to nail them. 🔨🎯

That’s easier said than done … and also where a professional case study writer comes in handy.

Here are three signs you should consider hiring an expert case study writer to create case studies that drive your brand’s growth.

1. You’re Not Sure What Goes into Writing a Solid Case Study (and You Can’t Afford to Mess Up!)

Case studies work well in two part of your brand’s sales funnel: at the top, where they can inspire more interest in clients looking for the answers you provide, and at the decision-making stage. In both places, they can prove instrumental in getting that lead to reach out.

That means they’re also not a great idea to DIY if you’ve never written them before. (It’s on par with trying to write your own ads … not usually a great idea.)

In contrast, a writer who specializes in case studies will have the technical skills to handle the project from start to finish. That includes:

  • Doing the research. From statistics to background research on your clients, the most successful case studies start with research.
  • Finding and including quotes from clients. You may feel comfortable interviewing clients. You may have no idea how to do it.
  • Knowing what details should and shouldn’t go into it. It’s easy to accidentally include trade secrets in documents like case studies – a good case study writer knows how to avoid that!

2. You Need Document Design as Well as Writing

A case study is more than just a nice story about how your brand saved the day for your client. It’s showcasing you as a professional, and it needs to look the part.

Just check out this case study on one of our EW clients. It’s got everything from interesting typography to visuals and even a color scheme. 🎨

Case study writers are often skilled in document design as well. They may also work with a vetted graphic designer, which simplifies the process for you. At Express Writers, we offer document design for our case studies with highly trained designers who can take your branding guidelines and create a gorgeous document that helps you put your best foot forward.

designed case study

Case studies need to be aesthetically attractive and reflect your brand. Here’s one example of what our designers at Express Writers can do.

What other content types are essential for your marketing? Get our Master List of Copywriting Services and ensure your content plan is complete.

3. You Don’t Have Time to Spend Months Writing It

Case studies can be short – sometimes they get the point across in as few as 750 words (that’s a page and a half single-spaced in Word).

That doesn’t mean they’re always quick to write. In fact, if the case study takes a mere afternoon to create then you’re probably doing something wrong. Why?

  • It takes time to research properly. A solid case study will take some digging. If you’ve already got lots of other stuff on your plate, it’s easy for it to slip to the backburner. In contrast, a case study writer has the dedicated time to compile everything that’s needed.
  • It takes time to gauge the outcome of your solutions. This is especially true if you’re hoping to gather statistics and metrics that demonstrate how well the solution worked. A good writer knows when those metrics are viable and when they’re potentially jumping the gun.

Stay Focused on Business: Get an Expert Case Study Writer Today

Case studies are often one of the trickier forms of content to write – that might help explain why they trail in popularity behind media like blogs and infographics. Still, when you manage to get them exactly right, they can be a powerful way to generate leads that are ready to purchase because you’ve already provided them with proof that your solutions work.

Hiring an expert case study writer maximizes the odds that your case studies will deliver the results you need. Don’t leave your demonstrated expertise to chance or DIY.

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