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How to Write a Press Release for a Product

by | Jan 10, 2017 | How to Write

A product press release is critical to inform journalists and customers about your exciting new offerings. A professional document designed to be picked up by reporters, a press release is a fantastic way to drive attention to your new product and create a social dynamic that’s ripe for sales.

When done correctly, a press release is an excellent way to boost your business and spread the word about your newest offerings. Keep in mind, however, that learning how to write a press release for a product is a process, though, and there are skills that you need to know to execute the task properly. Fortunately, these things are easy to learn!

Today, we are going to talk about how to write a press release for products, and how to make sure that your brand aces it every time.

how to write a press release for a product

4 Things to Remember Before Writing a Product-Focused Press Release

If you’re going to write a product press release, it needs to be done well. Since the purpose of a press release is to inform the media about your upcoming product, it’s critical to ensure that every piece of the press release is newsworthy, professional, and accurate. With this in mind, here are four things to consider before you sit down to write your press release:

1. The press release should showcase your product’s unique features.

If you were going to write a press release about your new product, it needs to be newsworthy. In other words, nobody wants to read a press release that just says, “Hey, we made a thing!” Instead, arrange your press release so that it includes the most unique benefits of your new product.

A portion of the press release should outline your product’s selling points, and make readers feel intrigued enough that they want to interact further with the products. To ensure that you’re including the unique benefits of your products in the press release, consider making a list of the things that make your product stand out before you sit down to write. This helps ensure you won’t miss anything when crunch time comes.

2. Tell a story in your press release.

While some people mistakenly believe that storytelling is reserved for novels and books, it’s a critical tool for a product-focused press release. The reason is simple: people don’t want to simply hear the features of your new product. Instead, they want to hear why they should use it, how it will change their lives, how you came up with it, and what makes it so different from anything else on the market. Storytelling is the best way to achieve these things.

As you write your press release, put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Try to visualize what would catch his or her attention, and what would be compelling or entertaining enough to make them want to keep reading.

3. Stick to the point.

No matter what a press release covers, it’s no good if it wanders and rambles. To make your press release useful and compelling, stick to the point and be sure that all of the information you’re providing within the press release is relevant to your readers.

4. Edit the press release carefully.

The final thing to consider regarding your press release is how much editing it will take. Remember, a press release is meant to be picked up by the media, and pushing one out that includes errors or other mistakes can be devastating to your company. With that in mind, set aside ample time to edit your press release before you publish it.

How to Write a Press Release for a Product: 4 Essential Steps

Now that you know what to consider as you start writing a press release, let’s talk about how to navigate the writing process. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

1. Craft a killer headline that considers your product’s unique selling points.

Your headline is the first thing a reader sees, so it should grab attention. For best results, include the unique selling points of your product in the header.

Regardless of how you choose to structure it, it’s essential to ensure that the header stays succinct, clear, and easy to understand. This will help intrigue the reader without losing his or her attention in the process.

2. Make your target audience clear.

When people read your press release, they need to know who will benefit from using your products. Is it seniors living at home? Is it teens with ADD? Is it stay-at-home moms or college students?

No matter who your target audience is, you’ll want to target them in the body of your press release. When people know that you’re talking directly to them, they’re not only more willing to read your press release, but they’re also more likely to share it.

3. Use the body paragraph of your press release to back up your claims.

This piece is a unique to a product press release. If you are going to make claims about the product’s effectiveness or desirability, use the middle paragraph of the press release to back yourself up. An excellent way to do this is to include quotes from executives or users, or even to draw in statements made by shareholders.

While this may seem like a simple approach, it serves a critical purpose. First, it gives journalists something to pull out of your press release and use in publication. Second, it inspires confidence within the people reading your press release.

4. Finish the press release with current contact information.

The end of the press release should include your company’s current contact information, including website URL, phone number, a point of contact email address, mailing address, and links to two or three relevant social profiles.

This contact information will be critical for anyone who wants to reach out to your company for more details, so it’s essential to make sure that it is current and up-to-date.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Press Release for a Product

As with any other type of press release, writing a press release for a product comes with a set of do’s and don’ts. Here’s a breakdown of each:


  • Speak directly to your target audience in your press release
  • Keep the entire press release direct, and brief
  • Use storytelling components and a good hook to draw readers in
  • Optimize your press release for target keywords and SEO
  • Showcase the unique selling points of your product
  • Use executive or shareholder quotes to back up your claims
  • Distribute your press release to local news organizations and agencies, since PR syndication is dead


  • Be too wordy or verbose in your press release
  • Speak to too general an audience
  • Forget to craft a hook at the top of your press release
  • Include outdated contact information

Excellent Product Press Releases Made Simple!

Although learning how to write a press release for a product can seem difficult, it’s a critical skill for any company, and following these tips will help you learn to do it in your business. From crafting the hook to optimizing your press release for SEO, there are dozens of little things that can spell the difference between success and failure for your press releases. Happy writing!

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