how to write a press release for a band

How to Write a Press Release for a Band

In order to get the attention of new fans, it is important to learn how to write a press release for a band that is relevant and informative. A well-written press release for a band, whether they are brand new or established, can increase attendance at a concert, improve attendance at an album launch or gig, and gain faithful fans who otherwise might not have heard of them. A release that does not contain accurate or adequate information will be ignored and the crowd might be sparse for their next performance.

Here’s how to write a press release for a band

Follow Formatting Guidelines

Even if a press release is for the hippest, coolest and edgiest band, it still needs to follow the proper format expectations in order to be distributed. Webwire, one of the leading online press release distributors, offers guidelines on how every release should be structured. Following the guidelines ensures that every press release sent out includes the proper information and in a format that is easy to read by those deciding if it is worthy to share or not.

A press release can be placed on letterhead that contains the band logo and contact information at the top. Next it needs to flow right in to the name of the contact person responsible for writing the release and the date it is being sent out. Then the infamous words, “For Immediate Release” need to start the release. Begin with a summary sentence or two of what the purpose of the release is. The following paragraphs should go in to more detail about the event or the band and the purpose of the release. It should end with who interested parties should contact for more information, as well as all of the details about the event you are promoting.

Failure to properly format a press release could mean it is ignored and never gets sent out or read. All of the news agencies prefer releases that follow those standard formatting guidelines in order to relay the information to their audiences because it is easy to read and gets straight to the point.

Keep the Content Relevant

There are elements that each press release needs to include and the blog at Express Writers explains these. Since this particular press release is for a band and not a company, a little variation in the “who” is needed.


The most important piece to include when you are learning how to write a press release for a band is the information on band members. A sentence regarding each person in the band and their experience or where they came from can add credibility. If the focus of the release is because a new member is joining, then add a bit more details concerning their experience, where they are coming from and why they are such a great addition to this band.


A band can play at many different venues, such as a concert in a park, at a bar, at a restaurant, at a club, a church or even at a performance hall. It is important to mention the kind of venue where they regularly perform as this helps the reader understand the type of musical performers they are.


What style of music does this band play? There are dozens of music genres and not all of them appeal to everyone, so include what this band focuses on. It is also important to include whether this band is a cover band or if they play original music. For cover bands, mention some of the songs or artists they regularly perform so potential audience members will know exactly what they can expect.


When can interested people see the band in person? If this press release is to announce a tour or a big concert date, emphasize it in this section. Discuss all of the details of the event, such as who is performing (there might be opening acts), when the show starts, how much it costs and if there are any special offers, such as VIP seating or a meet and greet.

What’s the Big Deal?

A press release should be sent out to inform the public of big news. The big news could be announcing there is a superstar performance coming up, inviting the public to an album release party or introducing a new member of the band. Press releases should be reserved for only the big events that are newsworthy and not just little tidbits of information. Post the tidbits to a Facebook or social media page and leave the big stuff for the news agencies to pick up.

When press releases go out too often, they can be ignored. Remember the boy who cried wolf? The same principle applies when too many news releases get sent out to the media. They will assume it is just another little tidbit and toss it in the trash without offering to distribute it elsewhere.

Address Appropriately

When a person is writing a press release for a band it needs to target the correct audience. For example, if this band plays only heavy metal music, then the release should be emailed to websites and fans of heavy metal music. Addressing the press release to a group of Christian conservatives about an upcoming album launch probably won’t get the attention that it deserves, leaving the album launch poorly attended. When it gets sent out to websites and social media pages to those who are fans of the music, it will get a much greater response.

Sending out a press release for a band should not be something that is done in a hurry. Take the time to craft a well-written release that is free from grammatical and formatting errors and addressed appropriately. When those qualities are met, the press release will have a greater chance of getting picked up and going viral across all of the distribution agencies who handle releases.

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