Today, long-form content rules the roost.
But here’s what you didn’t know: could the head honcho in said roost quite possibly be the ebook?
Today, the average content length of material that ranks #1 in Google sits at 2,450 words (see more stats on long-form content).
While many people put out long-form blog posts, ebooks are a fantastic way to provide long-form content that does what most long-form blogs don’t—or an amazing way to build a “content upgrade” onto an existing post.
In addition to the fact that ebooks are ideal for providing relevance and value for consumers, they’re also a highly trusted form of content that has the potential to boost the image and authority of your brand hugely.
Let’s discuss how you can improve your brand across the board by creating compelling business ebooks.
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Why Business Ebooks, & Why Now

Right now, 57% of marketers think that ebooks are a very effective marketing tactic.
Even back in 2013, 34% of B2B marketers were using ebooks, and that number has exploded since then.
In addition to their widespread use and perceived effectiveness (one study revealed that including a free ebook download on a website could increase conversion rates by 10.8%), there’s also the fact that ebooks are easy to produce, highly interactive, convenient for users, and in-depth enough to offer real value on a particular topic, concern, or problem.

Readers love the comprehensive, easily accessible approach to a particular topic that is the ebook.
One ebook has the opportunity for far more traction than one long-form content piece. Why?

  • You can create a landing page for your ebook which can be re-shared, and re-linked to in multiple blog pieces, social media posts, and landing pages
  • The best part: you get personal email addresses every single time someone wants to get a copy (time to do some email marketing and start conversion funnels to your readers’ inboxes!)

While most people imagine ebooks to be cheap or sales-y, the modern marketing-centric business ebooks of today are highly researched, well thought-out pieces of material that include things like graphics, links, important stats, and truly useful information.
Because of all of these things, ebooks claim a unique position that allows them to drive leads to a brand and make it easier than ever before for companies to enjoy the traffic, conversions, and engagement that long-form content so often produces.

How to Create Your Own Highly Successful, In-Depth Business Ebooks

There’s plenty to be gained from a great business ebook, and marketers who want to produce them successfully need to follow several steps:

1. Develop a plan for your upcoming ebook

Because ebooks are often several thousand words long, it doesn’t behoove anyone to go into the project blindly. Instead of assuming that you can just write the ebook as you go, sit down and develop a plan right now.
For your plan to function well as a guide throughout the writing process, it will have to cover a few key points.
These are as follows:

  • Topic. First of all, you’ll have to decide which issue you’re going to tackle in the ebook and how you’ll approach it. To flesh this out, consider consulting your Q&A section or the comments on your blog or social media pages. More likely than not, readers are already giving you a great glimpse into the type of content they’d like addressed, and paying attention to these sections can provide valuable insight into the direction of your book.
  • Target audience. Once you’ve decided on your topic, you’ll need to determine who your ebook is directed at. If you don’t already have a target audience or a series of target personas drawn up, take some time to do that now. This is a simple step, but it’s one that will ultimately impact the effectiveness and relevance of your ebook.
  • Target keywords. Ebooks are more impactful when they’re optimized for SEO. To ensure that your ebook makes a splash with your readers, research your target keywords before you drop into the writing process. By researching keywords and discovering which ones your readers are searching for, you’ll be much more readily able to deliver highly targeted content that appears in search results and can go a long way toward boosting your conversions.
  • General outline. Aside from the things mentioned above, your ebook plan will also need to include a general outline of the content you’re proposing to cover. Consider drawing up a map of sections; content included, sources, and key points. While this may seem unneeded, it can be an essential foundation when it comes time to write the ebook.

2. Get to writing your content

Now that you’ve developed an outline for your ebook and a plan for its execution, it’s time to start writing.
Without question, this is the most difficult part of ebook production. Writing a great ebook takes time, and you can’t expect to rush through it and turn out a quality product. Instead, spend as much time as is needed to craft a quality piece of content that displays your expertise, relevance, and authority.
If you don’t have time to write the ebook on your own, consider hiring professional copywriters to do it for you. By working with copywriters who are familiar with ebook structure and outline, you can quickly produce a quality piece of content without shouldering the burden of its creation on your own.
Once your ebook is written, it’s time to get to work editing it.
While you should be sure to read through the ebook several times on your own, you’ll also need to consider hiring a professional editor to check it through for you. This helps cut down on mistakes and ensure that your final product is a streamlined and professional as it needs to be.
Once you’ve reached this point, it’s time to begin to promote your ebook. This will make your launch easier and streamline your marketing process down the road.

3. Improve the text with visuals

The best marketing ebooks of today include quality visuals throughout. To ensure that your ebook is as useful and relevant as possible for your readers, dress up the text with quality visuals you either produce or purchase. While stock photos have their place in ebooks, you’ll be better off opting for unique, high-quality images that are relevant to your specific content.
Once you’ve peppered your content with relevant visuals, put the icing on the cake by including a compelling call-to-action at the end of your content. Examples include “Download X today,” “Like this ebook? Share it with your friends!” and “Contact us today for an X.”

4. Design a beautiful cover (or have one designed for you!)

While they say to never judge a book by its cover, many people do.
This is particularly the case with ebooks, since most people are viewing thumbnail images of a cover. If the thumbnail image is grainy or low-quality, it’s highly likely that the buyer in question won’t opt for your ebook, and will head to a separate site instead.
Because of this, it’s critical to spend the time and money needed to create a cover that actually reflects your brand. For best results, the cover should be simple, attractive, professional-looking, and consistent with the rest of your brand.
Check out the cover page we custom-designed for a client:
express writers sample ebook
Stay away from kitschy covers or covers that aren’t relevant to your book’s content. Don’t rely only on stock photos, either. Our team uses a paid subscription to the Adobe suite and creates every image from scratch.

5. Publish and market your ebook

Now that the hard part is done, it’s time to get to work publishing and marketing your ebook.
Once you’ve published your ebook in either PDF or e-reader format, you have actual content to market, and it’s time to get busy doing so.
If you’ve already begun promoting your ebook, the chances are that you have an email list, or a group of followers interested already. If so, send a notification out to these fans to let them know the ebook is live and then ask them to review it once they’ve finished.
Once you’ve done that, it’s time to take steps like releasing chapters of your ebook on your blog or social platforms, sharing ebook related visuals, offering free promotional downloads, or getting industry influencers to review the ebook.
When it comes to sharing your ebook, you’ll want to spread the word on your personal website’s homepage, your blog, and all of your social media pages.
You’ll also want to consider constructing a landing page to advertise the ebook, sending out email newsletters, and writing about the ebook in guests posts on related sites.
When you combine all of these things, you’re well-equipped to create a quality, informative promotional strategy that helps your ebook go far.

The Case for Business Ebooks

Designed to be useful, relevant, informative, and highly accessible, business ebooks are the perfect marketing strategy for your company.
While ebooks can’t and shouldn’t be the only content you rely on, they’re a wonderful way to dig deeper with your audience and provide unique value that’s hard to come by in other formats.
Because of this, they’re gaining prominence throughout the marketing community and becoming virtually synonymous with successful marketers in all industries and specialties.

When You Need Amazing Ebooks – Contact Us!

Ebooks can be difficult to create on your own. Luckily, we can help. Our skilled team of marketing copywriters specializes in helping our clients craft creative, professional ebooks.
From our ebook copywriting to design services, we do it all, and we’re here to help you develop and produce an ebook that will drive leads and boost your business in the long run.

Check out what we’re capable of: see a full example ebook! Need ebook services? Request them through our Content Shop.