You could almost call it a “blogging game” out in the Wild West of the Internet content arena. Everyone’s trying to compete against each other for a more viral, more shared, most loved blog. If you blog, then obviously you are competing—or should be. Searching for great ideas to create and write incredible blog pieces can be daunting sometimes. You’ve exhausted your favorite DIY tips, written several “how-to” lists, and featured a few of your products. However, you might find you are stuck or need something a little more than tips and helps for your clients. One great way to have great content, and keep it fresh is to write news content for your blog.

News Content? Really?

Yes! This gives you a great opportunity to either write on news happening in your industry or highlighting certain popular news stories and how they impact you and your clients. I am going to take a quick look at how you can, not only create news content for your blog, but how you can create captivating content.

1. Create A Captivating Headline For Your Blog. The first, most important part of any news article is creating a captivating headline for the post. This is true for regular and news blogs alike because you want and need people to click on the link to read your post. When you write a headline, make sure it is informative, letting your clients know what the blog will be about. You should also make sure that it has a bit of a cliffhanger, making people desire to learn about the story behind your crafty headline. You can write it in a question format, showing you will be answering the question or you can make it personal by adding “you” or “your” to the title. When writing one, always make sure the headline matches what your content will be about, don’t mislead readers!

2. Always Begin With The Facts First. According to Copyblogger, when you write a news piece for your blog, you need to make sure you start with the facts first. Copyblogger suggests that you give readers the information they want at the beginning of your post and summarize the story in twenty to thirty words. People will appreciate this because many simply want the facts before they get to the opinions or editorial version of the story. Once you have given the facts, you can break them down and discuss them, giving your opinion or telling how these pieces of information will impact your readers.

3. Use Present, Or Active, Tense. In the same article referenced above, Copyblogger encourages people who are writing news pieces to use present or active tense instead of past tense. This makes the story and facts have more impact on the readers. It will also take a lot longer for a person to read the past tense version of a sentence than an active tense.

4. Keep The Blog Jargon-Free. When you are writing on news items within your industry, it is a good idea to avoid using jargon in the post. This will help make it easier to read and understand for your clients. Sure, some of your clients might understand the jargon, but it is always wise to make your content easier to read for anyone who happens across your website. Keeping your posts jargon-free is not only a great idea for news pieces but is also great for any and all other blog posts you create in the future.

5. Always Write Out The Acronyms In The Beginning. Another excellent point by Copyblogger’s article is that you need to spell out any acronyms you plan on using at the beginning of the post. When I start a post about search engine optimization (SEO) or the search engine results page (SERP), I always make sure to write them all out first. As you notice, I put SEO and SERP in parenthesis. This is so that you will know that SEO means search engine optimization and SERP means search engine results page. If I use these later on in the post, I can then save on wordage by simply using the acronyms. However, you now know what they mean. Do this with any acronyms you plan to use for your news piece.

6. Do Your Research And Always Fact Check. When you are writing a news piece, you always want to make sure you cite the facts of the story. However, you need to make sure you do your research and fact check various pieces of information. This will help ensure that you know everything about the topic, keeping you from making a mistake and looking like you are fabricating facts for your post.

As Social Media Examiner writes, keeping your facts straight is important no matter what type of blog you are writing, but it is especially important for news pieces. If you don’t fact check, you will most likely be greeted with a few troll comments pointing out how wrong your post is. Fact checking will help you avoid as many troll comments as possible!

7. Follow The Four “C’s” Of Captivating Content. When you write your news piece, you should make sure you follow the four “C’s” of creating captivating content from Buffer. These are:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Compelling
  • Credible

These will not only help you craft a compelling news piece, but they will also help make sure you are writing something that will show you are trustworthy. It is important to be a trusted source when someone is reading your news piece because clients are more likely to listen to your ideas about the story. This might even encourage them to choose you and use your business for their various needs.

8. Always Have Someone Proofread Your Work. Copyeditors are great no matter what you are writing because they capture all of those pesky mistakes that get through after you’ve proofread your work. When it comes to a news story, a copyeditor can help you reword items or point out a few things that might not work in your piece.

Until Next Time

Try crafting an excellent and captivating news piece for your next blog post. You might even consider posting news content once or twice a month, giving clients excellent information at regular intervals. A news piece is a great way to update your content while offering clients something of immense value. Try this out and see just how much your clients enjoy it!

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