copywriting for seo the right way

Copywriting for SEO: How To Do It the Right Way

If you want your website to rank well in top search engines like Google, MSN, Bing or Yahoo, then it is vitally important that you take copywriting for SEO seriously. You need to ensure that you craft web content that will please your target audience.

Learning how to create copy that will hook website visitors is an art that can be learned; all you need is great writing talent and being able to observe certain SEO copywriting do’s and don’ts.


Why is Copywriting For SEO So Important?

If a visitor lands on your webpage, but immediately clicks on the back button, your website will not rank well on search engines. Thanks to the recent modifications in search algorithms, this simply means that your web pages are possibly being judged on just how valuable a visitor finds your webpage. If readers think that your website is good-for-nothing, search engines like Google will not want to rank your webpage high—your webpage could end up at the nosebleed section of search engine results. This is far from being a good thing, especially for those who plan to make a living from their website.

One way to ensure that you capture the attention of your target audience is by making use of well written copy. If you encourage more of your readers to engage in a desired action, which is ultimately the goal of copywriting for SEO, then you can count on having a more profitable website.


What Are The Top SEO Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid?

You may strongly believe that your writing is SEO perfect and that Google will not be able to resist your website content. But are you one hundred percent sure that your content does not have some copywriting mistakes that you are not even aware of? If you are creating content utilizing incorrect or outdated techniques, you may unwittingly be making search engine optimizing (SEO) copywriting mistakes.

Do not put your website content at risk. Here are some common copywriting for SEO mistakes to avoid.


Writing to Reach a Mythical Word Count

You should not write in order to meet a certain word count just because you think “it is how you need to do it for search engines”.  This is a very common false impression. Most webmasters believe that their web pages need to be a certain word count in order to have a high Google ranking.

Your content does not have to be a specific number of words in order to have a high ranking. News flash: search engines like Google do not care about the word count. Google cares more about the quality of the content; you could write up to a thousand words, but if these words are pure gibberish, do not expect to get a high ranking. Copywriting for SEO involves writing content that fully explains the subject matter and encourages a desired conversation. There is a valuable Copywriting for SEO article describing how to create a plan using influencers in social media on


Focusing Way too Much On Keyword Density Percentage

It is very important to understand that creating content and stuffing them with keywords or key phrases will only make Google snub your website. Let’s face it, it is impossible for an article to sound natural when it is packed with keywords. If you think that stuffing keywords into your copy is a great idea; it is not.


Uploading Crappy Content Just Because You Can

Yes, the Panda update did a pretty good job of downgrading lots of badly written, thin pages stuffed with keywords and key-phrases. But there are still many companies that have the nerve to upload blog posts that look like they were written in less than five minutes by a pupil in kindergarten. This will not help conversions. If anything, poorly written content will reflect badly on your company’s image. Yes, you want to upload new content constantly, but you must upload well written content.


Writing Sales Content that Clearly Focuses on a Product’s Features Instead of Its Benefits

Copywriting for SEO should basically focus on what is in it for the reader. If you choose to focus on writing about the product features and leave out the benefits to readers, you can kiss sales goodbye. People respond to emotion, so the copy you create will need to paint a picture that appeals to the readers’ emotional side. The more your content speaks to the heart of the readers, the more the readers will want to share the content with their friends, family and coworkers.


Providing Incomplete Information on Your Website

Your site will be there to help you make sales 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Forget the notion that potential clients or customers will call or e-mail for more information they don’t see on your website.  If the website is missing the information that they really need to see, they will not necessarily e-mail or call. As a matter of fact, they will probably click on the back button and go over to the competition instead. No, you do not have to write a book, but you do want to make sure that you provide sufficient information on your site.


Not Including Page Titles

Your first opportunity for converting visitors to loyal customers is to have a captivating title. You should include keywords and captivating headlines that will attract online users to click through to your website. There is a really great post on on the 21 tactics of increasing blog traffic.


Writing Boring Copy!

You want to write content that will keep readers interested and not content that will send them to Snoozeville. Make your content fun, engaging and downright interesting enough to share. Add a little bit of personality into your writing and you will see how well your readers will respond.


When it comes to copywriting for SEO, understand that the trick is to create content that will make readers connect with you and your brand.

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